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Misrepresentation of terms
Posted by Tired of scams and misrespresentations on 08/13/2007
COLUMBUS, INDIANA -- I'm writing on behalf of my mother who needed some of her teeth capped due to pain and a strong possibility of loosing her teeth without this procedure.

Her dentist suggested CareCredit as a means of obtaining credit for a specific time period. Instead of making the minimum $82.00 month payments, she was making $200.00 month payments. Her understanding, and her dentist's understanding was that she would have until the end of August, 2007 to complete payment on her loan. She was prepared to make the final balance payment this month, of $1513.00, since it is currently August 2007.

My mother was absolutely shocked to receive an invoice saying that instead of $1513.00, her new balance was $2704.61. "CareCredit" is not just charging her 28.99% interest on the current balance of $1513.00 that she owes, but is charging her the default interest rate of 28.99% on her initial loan amount, $5000.00 taken out back on 1/25/06. They have charged her that 28.99% interest on her initial loan of $5,000.00 throughout the entire 18 months, even though she paid more than the minimum amount, and paid on time each and every month.

I believe that this has to be, in some way, illegal, and we will be contacting our family attorney to research this matter more fully.

If I could say anything to anyone considering CareCredit, it would be to "run like the wind". They conduct business unethically, and are absolutely aware that they are taking advantage of the consumer since charging interest rates on initial balances already paid is not common practice and was not explained to my mother. She was aware that there would be a higher interest rate on any balance not paid in the 18th months, but not that the higher balance would be applied to the original amount that she has respectfully been paying on time for the entire length of the loan.

I consider this unethical, at best, and illegal and fraudulent, and believe the true intent of the company is to mislead people in need in a desire to make huge profits.

This is another example of a company willing to mislead and misrepresent their terms to unsuspecting people, people who believe that companies will behave in an ethical manner. Instead, CareCredit conducts their business, it seems, based on what they must know to be a cruel and deceiving practice of charging interest on already paid past charges.

My attempts to reconcile this problem with a CareCredit Customer Service Representative was met with aloofness and no concern whatsoever to my elderly mother's plight. I will be making it my personal mission to advising everyone I know and I work in the healthcare field) to avoid this company and their services and will tell them the facts of what happened to my mother.

My advice to any who read this would be to find a reputable lender whose primary goal isn't to deceive people into deceptive loan terms.

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Posted by rnick821 on 2007-08-13:
I wonder if her dentist is in on this, too. I mean, he recommended it. I would get a new dentist.
Posted by ToothLove on 2007-08-15:
Although I feel horrible for your Mother, there must have been fine print explaining the terms and conditions. The Doctor is not a finance company, it was up to you to understand the situation you were getting into. Everyone seems so alarmed a company is NOT giving them a free loan. How dare the company be in business to make a profit. The nerve of them!
Posted by Dior4Me on 2007-08-20:
Listen, ToothLove, no one reads the fine print, which is how Care Credit and their ilk are able to squeeze the consumer. Someone distressed and in pain with dental problems, worrying about money and impending surgery, is hardly going to be able to read and digest the "fine print". Care Credit charges enormous interest rates. There is a difference between being in business and being greedy. I feel bad for the mother of this person.
Posted by davidahn on 2008-05-27:
I am a pediatrician who offers CareCredit, and I assure you the dentist is not "in" on it, in fact he/she PAYS CareCredit (to get the money up front). The dentist may not even know the terms offered by CareCredit (I certainly didn't until tonight).

I feel bad for your mother, especially if she's elderly or easily confused. But you should ALWAYS read the fine print, once you get treated and out of pain. And if you don't like the terms, obtain better financing, such as zero-interest credit cards.

My wife and I have gotten 12-18 mo. no interest loans, and they often accrue interest even while you make on-time payments in case you don't pay it off in time, in which case you get slapped with the whole interest. Penalties are neither illegal nor unheard of; except maybe in healthcare, where everyone expects only kindness and sympathy. :)
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Care Credit / G.E. is a big scam
Posted by Elliot who hates care credit on 09/03/2009
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Care Credit/ G. E. Financial.
They are complete crooks. Extremely deceiving. Judging from the cold tone of their customer service reps, I knew they get these calls all the time disputing their unethical and probably illegal way of doing business- whcih is why I just searched the internet, which just confirmed that.

