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Change in billing cycle without notice
Posted by on

I called again to day and informed the company that I had filed complaints with the MD and TX Atterney Generals Offices, with the FTC, with the OFS and with online complaint websites.

They moved my due day back to what it was before ^_^

Thank you all for your sugestions!

Please be aware that CareCredit/GE Money Bank has changed their Billing Cycle from a 25 day cycle to a 23 day cycle.

This is a copy of the complaint sent to the Attorney Generals Office of Maryland and Texas:

I have had this Credit Card for 11 months (1st payment made on 11/30/2007 and paid early every month since).

The due date has always been on the 1st-3rd of the month (almost always the 2nd). My payments are $98.00 but I always pay $100.00 online.

My last payment was on 09/19/2008 for the Oct. due date online. At that time it was stated that my next due date would be 10/02/2008.

I always check every bill I have 3 times a month on line to make sure the accounts are OK. When I checked today, 10/23/2008 it stated that my due date was now 10/30/2008.

I called (called on 10/23/2008 @ 12:05pm)to ask why this was and was told that a form was sent out with the statements stating that the company was going from a 25 day cycle to a 23 day cycle and that I was informed via my mailed Sept. statement.

When I told the young lady that I don't get mailed statements, I have them emailed to me, she stated the there was a pop up on the site, too and it was to late to complain about it.

I told her that there was no pop ups on the Account Page(I check the site 3 times a month).

I also told her that his would mean that I would be making *2* payments for Oct. to which she stated, that she was sorry I was upset but that this is how it was now.

This really doesn't seem right. If they can change the cycles so arbitrarily, what is to stop them from making it a 15 or 20 day cycle?

From forcing us to pay them 2,3,4 times in a month to keep our credit from being damaged?


I requested that my billing cycle be returned to the 25 day billing cycle, that the 2nd Oct. payment be returned to my bank account OR that the payment be used for the next months payment.


I don't really expect that anything will get done, but really wished to let others that use this CC know of the billing cycle change so that they aren't hit with a late fee and based interest rate.
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 10/23/2008:
You should have the option of going back to the old billing cycle, but that usually means you have to close the account and quit charging to it. But you will be allowed to finish paying off what you owe them under the original terms.
Mrs. V on 10/23/2008:
That would be just fine with me. I don't use the card anyway. It was for a medical procedure that I needed.
lamett on 10/24/2008:
File a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. They do not investigate complaints, however they compile them and put them in a database so those agencies that do investigate them will see a pattern of abuse. Also try filing a formal complaint with the Office of Thrift Supervision as well. They can make GEMB fix it.

GEMB abuses its good customers regularly and the government needs to be made aware of this.

Mrs. V on 10/24/2008:
Thank you, Lamett, I'll do that today ^_^
Mrs. V on 10/24/2008:

I called again to day and informed the company that I had filed complaints with the MD and TX Atterney Generals Offices, with the FTC, with the OFS and with online complaint websites.

They moved my due day back to what it was before ^_^

Thank you all for your sugestions!
lamett on 10/24/2008:
Mrs V - glad I could help
I have a pending issue with them myself and even told them I have filed these complaints and they have not done anything yet.
Mine has to do with unknown charges, unauthorized address changes and my 0 balance account being sent to collections. I stated clearly in my written demands that I filed the complaints with the FTC, TX State Attorney General, US Postal Inspectors (address change is mail fraud) and Office of Thrift Supervision and they have not fixed my account yet, but I expect it to be fixed. They refuse to provide any proof I authorized the charges, which means they KNOW they are not valid.

Mrs. V on 10/24/2008:
Ouch >_<

I hadn't any problems with them until now... I hope that it works out for you!

Good luck!
lamett on 11/11/2008:
Hi Mrs V
Some good news on my issue. They responded to the complaint received from the Office of Thrift Supervision.

Removed my account from Collections
Removed negative postings to credit reports
Removed all late fees and interest associated with what they claim I bought a $100 gift card from the website. However they are still withholding the recipient information - I do not know where or who the card was sent to.

