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Double billing for procedures
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CARLSBAD, NEW MEXICO -- I had a procedure done in 6/06, received bill and paid in full in 10/06. received another bill with the exact same date and codes only appeared twice and the bill had obviously been added twice. After numerous calls to the number listed on the bottom of the page and I even directly called the billing dept at least 8 times no one ever called me back. I have the bank statement that shows the check went through and they still sent me to collections. So today 1/14/07 I'm still trying to get there mistake corrected only now I also have the headache of trying to get it off of my credit report. I called the hospital billing surpervisor 3 days ago and still no reply.
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Sparticus on 01/14/2007:
We are meticulous about keeping medical records/bills. They send so many letters that it is easy to get confused and pay a bill twice. Apparently they send so many they even confuse themselves!
NeveragainAmazon on 01/14/2007:
Shame,Shame on their Billing Department for not being responsible enough to return your call. Probably a good reason why you were billed twice in the first place. Have you written a letter to the Hospital CEO? I am pulling at straws, but it may help! Good Luck!
NeveragainAmazon on 01/14/2007:
Oh...and keep calling the Billing Department and the Supervisor. Ya know the old saying, "the squeaky wheel gets the oil."
Hugh_Jorgen on 01/15/2007:
I assume they are nearby - why not drop by in person with your bank statement and cancelled check? Sure, it's a pain but I bet you could remedy this in one visit.
Anonymous on 01/15/2007:
Don't call the hospital-billing supervisor Take your paperwork down there and push it their face, sometimes that is what it takes. Make them sign off on the bill then if you can do the same with the collection part. Good luck to you.
Noneill on 01/15/2007:
I am in full agreement with Huge and Lidman. Take the proof of payment to the billing dept in person during business hours and tell them you are not leaving until they fix the problem and give you proof of the fix (copy of zero balance statement). Then have them contact the credit agency they use and retract the bad report.
alv7722 on 03/16/2007:
But, look where you are! Try getting your Ford fixed in that town!!
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