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Car Debt Solutions Is a Car Consignment SCAM! BEWARE!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DALLAS TX, PHOENIX AZ, MIAMI FL, ATLANTA GA, ETC.., ARIZONA -- I contacted Car Debt Solutions when I was behind on my car payments. A person by the name of Greg [snip] explained to me that he could not negotiate with my lender, but that he could sell the car for me to pay off my loan.

On 3-20-2012 Greg [snip] flew in from Phoenix AZ. We signed a consignment agreement, and he picked up the car. Then everything went downhill. I had constantly tried to contact him, or anyone from his so-called company. No response back at all. I decided to do some research, and found that the warehouse he said the car was to be taken to (located at 9200 Royal Lane, Dallas Texas), does not exist. I also found out that his business license is fake, he has no car dealer's license, and his business address in Phoenix AZ, is a residential condo.

Several other people have the same story that I have spoken with. I have contacted law enforcement, and they are investigating him, and attempting to recover the cars. In the mean time, I feel it is important to post my story, so others do not lose their cars. Please take my advice. Greg [snip] is a con-man, and his company is a scam. You will never even talk to anyone other than Greg [snip], because he has no other employees. Anyone can find out the truth about him and his company if you dig into it a little. Contact the state of Arizona, or Texas directly by phone. They will show no record of any business license or car dealers license for this company.

Greg [snip] will show you a fraudulent license on the Arizona Secretary of States web site, but believe me, it is not a real license, and there is no Car Debt Solutions, or

Check all this information out for yourself. My goal is to keep this scammer from stealing anyone else's car. Do not do business with this company. You have been warned.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 05/30/2012:
I like the way they posted on their site:
*We do not handle or deal with stolen cars. If you have a stolen car or
even think you have a stolen car contact your local Law Enforcement Agency*

Thanks for taking the time to warn others.
DebtorBasher on 05/30/2012:
9200 N Royal Lane, Dallas Texas has the business name of Royal Business Center.

You may not have found anything with that address if you looked it up without using 'North' as in North Royal Lane.

Owner name listed as: 9200 Royal Lane LLC

Here is a link to the information:
jktshff1 on 05/30/2012:
Good post. There are a bunch of warehouses and business on North Royal. It's close to the airport.
trmn8r on 05/30/2012:
This is a good reminder for people to read everything.

I would ask what it is you *thought* this company would do for you when you called. The website states that they DO NOT do refinancing, lend money, loan modifications. They state that they DO help people sell their "underwater" cars. But then they contradict themselves elsewhere and say they have relationships with many banks and lenders. Why would this matter if they don't use their services?

As to HOW they help you sell the car, they mention "special arrangements", and lead you to believe it will only cost $150. If "Greg" is flying in to pick up someone's car, "Greg" will need a lot more than $150 to complete the deal.

Based on the website, I'm not sure why anyone would use this company. I'd be asking a ton of questions before I didn't sign anything.
hawk779 on 05/31/2012:
It was a foolish move on my part. I was just trying to get the car sold and the loan paid off. Apparently this guy must have changed the web site. It used to say that they could negotiate with your lender, but upon speaking to Greg, he said he doesn't do any loan modifications. The red flags were all there in hindsight, but I felt it was my best option at the time, and was assured the car would be sold within a couple weeks.

Once I turned the car over though, no further contact. It was definitely a big mistake on my part. Now I am responsible for the entire loan balance. Including whatever the car would have sold for at auction.

There are several agencies investigating this guy Greg, and his fraud of a company, so I fully expect to recover the car. Just not sure what condition it will be in when it is found.

He has been taunting me lately by e-mail which is a very stupid move on his part. He threatens to file a lawsuit against me for slander, however everything I write about this company is completely true. This guy is something else. He has my stolen vehicle, and thinks he can scare me with his ridiculous threats.

He also likes to post fake customer references to every ripoff report I write. If you read then thoroughly, you can tell it is him writing them though. He says I am having no effect on the amount of people that call him, and has told me that business is actually picking up, due to my free advertising.

I highly doubt he would be making threats about lawsuits, if I wasn't having a pretty big impact on his fraud of a company. Shows you what a moron this guy is.

Maria on 06/04/2012:
Car Debt Solutions helped me and my husband save our car. We were 3 monthd behind on our car payments and our bank wasn't trying to work with us at all. We were hiding our car from the repo man and ducking the banks phone calls as everyone who probably call Car Debt Solutions or companies like there. It was definitely our fault for not holding up our part of the agreement we made with the bank to pay them but we didn't want to lose our car and all we have paid on it. After watching Car Debt Solutions ad on T.V. my husband and I decided to call Car Debt Solutions. The rep was very informative, she gave us a lot of information. Car Debt Solutions was very helpful and eventually worked out an agreement with our bank when we were not able. All we paid Car Debt Solutions was only $150.00 which was nothing considering we would have nothing if they repoed our car. I'd rather give my Car away to a stranger then back to the bank who we paid 4 years worth of payments and had only 1 year left. We had nothing to lose as most people, we didn't care what was going to happen as long as the bank didn't get our car. We just want to say Thanks Car Debt Solutions you guy were great! I recommend any one who is behind to call them, what do you have to lose if you are behind and your lender doesn't want to help you.