I send payments well in advance, but they PROCESS my payments the day AFTER the due date, constantly, to charge MASSIVE penalties...
Their bills (for dental care done) are so very misleading- I thought I was paying as scheduled to avoid finance charges, long story short, I wanted to review my account - which I thought I was current on. I called and asked for them to go over my payment history and the customer service person tells me he can only look at my payment history for the last 90 days, anything before is "archived" and I have to write a whole letter by snail mail of course, and wait for a letter back.. He added that if I didn't pay the remaining 500 bucks they allege I owe by the next day ( when they ALLEGE ) it's due, I would be hit with more charges- 39 late fee plus finance charges as well- EVEN though I'm disputing it! He says the dispute doesn't start until they confirm that they receive and process my letter- what a joke.

I already paid them much more than I borrowed and I CAN NEVER GET A Straight answer from them, other than recommending I write letters..

Oh, and whenever you call, you'll hear a message something like "that due to high call volume it can take a long time to speak w/ a rep.." Gee, I wonder why they get so many calls...


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Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-09-03:
Send a letter by certified mail, return receipt requested to them. Put your account number etc in the "re:" portion of the letter:

"Please send to me a copy of all the records pertaining to the above account, including but not limited to payment records, penalties imposed, interest incurred, and any summaries of this account. According to my records I have paid off this account, therefore I dispute any remaining charges, penalties, or interest payments on this account. Your records may be error and I would like to see what amount you say I owe, with substantial of said amount by documentation.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I expect a response within 10 days of the date of this letter. I hope that we can amicably resolve this matter without further action. Sincerely, xxx"

I would send a copy to the dentist who provided services to you saying you loved his services but that the credit company he referred you to did not treat you appropriately and has imposed unwarrented penalties and fees.(if that is true about the referral)
Posted by goduke on 2009-09-03:
Nice letter, JR! We need to archive that one for future posts.
Posted by Sparticus on 2009-09-03:
Yikes. I just signed up with Care Credit to help pay my Chiropractor bill (no interest for 18 months deal).

I've been wondering when I'm going to get my first "bill" from them, but yet to see anything. It had better not arrive the day before payment is due...

Now I'm worried.
Posted by Doctor Charlie on 2009-09-03:
I used it to pay for my Lasik. I did autopay.
Posted by Rayna on 2010-01-07:
I have to agree about CareCredit being a rip off. I have had my own issues with them. The "no interest for 18 months" will kill you since their finance charges run about 50% unless you can pay off your bill before the 18 months is over.
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To Care Credit Pets Are More Important Than The [Humans]
Posted by Chaorai on 03/29/2009
CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- (LOL Care... Right) chaorai35@yahoo.com

Hi, My name is Chuck. 33yrs Male, Florida. I have worked since Age 14. Recently I needed a Root Canal. Cost: $1900. In this economy I just do not have it. All in all I Need Braces...Badly & I've never had a cavity until I turned 30yrs old. Anyways, due to my financial status right now I could only afford to get the tooth pulled for $245. I am currently on Unemployment and my Fiance works 2 jobs to keep it all together for now.

With her 3 kids and our 1 yr old girl together we're just making it. At the end of 2008 she applied for CARE CREDIT for the kids and was turned down.
NOTE: She holds 2 JOBS & is a HOMEOWNER by Private Lender who doesn't report to
credit agencies.

I myself who has a better Credit Score than she does 662+.. 700+ at other credit reporting agencies, was turned down by Care Credit. Therefore resulting in an Extraction instead of a rootcanal saving my rear right Bicuspid.

What they don't know is....
My Fiance is a Veterinarian Tech who deals with applying with CARE CREDIT on a regular basis. She told me, recently a man came into the Vet's Office with his dog who needed a $300. job done. My fiance applied for CARE CREDIT for him there in the office and they gave him a $4000. Credit Limit. THE REASON WHY SHE APPLIED FOR CARE CREDIT: The man stated to her that "He had no money what so ever.".. "Because he just got out of PRISON serving a 5 YEAR TERM & he didn't have a job at all? I have credit. I pay my credit cards on time. I've NEVER been arrested for anything!! SO TELL ME... CARE CREDIT... HOW MUCH ARE YOU GETTING FROM THE GOVERNMENT FOR DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS.

FROM PEOPLE YOU KNOW WILL NEVER PAY 1 PAYMENT. I'm not one to point fingers but someone Needs to investigate CARE CREDIT's FRAUDULENT ACTS against the American Taxpayer. BERNIE MADOFF WITH MY TEETH.

