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Not satisfied at all
Posted by Thekaylee on 10/11/2009
The ships decor and atmosphere is terrific. but every activity costs a fortune and you have to use a sail and sign card (no cash accepted). the fine dining wasn't that fine, they had alternate dining of crappy food with fancy names, like fresh eggs that were powdered eggs, and only unsweetened tea and water and coffee to drink. They only have coke products for your fountain card, and they only come in can form. I didn't purchase one and I had tea or water all day, and oj in the morning. When I asked for oj in the day they wanted to charge me. So if you don't enjoy water or tea you will be thirsty. Their 24 hour pizzaria offers pepperoni that id never pay for so thank god it was included, adn the five deli options never change. The other pizzas offered had weird things on it like artichokes and anchovies, and the pizza maker loved to ignore customers. My fine dining was awful, wrecked by some redneck with no shoes always comming to dine drunk and loud, and even though we asked the waiter to ask him to calm down they did not, and I didn't want to return for a third try at "fine dining" in which the food portions are so tiny and they bring you coke in a can to sit next to your fine silverware. Overall it did not feel fancy at all. The bingo offered on the ship is $20 for three tiny squares, and everything seemed to have a hidden motive to get you to spend money. I felt so hungry at the end of everyday that I ordered room service ( inclusive) but the ten options on room service were awful to, and I ate pbj all week. It didn't seem liek we ever ported long enough to spend a true day at either destination, and you can't swim in the two pools onboard because they are super tiny and full of children. The nicest person I met was greg, our housekeeper, and the best activity offered was the casino and the comedy acts. The songdance shows they put on are good if your into that kinda thing, but all the free giveaways come with long seminars that push you to buy things from them. They had cheaper alcohol onboard but you can only order it and receive it when you get OFF the ship, and if you have access to any military posts you get the same price because its tax free. Overall I had an awful time and wasted enough money that I couldve gone on four other vacations. Ill never cruise carnival again, id rather spend the same amount flying ot the same destinations to visit. And be careful of the hidden gratuities they try to sneak on your sail and sign bill, and the 2 dollar gratuities tacked on to every alcoholic drink. I had more fun in Jacksonville before boarding the cruise, and I had more fun on my ten hour drive home than my five day all inclusive but so inclusive cruise. Please research carefully before choosing your vacation on the water. The pictures and excursions are not what they seem, and they offer things you can experience and buy anywhere else for cheaper or the same price. although I cruised fascination, I feel that I was deceived and do not feel as though their other ships would be any better.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-11:
I guess I am confused. the ONE thing cruises offer is tons and tons and tons and tons of FOOD. Did you not look into the options/menu before you booked??
Posted by new57 on 2009-10-11:
All cruise lines make money hawking drinks. It is a major revenue source for them, and can make or break their bottom line. Not defending them, but it is, what it is.

If you want a better experience, you need to go with RCCL. I have been on both, and it is a totally different and better experience on RCCL. IMHO.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-11:
So, how were the ports you visited?

Seriously, I've cruised Carnival 3 times and never had an issue with food. They also don't 'sneak' any gratuities on your bill, whatsoever. They make you well aware of what they will charge you for extras, including pop.

Yes, you can buy duty free items during your cruise, you just can't collect them until the last night (which the crew delivers to your stateroom, for free).
Posted by thekaylee on 2009-10-12:
i know. all ive heard is about the great food and i was so excited and then dissapointed. the options were slim and everything seemed fancied up instead of actually being fancy or good. we asked the woman at guest service what gratuities would be charged to our card, like it stated in our first newsletter onboard, and she told us it was part of the cruise cost we already paid for. But then when we received our sail and sign bill there were two seperate gratuities of fifty bucks each, which they removed with no issues, but i wonder who else had that on their bill and never noticed?
Posted by thekaylee on 2009-10-12:
the desserts that were chocolate tasted like they were made with unsweetened chocolate, and they had congealed cubes of fruit flavored blocks, but it wasn't jello, it was just weird. And they offered some kind of pudding/mouse thing that i cant even define, and cookies that were dry and crumbled with one bite.... the talapia was good, and the french toast was the best i ever had, but the condiment jars were left empty forever, and the baggettes were burnt. At one meal my husband asked for tongs to pick the bread up with and was ignored.... who else in that buffet line touched my bread that night fishing for one of their own?
Posted by thekaylee on 2009-10-12:
the things i did like were the escargot and the breakfast, the coffee ice cream, and the ham and cheese sandwhiches were good too.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-02-03:
I don't know, certainly points of dissatisfaction here are SOP on cruises, but some others, maybe not. I know MM has always said the food has been good on Carnival on her trips, and I'm sure many have no complaints on that, but it does seem to come up more as under par than other lines in the general complaint area. Caned soda with dinner? That is a bit lame. Crowded pool and kids everywhere is another Carnival sticking point with a lot of reviews. Seems to me, Carnival probably is a great family cruise line (never did this line), but maybe more discerning couples and singles only patrons should opt for another.
Posted by UPSET CARNIVAL TRAVELER on 2010-02-08:
I just traveled with Carnival, I had 37 people in my group and everyone except the 3 kids HATED the food. Several of us had serious intestinal issues while on the ship. We ate off the ship every chance we got. The dining room was really bad. I have traveled with Royal Caribbean numerous times and enjoyed the buffet, dining room, midnight desert buffets...yum! All of the deserts tasted like flavorless cake mixes with different frostings, everything was stale and dried out.
Posted by sxcavanaugh on 2010-02-15:
Just got back this morning. Listen, the food is beyond terrible. The decor is tacky, the activities are lackluster, and the entire ship smells like an ashtray. I went to the "fine dining" the first night and literally got sick to my stomach. It wasn't even close to Denny's quality, frankly. I didn't go back. I thought the room service options were not that bad- but overall, in all seriousness, I would not accept another cruise on Carnival if they gave it to me for free. It was, by a massive margin, the worst vacation experience of my life.

I know it is difficult to hear that- but honest reviews are a true service to others. I have sailed other cruise lines, and they all put Carnival to shame. Carnival is truly terrible- every other line, especially Disney, puts a right beating on them in every category.
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Vacation Nightmares
Posted by Tyger82582 on 09/29/2007
To Whom It May Concern:

The purpose of this letter is to apprise Carnival Cruise Lines of my extreme dissatisfaction regarding my recent sailing on Carnival Sensation on September 16, 2007 from Port Canaveral, Florida.

My Complaints are as follows:

• Cabin Configuration
In June 2007 I changed my cabin from a standard cabin to a wheelchair accessible cabin. Upon doing so I was told that there would be sufficient room in the cabin to successfully maneuver a wheelchair inside our cabin. However, upon entering our cabin, we immediately realized that this was not the case. The primary reason for this was the Roll-Away Bed. Once it was opened, it was absolutely impossible to open the wheelchair while in the room. There was not even enough space to get from the bed at the window to the rest room. Through out the duration of our cruise we were literally jumping over beds to get to the restroom. On the first night of our cruise, I was injured while trying to get from one bed to the other in order to use the restroom. In order to move around in the room, my mother and I had to push the two (2) beds together (upon suggestion from the Chief Purser on 9/17/07). Even with the new configuration I still had to jump over a bed to get to the restroom. This is completely unacceptable.

