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Beware of Caribbean rent a car in Cancun
Posted by Philthespice on 02/21/2010
CANCUN -- Dear all,

We rented a Nissan X-trail for 15 days to go through Belize and Guatemala.
At first, they tried to give us a smaller car whose tires were worn off, saying that the car was not available.
We finally after waiting 2 hours got the Xtrail we paid for.
We asked the to give us all the papers we need to cross Belize and Guatemala and they just gave us a paper saying we were allowed to cross the borders.
Once we got to Guatemala, we couldn t go through the border, because we were missing the car registration. We specifically asked 3 times for it at the car rental place, but they assured us we did not need it.
A person at the border said tht this company is known for doing this. After waiting 5 hours stuck there, they finally e- mailed us the registration paper. That we printed at an internet cafe.
When we returned the car, We realized they charged us in pesos, at a very high rate and that they added one more day of rental. When they showed us the reservation papr, it wasn t thesame as ours, and they said that ours wasn t valid. So we tried to keep the car one more day because we paid for it, but they refused and took it away.
We needed a smaller car for 2 more days to drive in Cancun, so we politely asked them to deduct the diference for a smaller car. They refused. They finlly after talking to the director and waiting 2 hours at their place gave us a very poor car and did not give us the difference. The car had no central locking system, no radio, basically it only had a small engine. We paid 123$ for 2 days for it. We were practically obliged to take it because they did not refund us for the other car.
Everything was very organised, they seem to know the trick there.
THE COMPANY GOES WITH MANY DIFERENT NAMES SUCH AS TOP RENT A CAR, AMERICAN RENT CAR, ... we got them from this website : http://www.cancunrentacar.com/

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Posted by snowmanvt on 2010-02-22:
If you actually drove a car in Guatemala, my hat is off to you. I took buses, and two of them had accidents while I was a passenger. I saw cars off the road, and down the mountain sides everywhere.
They should pay you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-22:
How did you drive from Cancun Mexico to Guatemala?
Posted by Jennie on 2012-09-16:
It's sad to hear that you had a bad experience with this compnay. We have used this compnay three times in the past and had no trouble at all. However we arrived in Cancun and just used the car to stay here Playa de Carmen. They were great with us.
Posted by Maria K on 2013-04-04:
I also reserved a car online. I received an email stating that they will help us with the documentation to cross into Guatemala. After two weeks of sending emails requesting info, I cancelled the reservation. I should have read the reviews of this company first.
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