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Scam Beware!
Posted by on
Medical emergencies bring out the best in some, the worst in others. Well, needless to say...CareCredit brings out the absolute worst!!! Simply and to the point, they take advantage of patients in a bad situation. are vultures – and if you can avoid dealing with them, I advise making whatever effort is necessary to do so. has signed up medical providers – not just MDs, but dentists, therapists, and veterinarians. If you have a huge medical expense, and can't afford the entire amount, chances are your medical provider will probably mention and their wonderful three- or six-month no interest plan. Well, I had an overwhelming amount in dental costs and my dentist suggested that I apply for Care Credit for part of the amount. When I called them, they were EXTREMELY pleasant! I was approved during that very phone call. I have excellent credit...but needless to say, that was NEVER even checked.

The concept sounds very much like an act of mercy, guaranteeing that people who are in desperate need of funds to pay for their medical procedures will get the help they need. is actually GE Capital (the same people who made your ‘fridge lend out lots and lots of money). They’re not in it for altruism – they’re in it to make money – and make money they do. HOW? BY LYING TO YOU!!!!
This is not a loan, it’s a credit card – in a few days, a MasterCard appears in your mailbox. In theory, you can use this card to charge more medical expenses. What’s different about this card is that, unlike all those offers you’re getting in the mail every day, the interest is GETTING ADDED EVERY SINGLE DAY at the maximum amount allowable under the usury threshold of 24% APY.

That vaunted “interest-free” period is only “interest-free” if you pay off the entire bill within the no-interest period. Pay off all but A FEW BUCKS and you owe interest on the entire bill.

In my case, never bothered to send me any form of information about the account AT ALL. Sure, they got the card to me, but nothing else. They’re never sent me any information about the payment plans, and more to the point, they’ve never sent me a BILL!

I had less than $3,000 left to pay on the card prior to the "promotional period" ending. My dentist called up to add $9,000 to the card and asked if he did so, would they extend the promotional "interest free" rate for an additional 12 months. THEY GLADLY AGREED! Well, one day, I go online and notice that they are charging me interest. I called and not only was the customer service agent extremely rude, he proceeds to insult my intelligence insulted by stating that I should learn to read. (I'm sorry, last I checked I have my PHD! I am quite certain I KNOW HOW TO READ! This comment coming from a customer service representative who probably gets paid minimum wage at best.) Apparently, I was being charged "deferred interest" because, according to them, I never paid the prior balance off. First of all, I sent them a payment of $3,000 (which was OVER the amount I owed) and they applied that amount to the NEW BALANCE! WHY???? I HAVE NO IDEA! In addition, WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO READ??? NOTHING WAS EVER SENT TO ME BUT REGULAR STATEMENTS!!! So in essence, I KILLED MYSELF PAYING MORE THAN THE AMOUNT DUE EVERY MONTH...Just to get slammed anyway. THEY PROMISED MY DENTIST THAT THEY WOULD EXTEND THE PROMOTIONAL PERIOD IF HE ADDED MORE MONEY TO MY EXISTING ACCOUNT! Due to this, I am getting penalized for almost $3,000 in accrued interest. This is just ridiculous!

My Advice ...Avoid these people like the plague! THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM!!!!! Not to mention that their customer service representatives are incompetent (if not merely stupid) and worse yet, LIARS!!!
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User Replies:
azRider on 06/08/2011:
I'm not sure what a PhD has to do with it either. I have a Masters and I'm met some PhD's that are as dumb as dirt on everything outside of their field. sometime I have to tell you about the RF engineer that stored his floppy disks on his 4 drawer cabinet with a magnet. but I'm off track here.. I think new laws for this year went into effect that required credit card companies to apply all over payments to the oldest balance first; and also to require to show how long it will take to pay off a balance if paid by min payments alone. if so, when did you pay this debt? if this year, and they did not apply it to the oldest balance first, then you may have a case to fight with them. your not in default if they follow the rules, if I read your story right.
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Legal references for CareCredit fraud-fight back!
Posted by on
MASON, OHIO -- To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to file a formal notification of complaint alleging numerous violations of the Consumer Credit Protection Act (15 U.S.C. 1601) on the part of CareCredit, in that CareCredit, aka GE Capital Cons Cardco aka GE Capital Consumer Card Company.