When we got to our room our Television Set did not even work. It took them several hours to finally show up to fix it and then we had to wait for someone else to come and remove our ceiling to get to the problem. We did not even get a Television Remote until 10:00 PM after I had called several times requesting it.

There was an unbearable cigarette smell in the cabin through out the entire duration of the cruise. Housekeeping had to continually spray deodorizer in the room just so that I could stay in the room because the cigarette smell was aggravating my asthma and my mother and sister’s allergies.

• Dining Room Service
On the first night of the cruise we did not eat dinner until almost 8:00 PM even though we were seated at approximately 6:20 PM. When they finally served our dinner, two 2 Steak Dinners had to be sent back because they were completely rare when they were requested as Medium Well. Three (3) baked potatoes had to be sent back as well for the same reason, they were undercooked. For the remainder of the cruise dinner services went on in a similar fashion. We never ate dinner before 7:30 PM. Two (2) of the nights my mother did not even eat her dinner because it took so long and we had to order sandwiches at around midnight.

Because it took so long to get dinner we were forced to miss the Captain’s Cocktail Party.

• Lack of Food Selection
There was an extremely limited selection of lunch foods available on the Lido Deck for Lunch and the Main Dining Room was not even open for lunch except for Wednesday, and the selection there was even worse.

• Lack of Activities on Board
There were hardly any activities for those who do not drink or gamble so often times we stayed in our cramped room. And when there were activities, they were planned extremely far apart so that we were often left roaming the ship with nothing to do.

The one activity we were looking forward to was the Midnight Buffet with Ice Sculptures as we have seen on your other cruises. We were severely disappointed when all the ship offered was a Mexican Buffet on the Lido Deck at Midnight. When I asked about the Midnight Buffet with Ice Sculptures, I was told that Carnival only has them on 7 Night Cruises. I was on a 5 Day Cruise and another 4 Day Cruise on Carnival and they offered the Buffet. I know that several other guests were disappointed by this information as well.

• Lack of Information/Assistance
On the last night of our cruise we apparently hit a rough patch of weather, because the ship began rocking back and forth rather violently. Every where we looked people were feeling the motion of the waves against the ship. Several people were visibly “Sea Sick” for lack of a better word. This horrible rocking sensation lasted from about 6:00 PM Wednesday until approximately 5:00 AM Thursday. We were extremely concerned and every crew member that we asked had no answer as to what was going on. We were so sick that we were unable to sleep. During this entire ordeal not once did anyone come on over the ships intercom to explain what was going on or ease our fears. It took several days after we got off the ship for the motion sickness to clear up.

As a result of the rough weather my mother became very ill and it took four (4) of us to get her back to our cabin. She was severely nauseous and it was apparent to all that we needed help, but instead of helping us, every member of the crew that saw us took one look at my mother and literally ran the other way. One crew member even made a comment to another co-worker that they should get out of the way before my mother threw up on them. If it had not been for the help of 2 fellow guests my sister and I would never have been able to get my mother to our cabin. This behavior from the crew was completely unacceptable.

• Lack of Debarkation Order
Instructions for disembarking the ship were clearly provided. However, there were no members of the crew to actually ensure that those instructions were followed, specifically when it came to people with disabilities.

Guests with wheelchairs were told to wait in the Internet Café on the Empress Deck. However, when we arrived there was no room for all the wheelchairs because others with out disabilities had decided that this would be a good place for them to wait to get off the ship, despite the fact that they had been given specific areas where they could wait until their section was ready to disembark. It was absolute chaos trying to maneuver the wheelchairs into areas that would not block the flow of traffic, and rather than correcting the situation, the few crew members that did pass us just allowed it, leaving those in wheelchairs to fend for themselves.

This “vacation” was such an absolute disaster from day one that if we had had sufficient funds we would have flown home from Freeport (our first port of call). I have never had such a horrific experience. I don’t believe that anyone should have had to endure what we went through. We paid for this “vacation” in expectation of this being a relaxing trip for us and instead it was an absolute nightmare.

I feel that the 10% Off our next Cruise on Carnival that was offered to us by the Purser on board is an insult. I am not certain that we will ever sail with Carnival again. Due to the obvious hardship that my family and I had to endure I am requesting a refund of $350.00. I would like this refund to be applied directly to my Visa (the same card used to pay off the cruise) at your earliest convenience.

I contacted Customer Service on 9/21/07 via the Carnival Website and have yet to receive a response. Quite frankly I am disappointed at Carnival’s lack of Customer Service when it is in regards to dissatisfied customers.
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Posted by ThinLazyAmerican on 2007-09-29:
Seems like there's nothing to do on a cruise but eat and watch t.v?
Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-09-29:
Some people should not cruise. You are one of them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-30:
Sounds like you could have used more than one cabin. Also, I didn't know Carnival allowed smoking in ANY cabins on their cruise ships.

Posted by Ben There on 2007-09-30:
There is a difference between hardship and just having a bad time cause you do not like your surroundings. Did you really choose Carnival because they have ice sculptures at Midnight? I doubt it... I think you would have had a bad time no matter what and were destined to find stuff to complain about. Why are you requestions $350? Was that the entire cost of the trip before taxes? If so, next time try a more expensive cruise line, or better yet just fly somewhere instead.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2007-09-30:
Your letter was well written and laid out. I think your experience will be very valuable to other handicap persons who would like to know about the ships ability to provide accomodations for them BEFORE they buy a ticket. The lack of activities you mentioned are probably based on the fact that they do not generate as much income for the ship as their overpriced drinks and gambling. I hope that you did have some fun though.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2007-09-30:
I agree with emtc on the cabin issue. Putting 3 people in a cabin that will require a roll-away bed is going to be a probably. You should have booked 2 cabins or a larger cabin (if available). I'm sure this would have cost more though. I have to laugh at the complaint of rough seas ........you were on a boat in the middle of the ocean!!!!!!!
Posted by killerklown on 2007-09-30:
This letter sounds like it was written by my grandmother. She also complains about stuff no matter what.
Posted by bargod on 2007-10-01:
The midnight buffet is an activity?
Posted by old fart on 2007-10-01:
I can't imagine what the lure of cruise ships is! It logically is supposed to be a form of transportation designed to get from point A to point B with the ability to get off and enjoy the surrounding territory.
If you want to eat, go to a good restaurant on land.
If you want to gamble, go to your local indian casino.
If you want exercise, go to a gym.

Isolating yourself from your natural human environment, LAND, seems to be the hight of insanity, but maybe that's just me.....
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-01:
Something's not adding up here.
Posted by leopard on 2007-10-15:
I think you should never leave your house again. misery follows you (because you want it to).
Posted by tyger82582 on 2007-10-26:
For everyone's Information! This is not my first cruise and I resent the comments about wether or not I had a bad time because of my surroundings or that I am just miserable all around. I went of this cruise for a vacation with my family. As far as needing 2 cabins - the room was not supposed to have a roll away, and according to Carnival we were put in a room that only accomodated 2 people instead of 3. It was their mistake not mine. My family and I always share 1 cabin and have never had a problem before. As far as requesting a refund of $350 that is only a small portion of what I paid for this cruise. On the issue of "Rough Seas" my complaint was not about the waves. It was about the lack of assistance from anyone on the staff.