I forwarded their letter to me to the OTS with what still needs to be dealt with. I have to have recipient info and I have to have a copy of the letter they sent to the Collection Agency - so when they resell it to another Collection Agency I have the letter from the original creditor as proof.
MsS on 11/22/2008:
You know, I am just getting into a period of runaround from these folks too. In August I purchased a sewing machine and financed at 0% interest for 48 months. I receive email statements and pay online at their site. All of my bills are set up in Microsoft Money on a recurring status and give me alerts prior to the due date. I go in to initiate any payment not automatic on the due date or day before. In October I went in to GE to make my payment that was due on Oct 14. I about fainted. A $39 late fee had been assessed and it said my payment had been due on the 12th! I paid the total of the two and called GE the next day. I told them I could not understand or make sense of this date and when I look at a calendar and count the days they don't add up. They told me that they had changed the payment cycle from 25 to 23 days in October in line with everything that's happening in the credit market today. I was like WHAT??? I questioned this arbitrary decision and asked how they could do that without notifying me. They said it was in my statement in the form of letter/notice. I explained I got estatements and it was NOT there...and as an IT Manager I knew what I Was looking at online and what it takes to get that stuff there and the legality of the notices put up that way IF one such notice existed. They had no response. Upshot. They removed the late fee from my account and ASSURED me I had not lost my 0% financing. I figured well OK. No problem. It just pays off a few months earlier. TODAY I log in to my account to make SURE the $39 late fee is gone and that there is nothing indicating that it is an interest bearing account (the rep had assured me it was not reverting to that but I don't trust them!) and I see my payment...which was formerly $88 is now $103 and my due date is later than it would have been at 23 days. I think these guys are like bait and switchers and should be charged with racketeering. Their rates/practices in general are usurious. I'm filing complaints on Monday and I am thinking about contacting the Philly news stations that have consumer call to actions where they investigate these dubious kinds of businesses. SHEESH!
DebtorBasher on 11/22/2008:
Mrs.V...something you might want to check, just to make to check your Pop-Up blocker to make sure you get those pop-up alerts they "claim" they used to notify customers. I don't' think companies should use pop-ups for something as important as changes made on accounts. My bank account uses Email right on the front page of our online account. They do this so people are aware of phishing and scam Emails. I know, when I sign onto my bank account, if the Email alert is highlighted in red, it's of course from the bank and not some scammer. If they used pop-ups, I'd never receive them
lamett on 12/23/2008:
My Issue with GEMB/JCP is finally over - took a year because I was not aware of the fraudulent charges they posted to my account in Dec 07 until Sept 08.

Although GEMB fixed most of the errors they made to my account - except removing the fraudulent charges immediately - they kept insisting I purchased a gift card on the website and at first withheld the recipient info- when they did provide it they just took my email address from my account info and said I had it sent to myself!

Well the Office of Thrift Supervision and GEMB is removing the fraudulent charges completely.

Why they did not do this with my first complaint to OTS I do not know. But it is FINALLY OVER!

I will cut up the credit card and never use it again as long as GEMB is involved,


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Don't Use Care Credit To Finance Your Dental Work
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
UTAH -- This little 80 year old lady in Michigan used Care Credit for $8000 in dental work that she had to have done. her monthly payments were about $141 each month and she paid Care Credit $300 per month and did not missed one payment and the term was for 24 months. the lady has eyesight issues and missed see that her term was for 24 months and at the end of the 24 months she was required to pay the balance of $1700 off. She kept paying the $300 a month thinking that she was paying off her loan ahead of schedule.

She called Care Credit because her monthly statement went for $1700 to $5,800 and they told her that she was being accessed a $5,038 interest fee because she didn't pay her balance within the 24 month time frame. She offered to pay the $1700 balance and Care credit refused to accept her offer and told her she was to pay the $5800.

The little 80 year old lady on a fixed income had to take the $5800 out of her savings to pay off Care Credit and stop the interest from building up.

I know this because I do this ladies accounting.

I wouldn't use Care Credit if they were the last company on earth. PERIOD!

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User Replies:
randola on 11/04/2013:
Care credit is great but you have to read the fine print. My daughter's cat was very ill and went to emergency vet, the bill was almost $1500. they recommended carecredit, I was approved within seconds and vet was paid. I was given 12 months interest free if paid in full. I knew the details before I used the card and am almost paid off in 3 months. They truly saved the kittie's life!
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Care Credit refused release the funds to our office
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
KENSINGTON, MARYLAND -- My practice is a Target of an account review by CareCredit for over three months. CareCredit refused to disclose anything regarding the nature of the review, but has been withholding the funds from my practice since June 2013, affecting our cash flow. It's in the contract and CareCredit can has the legal authority to do this, but this is an example of the predatory behavior so often practiced by insurance companies.