GE Capital Consumer Card Co. is a "creditor" by definition of 15 U.S.C. 1601-§103-f (Consumer Credit Protection Act) and therefore falls under the federal jurisdiction of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

GE Capital Consumer Card Co. has knowingly and illegally:

- made a promotional offer of "interest-free" or "deferred interest" which, by its actions as enumerated below, it had or has no intentions of fulfilling, said offer falling within the definition of Section 226.2 of CCPA.

- levied late fees and finance charges when payments were actually received - and deducted from my bank account - PRIOR to the due date,

- charged illegal and exorbitant "account security" fees without any form of legal disclosure or explanation as to what those charges may be, constituting a "surcharge" under sections 103 and section 167 of the Consumer Credit Protection Act (15 U.S.C. 1601), hereinafter referred to as CCPA.

- has instituted retroactive "terms and conditions" without proper notification, in violation of § 226.7 of the CCPA.

- has provided such "terms and conditions" in a format that appears to be a third- or fourth-generation unreadable photocopy consisting of print so small and faded as to be illegible, in violation of § 226.5.

- has made it virtually impossible for customers (clients) to contact them in a timely manner by failing and/or refusing to answer telephone calls for periods of up to 7.5 hours (by placing the customer on hold for such lengths of time) and by failing and/or refusing to provide any means on its web site of contacting CareCredit by email or any other means than an unanswered telephone line.

- has acted to quash any meaningful payment inquiries by refusing to provide requested information to the bank upon which payments were drawn, in addition to failing to provide telephone-answering staff as alleged above.

Application for the above-referenced account was made under a "promotional offer" (Exhibit A - promotional offer), which provided for no interest if the account was paid in full within 48 months. This agreement was for the issuance of a "medical credit card" issued by GE Capital Consumer Card Co, 5300 Kings Island Drive, Mason, OH 45050, to cover dental (oral surgery) expenses in excess of that which were to be paid by the payee's dental insurance. The debt agreed upon was to be $1,500.00.

The first payment was due September 4, 2004 (Exhibit B - statement of payment due). Payment was received via electronic funds transfer on September 2, 3004 and was deducted from the payee's bank account prior to 2 pm the following business day, September 3, 2004 (Exhibit C - email from USBank, formerly and aka Firstar Bank). The minimum payment on the above account is $45 per month.

The defendant states that "payment is due by 5 pm on the due date" to "avoid additional finance charges." Payment was received and cleared well before that time.

Electronic funds transfer payments through USBank is guaranteed to arrive on the date specificied. This form of payment was chosen specifically to ensure timely receipt of payment, since US Postal Service delivery to and from payee's address is often very unreliable. In four years, I have had no problem with electronic funds transfers reaching their destination late.

The payee then received on Sept. 13, 2004 a "late notice" (which bore no postmark and was, in fact, bulk mailed - Exhibits D-1 and D-2 - envelope and late payment notice) claiming that no payment had been received, when in fact, it had. In addition, the payee was informed that a late fee of $35.00 and an "account security fee" of $23.25 had been charged additionally.

In a document received Sept. 13, 2004, after the contract was entered into, labelled "Account Security Debt Cancellation Agreement" (Exhibit E), there is no mention whatsoever of any "account security fee". Payee contends that this "account security fee" constitutes a hidden and therefore unlawful interest or finance charge, in violation of federal law.

On that date, Sept. 13, 2004, payee attempted to call the phone number provided (1-800-333-1071) and was informed by a voice recording that "due to a high volume of calls" there would be "a lengthy wait time". Payee kept the line open and was on hold for 3 hours 47 minutes before finally giving up, unable to speak to single human being during that time.

Additionally, the payee contacted the bank (Exhibit F - email) to notify them of the allegation by GE Capital Cons Cardo that no payment had been received, even though existing bank records clearly documented otherwise.

USBank aka Firstar Bank responded to the payee on Sept. 14. 2004 (Exhibit G - email) that it was investigating the matter, then followed up with another communication - also Sept. 14, 2004 (Exhibit H - email) that "GE Capital Cons Cardco will not discuss customer accounts with third parties" and suggested that the payee call 1-800-333-1071 - the same phone number which GE Capital Cons Cardo will not answer.