The purpose of posting this complaint was to inform other people of my experience so that this might not happen to anyone else and I would appreciate it if everyone would stop critizing me for my opinions. None of you went through the experience that my family and I went through. So you can either learn from this information or ignore it. The choice is yours.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-01:
I don't understand you comments? You did book on Carnival right?? That's what you get when you book on the "welfare Cruise Line". People think that wow we got a 5 night eastern Caribbean cruise for only $349.00 a person what could be wrong with that??

Wake up people Carnival is the WORST cruise line afloat.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-01:
Oh I forgot, I hate it when people DEMAND a refund or some type of compensation for the weather being bad!!

Get over it, your in the Atlantic which gets very rough at times.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-01:
WTH, robwolf100? Welfare cruise line? I've taken 2 cruises with Carnival, and, getting ready to book my 3rd. I am personally insulted by your comment.
Posted by tyger82582 on 2007-11-16:
Apparently people do not know how to read! I am not complaining about the weather. This is not my first cruise. I know what to expect. My complaint is about the lack of help from the crew when my mother really needed it. I am also complaining about the "Handicap Accessibilty" that Carnival claims to have. And as far as being a "Welfare Cruise Line" this cruise was not cheap. I don't understand why some people feel that they have the right to minimize the troubles that others have had while cruising. Just because you had a great time on your cruise that does not give you the right to belittle others who were not so fortunate. The purpose of this site is to give people the opportunity to hear about the not so pleasant experiences that Carnival does not advertise. You can either heed the warning or ignore and move on. Personally I don't care what you do! I just wish you would all grow up and learn to respect the opinions of others!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-11-16:
Yes, this is a site to alert others about experiences bad or good.
It is also a site where people can add an opinion, good or bad
just don't take it personal.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-11-16:
btw, thanks for coming back to post
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-16:
tyger82582, I love it! Your follow up post is excellent and says it all in a nutshell, very well said!

I am sorry about your experience with the lack of Handicap Accessibility and the lack of help from the crew. This has been most eye opening for me thank you for your review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-17:
Look, Carnival sucks! Your complaints are typical of a Carnival cruiser and yes it is called the welfare cruise line by others in the industry, sorry. Carnival is so large customer service is out the window (or porthole). They don't care about the problems you had and if you never cruised Carnival again they could care less. Just get over it and move on. Next time book on one of the top 3 cruise lines and I assure you your experience will be better.
Posted by scott3629 on 2007-12-25:
I got some what a kick out of this complaint. You complained about almost everything a cruise is but the type of toilet paper that they supplied you with, or did you forget that in the letter. Was it to thin, to thick, was it the wrong color? You even complained about the weather, did you go and demand the Captain of the ship to sail through calmer sea's. Come on it's the ocean and the weather, what were they to do for you? I would suggest a stay at a local resort unless you can get a pilot to make sure he flies you to an island without any turbulance... Good luck!!!!
Posted by Barty on 2009-10-15:
You are one of those folks who should really stay home. Cruising is not for you at all.
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REFUND on approx. $6000.00 of my money
Posted by UNHAPPY CLIENTS on 11/13/2006
CALIFORNIA -- In July, we were booked on the PRIDE for Mexico. Due to tropical storm the cruise was diverted to Canada. Passengers had the option of going to Canada or get a refund within 70 days. We opt to get a refund. Today is 11/13/2006, it's over 70 days and NO refund or contact from Carnival. I've been on the phone w/them for 3 wks now. The first call verified I was due a refund but I have to wait till someone calls me back from customer relations dept. NO CALLS. NOW the story is I've never cancelled the trip, I have to talk to someone else. All I've been getting is the run around. I was a very loyal customer because of this I'm NO LONGER a loyal customer. I WANT MY MONEY BACK. BEWARE of corp bullies and as far as I'm concern THIEVES. I wanted take some of the credit toward a Holiday cruise, but I have to paid for the Holiday cruise and WAIT for my refund after penalties been deducted for NOT cancelling my cruise. Which is a LIE. I have the flyer they handed out at Long Beach Pier,the name of the person that wrote our name down for a refund and I have witnesses. THEY HAVE APPROX. $6000.00 of MY MONEY. I WORK HARD FOR MY MONEY, I WANT IT BACK, YOU BULLIES.
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Posted by Slimjim on 2006-11-13:
I can't believe that credit for that cruise came down to someone standing on the pier taking names. There must have been a procedure and forms to fill out, or something more official? How could they say you didn't cancel if you were not on the Canadian diverted cruise? $6000 isn't pocket change. If they can't rectify your credit, you are probably going to want to talk to an attorney.
Posted by Skye on 2006-11-13:
Oh man, this doesn't sound good. Do you have have anything in writing that you wrote that you were cancelling??? That is insane they are giving you the run around. I agree with slim, you may have to get a lawyer, or maybe just pay for a consult with a lawyer, and he can write them a legal letter on your behalf. I am sure you don't want to rack up lawyer fees on top of this fiasco.
Posted by Doe3001 on 2006-11-13:
I smell scam. Read carefully the fine print and terms and conditions. If you decide to sue them it will probably cost you more than 6,000. Read my profile to se what you can expect from some "legitimate" companies. Meanwhile, if you paid with a credit card, call them. My credit card helped me to recover 1,254.95 USD one "legitimate" online travel agency tried to steal from me.
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Carnival Victory Cruise Complaint
Posted by PWee on 08/05/2006
NEW YORK -- After having an amazing cruise on Royal Caribbean one year, my family (husband, 2 kids, parents & brother) decided to try out the other cruise lines out there... like Carnival. Maybe we were spoiled on Royal Caribbean or maybe Carnival "Fun Ship" Cruises just take no pride in quality of service. Before we even got on board the Victory, we were handed a change of itinerary stating that we would not be going to Nova Scotia Canada as intended, but instead, St John's New Brunswick. Ok, no problem seeing as there was a slight tropical storm in the way and we'd never been to St John's Canada anyway.

First off, let me just say that as we boarded the ship, it just seemed so unrefined. The interior was decorated in such a tacky way, it reminded me of a gambling resort type, not so much Las Vegas, but maybe Atlantic City. Right off hand, you can smell the cigarette smoke, that emanated throughout the entire ship. It was disgusting to say the least.

That night we were looking forward to dining and having a good meal. Yet, another disappointment. The food was horrible and cold. My husband had ordered the NY strip steak with potatoes and green beans, what came on the plate was basically a rubber steak with a side of fat and grizzle. My chowder was warm at the top but ice cold towards the bottom. The chicken saute appetizer was so dry and tasteless. They tend to concentrate more on quantity rather than quality.

