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Misrepresentation of terms
By -

COLUMBUS, INDIANA -- I'm writing on behalf of my mother who needed some of her teeth capped due to pain and a strong possibility of losing her teeth without this procedure. Her dentist suggested CareCredit as a means of obtaining credit for a specific time period. Instead of making the minimum $82.00 month payments, she was making $200.00 month payments. Her understanding, and her dentist's understanding was that she would have until the end of August, 2007 to complete payment on her loan. She was prepared to make the final balance payment this month, of $1513.00, since it is currently August 2007.

My mother was absolutely shocked to receive an invoice saying that instead of $1513.00, her new balance was $2704.61. "CareCredit" is not just charging her 28.99% interest on the current balance of $1513.00 that she owes, but is charging her the default interest rate of 28.99% on her initial loan amount, $5000.00 taken out back on 1/25/06.

They have charged her that 28.99% interest on her initial loan of $5,000.00 throughout the entire 18 months, even though she paid more than the minimum amount, and paid on time each and every month. I believe that this has to be, in some way, illegal, and we will be contacting our family attorney to research this matter more fully.

If I could say anything to anyone considering CareCredit, it would be to "run like the wind". They conduct business unethically, and are absolutely aware that they are taking advantage of the consumer since charging interest rates on initial balances already paid is not common practice and was not explained to my mother. She was aware that there would be a higher interest rate on any balance not paid in the 18th months, but not that the higher balance would be applied to the original amount that she has respectfully been paying on time for the entire length of the loan.

I consider this unethical, at best, and illegal and fraudulent, and believe the true intent of the company is to mislead people in need in a desire to make huge profits. This is another example of a company willing to mislead and misrepresent their terms to unsuspecting people, people who believe that companies will behave in an ethical manner. Instead, CareCredit conducts their business, it seems, based on what they must know to be a cruel and deceiving practice of charging interest on already paid past charges.

My attempts to reconcile this problem with a CareCredit Customer Service Representative was met with aloofness and no concern whatsoever to my elderly mother's plight. I will be making it my personal mission to advising everyone I know and I work in the healthcare field) to avoid this company and their services and will tell them the facts of what happened to my mother. My advice to any who read this would be to find a reputable lender whose primary goal isn't to deceive people into deceptive loan terms.

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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- So I applied for care credit, I was told I would pay my monthly payments including the interest. My balance never goes down, they might waive late fees but not the interest on the late fees. Total hamster wheel customer service, weird accents so you can't understand what they are saying. You'll die of old age before you end up paying this card. The minimum payment will only make you pay more interest on your next bill. Beware of these money sucking vampires. Care credit CEO must not be human at all.

Applying for Care Credit "What A Hassle" for Dental Work, Applying For Care Credit For Pets "Easy as 1-2-3" ????
By -

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Well okay I am 25 years old female with 2 toddlers 4 and 3 years old, and fiancee who is 29. I myself have no dental insurance what so ever and have always taken care care of my teeth... then I find out 2 in 2009 I have 7 abscessed teeth and was in the bed for over 4 months because NOT ONE dentist would work with me on payments and I was denied by Care Credit...

I don't have the best credit but I have never had 1 credit card in my life. And the only way I finally got help is because my family had to apply in there name and then I had to have 2 signers on the card... I could have died from this abscessed teeth. NO JOKE IT WILL KILL YOU IF IT GETS IN YOUR BLOOD STREAM. BUT THE COMPANY DON'T CARE???? WHY???

OKAY ALSO in 2008 my dog was run over and we rushed her to vet and was going over the pro and cons of what to do and there was hope for 1yr old boxer baby at first, until they found out we was denied CARE CREDIT AND THEY LOOKED AT US AND SAID "SORRY WOULD YOU LIKE TO WATCH OR GO AHEAD AND SAY YOUR GOODBYES WITH A SHOT IN THE HAND TO PUT HER TO SLEEP..."


Maybe people should pay their bills?
By -

I read all these complaints about Care Credit and they all seem to have one thing in common. The people complaining don't seem to want to pay their bills! I have used Care Credit for may things from doctors to hospitals to veterinarians. I have never had an issue at all with them. I recently let my son use my card to pay a hospital bill. He was 3 days late on one payment and was charged a late fee.

I called them and explained everything to them and that I was allowing my son to pay it and they refunded the late fee to him. He then paid it off without incident. They are one of the easiest to deal with that I have ever used. I guess my advice to avoid problems is to PAY YOUR BILLS!

Outrageous APR!!!!! 87+% Unbelievable!!!!!!
By -

ORLANDO FLORIDA -- These credit cards are offered and often recommended by dental offices and doctor's offices. That DOES NOT make them safe!!! I hope that any legitimate physician who cares about their business and patients immediately remove any of their propaganda from their waiting areas!!! They are even ENDORSED by all of these companies!!!