An additional payment of $55.00 was made by the payee and received September 17, 2004 and deducted from the payee's bank account on Sept. 18, 2004 for the payment of $45.00 due October 4, 2004.

No statement was received for a November payment, due Nov. 4, 2004; however electronic payment was made and received Sept. 29, 2004 in the amount of $100.00 (Exhibit I - details of USBank transaction printout), even though the payment due was $45.00.

For the December payment, due Dec. 4, 2004, an electronic funds transfer in the amount of $100.00 was scheduled to be received Nov. 18, 2004, though the amount due was $45.00.

On November 12, 2004, payee received a statement from GE Capital Cons Cardco (Exhibit G - statement) claiming no payment was received for October and that a late fee of $35.00 had been assessed, as well as a "finance charge" of $106.64 and an "account security fee" of $22.38. The payee was also informed that the "promotional offer" had expired on an unstated expiration date, in violation of the agreement made and the promotional offer (Exhibit A).

Also on November 12, 2004, the payee again attempted to call both toll-free numbers provided and was informed by a recorded message that "due to a large volume of calls" there would be aa "long wait time." After 2 hours and 17 minutes, the payee again gave up, and on November 13, 2004, sent this document with a certified letter to the defendant.

In summary, payee has so far paid $400 on a $1,500.00 debt and is informed the balance is $1,563.13. All payments have been made and received before the due date.

The payee asks for full restitution of the unlawful and exorbitant fees in the amount of $463.13 charged by GE Capital Cons Cardco, as well as all attorney fees and costs pursuant to this matter, and for full reinstatement of the "promotional offer" terms which were, and are, part and parcel of the agreement between the payee and GE Capital Cons Cardco.

The payee hereby notifies you, under the requirements of the Consumer Credit Protection Act. [15 U.S.C. 1601], that the aforesaid charges of $463.13 are contested for the reasons outlined above and that no such charges will be paid in the future. Payments will be made to repay the original amount of $1500, as contracted, in the time length necessary to avoid interest fees, per your "promotional offer."

It is my intent to file legal action - as a class action suit if possible - and to seek full restitution and double damages as provided for in the Consumer Credit Protection Act. [15 U.S.C. 1601].
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CareCredit is a Scam - Research them and Avoid
Posted by on
You go to the dentist and she wants to do an expensive procedure that isn't covered by insurance. When you balk at the price, she has a cost effective alternative - CareCredit. DON"T DO IT - IT IS A TOTAL SCAM.

I needed a $2,293 program for my gums. When I said it was too expensive, she came up with CareCredit. According to the paperwork (that I have in front of me now), I would be able to pay for the program over 24 months, interest free. It would cost me just $95.54 / month. She explained that if I hadn't paid it off after the 2 years, I would owe the deferred interest at 19.99% annual rate.

Knowing I could easily afford that, I signed up. Big mistake. The pamphlet CareCredit put out is very carefully worded to mislead. In fact, everything about this operation is designed to mislead. The pamphlet shows that they offer 3, 6, 12, and 24 month promotional periods of 0% interest and longer periods at 11.9%. The brochure implies that if you are not in good standing, you get a 22.98% interest rate slapped on. What is not clear is how you ever get the 11.9% rate - you go to the 22.98% rate regardless of your credit rating in my experience.

Here is what really happened to me. I got my CareCredit card with the opening charge of $2293. I began paying it off, $200 per month. That was over twice the rate I needed to pay it off over 2 years. I set up an auto-pay and after verifying that it was working, decided to just forget about it and let it run till it was paid off. I never missed a payment and never had a late payment. I always paid more than the minimum payment. I did everything as stipulated!

In reality, it didn't work like I expected at all. After 3 months, the promotional period ended and I was back charged $167 in deferred interest. And then I started accumulating interest on the balance at the punishing 22.98% rate. Just for the record, my credit score is 782-790 and I have an interest rate of 8.9% on my Visa card. I pay off my credit card in full every month. In all my 25 years of credit history, I have never once carried a credit card balance over.

CareCredit is a dishonest money making scheme. The entire operation - from the way local medical professionals sell it, the ambiguous brochures that are handed out, the manner in which customer service operates, and the way in which the program is run is all about deception. You are led to believe you are getting one thing when, in fact, they are setting you up for punishing charges.