This is one reason why America is in the hole we're in.. RIGHT NOW!
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Posted by Slimjim on 2009-03-29:
So Care Credit is a lender and you are complaining because you, who is unemployed, was turned down? The pet versus your teeth are not a relevant compare. It's simply your perceived ability to repay versus the owner of the dog. No offense, but I'm guessing he had a job.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-04:
If you don't want to hear what people have to say then maybe you shouldnt post.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-04-05:
chaora, meet nthebiz.
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Shabby Treatment Of Seniors
Posted by Lighteningbug on 01/30/2009
This is just to let all around know how awful the treatment of our elderly is. They were pushed to take out this card to pay for treatment that was important for their wellness.

But seniors don't always understand how things are. I was alarmed when I saw a charge on my Mothers card statement of $159.00 finance charges. Then late fees of 39.00 had been added two different times. I called to ask about them and was informed, the bill had to be paid within a certain amount of time or the finance charge was added. I asked if they would undo this since she did not know and had taken a fall and broken a collar bone. Answer--no way. It was on the contract and they couldn't change it. Asked them to remove the late fee since she had been hospitalized and couldn't help being late by one day. They would one but not the other. I then got another card and paid off this card because I don't want her doing business with people who have no honor in them or their business. We just received another bill for an added late fee. They claim that the payof did not reach them on time. I was assured it would. So called again and asked them to remove it since she owed them no money and the payoff was dated for the due date. Answer no way-took one off and can do no more. Anything else-and the brat hung up on me.

What an excellent way to do business. If you owe these people money, pay them off as quick as you can, they will bleed you for every nickel they can get. How pathetic

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CareCredit Feedback
Posted by Charty on 01/22/2009
I needed a bridge. It was going to cost $2,500. but I would only put half that on this card that I got from the dentist office. The office worker said "It's 18 months w/no interest." Wow, this is just what I would need. I had done that w/Home Depot w/a small hitch. I call those places to make sure what the rules are so there is no mistake about the terms. After Home Depot told me the terms, I made the payments and then paid off the remainder before the end of the time period. There was no problem w/Home Depots two credit cards that I had and once I paid them off, I cancelled them so I wouldn't be tempted to buy anymore stuff at the regular percentage rate.

So, I hoped that CareCredit would be the same. It was easy to get a credit line of $5,500. online. I assume that even someone who didn't have great credit would probably have gotten at least a small credit line.

I stay on top of these places and I hate credit cards in general, so I didn't think I'd have a problem. I was going to use my equity line of credit w/my bank at 3%. Why didn't I? Nope, I had to be stupid and get the CareCredit Credit Card.

There were problems. When I called the first time, I got an American w/a slight southern accent. She told me that I couldn't pay payments in advance because the company would think it is a principle only payment and then at the regular time, my payment would be due. Can I write "Payment, not principle only payment." on my check? Nope was the answer. Just don't make them too soon she said. Okay. But with further inquiry I also found out that I had a small window in which to get the payment there, and I had to allow them 10 days in which to make the payment, but it better not be late, during those ten days. So don't send the payment too early or too late. Send it just right.

Okay, I think I can do that. My husband needed an upper plate. So I put an additional $1,100. on the plan. Interest started showing up. Wait, I called to ask why I was being charged interest when it's supposed to be 18 months w/no interest. I get someone from some country who sounded suspiciously like India. The woman said in her broken English, the second loan was not on the special. I said I didn't see that on my statement, nor on line.

She get irritated and said "It is clearly marked on the statement and online. Is there anything else I can help you with." I said "Yes, learn better English." She said "Excuse me?" I said it again, and again "Excuse me?" I thought what part of Learn better English didn't she understand. She said "Have a good day and hung up." When I looked at my account the next day, an additional $90. showed up I guess because I made her mad, but she had made me mad my stating that it was clearly printed both in my statement and online that no other loan on the account will be under the 18 months, no interest. I took the rest of my balance minus the $90. and paid it off w/a letter that I didn't feel that just because I irritated that woman that I should have to pay the $90. so they took it off. However, I still had a balance of a little over five dollars. I paid that gladly to get them out of my hair.

