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CarMax - Warranty - "NOT"
By -

ROSWELL, GEORGIA -- We bought a 2007 Nissan Sentra in Aug, 2009 with only 7000 miles on it. I bought the MaxCare Warranty on the car and the salesman said it covered everything except for normal wear and tear like wipers, brake pads, alignment, etc. Now the car has 11,000 mile on it. This past week, we rolled down the driver's side windshield and the window was off track and wouldn't roll up. So, we first took it to our local Nissan dealer. They diagnosed that the window clips and track were broken and it would be $450 to replace the window. This would not be covered under Nissan warranty because it WAS NOT a NISSAN window.

This of course, was news to us because when we bought the car, who would think to check and see if all the windows were Nissan authorized? Anyway, we then took the car over to CarMax because we had purchased the extended warranty. After checking out the broken window, CarMax told us that the warranty did not cover "windows", but that they would pay for the part if we would pay for the $129 labor. How frustrating!!! The sales pitch about the warranty covering everything except for normal wear and tear, etc is a NOT TRUE! This was our 2nd CARMAX car and next car (which we will purchase in 6 months) WILL NOT be from CARMAX!

Very Satisfied With The Used Car Buying Experience
By -

DORAL, FLORIDA -- I bought a used 2007 BMW X5 3.0 from the Miami Carmax on 4/29/09. It had 17,000 miles. They had to transfer the car from Virginia for $349. The transfer took only 4 days to complete. The car was in almost new condition. No scratches, dents, etc. It had two extra options which were not listed on their website. The only part missing was the rear cargo compartment cover. They promised to replace it free of charge.

After a week of waiting, they told me that none were available in the United States and BMW had to order the part from Germany. I called a BMW dealer and was told that there were 5 available and they could have it in 2 days. After speaking to ** (service manager at the Miami Carmax), I was told to buy the part and send them a fax with the invoice for a refund (total cost $640). After several calls and about 2 weeks, I received a check directly from Carmax's corporate office.

At the same time, I traded-in my 2002 BMW X5 3.0 for $9,000. That car had some dings and 91,000 miles. I probably could have gotten an extra $1,000-$1,500 more if I sold it myself but decided that with tax savings the extra amount I would get would not be worth the time I would need to spend trying to sell it myself. Not to mention, possibility of getting scammed.

Overall, I'm very satisfied. I saved a lot of time by shopping and comparing vehicles online. They have a large inventory and I was able to set up email alerts to let me know if a particular car with options I want becomes available. Sales staff was not as experienced as your usual used car dealer but also less pushy. They get paid much less per car sold. The no-haggle price was decent. I also bought an extended warranty for 75,000 miles and 6 years for $1,700 which can be used at Carmax or any BMW dealer. I already drove more than 2,000 miles with no problems besides a nail in one of the run flat tires which was fixed for $25.

Carmax Tries To Rip Me Off
By -

FREDRICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- The wife wants to upgrade her SUV so we stopped by Carmax close to her parents house while visiting. After thirty minutes of looking they have nothing she likes until they pull up one from the internet. So we start the process, I do most of the paper work, salesman tells me we will finish the rest when the SUV is delivered. So I give him the transfer fee then says he will call when it comes in. Two days later he calls, we go in, I check the SUV it looks great, finishing up the paperwork. I look at the contract and the salesman has the $2000 warranty on it I told him we did not need it.

The in-law is a mechanic, he takes care of our cars. So salesman says "are you sure?" I say yes, he proceeds to tell me about it. I say again I do not need it. So salesman just gets up and walks off and starts talking with others sales guys. After 5 minutes comes back and tells we were not approved note (2 days before when we were there I was approved, been approved for triple than the price of this SUV for another vehicle we own. I know my credit is good not trying too say I am rich or anything). So I say how can that be, he says "well we made a mistake on the paperwork", then says "but if you put down a thousand we might be able to work something out."

I get up and tell the wife let's go and get my transfer fee back. Next day another salesman calls me and ask if I still wanted the vehicle, I tell him too late, we already bought from another dealership with 500 hundred off the asking price with no hassles. I tell him "if your salesman weren't trying to screw me over I would of got it there." So the way I see the salesman was trying to make extra commission off us and we will not be going back to Carmax ever again. They have lost our business. So be wary of what they say to make a sale.