I find it shocking that a company like GE puts their good reputation on the line by operating this fraud. The executives of GE Money Bank should be investigated for wrongdoing and thrown in jail. This is a total scam.

Hopefully there is a class action lawsuit or some other way to end the fraudulent activity of this company!
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User Replies:
FlShopper on 06/10/2010:
The promotional period was over after 3 months? Did it say as much on your statements or did it show 24 months like you thought you were getting?
We had an account with them for 12 months 0 interest; every month's statement (which I viewed online) showed the amount of interest accrued and when the promotion was over. After the 11th month, I transferred everything out of there and that was that.
Any way you can transfer that balance on to your visa card?
grantcv1 on 06/10/2010:
My dentist had sold me on a 24 month period for a monthly cost of $95.54. Now that I look closely at the bill, I see that it was only 3 months at 0%. Because everything was on auto-pay, once I had set that up, I did not realize that I was being charged interest at 22.98% and that I had been charged the deferred interest.

When I spoke to the customer service rep, they told me that they set up 3 months initially and that I have 3 months to work with my dentist to get that extended to some other period. If I make no changes in the initial 3 months, then the 3 months is cast in stone. That is crooked. My dentist set this up. I filled out the forms and they submitted them. The paperwork my dentist gave me says 24 months interest free with a 19.99% deferred rate. I had no reason to believe otherwise.
FlShopper on 06/10/2010:
Interesting. That does sound misleading. When my husband got his account with carecredit, it was all set up from the beginning to be 12 months interest free. I think it stinks that they expected you to negotiate for better terms with your dentist.
grantcv1 on 06/10/2010:
What I find most dishonest about this whole thing is that clearly my dentist believed in what they were selling me. She believed that I would get 24 months at 0%. The paperwork she gave me says this. But CreditCare basically uses the dentist as part of the deception - using the dentist as a sales front and then blaming the dentist when you discover that you have been misled.
GE Money US on 06/11/2010:
I'm sorry you're having problems with your account. We'd like to help. Can you email your information to so we can research and assist?

GE Money
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Stay Away From This Company
Posted by on
There are a number of problems with CareCredit, (CC), none of which parent company, GE, apparently cares to change or address, so consumers beware.

The premise of this card is based on whatever CC program your medical/dental/veterinary provider has chosen to participate in. For example, one doctor's office may provide patients a CC plan to charge balances of $300 or more at 0% interest for 18 months. Another office may offer it patients a CC plan of 0% interest for 6 months on charges of $1,500 or more. At the end of those 0% interest periods, your rate on outstanding balances reverts to whatever astronomical percentage CareCredit has put in place. But the material point is that the CareCredit plan available to patients will differ from one provider to another. This may sound very attractive if you know you will be able to pay the balances in full by the end of the 0& interest periods---it certainly did to me---but it is also tied to the first issue with CareCredit: How the payments are applied.

If you have multiple charges from multiple providers, all with different plans, you better be keeping track of your payments because CC may not be applying them as you would like. Another complaint on this site alluded to repeatedly contacting the company regarding the reallocation of payments: That is precisely what you will have to do if you want your payment applied to, for instance, the $1,500 balance coming due in 6 months as opposed to the $300 balance coming due in 18 months.

This in itself is a total pain, but making it even more enjoyable is that you get to deal with the unbelievably rude and obnoxious customer service (for want of a better term) staff. These people must have received special instruction on how to enrage their customers in as short a time span as possible. I've never encountered anything like it before: No apologies for any confusion, no explanations for anything outside of scripted responses---which they will repeat ad nauseam until you find yourself wanting to scream. There is quite obviously no incentive program in place for CC reps to even ponder customer satisfaction or the lack thereof. And before I go any further, let me just offer the fact that I AM in customer service so I feel totally justified in my criticisms.

Now let's get to the available credit portion of my review. If you set up an electronic payment for any amount of $500 or more, (I'm not certain, but this may also apply to large payments by check), you will see your bank account debited and the payment will be reflected as having been received by CareCredit, but YOUR AVAILABLE BALANCE WILL NOT INCREASE BY THE AMOUNT OF THAT PAYMENT FOR 10 BUSINESS DAYS. So, using my balance figure examples above, if I pay the entire $1,800 balance by electronic transfer, my available credit will still be minus that $1,800 for the next 10 business days---despite the fact that CareCredit has acknowledged receipt of payment by actually posting the payment to my account. So if you are using CareCredit for ongoing medical care, this becomes a major problem: You think you are paying balances owed in a timely fashion so funds will be available for your followup visit to the doctor but---Surprise!--- you find that it just isn't the case, and you're left digging out your VISA card.

