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Caremore medicare insurance is extremely lacking and other reviews here are spot on.
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Rating: 1/51
RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I was amazed when I read all the reviews here for CareMore. None of them were from the state of VA. because this is the 1st year it has been offered in this state. That being said, the reviewers all said exactly what I have found in my first three months with the plan.

I have several health problems and see 3-4 different specialists and my PCP quite often. Suffering from 4 health issues the plan looked like it was tailored to my needs. I met with a sales representative before choosing CareMore (in Va its disguised as Anthem Health Keepers because Wellpoint bought Anthem as well) and the cost savings looked great compared to any other plan out there. Well I have found why it looked too good to be true. They have a very limited amount of inexperienced providers who are doctors, specialists and others. I had to change rheumatologist because my regular rheumy was not with the plan. There were only 2 that accepted the plan. So the one that was chosen for me, knew nothing about the disease as she was just out of school. At the same time she insisted I be seen every 2 months rather than 3 months that is typical for my problem. I was also told that there would be several caregivers at the CareMore centers to provide free services. I wanted to get help from the nutritionist there. Except they do not have one as I was told they did when signing up.

Then there is the problem of DMEs (durable medical equipment) I had no problem in this dept. with other insurance carriers until I joined CareMore. Before everything worked like clock work. Now with very few providers, I'm having a very hard time getting my supplies. I lost out on 2 months of catheters and was told my doc would have to do a referral every month for this DME. The 2 months I missed came out of my pocket. Also my cpap supplies have to be done through referral every month by my docs and before they were shipped in 3 month supplies with just 1 doc referral at the start.

Several of the docs including my PCP are not happy with all the red tape this has caused. They have even expressed this to me verBally. I have been on the phone more than 20 hours (in the 1st 3 months being insured)with several CareMore employees. Talking to assoc. at the centers, Member services and my personal sales representative trying to straighten out all the problems I and my docs and their staff have been having. In one instance I'm being stalled on getting referred because the only 2 ID (infectious disease)docs will not see me as one is not accepting new patients the other can not or will not deal with a complex case as I have.

To sum up the situation (I have left out many thing to keep this short enough to read) if people from different states are all complaining about similar problems you can bet there is some credence to them. Its definitely company policies that create all this misery to those that made a very bad choice to go with CareMore. I will not stay with them past this year no matter the cost to find another health insurance provider.

Final analysis is that the staff, and people hired by CareMore will kill you with kindness to your face to fool you into believing that CareMore cares. When in reality there goal is to keep their cost down no matter the cost to the patient or their health. I wouldn't be surprised to see a class action suit in the future.
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discriminated due to disability on 06/04/2013:
Insurances like Caremore give Anthem a bad name, also I have found that there are other insurances that discriminated against people under 65 who are disabled, overcharging and playing games with people's health
Maryann on 10/14/2013:
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Caremore Exploits Seniors
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Rating: 1/51
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- CareMore Insurance has a record of contracting young inexperienced physicians (at Downey Community Hospital) to practice on seniors, assuming they will not fight and if they are neglected and suffer will not fight and typically have no advocates to protect them from predatory practices.

The hospital administration has publicly stated that the CareMore contracted doctors are negligent/and abusive but they have no recourse to get them out. All of the CareMore doctors contracted to the facility have malpractice issues and hospital staff has difficulty protecting patients from these doctors. Many senior patients are bullied by CareMore by the threat of denied coverage if they complain. Elderly patients state that with serious health issues they fear being denied access for even one month may have critical impacts on their lives and therefore do not fight for their rights. It's unfortunate but common that seniors lack the mental capacity and modern knowledge of addressing abuse by doctors and insurers.

Downey Community Hospital has the reputation of neglect and abuse of their elderly patients who often are on social security and fall somewhere in the range of lower middle class to poverty. The state of California, unfortunately, takes no action on their behalf yet knows of these unacceptable conditions. please avoid getting service at this facility and file consumer complaints with CareMore and the state of California.
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enough on 07/23/2012:
I agree. I've had very similar experience. When will someone help us? I read that CareMore took over Downey Community and the attorney generals office investigated and prosecuted them for fraud and theft of nonprofit funds in 2000. I filed complaints with the hospital against a staff doctor but they just pushed me away. I don't think they take me seriously since I am 78 and alone. Only received decent service once in the emergency room, but the hospital was empty that day and I was there for minor illness. All the following stays were horrible and drawn out. They never seem to remember me and always the doctors, who I don't know,try to sign me as a new patient on follow up visits they somehow approve through CareMore without me asking for it. I already have doctors I've known for years and the doctors from the hospital are always very young and rude, and never seem to want to listen or help me but they want me to change over to them. Who are these people? I feel like I'm being bullied.
Lisarnccm on 08/03/2012:
You are being bullied. These doctors are concerned about one thing. Money. They get paid to discharge you early, limit your freedom to see a specialist of your prefernce and make appointments without your permission. Word of mouth about how horrible this company will warn others. STAY AWAY FROM CAREMORE. THEY CAN CARE LESS ABOUT YOU. Sales people are LIARS
groverdaly on 08/15/2012:
Turns out that CareMore own this not for profit hospital (how ironic). The company purchased the hospital when it filed for chapter 11. It's obvious that the reason an insurer takes on not for profit status is to gain access to medicare funds where they can REALLY rake it in! What a scam. And people are still so stupid to cry about Obama Care. How damn stupid can people be to fight against socialized medicine? ReallY? Especially the elderly. How stupid of a class of people that get ABUSED by the U.S. medical system and fight against socializing a neccesity like medical coverage. Of course they are the MOST ABUSED class because they are also the easiest to scare and the least to understand when they are taken advantage of. We live in one of the most disgusting societies that reward people and companies (or boguss non-profits like CareMore and downey regionl facility) that are so unethical that RAPE senile or defenseeless sick people; like our elderly. So many citizens and espcially seniors just go along with this societal rape out of a completely childish fear of the age old propaganda on socialism. Almost every, if not every, social programs that seniors/down on their luck/education/infrastructure/etc programs in this country ARE forms of socialism; because it WORKS and it's RIGHT and JUST. My doctors have had the guall recently to complain to me, the one they are screwing for money, out of disgusting filthy greed, about the proposed restructuring of the medical industry; Obama Care. Why on earth would these negligent greedy unethical scum doctors think I am so stupid to feel sorry for them as they neglect to provide me with the medical services I paid for in my 55 years of hard work contributing to this social medical coverage the I am entitled to from HARD WORK? And as I got to my barely running 25 year old car with no air conditioner in 95 degree heat, I see that the doctor parked his $70,000 Mercedes sport car next to mine. AND I AM SUPPOSED TO FEEL SORRY THAT OBAMA CARE MAY RESTRICT HOW MUCH HE CAN STEAL FOR A 5-MINUTE CONSULTATION I WAITED 1.5 HOURS IN HIS HOT DIRTY WAITING ROOM FOR?