To make the matter worse, I was told by Carecredit yesterday (9/16/13) that they can withhold the funds up to a year. Every dentist I told was shocked by this, and so was the Academy of General Dentistry and Better Business Bureau. This can happen to any practices that work with Carecredit. Whether it's in the contract or not this type of treatment should never happen without an justifiable explanation or cause.

This is NOT the kind of treatment we healthcare professionals deserve!
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 09/18/2013:
It pays to read the fine print. But in all honesty, if dental care wasn't so expensive or if dental insurance coverage was better, you probably wouldn't need to have a contract with a company like Care Credit.
azRider on 09/18/2013:
I did not think carecredit was insurance. I thought it was a credit company that gives people credit to do dental work. Like a charge card for dentist. people sign up, they get work done and creditcare pays you and charge the patients finance charges on top of what they have to pay for dental work. Great plan for dentist, bad idea for patients. if they are doing a review that suggests that perhaps your billing to them for credit payment was off in someway. I'd start with your office manager and make sure you did not double bill or pad any services to the request for payment.
clutzycook on 09/18/2013:
I know that azRider. I just had to use a similar service to pay for my daughter's dental care this summer. My point was that the cost of dental care is too high (not the OPs fault, I know) and when you do have dental coverage, the maximum benefit is so low that it barely covers anything beyond routine care and maybe a filling or two. If the cost of dental work was more reasonable, companies like Care Credit would not need to exist, or at least their use would be limited.
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I Highly Recommend Care Credit for Honest People
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
I've used Care Credit twice so far. I paid the monthly payments online with 100% success. I was charged no interest because I adhered to the agreements. There were two instances where I needed to speak with someone on the phone. Both were great experiences with nice, well-spoken people.

The first person happily took off the extra optional insurance charge for me. The second person was very kind when I explained I had made a payment late due to a death in the family and she assured me everything would be fine with the account, which it was. I am now ready to borrow again for my family's eye care.

If you are honest and responsible, this company is tried and true and just right for you!
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Applying for Care Credit "What A Hassle" for Dental Work, Applying For Care Credit For Pets "Easy as 1-2-3" ????
Posted by on
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Well okay I am 25 years old female with 2 toddlers 4 and 3 years old, and fiance who is 29. I myself have no dental insurance what so ever and have always taken care care of my teeth....then I find out 2 in 2009 I have 7 absecced teeth and was int the bed for over 4 months bc NOT ONE denist would worki with me on payments and I was denied by Care Credit....I don't have the best credit but I have never had 1 credit caqrd in my life. and the only way I finally got help is bc my fanmily had to apply in there name and then I had to have 2 signers on the card...I could have dies from this absessed teeth is NO JOKE IT WILL KILL YOU IF IT GETS IN YOUR BLOOD STREAM,,,BUT THE COMPANIED DON'T CARE????WHY???

OKAY ALSO in 2008 my dog was run over and we rucshed her to vet and was going over the pro and cons of what to do and there was hope for 1yr old boxer baby at first, until they found out we was denied CARE CREDIT AND THEY LOOKED AT US AND SAID SORRY WOULD YOU LIKE TO WATCH OR GO AHEAD AND SAY YOUR GOODBYES WITH A SHOT IN THERE HAND TO PUT HER TO SLEEP....this was as soon as they came in the room to tell us we wasn't approves...COME ON.... WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO!! THEN I READ WHERE A MAN WHO JUST SERVED 5 YEARS IN PENINTETRY GOT APPROVED FOR CARE CREDIT WITH NO JOB OR ANYTHING??? I DON'T GET IT!
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User Replies:
Skye on 04/02/2011:
I'm sorry you are having dental issues, and what happened to your dog, but Care Credit does not guarantee everyone will be approved.

Do you have a local health department, that could provide you with the name and number of dentists who do perform dental work at a much less cost, for those who need a hand up? Or how about looking for a dental school in Nashville, that will provide dental work, at a much reduced rate?

Abscesses are nothing to fool around with, and can be dangerous to your health. Please don't give up, there are other options, like I mentioned, you just have to do your research.

Good luck.
leet60 on 04/02/2011:
Care credit has fairly stringent credit requirements for approval. Any negative marks on your credit profile will basically get a denial from them and/or a request for a cosigner.