I always thought I was a fairly smart consumer: This experience definitely proved me wrong on that score! Bottom line--if something sounds too good to be true, it is. Walk away...very quickly. I've closed my account with CareCredit and hopefully, I'm the wiser for the experience.
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User Replies:
goduke on 06/08/2010:
We here a lot about these guys, and the bad definitely outweights the good by far (not sure we've heard any good). Hopefully you can get out from under them soon and bid them a fond (or not so fond) adieu.
Starlord on 06/09/2010:
We found that GE Money Bank is the power behind Care Credit, as well as WalMart card, and probably many others. I do have to say our WalMArt account is going very well, but we watch it intensely, having been through Care Credit's wringer. We obtained a signature loan from our credit union to pay off Care Credit, at an interest rate we could live with. Care Credit got it's final dig in by quting a pay-off to the manager of our CU branch, then after receiving the funds, charging us another amount, after it was all done, was $90 more than was previously quoted. Our veteranarian no longer wroks with Care Credit, and I understand many vets have dropped it.
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Credit card thieves
Posted by on
EL PASO, TEXAS -- To whom it may concern:

The purpose of this letter is to file a formal complaint on CareCredit for "TERMINATING PROMOTIONAL INTEREST FREE OFFER" without proper notification. (violation of statue 226.7 of the CCPA)

I accepted this credit card only for dental services, with a 12 month term ending 3/11/2010. On the acceptance letter attached to the credit card I received by mail, there was no indication of a cut off time for payment due date. The minimum payment was from $20 to $30 dollars due on the 4th. I paid always around the 15th of the previous month, for the payment due the next month on the 4th and always paid $100 monthly.

In September 2009, I posted my payment on the 4th at 7pm. Not knowing that in the statement in very small letters on the left hand side under "account information" stated "payment due by 5pm", (this note has been moved now after the February/2010 credit amendment, to the right hand side IN BIG LETTERS under payment information). The following month when I see a late charge on the statement, I called and was informed of such clause. I sent a letter of complaint and received a month later a generic letter with a denial for my request to have the late fee reversed. No other notificaion of change in terms for my account. Then to my shocking surprise on the December 2009 statement, they added $209.35 finance charge. I called and was advised that because the issue with the September statement my promotional "no interest" offer was terminated. I asked why I was not properly informed of such change and they replied that a letter was sent in November. There was no such letter and this is another scam from this credit card company.

I requested to close my account immediately and I will pay off the remaining balance $439.99, that same day as long as the reversed that finance charge. The supervisor I spoke with Kyle stated he did not have the authority to reverse the charge, that I will have to send my request in writing. There was no other manager or director that could speak with me. I sent a letters that was answered again by a generic response. Stating they regret to inform me that the charges could not be reversed. Never received a courtesy phone call from a human, in order to discuss this matter.

A formal complaint was filed on the Consumer Protection website #25707151. I paid off the balance on 2/15/2010 before the end of the 12 month contract 3/11/2010. I will continue to fight this fraudulent charge on my account and will file a lawsuit on small claims court if necessary.

By the way, last week I did receive a phone call from somewhere in India, asking if I wanted to make a phone payment on the remianing balance. I told the representative to write down on his comment for the call, that I will be filing a legal action againts CareCredit and NO PAYMENT!!
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User Replies:
BEJ on 05/04/2010:
Did you read the terms of the promotional offer before accepting it. Everything is generally spelled out in the terms and conditions. You were late with the payment and they had every right to revoke the promotional offer. Re-read your terms and conditions--if they did not disclose that you could lose the promotional offer and be charged interest--you have something to go back to them with.
FlShopper on 05/04/2010:
I agree. Look at the terms you accepted. It more than likely states that they can increase your rate and add the accrued interest back in if you are late. And because it's (probably) in the terms, they don't have to advise you by letter, since you were advised of this possibility in the original agreement. Also, the fact that they did write that the payment was due by 5pm (albeit in very fine print) puts the onus on you to get the payment in before the deadline. I know it's frustrating, but it seems to me they're on pretty solid ground and you still owe them this money.