The next morning, we had a full day at sea, the ship was moving at such a slow pace like 15 knotts, that most of the passengers on board, including my mom got terribly seasick. Everyone rushed to the doctor on board for those Dramamine pills. We didn't understand how a ship this size created so much rocking, people were swaying from side to side, it was awful. Not once did we feel any kind of swaying on our Royal Caribbean Cruise.

We thought that there would be at least something to do on the Victory besides drinking at the bars (there were several by the way), we tried to go play ping pong, but there was only ONE table that was placed in an enclosed area by the stairwell the size of my closet!! Of course there was a line of people waiting to play so we checked that off our list. Next, we headed to the arcade or should I say "money eating machine". Almost every games we tried to play with the exception of the surfing and the car racing games were broken. It cost $1 to play each game and once you put your tokens in, they don't start up and you don't get your money back. Carnival Cruise Ship attendants don't bother to put an "out of order" sign. What to do next? We opted to work out at the gym for a while, of course, why did we even bother? Their freestyle weights were either too light like 7 lbs or too heavy like 25-30 lbs. There was nothing in between. Their running track was mediocre as well. Their pool slide was closed half of the time and when they did decide to open it, the water was icy cold. The Jacuzzis would have been nice if only they enforced the "no children" rule. It was crawling with kids under 12, even at the "adults only" Jacuzzis. Some kids were even eating in the Jacuzzis and that was just plain nasty, but no one did anything. Even late at night, there were still kids in the Jacuzzis and we had to wonder, where are their parents?? Getting drunk of course! Afterall, Carnival Victory is basically a "Floating Bar" designed specifically for people who just want to drink, get drunk, leave their kids unattended to do whatever they please even if it means upsetting the other passengers, and for people who are too wasted to even know what the food should taste like. I think that's why the food is so awful, most of the people are just too drunk to realize it tasted like crap. For instance, on our last night, we ordered pork chops and out came this pork chop with some green juice oozing and bubbling out ( I kid you not). We were appalled and afraid to eat it. The food by the 4th day was still cold and we really dreaded dinner time. We opted for pizza and burgers instead. Luckily the only thing this ship had going for them was the 24hr pizzas and the late night burgers and fries. Their 24hr soft serve ice cream was the only treat worth having, as the desserts they served during their dinners tasted like cardboard. We were really hoping the dinners and meals would be gourmet and just tantalize our taste buds, but it was far from that and it just left us with a bad taste in our mouths. It's pretty sad when pizza is the only thing worth looking forward to, and I am not a big pizza fan.

The service was also mediocre, the room attendants and waiters looked like they hated their jobs and wanted to jump ship. Our room attendant did however, do an ok job in tidying our rooms and placing extra towels etc., but he didn't go that extra mile with the towel animals every evening. He made us one freaky towel animal that didn't look like anything we've seen, more like a towel mutant which scared the kids. Maybe that was his intention, who knows. Our waiter forgot our salads one night and the asst waiter totally ignored us and forgot to serve us any bread, as he just stood there chatting away and laughing with the other waiters. Karma works in mysterious ways as that asst waiter tripped while the ship still swayed from side to side.

This was truly a disappointing cruise ship experience. We will never step foot aboard a Carnival "Fun Ship" ever again. Our travel agent was so right when she said that if you want a family friendly, adventure-type cruise choose Royal Caribbean or Norwegian, but if you want to just party and get intoxicated, choose Carnival. We should have listened, but we live and learn.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-05:
Pwee writes: "Afterall, Carnival Victory is basically a "Floating Bar" designed specifically for people who just want to drink, get drunk, leave their kids unattended to do whatever they please even if it means upsetting the other passengers, and for people who are too wasted to even know what the food should taste like."
So everybody was happy but you? Or are you including yourself in this lofty description?
Posted by PWee on 2006-08-05:
Everyone else was not happy, we spoke to other cruisers who had previously been on Norwegian and Celebrity Cruiselines and they too were appalled with Carnival's lack of quality and service. I'm sure the people who intended to booze it up on this cruise were VERY happy with the conditions. The food really wasn't good at all, they didn't enforce any kind of rules for children in the hot tub areas, the games in the arcade were broken but you didn't know till you put your tokens in. When you have all those things working against you, and all that is left are the smoke-filled bars and kids running around in the casinos, it's hard to find a silver lining. I wouldn't have had a problem if Carnival took the care in preparing the food right, made sure the games were fixed prior to embarking, perhaps let the parents know that their kids should not be in the adult only hot tubs. This was just our experience. I'm sure some people enjoyed the cruise, to each his own, but after being on a wonderful cruise the first time, surely you'd want to have the same experiences with your next. Unfortunately we didn't have that with Carnival. I've read many reviews on here that said all there was to do on Carnival was drink and gamble, so I know I'm not alone in this. This was our first Carnival Cruise, in a way I am glad we endured it, that way we're able to compare other cruises.
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-08-05:
PWee:I have read some of the same complaints from others as you have wrote. But not as well as you wrote them. I was laughing so hard (not because of your bad experience)but because of the way you write. It's great! I love how you decribed the towel animals and the towel mutant and it scaring the kids. And how the attendants looked like they wanted to jump ship and you followed it with "our attendant did"..but you said it about something else. I am so sorry for your bad trip and I thank you for sharing. I do think you should start writing for a newspaper or magazine as a critic. You do a good job. I myself had an offer to go on a Carnival Cruise in October but after the bad reviews and illnesses and dissappearences I read abou and listen to in the news I think I'll stick to dry ground.
Posted by JBeeson on 2006-08-05:
I can empathize with you. My fiance and I had a similar experience especially the part about the kids in the hot tubs specifically for adults only. Our dinners were cold as well, sometimes lukewarm if we were lucky and it was like eating at a Sizzler's or Golden Corral ~ not impressive. Maybe they didn't fix the games on board and had limited activities so that you would have to spend your money in the bars and casinos? Just a thought.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-05:
Some of the bargain/lower priced ships don't police patrons or their kids. It's turned into a "get what you pay for" kinda thing. (tr)
Posted by PWee on 2006-08-05:
In regards to 'you get what you pay for', I've gotta say that for a 4 day cruise, it really wasn't as cheap as you would think. It was approx $550 per person. If it was under $300 I would have just brushed it off. Our 5 day Royal Caribbean cruise was much cheaper @ $409 per person and it was definitely more enjoyable, go figure.
Posted by misstina on 2006-08-06:
PWee-I went on two Royal Caribbean cruises before I went on a Carnival one and let me tell you, RC wins hands down overall. I had so much fun on the RC cruises. There was hardly any fun things to do on the Carnival cruise. The food and service on the RC cruises was amazing. I was disappointed that the formal nights on Carnival were less than formal. Hardly anyone dressed up, the food was horrible, and the service was just "ok". One day on the Carnival cruise, our ship was parked next to a Royal Caribbean ship. I couldn't help but sit on my balcony in complete boredom and scream "I wish I was on that boat with you!" to the other RC guests. I have to say though, with all the stories that I've been hearing lately about cruise ships and disappearing guests, I probably won't be taking another one for a LONG time.
Posted by PWee on 2006-08-06:
Misstina, you're so right about formal night on Carnival being less than formal. One couple two tables away from us were in bermuda shorts and capris. My brother was like, "See, I could have just worn my board shorts instead of this monkey suit!!" (hehehe) That's so funny about the RC ship docking next to you guys, I would have felt the same way too ~ might even go as far as jumping overboard towards RC and pretending I belonged on their ship. :)~~
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-08-07:
There isn't much comparison between a Carnival and RC cruise. Carnival reminds me of a cruise line you use if you're single or on a really tight budget. It's just not the same service or ambiance. That's why it's cheaper.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-09:
Typically, these days, Carnival is catering moreso to the singles and spring-break crowd. We haven't cruised them for years, it's just not the same experience as the pricier ones. (tr)
Posted by PWee on 2006-08-09:
Finally got a hold of a friend of mine who used to work on Celebrity Cruiseships. I told her about my experience on Carnival to which she replied, "Oh I forgot to tell you that we all (meaning she and the crew) know that Carnival is the "Dirty Ship". I guess it's an inside joke between the crews of other cruiseships. Ok, I'll admit that I was a bit embarrassed and mortified when she said that, but at least I get to leave and never go back on Carnival... however, the poor crew is now known as the "people who live & work on the Dirty Ship" ~ (sigh)
Posted by Pagann on 2006-09-25:
Has any one any email contact for the CEO or similar, for Carnival - I had a bad fall on Victory and following the total indifference whilst on board ship to my accident, I have written and emailed their so called customer care with out the courtesy of a reply. Help appreciated. Thank you.
Posted by Zkish on 2007-08-05:
I've Taken Valor,Victory and Fantasy Both Valor and Fantasy was excellent.. Yes Fantasy is the mother of all the party ships in Carnivals lineup followed by Victory. But I have also Taken Royal Carribean and they are Top Notch I can support this article 100% cause of my past experiences.. As for Crusing For anyone NEVER Take Carnival unless it's Carnival Paradise the Non Smoking one most old people take that ship but if your young and happy and like to party Carnivals for you if you have a Family with kids or young and old and want some R&R away from it all go Royal Carribean
Posted by pigmom on 2008-01-02:
I just went on the Carnival Paradise for a 3-day cruise to Ensenada. I have no interest in taking another one. I should have just driven to Ensenada with my friends. The cruise takes 36 hours to go the 90 miles from Ensenada to Long Beach on the return voyage, which they bill as the "fun day at sea". There isn't anything fun about having the boat wallow at anchor in choppy seas for 24 hours. Same ping pong story, which is the only thing my husband wanted to do. We tired quickly of the wander-the-boat. We don't drink, but you could buy a soda card, then beg the servers for a drink or refill. It was cold and windy, so you couldn't hang out on the upper deck, which you wouldn't do anyway due to the screaming unattended children.
Our room steward was actually quite good and our team head waiter/assistant were really fun. They looked after us and were quite specific about what "not" to order. Clearly, they've eaten the food. Very bad food. Icy shrimp in a little glob of cocktail sauce, undercooked lobster tail on the big night, and inedible breakfast and lunches in the main dining rooms--along with surly service. The Lido Paris buffet had better fare, but that isn't saying much. I don't eat much pizza and that's about all that was edible.
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Carnival Cruise Lines/Sensation
Posted by Katyisha on 04/18/2006
KREBS, OKLAHOMA -- To Whom It May Concern.