It is unfortunate that the state of health care in this country is in such disarray. Dental insurance, in most cases is expensive even if partially paid by an employer and the limitations for service for issues such as abscesses, extraction or root canals use up you annual allowance almost immediately.
Anonymous on 04/03/2011:
Are there any Dental colleges in your area? They someone's work with the local community treating low income/uninsured patients.
Andrew on 07/24/2013:
Yup, Canada, Cuba and probably N. Korea probably provide better dental care. In this 3rd world country called USA, you only get good healthcare if you go to prison.
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Maybe people should pay their bills?
Posted by on
I read all these complaints about Care Credit and they all seem to have one thing in common. The people complaining don't seem to want to pay their bills! I have used Care Credit for may things from doctors to hospitals to veterinarians. I have never had an issue at all with them. I recently let my son use my card to pay a hospital bill. He was 3 days late on one payment and was charged a late fee. I called them and explained everything to them and that I was allowing my son to pay it and they refunded the late fee to him. He then paid it off without incident. They are one of the easiest to deal with that I have ever used. I guess my advice to avoid problems is to PAY YOUR BILLS!
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User Replies:
Skye on 03/14/2011:
Of course people should pay their bills. But sometimes things happen, job loss, family illness, etc. , that causes people to pay late or not be able to pay at all.

The thing is, don't run away if you cannot pay, contact whomever credit company you are using, and let them know, and they will work with you. Ignoring bills is what gets many into trouble.
tnchuck100 on 03/14/2011:
I have never used them but I did see a brochure in the dental office on them. The only thing I remember about it was the astronomical interest rate. I think it was 25.99% and if you are ever make a late payment it goes to 29.99%.

It's bad enough being gouged so badly by the doctors/dentists/vets and then these people want to clean you out of any money you MIGHT have had left.
Sparticus on 03/14/2011:
I've used them twice. So far no problems. But I used their autopay feature so I would not forget a payment. That is the trick. If you miss one payment you are assessed the full interest penalty. So be careful!
trmn8r on 03/14/2011:
I would not mess around with this company, if you are going to use them. Chuck is right about the rate *IF* you DO NOT pay on time, every time. *IF* you DO, there is no interest charge. Obviously they want you to miss a payment.

"If promo and debt cancellation are not paid in full within 6, 12, 18 or 24 months, interest at APR 26.99% will be assessed from purchase date. If account goes 60 days past due, promo may be terminated early and accrued interest will be billed. As of 11/1/2010, Purchase APR 26.99%; Penalty APR 29.99%."
Starlord on 03/15/2011:
We got Care Credit through our vet when one of our service dogs broke his leg in two places and the vet bill came to $4,000. One invoice, statemnt whtever, we got showed an interest rate of up to 51%. There was never any question of us wanting to pay our bills, and I would have loved to have them sue us, so we could show the court their interest was usurious. We obtained a loan from our credit union to pay off the Care Credit account at a much more reasonable rate. If you want to put up with usury, that is your business, but I don't.
Anonymous on 03/15/2011:
I have care credit, I just recently used it again for some dental work I needed done. Had my wisdom teeth removed, and my dental insurance only covered half of the THOUSAND DOLLAR BILL. So I had to dish out 500 on my care credit, but I have this promotion where if I pay it off in 6 months, its interest-free. I can understand not wanting to be screwed over by credit comapnies, but shouldn't we all know our interest rates and promo details before we use the card? I've used care credit quite a few times, I just make sure I am able to cover it before the promo expires, or I don't use it.
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Worst Company Ever
Posted by on
EL PASEO, TEXAS -- This is the WORST company I have EVER had to have the misfortune of working with. My little kitten broke her leg and I used the Care Credit as financing. They kept tagging me with late fees of $40 even though my payments were sent ON TIME and received (I send through online bill pay from my bank, it wasn't even a personal check).

I called and they said it was an error and it would be corrected. But it never was. When I called back they said, "Sorry Ma'am we don't see that anywhere here in are note. Too bad; we can't do anything about it." I paid above the minimum and paid off the whole thing in full when the promotional period was up. I even called to ask what my payoff amount was and they told me the WRONG now I am getting tagged with interest.

It is a low down dirty skeaming company and should not be trusted at all. The customer service are the nastiest people and they do not try to help you at all.

DO NOT GET CARE CREDIT!!!!!!!!! DON'T DO IT. Try any other credit card...DO NOT DO NOT GET THIS ONE!!!!
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User Replies:
leet60 on 11/17/2010:
"I send through online bill pay from my bank, it wasn't even a personal check."