Be careful that this doesn't continue to snowball and negatively affect your credit score.
momsey on 05/04/2010:
Unless you've never had a credit card before, or done any kind of banking before, you should know that if your due date is the 4th, you have to pay by a reasonable close of business. 7 pm is after business hours.

I have a Best Buy credit card that I have bought a couple of things on with the promotional interest free period. I got to tell you, that's one of the first bills I pay each month. I'm not daring to take a chance to pay late and not only get a late fee but also be required to pay all of the deferred finance charges.

Granted, if you were late, they might have been nice and given you a free pass. But, you knew the terms of the card, and you violated the terms of the promotion. And banks and credit cards have no incentive to be nice these days. As far as I can tell, they had every right to do what they did.
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CareCredit Feedback
Posted by on
I needed a bridge. It was going to cost $2,500. but I would only put half that on this card that I got from the dentist office. The office worker said "It's 18 months w/no interest." Wow, this is just what I would need. I had done that w/Home Depot w/a small hitch. I call those places to make sure what the rules are so there is no mistake about the terms. After Home Depot told me the terms, I made the payments and then paid off the remainder before the end of the time period. There was no problem w/Home Depots two credit cards that I had and once I paid them off, I cancelled them so I wouldn't be tempted to buy anymore stuff at the regular percentage rate.

So, I hoped that CareCredit would be the same. It was easy to get a credit line of $5,500. online. I assume that even someone who didn't have great credit would probably have gotten at least a small credit line.

I stay on top of these places and I hate credit cards in general, so I didn't think I'd have a problem. I was going to use my equity line of credit w/my bank at 3%. Why didn't I? Nope, I had to be stupid and get the CareCredit Credit Card.

There were problems. When I called the first time, I got an American w/a slight southern accent. She told me that I couldn't pay payments in advance because the company would think it is a principle only payment and then at the regular time, my payment would be due. Can I write "Payment, not principle only payment." on my check? Nope was the answer. Just don't make them too soon she said. Okay. But with further inquiry I also found out that I had a small window in which to get the payment there, and I had to allow them 10 days in which to make the payment, but it better not be late, during those ten days. So don't send the payment too early or too late. Send it just right.

Okay, I think I can do that. My husband needed an upper plate. So I put an additional $1,100. on the plan. Interest started showing up. Wait, I called to ask why I was being charged interest when it's supposed to be 18 months w/no interest. I get someone from some country who sounded suspiciously like India. The woman said in her broken English, the second loan was not on the special. I said I didn't see that on my statement, nor on line.

She get irritated and said "It is clearly marked on the statement and online. Is there anything else I can help you with." I said "Yes, learn better English." She said "Excuse me?" I said it again, and again "Excuse me?" I thought what part of Learn better English didn't she understand. She said "Have a good day and hung up." When I looked at my account the next day, an additional $90. showed up I guess because I made her mad, but she had made me mad my stating that it was clearly printed both in my statement and online that no other loan on the account will be under the 18 months, no interest. I took the rest of my balance minus the $90. and paid it off w/a letter that I didn't feel that just because I irritated that woman that I should have to pay the $90. so they took it off. However, I still had a balance of a little over five dollars. I paid that gladly to get them out of my hair.