Don't Buy A Car From Carmax
By -

When I was looking for a Mercury Mariner, I found one online at Carmax that I REALLY liked. So I paid the transfer fee to get the car here from Texas. I love the car! If I could drive it that is.... I had the car setup to be brought here from Texas in late March, early May. The car came in on May 1st, when I purchased the car. I drove the car for my 30 days on in-transits because they were trying to get me a new title, as the one they had for the vehicle had 3 different stories of what happened to it.

1st thing, someone accidentally got it mixed in with other papers and it got shredded. 2nd thing, some used white-out on it (which makes the title invalid). 3rd, and guess this was the final answer was that the state I live in didn't accept how they "transferred" the title. SOOO... May came and went and they told me to just go ahead and drive my car on expired plates. When I told them this wasn't acceptable, they finally decided to give me a loaner car. I purchased a V6 Mariner, and I got a V8 Dodge Durango.... that cost me A LOT MORE in gas, not to mention that fresh new "wet dog smell" it came with.

Oh and did I mention that I live an hour from the dealership, so I have been driving my car and this gas-hog loaner car for an hour each way every time I have to deal with them?? Well it's been almost a month now and get what car I have?? Yep, the gas hog Durango!! I told them I wanted reimbursed for one month's car payment as I have had to take time off of work, make several trips an hour away to take car of this problem and dump a lot more money worth of gas into a vehicle that isn't mine (nor would mine cost me that much) and still pay for a car payment and insurance on a vehicle I can't legally drive!!!

Their claim to me was "well we don't just have money lying around to give to you when you are unhappy, this is a rare circumstance and we apologized more than once to you." Well it can't be that rare, because I read other reviews of people this has happened to AND the person sitting next to me in this "signing room" also had a problem with the title on their vehicle... Gee, must have been a bad day for titles!! Oh and the best part, when I walked up to the counter a girl in the business office was holding a title that got cut in half and she just said "It'll be OK"... How hard is it to properly handle a car title, when you are a car dealership!?!?!?!


The Carmax Experience, Well It Sucks!!!
By -

NORTH CAROLINA -- Purchased my vehicle March 31. Vehicle made a noise when purchased but thought it was a seatbelt warning sound. Read the instruction booklet and find that something is wrong with the battery. Take it to Carmax they replace the battery in addition to the alternator. Vehicle has same problem the very next day. I take vehicle back and this time they but in the correct battery. Two days pass and I have the same problem. This time they send it to the dealership for my type of vehicle. My car sits there for two weeks waiting on parts.

I have owned my car now for 25 days. My car has been in the shop for 17 days. I still do not have my car. The warranty I bought from Carmax. What good is it, they have to send it to the dealership because they can't figure out what's wrong with the car. I paid close to $2,000 for that warranty. My car payment is becoming due, I have already made an insurance payment. However, I don't have my car. They gave me a car to drive to make me feel better.

However, this car they gave me in no way on the level of the car I purchased. I do not feel they inspected the car well enough before putting it on the lot for sale. They will call you and be nice. However, that does not make me feel good. What happens next time when the 30 days are up. Will I get a loaner, I'll have to pay the deductible because the 30 days will have expired. However, I spent must have my 30 days where they will handle the repairs with my car in the shop. In essence, they get 18 plus days of not having to worry about me finding anymore problems because I don't have my car to drive to see if anything else goes wrong.

I wish anyone who buys a car from there good luck. And if you have reviewed this and it happens to you, well you got what you deserved because you did not take into account what happened to me. Oh yeah, and by the way, their vehicle maybe 2 or 3 thousand dollars lower than the dealers. However, by the time you buy the extended warranty for a few hundred dollars you really didn't save anything. At least when you buy from the dealer, they have these pre-certified vehicles that come with a warranty that close to what you have to pay for at CARMAX, so to me it comes out the same.

And if you buy from the dealer you have someone who knows this vehicle better because that is all they work on. And they probably have all the equipment necessary to do the type of inspection that should be done before a car is placed on the lot. I could write 18 days worth of material here to match the time that I have not had my car that I'm paying for, that I have to pay the interest on the loan for, and the insurance that I have to pay for, and I've got this crappy loaner car they gave me to make me feel better. Please!!!!