The following is a list of complaints lodged by me, Katyisha Martin, my fiancé, and a host of other people we became acquainted with on this excursion due to the HORRIFYING experience of using Carnival Cruise lines.

Experiences on Carnival Cruise Line "Sensation"

1. Destination changed, after being promised by travel agent and checking to ensure that our party would indeed be taken to Grand Turks Islands. This did not happen. (I have researched and found that this is common with Carnival Cruise Lines. We requested to go to Grand Turks, and it was the only reason we agreed upon this cruise.)
2. Boarding of the ship was to be early because we were with a wedding party that paid extra, so that we would have ample time to dress and prepare for ceremony. (Did not happen). Wedding scheduled for 1:30 p.m. By the time we boarded we had 20-45 minutes to get make up, hair, dressed etc. Some of us dressed in bathrooms that were not clean, and in hallways with vomit on the floor, because our rooms were not yet ready.)
3. Non-sailing wedding party guests (the bride's mother and friends) were all rushed off the ship without being allowed to take photos with the bride, resulting in a depressed and irritable bride the entire cruise.)
4. Wedding coordinator told us to talk to information desk about any issues we had. (They were VERY rude, and told us there was nothing we / they could do about it, so the best thing to do was try to enjoy ourselves.)
5. Pool was dirty, mildewed, unsanitary and disgusting.
6. Water slide was broken the entire trip.
7. Ice-cream machine was broken. (Which was one of the only things we felt may be safe to eat), being the other food was completely inedible).
8. Nightly buffet closed early, when there was food available.
9. Extra and miscellaneous charges on sign and sail card with no explanation.
10. We were told by staff there was to be a $10 per day gratuity fee. We were also told we could tip as we saw fit. Upon observation of our bill there was a 15% gratuity added for everything that we purchased. Even when the drinks were made incorrectly and returned to the bar, also the bar staff was rude.
11. No beer at Half Moon Cay. (We were told they ran out and although we received someone else’s bill and the wrong ticket, (which we accidentally signed) we were told too bad.
12. Charges on my sign and sail card from a bar that we never were in. (Was told that they had to take care of it on the last day of the cruise. Now I know why they took them off and added them directly to my boyfriend’s card because we shared a cabin.)
13. Freeport was completely disgusting and unacceptable. (To replace this with Grand Turks, which is the only reason we booked this cruise, was never discussed with us or any of the other passengers we came into contact with, and, was an unacceptable presumption by your Cruise Line to think that we would agree to this.)
14. We were told this boat was completely renovated. (Well, that was a lie all in itself, because there was rust and mildew in our windows. The bathroom vents were disgusting, our shower, mirror, and first and foremost OUR linens were dirty. We were told we were the second voyage on this boat. Found from a previous itinerary that this was also a lie and was given another list of different lies as to why we would not be going to our promised destination, and we found out the boat had been used by survivors of Hurricane Katrina for emergency shelter and residency for several months, (information from a news article).
15. We were then asked for additional tips for poor service, and even for asking too many questions on the boat.
16. Shower head was broken and disconnected from wall in shower, only for the hose to beat me excessively in my back and head.
17. I watched a carnival cruise advertisement for 5 days about how my experience would be great. It was not.
18. I even asked previous to our boarding (because things were going so badly already) if there was anyway we could cancel and just stay in Florida. We were told no.
19. The snorkeling excursion. (We should have never gone), the alternator belt broke; all of the life saving devices were cut up and damaged. We were told that when we booked excursions there would trained professionals aboard to ensure that we were safe, not to mention that we tried to book other excursions and they would not accept them, then turned right around and said they were all sold out.)
20. I could go on and on, and upon request I will give further information. But the biggest upset ever, was to find that my boyfriend of 3 years, fiancé of six (6) months had planned to set a wedding date, but after seeing how horrible an experience I was having, he DID NOT; he waited until we got home because he was going to surprise me with A CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME, THIS IS LIKE A HUGE NIGHTMARE! THANKS, CARNIVAL.
I do want to recognize that out of 5 days on the HELL SHIP, I had 3 people that were actually polite. At table #158 Martina, our waitress. This lady was as sweet as could she could be. Even though she was apologizing for some kind of mess up every evening about 15 times per table visit, she was sweet and concerned. Another lady at the information desk, the last night of our cruise was very polite. (I will give credit where credit is due) If she documented anything her name will be available (she had long brown hair, and Barry, the guy in the piano bar.) But out of this 5 day horrifying hellish nightmare the only thing I can state is this was totally unacceptable and I will NEVER encourage anyone to use Carnivals services until something has been done to compensate for the Twilight Zone adventure!
I work and have worked with the public for many years, and if I received one of these complaints I would no longer be employed and if in charge of operations I would immediately fire anyone who provided such ill service.)
As I write this I become upset and ill just by reliving this series of incidents on what should have been an enlightening and memorable trip for all involved. I have emailed people from our trip and we all feel and know to be offered some kind of partial credit is completely unacceptable. I hope someone will take the time to look at the overall picture and situations that were forced on all of us. You can look at your books and see how much money we spent in just our cabin alone. I implore you to make this right. All this money to be treated in such a manner and to be starved to boot! This was not a pleasure cruise; it was a floating death sentence! We were just lucky enough to escape.