I took one out when my endodontist recommended it b/c it was interest free for so many months. Indeed, yes, it was. Then I checked my bill. Here is what it said... If the balance is not paid within the promotional period your APR will default to the percentage on page 3... (go to page 3) APR... 87%!!!!!!!!!!!! Buyer beware... Buyer be AWARE!!!!

Let's just say it WILL be paid off before that happens, but if I had not checked that page 3 info, or if I had continued to simply make the 'recommended payment' (a payment that WILL NOT have you paid off by the end of the promotional period) via the website, I would not have known. It was just luck that I checked that paper bill this month. I would have had to pay 87% on $311. That gets mighty huge, mighty fast. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use wisely!!!!!

I want everyone to highlight their interest rate and have all endorsing medical practices drop their endorsement. Hopefully less people will be taking out credit cards in the future. To me, the only thing that will save the credit card companies IS govt intervention. Unless I know that everyone is following the SAME rules in the credit industry I have no reason to trust any of them, and neither do you. Of course, we shouldn't be trusting everyone now should we? A simple cap would be nice. 87%!?!?! Yeesh!!!

Horrible Service!
By -

I have had CareCredit for years and we have always paid more than the minimum amount. Sometime we would pay two or three different payments in a month and thought we were paying it off. Come to find out that due to their HUGE APR (50%) we were not paying down the balance at all, but just the finance charges!

At the end of the year we were looking at our statement and began to wonder why our balance wasn't going down. I called them and was informed my account was closed due to "continuous late payments". I proceeded to tell them that we paid multiple times per month so we were early and not late. We were informed that if ANY payment is past the due date (regardless of how many you may have made the month before) it is considered late and your account can be closed for that. So now it's a matter of getting the money together to pay this off and get rid of it once and for all. GE has most definitely left a bad taste in my mouth after this experience.

By -

We thought we were making advance payments on out account. During the last 12 mos, we paid in $5000. More than the min amount due. Sometimes we would send in a payment 3 or 4 days after due date but paying so much in advance we did not feel we were late. Care Credit charged us $159802.00 in finance & $200 in late charge because we "FAILED TO PAY THE MINIMUM AMOUNT WHEN DUE". Please do not take advantage of their interest free plan. They will find some way to charge you the interest. I think they are a bunch of crooks!

Care Credit breaks accounting principle of "First-in-first-out."
By -

PO BOX 981127 EL PASO, TEXAS -- I am disputing the charge of $407.06 consisting of principal of $395.04 and illegal accrued interest of $12.02. I am also disputing the charge of $15 total minimum payment due specified on the Statement Date of 11/18/09.

Not only did Care Credit refuse to declare my $395.04 interest null and void, it broke the basic financial accounting principle of “First-in-first out.” Instead of applying my payment of $7269 toward the first payment incurred, it applied it to the last 3 payments incurred. Realize that I am paying off the promotional balance (PB) of $160.81 approx 20 days early, PB of $2000.01 approx 144 days early, and the PB of $3864.39 approx 174 days early.

I would not have had to pay any interest on these payments. In this case Care Credit practiced predatory lending. Care Credit applied my early payoff of $7269 to each of these payments for which I would have owed no interest. Instead Care Credit., A predatory lender, failed to apply my payment toward the first bill that I had incurred. Predatory lending because I discovered that care credit continued to charge me 23.99 % interest rate on the unpaid balance even though the $395.04 unpaid balance would not officially been due until 174 days from Oct. 23, 2009. The exact date that this payment should be due is (04/17/2010—the promotional expiration date).

Reinstate the promotional balance due form of payment and Reinstate the promotional balance due date of 04/17/2010. The promotional balance due should be $395.04.

Dad gets Bad Credit from Co-Signing the First (1st.) time
By -

I Helped my Daughter out by Co-Signing ( one-Time) for Dental work; because she was in Pain.. It took a long time for her to pay-off her bill, but she did!! Care credit did call my home when she fell behind; and then I would call her and let her know!! But they wanted me to pay; hell NO, I told them, it's her bill!!! Every time it souned like their employes were from India or some other country..They don't understand our talk, our certain words we use!!! She did pay it off!! And then she went back to that same Dentist; and she had to fill out another application for care credit and I was not there!!!! Somehow my name got back on her paper-work !!!! I did not sign anything! But now because she fell behind on her payments, I HAVE BAD CREDIT!!!!!! I just found out!! I went to car lot to buy a Car and My Credit was Bad because of CARE CREDIT got my name on their App. with-out my concent from the first Time!!!!I'm SCREWED.........

Outrageous fees. Beware
By -

I have a Care Credit card that has had a 0 balance for over a year. My interest rate was 20%. They have now raised it to 30% for no reason. This is how much they appreciate me keeping my bill paid in full. In this economy few people can afford health care and they are taking full advantage of that. It's either pay 30% or don't get get dental, health and vet care. This is the biggest rip off I have ever seen. They are "punishing" me and others like me for having a 0 balance for a year and not being blessed enough to have insurance.

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