Thanks Car Debt


A victim on 07/01/2012:
Well, you got what you asked for Maria! Your car disappeared just like everyone else that has gone to this company for help. Just another fake customer referral from Greg Christian, the car thief!

Perhaps everyone should take note that almost every customer referral that is posted, says the same thing "we were ducking the finance company", "it was our own fault", "I would rather give the car away, than to the finance company". What a joke! Anyone that contacted Car Debt Solutions, would be looking for help to sell their car, and pay off their loan. Otherwise, why would they even bother contacting Car Debt Solutions?

This fraudulent company will do nothing but steal your car! Check out their business addresses by calling the state they say they are in. Check for a business license, a car dealers license, etc.... You will not find one, because this company does not exist! They take your car, and then post BS rebuttals, about how everyone talked badly about their finance company, or how this person or that person was ripping off their finance company. What a crock! I personally have never talked badly about my finance company, nor was I hiding my vehicle. I take full responsibility for my situation. Having said that, common sense would tell anyone out there, that the people that went to Car Debt solutions for help, were trying to get their cars sold to pay off their loan. He tries to portray myself and others as if we just went out and bought a car that we couldn't afford. I actually made four years of payments on my vehicle prior to this, so things can happen over the years that leave you in a bad situation

In any case, all Greg Christian does, is use your unfortunate situation, to steal your vehicle! He is a complete con-man, and his so-called company is a complete fraud! BEWARE OF THIS SCAM OF A COMPANY! DO NOT PAY THEM A RETAINER FEE, OR GIVE THEM YOUR CAR! YOU WILL DEFINITELY REGRET IT!
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Car Debt Solutions Was Great
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Car Debt Solutions helped me and my husband keep our car. We were 3 months behind and our Bank was not trying to help us at all. After hiding from the repo man and ducking the banks phone calls we had no choice and nothing to lose. We had seen a commercial that Car Debt Solutions had on T. V and decided to contact them. The representative was very helpful, she gave us a lot of information. After a couple of weeks Car Debt solutions worked out an agreement with our bank. We are very Thankful for Car Debt Solutions for all they have done. It was our fault that we fell behind but for the $150.00 we paid Car Debt Solutions we had nothing to lose. We would had given the car to a friend or stranger before we would had given it back to the bank just as most people. We had paid 4 years worth of payments with only one year left. There was absolutely no way we were going to give it back, I would have sunk it in the Atlantic Ocean before we would have given it back. Once again thanks Car Debt Solutions.

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User Replies:
Alain on 06/05/2012:
It sounds like you're thanking them for taking your car. Glad that worked for you.
A victim on 07/01/2012:
Has anyone seen a TV commercial for this company ever? No you haven't, because there aren't any. Car Debt Solutions / is a complete fraud! Greg Christian (the so-called owner), of this company is the only person you will ever speak to, and I can guarantee you that if you do call him for help, he will tell you that he can't negotiate with your lender. Check out on the web. It clearly states that they do not negotiate loan modifications. Which brings me to the question, how did Maria that posted the comment above get her car loan modified by Car Debt Solutions, when their website states that they don't negotiate loans? Answer: She didn't have her car loan modified, because this is a fake referral by Greg Christian. He tells so many lies, even he can't keep things straight! I have had my car stolen by this con-man, so I do know first hand that this company is a fraud. The company is a fraud, all of their addresses do not exist, and Greg Christian is not this guys real name, but it is the name he uses. It's all a big scam! Do not send him a retainer fee, or give him your car on consignment. You will never see your car again, and you will owe even more money to your finance company, which will just add to your problems. There are many people that have already had their cars stolen by this guy. Don't allow him to make you his next victim.
Willie J on 07/03/2012:
I'm 7 months behind on my Car Payments and I am not giving it back to the bank. My bank has done nothing to help me, My bank has done everything to make my situation worse. I don't care what happens to my car as long as the Bank doesn't get it. I am smart enough to know that the only way I can have a repo on my credit is for the Bank to get it back. Since the bank doesn't want to help me work out some arrangements I will not give it Back. I'm going to call Car Debt Solutions and see what they are about. I hope they do come get my car and I don't want to see it again!!!!!!!!

Willie J
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