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Car Hire Scam
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LONDON -- We were scammed by this company last year (2008). After returning the car in perfect condition and then flying out of the UK, we did not receive our (large) deposit back. All calls to their (premium rate) customer service number went unanswered as did emails and faxes. After three months of complaints we only got a refund by approaching our credit card company who agreed that we had been unfairly treated and reversed the deposit charge.
Many many people have been scammed by Car-Hire-UK. Com and are taking matters further on the internet and by dealing with the UK Trading Standards Authority and The Police etc. BEWARE of this company!
No Refund of Deposit
Posted by on is a UK internet based car rental company that specialize in renting cars to foreign visitors arriving at Gatwick and Heathrow. There is a very good reason they do this and it is to scam visitors out of their insurance excess and car fuel excess often amounting to over $1000. They do this by relying on the fact it will cost the customer more to return to the UK and fight the case than just accept their losses.

I would urge any victims of this scam to contact Bromley Police and Bromley trading standards, their details can be found on the web. Why am I reporting this? because I recently became a victim of this scam and on searching the web found many reports from other people who had become victims of this company.
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