Katyisha Martin
Krebs, OK 74554
(918) 470-5775

As of April 18, 2006 I was informed that they would send me a letter of apology, and would love to offer me a $50.00 credit on my next cruise. That is just enough to cover my $50.00 mandatory on board gratuity. Now, there is a slap in the face.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-19:
Boy, that's no way to start out a marriage.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-19:
What a mess! Lets hope that your marriage goes better than your wedding.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-19:
P-dub if we can get a name do you think a call from you could help?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-20:
Dunno, but let's hope her marriage lasts longer than yours. (tr)
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-20:
*rivers* (TIR)
Posted by Noneill on 2006-07-18:
Well I am trying to figure out why the destination was changed. I know if the weather is bad that can make them go somewhere else. No one can control the weather. I hope you will try another cruise sometime, possibly with another line. My only carnival cruise I have been on was fantastic. It would be a shame to never know how fun they can be.
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Can Service and Entertainment Get Any Worse?
Posted by Prodigiouswizard on 12/04/2012
MIAMI, ILLINOIS -- Just two weeks ago, I went on the Carnival Inspiration 4D Baja Mexico cruise spanning Thanksgiving with my parents and my grand-aunt. Our experience was sub-par due to an amalgamation of reasons, and I sent this review to the Carnival executive office for future improvement, but received no response for the entire week, so have no choice but to start seeking other venues to voice my dissatisfaction.

This was our family's first time on Carnival Cruises, but we have been on your sister company Princess to Alaska and Royal Caribbean to the Bahamas, so have experience to contrast against. Traveling is one of my life passions and I do so fairly extensively (about 3 times internationally a year) and hope to sustain a recent tradition of cruising annually since my mother has especially loved cruise experiences.

For a Thanksgiving cruise that came at a premium for (and I even booked a suite for my parents - we were in V25 & M219), I expected all the services promised to us delivered, but they were not. One of my parent's key fascinations with cruises stems from the variety of nightly productions and comedy shows on board, and on this specific cruise, the Fiesta Latina show was cancelled Tuesday night with nothing to replace it, and then again Wednesday night, with "Showtime" to replace it. Unfortunately, that same "Showtime" was repeated Thursday night, leaving no real value-add.

This was a key letdown for us because in our minds, the 4 value foundations of a cruise are the floating hotel, the food, the service, the entertainment, and that last two were significantly lacking. We were never told what these "circumstances beyond our control was" and I feel that a great company has a contingency plan especially on such a big holiday cruise. Even having 2 separate, less glamorous shows instead of one cancelled and another repeat would have been a huge boon, and we had never experienced such low quality on Royal or Princess.

My next 2 issues deal with safety & hygiene on-board the ship. First, I recognize that Carnival is a family-oriented cruise, but better emphasis needs to be placed on parents to take care of the children or more attentiveness from staff members need be exercised. My aunt of age 77 was knocked over by 2 youngsters on the Lido deck the first day. Fortunately, she was fine, but had she suffered an injury, Carnival would have a potential general liability claim on their hands. I am an actuary in an insurance company, so I know this risk is simply too significant to ignore. Next, I noticed that virtually nobody on Carnival uses the hand sanitizer before meals. When we were on Royal & especially Princess, there was only 1 entrance to the buffet lines, always with a staff member there to request customers to use the sanitizer. Perhaps this is why Carnival is often on the news concerning norovirus outbreaks, as recently as May of this year. The fix in adopting models that have worked on other sister lines should not be onerous, so I strongly encourage this change on Carnival.

Service in some areas need improvement, and 3 small illustrations can highlight this well. First, when I was in line at the Fun Shops, I overheard a lady asking one of the staff members about their work schedules and environment, and she immediately groused about how they got no time off between cruises, how she worked 7 days a week with low pay, that as soon as one group disembarked, another boarded. Corporations have to maximize profit, but they can also do so in a way that their employees do not feel unsatisfied, and it was disconcerting to hear such an experience as a customer.

My time at the craps table in the Monte Carlo Casino was unsettling as well, because the young lady working my side was most inexperienced, and I caught her twice distributing incorrect winnings to me, and fear that I may have missed more. I recognize that being a craps dealer is not easy and I probably make more complex bets than many people, but the training needs to improve and again, I did not experience this at all on Royal or Princess. Finally, and perhaps this is due to over-heightened expectations, I expected a suite booking to come with more amenities. For examples, in other lines, VIP access comes with access to private clubs, private pools (which would've been tremendous given the number of kids in the Lido ones), fresh flowers, and more attentive service, but all my parents received were priority embarkation and de-embarkation, 35 more square footage of space, and a 30 square foot balcony for nearly double the price. I simply cannot find a compelling reason for clients to book in a Carnival suite, which is ironic because the high-end market when treated properly tends to be most high-margin as well, so a few extra courtesies could go a long way.

I want to highlight the positives as well on the cruise, so that Carnival can continue to improve its strengths. The mini golf facilities and waterworks available are great for kids and grown ups alike, since even my parents enjoyed trying the variety of entertainment on board. Food is wonderfully crafted, although the soups were consistently too salty. Our rooms were well-serviced and the dining staff top-notch in professionalism and courtesy. The many lounges, bars, galleries provided the multifarious environments we had come to expect on cruises. Shore excursions went smoothly and we enjoyed a fun time on them.

So, what is the consequence of all this? Well, we will not be using Carnival's services again and unless Carnival addresses this issue for us, will try to let the world know of our experience so that future customers know what to avoid.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-04:
Very well written review. I enjoyed reading it very much and find it interesting as my spouse and I are considering another cruise in the near future.