They are nice, but It will NOT make you feel better when you spend your hard earned money on a vehicle that does not work. Remember, go to the dealer and get a CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED and you will sleep better and have YOUR car in your driveway instead of some crappy loaner. THAT IS MY 3 CENTS AND MORE.

Carmax Service Department Sucks
By -

BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA -- I loved my sales lady but THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT SUCKS!! Every time I have gone there it has been an annoying experience. They boast about things being quick/easy/and they will keep you informed.

OK well I bought a nice 2006 Saturn Ion and I LOVE the car. When I bought it, my dad noticed there was one just ONE clip missing from the front grill of my big deal right? Can just order that right? O no!!! Instead they take the whole grill off and throw the dirty thing in the back on my new car and tell me to call Monday morning to schedule an appointment to put it back on. OK so my dad and I put the grill in the trunk even though it didn't need to be taken off at all. Wasn't lose or anything. Well I call Monday morning and they want me to come in so they can see what clip it is.....I bought the car on Sunday didn't they write it down??

So I came in and the service guy asked me where the clips where.....I'm like OK your guys took them off so you tell me. He then tells me O I don't know what clips you are talking about but this snaps right on. OK whatever so I let him snap it on. Well then I take the highway to work and when I get there I see the grill has fallen off. I call Carmax Service Dept to let them know what happened. All they tell me is that I have to come back down to see them AGAIN so they can order the part. I go down there and they order it. They tell me they will call me as soon as it arrives.

Two weeks pass and I call and ask if my grill has arrived and they gal told me it arrived 5 days ago NO ONE CALLED ME!!! I then go down to get the new grill attached on and it takes them 25 minutes to find the darn thing nevermind I have to go straight to work and they are cutting into my time since when I told them I was coming down to get the part put in and was told that it would take no longer than 10 minutes. These guys are so freaking stupid I can not believe they dumb people they hire. I finally have the grill on but wow annoying procedure all because of ONE CLIP that was missing.

VERY ANNOYED and I will be filling out a survey for them withe my complaint. The entire time they were so just no cooperative with me.

Did Not Honor Advertised Price
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I found a car I was interested in. Price was listed as $26599 on their website. Car was on the east coast. By the time my local Carmax (CO) opened for business the price had been changed to $29999. I asked for them to honor the previous listed price. After several calls that same day I was told they would NOT honor their original listing price. I will never use Carmax in the future! This is bait and switch advertising!

Don't Do It Extended Warranty
By -

Purchased a BMW 335i 2008. As with any BMW, the performance requires warranty type issues.

  1. To use the warranty at Carmax requires 50 co-payment.
  2. To use the warranty out of Carmax is 75.00.
  3. The local BMW dealer Momenteum BMW of Houston does not honor warranty.

Like going to dentist to get service on the car. Oh, and make sure you take a look at fine print if finance with Carmax. Interest accrued daily so first 2 years of payments pay all interest and very little principal. Wouldn't suggest using Carmax.

Customers pay a high price for Car Max to continue advertisements
By -

OAK LAWN, ILLINOIS -- I was approved financing for a used 2006 Kia Spectra with 42,000 miles for the price of $9,952.00. I put half of the asking price down and the rest to be financed. WIth my down payment the total purchase still came out to be $17,962.00. I was given six long years to pay off. The gentleman who processed me navigated through the computer so fast, I had to ask for an itemized bill as he had no intentions of showing me the final cost of this ripoff.

Worst Place To Work For!
By -

MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- Worst place to work for. I got hired on thinking that they were equal opportunity employer. I have half sleeves and knowing this I keep them covered when it comes to work. When I was offered the job, I let CarMax know and they didn't have problem with that at the time. I reviewed the company hand book and nothing. But two weeks in to my new job, I had the lgm ask how many tattoos in total I have. I let her know the amount. I also had been wearing long sleeves till my uniform came and they gave me short sleeve shirts. Then shortly after that they informed me that they had changed the policy, now if you had any tattoos exciting 4 inches they had to be covered. I couldn't believe it. They changed there policy just so I could cover my tattoo's.

Needless to say I no longer work for CarMax in Modesto Ca. Or will I recommend anybody who has tattoo's or piercings to apply there.

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