Now my interest on $1,800 on my home equity loan is less than $4. per month. I should have done that in the first place. Now I've learned my lesson, but wait, there's more. I was talking to my nephew and told him about that experience and he told me he had a very, very similar experience w/the same exact company. And he did the exact same thing as I did. So just go to your bank, not CareCredit, Please.
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Predatory Lending
Posted by on
I took out a loan for a medical procedure a year ago/. I feel *** for not researching this company more'. Basically I was told I had a zero interest loan for 12 months that ended September of 2011 (this month)|. I went to pay my account in full, and not only did they charge me a late fee saying I was late (I paid on the actual due date), they said the promotion ended a few weeks ago (end of August), and because I failed to pay it in full they tacked on 1500 dollars of back interest onto my account that I am now apparently responsible for! What happened to "zero interest, and then interest starts when the promotion date has ended ", and what happened to the promotion ending this month? I tried calling them and explaining my situation, and they were more than nasty to me,. I am now going to be looking for a class action lawsuit, and to hire an attorney for these greedy people!. Talk about Predatory Lending|. Oh and by the way, when I explained that the economy has hurt us in the past year (my husband was laid off last month), and how we couldn't afford to pay the back interest (not to mention the sky high interest that will be building on the back interest), the supervisor says"oh please Ma'am, the economy has been the same for 3 years",. How insensitive can someone be?!
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 09/18/2011:
You must have had paperwork to show the payoff date required for the loan. What did it state? The problem you're going to be dealing with is that anyone can claim, "I was told I didn't have to pay until xxx." That is why the financing paperwork is so important. With that said, any good attorney is going to typically charge a retainer for their services; most around $1500. And my bet is they would tell you the same thing.
GE Money US on 09/26/2011:
I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with your account. We'd like to help. Please email me at with the following information:

- The full name associated with the account
- Mailing address associated with the account
- Your contact phone number
- Reference code DM 092611_3c

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.

GE Capital
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Care Credit / G.E. is a big scam
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Care Credit/ G. E. Financial.
They are complete crooks. Extremely deceiving. Judging from the cold tone of their customer service reps, I knew they get these calls all the time disputing their unethical and probably illegal way of doing business- which is why I just searched the internet, which just confirmed that.

I send payments well in advance, but they PROCESS my payments the day AFTER the due date, constantly, to charge MASSIVE penalties...
Their bills (for dental care done) are so very misleading- I thought I was paying as scheduled to avoid finance charges, long story short, I wanted to review my account - which I thought I was current on. I called and asked for them to go over my payment history and the customer service person tells me he can only look at my payment history for the last 90 days, anything before is "archived" and I have to write a whole letter by snail mail of course, and wait for a letter back.. He added that if I didn't pay the remaining 500 bucks they allege I owe by the next day ( when they ALLEGE ) it's due, I would be hit with more charges- 39 late fee plus finance charges as well- EVEN though I'm disputing it! He says the dispute doesn't start until they confirm that they receive and process my letter- what a joke.

I already paid them much more than I borrowed and I CAN NEVER GET A Straight answer from them, other than recommending I write letters..

Oh, and whenever you call, you'll hear a message something like "that due to high call volume it can take a long time to speak w/ a rep.." Gee, I wonder why they get so many calls...


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JR in Orlando on 09/03/2009:
Send a letter by certified mail, return receipt requested to them. Put your account number etc in the "re:" portion of the letter:

"Please send to me a copy of all the records pertaining to the above account, including but not limited to payment records, penalties imposed, interest incurred, and any summaries of this account. According to my records I have paid off this account, therefore I dispute any remaining charges, penalties, or interest payments on this account. Your records may be error and I would like to see what amount you say I owe, with substantial of said amount by documentation.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I expect a response within 10 days of the date of this letter. I hope that we can amicably resolve this matter without further action. Sincerely, xxx"

I would send a copy to the dentist who provided services to you saying you loved his services but that the credit company he referred you to did not treat you appropriately and has imposed unwarranted penalties and fees.(if that is true about the referral)
goduke on 09/03/2009:
Nice letter, JR! We need to archive that one for future posts.
Sparticus on 09/03/2009:
Yikes. I just signed up with Care Credit to help pay my Chiropractor bill (no interest for 18 months deal).

I've been wondering when I'm going to get my first "bill" from them, but yet to see anything. It had better not arrive the day before payment is due...

Now I'm worried.
Doctor Charlie on 09/03/2009:
I used it to pay for my Lasik. I did autopay.
Rayna on 01/07/2010:
I have to agree about CareCredit being a rip off. I have had my own issues with them. The "no interest for 18 months" will kill you since their finance charges run about 50% unless you can pay off your bill before the 18 months is over.
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To Care Credit Pets Are More Important Than The [Humans]
Posted by on
CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- (LOL Care... Right)

Hi, My name is Chuck. 33yrs Male, Florida. I have worked since Age 14. Recently I needed a Root Canal. Cost: $1900. In this economy I just do not have it. All in all I Need Braces...Badly & I've never had a cavity until I turned 30yrs old. Anyway, due to my financial status right now I could only afford to get the tooth pulled for $245. I am currently on Unemployment and my Fiance works 2 jobs to keep it all together for now.