What a joke this sick twisted unethical country is... I am finally ashamed to be part of this world and hopefully these CareMore doctors will kill me soon..
Tucson, az on 01/06/2013:
I cancelled CareMore. When I was asked why, I told the man at CareMore that the rep lied to me and the doctors they contract with are incompetent. He was very upset that he heard the truth.
JMK on 01/29/2013:
I've had Caremore for 3 years in Arizona and its terrible for both patients and doctors. Everything is done half-as*ed. For mental health, physical therapy, and even a gym you must go to their facility where there is only ONE person you get to work with. The gym has some machines and you are only allowed to go 3 times a week at set app't times. My muscle mass decreased after working out for several months at their gym! I just looked at the poor selection of PCP's I have to select from and the previous reviewer is correct in that most are recent graduates. One is even on probation in AZ. Medications are not covered very well. Getting prescriptions requires about 1 month and about 6 phone calls to the numerous entities involved.

They provide no assistance in selecting a PCP (no wonder) and your selections are very limited.

I'm going to dump all medicare advantage plans next year - they are just gatekeepers for preventing access to healthcare.
Adam Dickson on 05/20/2013:
I had hurt my back in January. After an MRI and X-Ray it was found I had a fractured spine. I contacted CareMore for a referral for a specialist. It took 2 weeks before my request was approved by Drs in Calif. After to more weeks I got an appointment after two more week I receive an injection in my back.It did not help.Two more weeks I had another treatment, which was denied by CareMore It cost us $860 out of pocket, It is now May. I am going to have my back cemented on May 21. this is inexcusable.I have been in a recliner sine January. I think they give you a run around so you just give up'
Adam Dickson on 05/26/2013:
I think I have a way to get results. Every state has a Department of Insurance they are the watch dog for insurance delays and denials. The one in AZ is at 2910 44th St.#210 Toll free(1-800_ 325-2548
I filed a complaint and am finally getting the wheels in motion. Contact your Calif. Department of Insurance to get results It worked for me,Let's get rid of CareMore.
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Horrible Health insurance company
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CERRITOS, CALIFORNIA -- CareMore cares Less about there members and more abour the bottom line. MONEY. The doctors make money by keeping you out of the hospital and members are at risk for poor management. They shift you around, fail to approve some services and have unqualified staff in their Care centers.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 08/03/2012:
What happened to you personally, or are these statements based on things you have heard?
Lisarnccm on 08/04/2012:
I was affected personally as a professional after witnessing fraud against Medicare and many complaints from senior members. As a healthcare professional, I would warn seniors to stay away from CareMore and consider a Medicare supplement program where they have more freedom of choice regarding their healthcare.
from Arizona on 08/21/2012:
Caremore preys on seniors and disabled! I know from experience. Doctors and medicals staffs haven't a clue. They don't care about the patient - neither do the Caremore reps! I cannot wait til my year is up - DO NOT sign up with Caremore! One woman became homeless because of Caremore. They take your money and run. Caremore does not pay attention the the ADA (American disability act). I'm looking for an attorney right now! When you see that FAT ASS REP - run far - run fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cgmerritt on 06/29/2013:
My mother has CAREMORE insurance and it is terrible. I work in the health care system in the midwest and know what good care is. It took a month to get an ultrasound after we knew there was a mass. The CAREMORE Dr. wanted to discharge her even when she had not held food or water down for 48 hrs. It took 3 weeks 5 days to get a path report. She did not get to go to the Dr. she was referred to. Now the Dr. doesn't think that she has that kind of cancer. Gee Standford University (and Lakewood) agreed an no one cares. Bottom line is they don't want to put any more money into her. I wish I knew where to file a complaint.
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