Now my interest on $1,800 on my home equity loan is less than $4. per month. I should have done that in the first place. Now I've learned my lesson, but wait, there's more. I was talking to my nephew and told him about that experience and he told me he had a very, very similar experience w/the same exact company. And he did the exact same thing as I did. So just go to your bank, not CareCredit, Please.
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Posted by Cpocius on 01/07/2009
VIRGINIA -- I had Lasik surgery in October of 2006. I set up a financing plan through the doctors office with Care Credit (GE Money). The plan was set up for 48 months at 9.9% financing. In May of 2007 my husband had dental surgery in which I placed the balance of that surgery onto the Care Credit card. My husband's parent were going to pay the balance off immediately so I only set that plan up for 18 months, 0% interest. In June of 2007 they sent in a payment for the exact amount of the surgery. Well, in December of 2008 I received my Care Credit that had $1,067 of additional finance charges tacked on. Apparently when my in-laws sent in the payment for the dental surgery Care Credit applied that to my Lasik surgery which ended the 48 month financing plan and switched over to 18, 0%. Therefore, since I did not pay off the balance in 18 months the finance charges were accessed. I have been on the phone with Care Credit many times and they have refused to work with me. I have offered to pay the balance in full before the finance charges were accessed. They refused. If I had known they could allocate the payments wherever they please I would not have used the card to begin with for my husbands dental plan.

I don't think that it is fair that I should have to pay over $1,000 worth of charges. Any advice would be helpful.

Thank you.

***UPDATE*** I received a response from Care Credit/GE via the OTS (fair crediting organization) that they were refunding all of the finance charges that I had to pay ($1,067.67) because they should have never changed my finance plan to begin with because the medical facility never contacted them in writing to do so. The OTS contacted Care Credit/GE Money and I promptly received an appropriate response. Never give up when credit card companies are trying to hassle you.
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-01-07:
Unfortunately it is probably in your customer agreement that all monies are applied to the lowest interest balances first. Most revolving credit works that way. That will change next year but that is not going to do you any good now. Legally, they have pretty much got you.
Posted by cpocius on 2009-01-29:
I know that legally they have me but that doesn't make what they are doing fair. I have contacted the Attorney General and they have responded and forwarded my information to the OTS. I am awaiting a response. Credit card companies should not be allowed to do this to people without properly notifying them. I am still fighting this because it is not right. I was just fortunate enough to be able to pay the balance off, many others would not have been. Care Credit/GE Money will have to answer for their wrongs.
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Don't Use Care Credit To Finance Your Dental Work
Posted by Gkissick on 11/02/2013
UTAH -- This little 80 year old lady in Michigan used Care Credit for $8000 in dental work that she had to have done. her monthly payments were about $141 each month and she paid Care Credit $300 per month and did not missed one payment and the term was for 24 months. the lady has eye sight issues and missed see that her term was for 24 months and at the end of the 24 months she was required to pay the balance of $1700 off. She kept paying the $300 a month thinking that she was paying off her loan ahead of schedule.

She called Care Credit because her monthly statement went for $1700 to $5,800 and they told her that she was being accessed a $5,038 interest fee because she didn't pay her balance with in the 24 month time frame. She offered to pay the $1700 balance and Care credit refused to accept her offer and told her she was to pay the $5800.

The little 80 year old lady on a fixed income had to take the $5800 out of her savings to pay off Care Credit and stop the interest from building up.

I know this because I do this ladies accounting.

I wouldn't use Care Credit if they were the last company on earth. PERIOD!

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Posted by randola on 2013-11-04:
Care credit is great but you have to read the fine print. My daughter's cat was very ill and went to emergency vet, the bill was almost $1500. they recommended carecredit, i was approved within seconds and vet was paid. I was given 12 months interest free if paid in full. I knew the details before i used the card and am almost paid off in 3 months. They truly saved the kittie's life!
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Care Credit refused release the funds to our office
Posted by Jayyidds on 09/17/2013
KENSINGTON, MARYLAND -- My practice is a Target of an account review by CareCredit for over three months. CareCredit refused to disclose anything regarding the nature of the review, but has been withholding the funds from my practice since June 2013, affecting our cash flow. It's in the contract and CareCredit can has the legal authority to do this, but this is an example of the predatory behavior so often practiced by insurance companies.

To make the matter worse, I was told by Carecredit yesterday (9/16/13) that they can withhold the funds up to a year. Every dentist I told was shocked by this, and so was the Academy of General Dentistry and Better Business Bureau. This can happen to any practices that work with Carecredit. Whether it's in the contract or not this type of treatment should never happen without an justifiable explanation or cause.

This is NOT the kind of treatment we healthcare professionals deserve!