You may want to verify with your bank if they are sending these payments electronically. I have had several bank accounts that certain payments made through online billpay were simply done by the bank creating and mailing a check to the company. If this is the case, and you are requesting your payment on or near the due date it may be causing your payment to be late due to mail delays.
Goddesshaas on 11/22/2010:
Nope. I've never had an issue with Online bill pay with any of my bills. I called the bank and they said that checks are not the way they send this company payments. It's done through electronic transfer. My NO INTEREST for 12 months of $1400 turned into a $1900 when I made higher than min payment each month ON TIME. AND confirmed by CareCredit the extra $500 IS NOT deferred interest. I will not back down from this and will have the an attorney look at options. I will not be ripped off. It's criminal!!!
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Caveat Emptor - Buyer Beware - Consumers need to scrutinize thoroughly
Posted by on
COSTA, MESA, CALIFORNIA -- I had to have a dental extraction and the cost was $473.00 because it was categorized as a surgical procedure. Since payment was due at the time of service I had no choice but to use GE Care Credit and was informed at the time that interest would be deferred. When I received my first statement a few weeks later, the minimum payment required was $15/month, and I thought I was doing good at paying $30 most months.(I'm on a limited and fixed income.)
Like Russian Roulette, the promotional period snuck up on me and I still had a balance of $128. The account was assessed with 26.9% finance charges totaling $96.00. I could say that the company should have notated on the monthly statements that a monthly minimum payment of $39.42 would be required to avoid going beyond the promotional period, but I realize I was the one at fault for not examining this offer more closely and calculating the minimum MYSELF. Because I did not do so I will now be assessed finance charges of 26.9% on the outstanding balance each month as well. BUYER BEWARE - DO YOUR OWN MATH! I'm not going to be too hard on myself because the pain I was experiencing at the time was excruciating and I appreciated the immediate relief. But I don't appreciate the headache I now have for not having taken the time to do the math.
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MDSasquatch on 05/25/2010:
This is good advice and Kudos on the OP for accepting responsibility.
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Care Credit, GE Money
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I to have had issues with Care Credit (GE Money).This is my second time with Care Credit & they have not changed their business practices at all. My payment is due on the 22th of the month. I just received my bill for March on April 3, 2010. April 5,2010, I receive a nasty call from one of their people, who doesn't speak English, demanding payment over the phone. I explained to her when I received the bill. They are very good at not sending out statements on time & then contacting you, getting nasty. BY THE WAY, CARE CREDIT (GENERAL ELECTRIC) CONTRACTS ALL THEIR JOBS TO PEOPLE IN INDIA.

How many families has General Electric caused to lose their jobs & homes to people in India????
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User Replies:
warddw1526 on 04/06/2010:
If you know the bill is due on the 22nd of the month, and you know that you used the credit, why do you have to wait for them to send you a bill? Just as an FYI, most credit card agreements say that they do not have to send you a bill. It is a courtesy statement.
Inat on 04/06/2010:
yeah, what ward said... you know you owe it so why wait? If your statement gets lost in the mail does that mean you don't owe it? Ad for outsourcing to Indai, yeah that sucks. But I wonder if they brough those jobs back to the US if those on unempolyment would take the jobs?
tnchuck100 on 04/06/2010:
"Just as an FYI, most credit card agreements say that they do not have to send you a bill. It is a courtesy statement."

That statement is false.

Providing a statement is NOT a COURTESY it is a REQUIREMENT.
"Businesses that offer 'open end' credit [ie credit cards] also must: .... provide a statement for each billing period in which you owe"

Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA)

PepperElf on 04/06/2010:
providing statements is one thing, guaranteeing they actually reach the recipient however can be out of their hands, since they don't control the mailing process

so if say... the mail gets lost, or if the customer moves and doesn't update his/her billing address then the credit card company isn't at fault if the statement doesn't arrive.

but the customer will still be liable to pay it.

heck there was one letter here where a customer owed a debt to one company and they sold the debt to another institution. the customer was throwing out the letters without reading them and then complained when his bill went to collections...
FlShopper on 04/06/2010:
I had an account with GE Money/Care Credit. I accessed the statement online and also paid it online. If you don't get a paper statement in the mail then you can always access your account electronically and make sure it's paid on time.
Sparticus on 04/06/2010:
Definitely do the online thing. I have two accounts with GE Care Credit. I setup automatic online payments for both so that it pays the account off a few months before it is slated to end and before they tack on the interest penalty.