With her 3 kids and our 1 yr old girl together we're just making it. At the end of 2008 she applied for CARE CREDIT for the kids and was turned down.
NOTE: She holds 2 JOBS & is a HOMEOWNER by Private Lender who doesn't report to
credit agencies.

I myself who has a better Credit Score than she does 662+.. 700+ at other credit reporting agencies, was turned down by Care Credit. Therefore resulting in an Extraction instead of a root canal saving my rear right Bicuspid.

What they don't know is....
My Fiance is a Veterinarian Tech who deals with applying with CARE CREDIT on a regular basis. She told me, recently a man came into the Vet's Office with his dog who needed a $300. job done. My fiance applied for CARE CREDIT for him there in the office and they gave him a $4000. Credit Limit. THE REASON WHY SHE APPLIED FOR CARE CREDIT: The man stated to her that "He had no money what so ever.".. "Because he just got out of PRISON serving a 5 YEAR TERM & he didn't have a job at all? I have credit. I pay my credit cards on time. I've NEVER been arrested for anything!! SO TELL ME... CARE CREDIT... HOW MUCH ARE YOU GETTING FROM THE GOVERNMENT FOR DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS.

FROM PEOPLE YOU KNOW WILL NEVER PAY 1 PAYMENT. I'm not one to point fingers but someone Needs to investigate CARE CREDIT's FRAUDULENT ACTS against the American Taxpayer. BERNIE MADOFF WITH MY TEETH.

This is one reason why America is in the hole we're in.. RIGHT NOW!
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 03/29/2009:
So Care Credit is a lender and you are complaining because you, who is unemployed, was turned down? The pet versus your teeth are not a relevant compare. It's simply your perceived ability to repay versus the owner of the dog. No offense, but I'm guessing he had a job.
Anonymous on 04/04/2009:
If you don't want to hear what people have to say then maybe you shouldn't post.
Slimjim on 04/05/2009:
chaora, meet nthebiz.
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Posted by on
VIRGINIA -- I had Lasik surgery in October of 2006. I set up a financing plan through the doctors office with Care Credit (GE Money). The plan was set up for 48 months at 9.9% financing. In May of 2007 my husband had dental surgery in which I placed the balance of that surgery onto the Care Credit card. My husband's parent were going to pay the balance off immediately so I only set that plan up for 18 months, 0% interest. In June of 2007 they sent in a payment for the exact amount of the surgery. Well, in December of 2008 I received my Care Credit that had $1,067 of additional finance charges tacked on. Apparently when my in-laws sent in the payment for the dental surgery Care Credit applied that to my Lasik surgery which ended the 48 month financing plan and switched over to 18, 0%. Therefore, since I did not pay off the balance in 18 months the finance charges were accessed. I have been on the phone with Care Credit many times and they have refused to work with me. I have offered to pay the balance in full before the finance charges were accessed. They refused. If I had known they could allocate the payments wherever they please I would not have used the card to begin with for my husbands dental plan.

I don't think that it is fair that I should have to pay over $1,000 worth of charges. Any advice would be helpful.

Thank you.

***UPDATE*** I received a response from Care Credit/GE via the OTS (fair crediting organization) that they were refunding all of the finance charges that I had to pay ($1,067.67) because they should have never changed my finance plan to begin with because the medical facility never contacted them in writing to do so. The OTS contacted Care Credit/GE Money and I promptly received an appropriate response. Never give up when credit card companies are trying to hassle you.
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tnchuck100 on 01/07/2009:
Unfortunately it is probably in your customer agreement that all monies are applied to the lowest interest balances first. Most revolving credit works that way. That will change next year but that is not going to do you any good now. Legally, they have pretty much got you.
cpocius on 01/29/2009:
I know that legally they have me but that doesn't make what they are doing fair. I have contacted the Attorney General and they have responded and forwarded my information to the OTS. I am awaiting a response. Credit card companies should not be allowed to do this to people without properly notifying them. I am still fighting this because it is not right. I was just fortunate enough to be able to pay the balance off, many others would not have been. Care Credit/GE Money will have to answer for their wrongs.
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