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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-09-18:
It pays to read the fine print. But in all honesty, if dental care wasn't so expensive or if dental insurance coverage was better, you probably wouldn't need to have a contract with a company like Care Credit.
Posted by azRider on 2013-09-18:
I did not think carecredit was insurance. I thought it was a credit company that gives people credit to do dental work. Like a charge card for dentist. people sign up, they get work done and creditcare pays you and charge the patients finance charges on top of what they have to pay for dental work. Great plan for dentist, bad idea for patients. if they are doing a review that suggests that perhaps your billing to them for credit payment was off in someway. I'd start with your office manager and make sure you did not double bill or pad any services to the request for payment.
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-09-18:
I know that azRider. I just had to use a similar service to pay for my daughter's dental care this summer. My point was that the cost of dental care is too high (not the OPs fault, I know) and when you do have dental coverage, the maximum benefit is so low that it barely covers anything beyond routine care and maybe a filling or two. If the cost of dental work was more reasonable, companies like Care Credit would not need to exist, or at least their use would be limited.
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I Highly Recommend Care Credit for Honest People
Posted by Mudhippies on 06/06/2013
I've used Care Credit twice so far. I paid the monthly payments online with 100% success. I was charged no interest because I adhered to the agreements. There were two instances where I needed to speak with someone on the phone. Both were great experiences with nice, well-spoken people.

The first person happily took off the extra optional insurance charge for me. The second person was very kind when I explained I had made a payment late due to a death in the family and she assured me everything would be fine with the account, which it was. I am now ready to borrow again for my family's eye care.

If you are honest and responsible, this company is tried and true and just right for you!
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Applying for Care Credit "What A Hassle" for Dental Work, Applying For Care Credit For Pets "Easy as 1-2-3" ????
Posted by Madnygwen on 04/02/2011
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Well okay I am 25 years old female with 2 toddlers 4 and 3 years old, and fiance who is 29. I myself have no dental insurance what so ever and have always taken care care of my teeth....then I find out 2 in 2009 I have 7 absecced teeth and was int the bed for over 4 months bc NOT ONE denist would worki with me on payments and I was denied by Care Credit....i don't have the best credit but I have never had 1 credit caqrd in my life. and the only way I finally got help is bc my fanmily had to apply in there name and then I had to have 2 signers on the card...I could have dies from this absessed teeth is NO JOKE IT WILL KILL YOU IF IT GETS IN YOUR BLOOD STREAM,,,BUT THE COMPANIED DONT CARE????WHY???

OKAY ALSO in 2008 my dog was ran over and we rucshed her to vet and was going over the pro and cons of what to do and there was hope for 1yr old boxer baby at first, until they found out we was denied CARE CREDIT AND THEY LOOKED AT US AND SAID SORRY WOULD YOU LIKE TO WATCH OR GO AHEAD AND SAY YOUR GOODBYES WITH A SHOT IN THERE HAND TO PUT HER TO SLEEP....this was as soon as they came in the room to tell us we wasn't approves...COME ON.... WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO!! THEN I READ WHERE A MAN WHO JUST SERVED 5 YEARS IN PENINTETRY GOT APPROVED FOR CARE CREDIT WITH NO JOB OR ANYTHING??? I DONT GET IT!
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Posted by Skye on 2011-04-02:
I'm sorry you are having dental issues, and what happened to your dog, but Care Credit does not guarantee everyone will be approved.

Do you have a local health department, that could provide you with the name and number of dentists who do perform dental work at a much less cost, for those who need a hand up? Or how about looking for a dental school in Nashville, that will provide dental work, at a much reduced rate?

Abscesses are nothing to fool around with, and can be dangerous to your health. Please don't give up, there are other options, like I mentioned, you just have to do your research.

Good luck.
Posted by leet60 on 2011-04-02:
Care credit has fairly stringent credit requirements for approval. Any negative marks on your credit profile will basically get a denial from them and/or a request for a cosigner.

It is unfortunate that the state of health care in this country is in such disarray. Dental insurance, in most cases is expensive even if partially paid by an employer and the limitations for service for issues such as abscesses, extraction or root canals use up you annual allowance almost immediately.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-04-03:
Are there any Dental colleges in your area? They someone's work with the local community treating low income/uninsured patients.
Posted by Andrew on 2013-07-24:
Yup, Canada, Cuba and probably N. Korea probably provide better dental care. In this 3rd world country called USA, you only get good healthcare if you go to prison.
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