I will tell you that when we cruised Royal Caribbean, however, we were never 'requested' to use the hand sanitation by an employee. There were only signs suggesting their use.

Again, very articulate and well written review. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-12-04:
Carnival tends to be the Walmart of cruise lines...
Posted by oldisgood on 2013-02-12:
We just got off a Celebrity and personnel were at the dining areas always with sanitizer in hand and they put it on you. Also the handsanitzer people were there when you can back from ashore and you DID use it. They were also always wiping down all handrails. Celebrity is a VERYYY clean cruise line. You never hear of one of their ships contracting the viruses.
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Dangers of Shore Excursions
Posted by Pastor Doug on 03/30/2009
COZUMEL MEXICO -- My wife and I cruised on Carnival's ship the Valor, 3/8-3/15/09 (just married in Aug 2008) and on 3/12 we went purchased the Zip line excursion in Cozumel, Mexico through the ship. My wife was badly injured when the guide failed to catch or slow her down coming into the 4th tower at @25mph. She crashed into the split rail log fencing, full force hitting her knees and shins. I was the behind her waiting to zip over to her, could see she was hurt and so did the guide in my tower. The guide in her tower was unaware of how badly hurt she was, I saw the bleeding and immediate swelling (hematomas on both legs). My new wife has intense threshold of pain, this was about a 9 on scale of 1-10 and she was trying to hold back tears. Had to get her down from tower and back to start of excursion office for emergency first aid (used a golf cart to transport). Did not have any ice for swelling, used and antiseptic and gauze, did not trust hospitals in Mexico, so had them rush her back to ship's infirmary.

Ship nurse could only X-ray one leg due to equipment not working properly (did her left leg), and gave her pain medicine and asked her to come back later. They should have immobilized her leg just in case for precaution but did not.
Within less then 2 hours we were back down at infirmary due to right leg swelling up twice the size from above the knee down to her ankle.

They did not X-ray her right leg till Fri. and basically heavily medicated her for the pain. She slept most the day and evening on Thurs.

Her legs were swollen and started to see how bad bruising as they turned black and purple, even the lacerations felt hot to the touch. She had a slight fever.

While she was resting I went to guest services who gave me a hard time about getting a refund for the unsafe excursion and filed a complaint immediately. I wrote a letter to the captain and cruise director to inform them what happened, but no response.

This ruined the rest of our cruise and since returning home she has had to have follow up medical care; ultrasound for blood clotting, blood work, and an MRI with several doctor visits totally @$4000.00. We filed a formal written complaint to Carnival hoping they would take care of medical bills and partially compensate us for loss of time on cruise, They responded by blowing us off claiming no liability for their recommended off shore excursion operators from whom they make a profit when you book on the ship.

I would never recommend Carnival to anyone, they did not care or show any concern or compassion for my wife after her injury. I did receive a call from the cruise director and he basically told me in directly and off the record that I would probably have to sue them to get any compensation.
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Posted by BokiBean on 2009-03-30:
Pastor, I'm not sure how much of a claim you have against the cruise lines for your zip line excursion, but you definitely have a complaint against the ship for poor medical care in the aftermath. They should be much better prepared for emergencies, and I'm shocked that they were not.

Hope your wife is doing better now.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-03-31:
all shore excursions are "at risk". they hold no responsivbility for your issues.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-31:
Absolutely true, Madc.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-31:
I recommend that you contact Christopher Elliott, the CNN Travel Troubleshooter and the ombudsman of the National Geographic Traveller magazine. His email address is celliott@ngs.org.

He is usually able to sort things out like this.
Posted by TGT101 on 2009-03-31:
Your 'new' wife has a high tolerance for pain. I'm afraid to ask what happened to your old one.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-03-31:
Zip lining, parasailing, skydiving, bungee jumping and other adventure activities all have some risk associated with them due to the nature of the activity. Did you sign a waiver stating that they were not responsible?

Also, I don't think the cruise line actually runs the tours themselves. Instead they contract with a local Mexican company.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-31:
You cannot hold the ship responsible for her injury. You may have booked the zip line through the ship, but they are two different companies owned by different people. Also, you refused to take her to the hospital and then complained about the lack of equipment that was on the ship. I don't think you have a case here
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-03-31:
TGT hahahhahaha!
Posted by scott3629 on 2009-04-01:
How would you even begin to sue a company in another country. Aren't there laws different in this case?
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2014-03-05:
If she had been shot and was in critical condition, would you still not trust the hospitals in Mexico? You sound like you would still take chance on taking her to the ship in a golf cart.
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Carnival Cruise From Blankety-Blank
Posted by Suey3b on 07/15/2008
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- This happened to us years ago, and I've been angry about it ever since. I know there's nothing I can do about it now, but wanted others opinions on this - even if it's just to make me feel that I was justified in being angry.

For our 10th wedding anniversary, my wife and I decided to go on a cruise and with the help of a travel agent, we settled on Carnival Cruise Lines "Celebration", sailing out of New Orleans, LA on Nov 7, 2000.

We arrived at the port in New Orleans in the early afternoon, only to find that it was jammed with people. The ship got into port late because of rough weather and they were still unloading and restocking the ship. After standing/sitting/leaning for about 4 hours, we were finally able to get aboard and go to our stateroom. Nice enough accommodations, even though our departure was going to be delayed because of how long it took for everyone to get aboard. Our departure was further delayed by the captain (or cruise lines) decision to wait for a group of 20 people from the MidWest whose flight was delayed. Ok, I can understand this, I'd have been bummed too if we had missed the cruise. We finally got underway, and started down the Mississippi. It was unusually chilly and windy on the deck, and we hadn't brought warm clothes, so we stayed indoors.

Once out in the ocean, we experienced 17ft seas that had the ship 'shuddering' from time to time and the staff posted sickness bags to all of the elevator shafts. People were getting seasick everywhere. I spoke with someone at the purser's desk and they told me that there was a hurricane in the area, but that the captain had all of the latest weather equipment aboard and we'd reverse our direction if we had to to miss the storm. Several times the passengers were 'reassured' by the staff that we were going to miss the storm. Um, nope, we went right through it.

We arrived in Jamaica much later than anticipated and our tour of the falls in Och Rios was canceled due to lack of time. And in order to make it to the Grand Cayman's on time, we had very little time to do anything else in Jamaica.

Once we got to the Grand Cayman's, the weather was bad enough that only one tether boat company was running (with three 50 passenger boats) and they were trying to service 4 cruise ships - two that were planned and two that stopped because of the bad weather. We elected not to go on the snorkeling excursion because of the weather, so we had now missed out on two excursions.

We kept telling each other that as long as we got to Cozumel, we could just make the best of things ... well, that didn't work out so well either. Another ship that had docked in Cozumel had been slammed up against the dock, damaging the structure, and all of the passengers were being flown home. So we headed back to New Orleans a whole day in advance.