So far so good, the auto online payment has worked every month (knock on wood!).
BEJ on 04/06/2010:
Even if they did not send you a statement--it is still your responsibility to make your payment on time. You indicated that your payment is due on the 22nd. You might want to log into your account online and set up auto payments or delivery of statements online. That way you never have to wait for mail delivery again.
CrystalSword on 04/07/2010:
FYI....for those not in the know....if you hold a Wal-Mart credit card, it is actually GE Money who you are paying. I make my payment right at the store, so its credited immediately. I was ONE DAY late and they added an additional $29 to the bill....NOT going to do that again...EVER!!!
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They Won't Even Kiss You
Posted by on
When one of our service dogs broke his leg, the vet's office staff introduced us to Care Credit, which at the time seemd like a life saver to us. We found out later that Care Credit is part of GE Money Bank, as is the WalMart credit card. GE Money Bank charges as much as an amazing 51%. Yes, that's FIFTY-ONE PER CENT! After obtaining a loan from our credit union to pay off Care Credit's usurious interest, and the manager of our branch contacted GE Money Bank for the pay off. After Care Credit was paid off, we got a notice there was $60 still due. The wife sent the final payment this morning. Not only do they not kiss you, they don't use Vaseline, either. Vets are now refusing to accept Care Credit any longer.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/01/2009:
How is 51% even legal? Oh my GOSH! I'm glad your vets are smart enough to just say no to them! Is the Walmart credit card this bad, too?
redmx3racer on 12/01/2009:
Sorry, but you are apparently misinformed. Carecredit is not just for Vets, it is for all kinds of different healthcare for humans too. You get anywhere from 3-12 months to pay off the debt free of interest, depending on the amount of the loan (I think). You can get an extended plan where you pay 13% if you can't pay the amount off in the alloted interest free time. If you default on your loan, you get charged a max 29.99%.
I've used it for my dog once, and my GF used it for dental surgery. Neither of us experienced anything like you said. It came in handy both times and was really helpful.
Starlord on 12/01/2009:
red, I am not misinformed. We know it is not just for veterinary care, and we have known that from the beginning. My wife obtained the information while negotiating for the pay-off yesterday. The 51% is not the standard interest rate, but it CAN go that high. When we did not pay the $60 they claimed was still due, they kicked it up to $90 and threatened collection. I don't know where you got YOUR info, but the wife got her's straight from the horse's mouth, or should I say straight from the other end of the horse?
redmx3racer on 12/02/2009:
I got mine right from the website when I read your review, since we have used it twice and never got a rate that high.

If it does indeed go to 51%, they don't say anything about it, they say a max of 29.99%. I'd post the link here for you but last time I did that on a review my comment got delted so maybe it is not allowed.
redmx3racer on 12/02/2009:
Instead of a link, here is the whole thing.

*No Interest If Paid Within 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 Months* (Minimum monthly payments required.)
Valid on a $300 minimum purchase amount required for plans longer than 3 months on CareCredit account. On promo purchase balance, monthly payments required, but no Finance Charges will be assessed if (1) promo purchase balance paid in full in 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 months, (2) all minimum monthly payments on account paid when due, and (3) account balance does not exceed credit limit. Otherwise, promo may be terminated & Finance Charges assessed from purchase date. On promotions requiring a minimum payment, payments over the minimum will usually be applied to those promo balances before non-promo and other balances. If you have a non-promo balance, this may reduce the benefit from the promo. If you want to change this allocation, please call Customer Service. Standard terms apply to non-promo purchases, optional charges & existing accounts. As of 7/1/09, variable APRs: 22.98% & on all accounts in default, 29.99%. Minimum Finance Charge $2.00. Subject to approval by GE Money Bank.

Extended Payment Plans
Valid on purchases of $1000 or more (24, 36, 48 months) or $2500 or more (60 months) made on the CareCredit account. On promo purchase, fixed monthly payments equal to 4.7966% for 24 months, 3.4129% for 36 months, 2.7276% for 48 months, or 2.3216% for 60 months required, but finance charges will be applied to promo balance at the reduced daily periodic rate of .03808% (ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE 13.90%) if (1) promo purchase paid in full in 24, 36, 48 or 60 months, (2) any minimum monthly payments on account paid when due, and (3) account balance does not exceed credit limit. Otherwise, promo may be terminated. Standard terms apply to non-promo purchases, optional charges & existing accounts. Minimum Finance Charge $2.00. Subject to approval by GE Money Bank.
Starlord on 02/08/2010:
I located the statement that showed on the back of it a maximum interest charge of 51.29% or over twice what they claimed to you, red.
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