Now the worst of it ... while we were aboard the boat, when it wasn't raining and windy, the crew was on deck sanding and refinishing the railings, etc, as the boat was to be dry-docked two weeks later and reassigned to Galveston, TX. The fumes and noise were so bad that we couldn't even sit on the deck the 1.5 days that it was nice enough to. The only area on the deck that you could have been comfortable on was blocked off. We were also asked to be out of our room for approximately 5 hours the one day so that they could rewire the electrical outlets in the room.

I went to the purser's desk again, expressed my displeasure with the whole cruise (politely), and was told that there was nothing they could do about it, I'd have to wait til I got to the States and call the main office number. I tried calling the customer service number, didn't get anywhere with the rep and asked to speak to someone higher up. A very self-righteous employee that was supposedly a manager got on the phone and told me that the best he could do was to offer me 10% off my next cruise. After all, the cruise line was 'gracious enough' to refund our port fee for Cozumel. Gracious? We didn't go there, so why should we be charged a port fee anyhow? After several conversations with Customer Service employees/managers that told me the best they could do was 10% off my next cruise, I not-so-politely told them that my next cruise and those of any friends/family members would most certainly NOT be with Carnival. I understand they can't control the weather, but we were repeatedly told that we would sail around the storm and we didn't. And the inconvenience of the whole refurbishing of the boat while we were aboard was absolutely the last straw.

Sorry to rant, but does anyone else feel I was justified in my anger at Carnival?

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2008-07-15:
As far as them refurbishing the ship enroute you might have a valid complaint there - especially if the fumes, noise and dust made the area unusable.

The rest of it is the kind of things that can happen on a cruise. They always tell you in advance that the schedule and ports of call can change at their discretion. It sounds like the weather was a cause of a lot of scheduling problems - and you can't blame the cruise line for that.

And I am fairly confident the captain did the best he could to avoid the worst of the hurricane, no captain in his right mind is going thru the worst of the storm if they can avoid it.

You didn't mention the rooms, the food or the on-board entertainment, so it must have been OK. Your 20th anniversary is coming up in a year or two, you might try another cruise.

But check out all the web info you didn't have in 2000 - there are some good websites that rate all the various ships and cruises - what ships and which rooms are good, what ports and excursions are a waste of time, things like that. Good luck.
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-07-15:
I have to agree with Hugh. No way did they sail THROUGH a hurricane, cause believe me, you would know the difference. They are very large and violent storms that create extremely rough seas for hundreds of miles. While I'm sure it felt good to vent on this, unfortunately it's an experience that happened 8 years ago and can't really be considered by anyone now as information to include when evaluating a Carnival Cruise.
Posted by NYLou on 2008-07-15:
It all sounds unfortunate - but I think that people really need to understand the reality of taking a cruise and think twice if the risk is worth it to them. Many cruises turn out just fine and are very enjoyable, but many have problems, and when something goes wrong, you are not able to check out and go to different accommodations, or leave and go to a different restaurant, or change you plans and leave early, etc. If there is a problem with your room for instance, often the ship is booked, and there simply isn't another room to move to, or at least at the same quality of the one you paid for. And you can't just be moved to a different hotel... I understand your frustration, but all I am saying is that there are chances you take when you go on a cruise, rather than fly or drive to a destination and do things on your own.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-16:
I agree with Hugh and Slim. They have said everything I would have said.
Posted by Ben There on 2008-07-19:
Any time you travel to the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico between June through November you are at risk of encountering bad weather because of a little something called "hurricane season". While there was not a hurricane or tropical storm in November 2000, there can still be rough seas...

You chose to travel in the region during this time, and all cruise lines mention that ports are subject to change.
Posted by scott3629 on 2009-04-01:
Would you not have been able to take Carnival up on the "vacation Guarentee"?
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The Cruise from HELL
Posted by Fancy on 02/23/2006
INDIANA -- Hello to start thing off it took us a year to plan this vacation, The Victory, I can totally understand why we couldent dock bad weather ok i got it.BUT they should have been prepaird for such an event .# 1 we were some of the first to get on and the last to get luggage.#2 the food was well below our expectation, If you ate in the formal dinning room one night ,and the buffet the next you got leftovers,OMG youve got to be kidding.Room sevice sucked cold food only and you could pick from 5 or 6 things.Bottled water and soft drinks were outrageous.No matter what it was they try to get more money out of you dident i pay enough to begin with.The first time we were to dock at Costa Maya well the weather stopped us from docking ok i can deal with it. They were nice enough to give us $25.00 our port charges back on ship credit only. Still nothing to do but drink, gamble,bingo and again all cost money. second stop Grand Caymen,very very disapointed by now. again they gave us our 25.00 back ship credit only,then told us to go to the ships library get a book or go to the gift shop and buy a deck of cards.What is wrong with this picture.Remember weve been on the boat for 5 days now.finally we docked at Ocho Rios Jamaica Finally we can get off the boat for a mere 7 hours ,then it was back to Miami. Saturday the last full day on ship {thank god} I went to the salon for a massage,and again they tryed to sell me something else at an outragiuos prices after giving them 100.00 .they want me to buy a 75 dollar bottle of lotion, get real.I have already turned them into the BBB , i dont know what else to do. This has got to be the worse case of false advertising i have ever seen .I have called ,written, emailed and all i got was sorry about your luck,sombody needs to do something about these people ripping hard working people off. Its not just unfare treatment, Its illegal and there is nothing we can do. I forgot to mention we did go to karaoke that was another joke ,the man running it was the rudest person on the ship he was upset also because he had to work another day [because of not docking} and he let everybody know he was pi--- Nancy last time cruiser with Carnival
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-02-23:
You admit the weather was the reason you could not dock, but you still blame the cruise line? You said they should have another plan - well what do you suggest? They gave you $25 per day to spend on the boat for each day you couldn't dock.

As far as your other complaints, did you not do any research before you booked your trip? Carnival is known for inexpensive cruises - and lots of add on charges. For your $199, you got your 4 days and 3 nights and your money's worth.
Posted by KenPC on 2006-02-24:
Did they try to sell you a Spell Checker? If they didn't, add that to your list of complaints!
Posted by CandyPickletoes on 2006-02-24:
Carnival Cruise line is a terrific cruise line. I cruised Alaska on the Spirit and it was a vacation I will NEVER forget, not only for the landscape but for the service on board, right down to the very last moment. Your angry that you weren't able to dock, but like you said, it isn't the cruise line's fault. Now, you say they refunded your dock fees, on both days (which I don't believe they should have had to do). When you do the math with approximately 2,500 people on board that comes out to approximately $125,000. I'm thinking that Carnival would have preferred to dock on those two days, don't you think? Cruise lines have many activities (all day long, all over the ship) that are included in your trip. There are free beverages (coffee, tea, juices) that you could have drank. There is such a thing as a "coke card" for which you pay a certain amount for on day one but then get unlimited amounts of soft drinks and water (totally worth the 40 or so bucks, I think).

Anyway, I'm sorry you didn't have a good time but cruising really is all about what you make of it. If you don't take advantage of the free activities offered on board, I think you are not getting your money's worth. JMHO!
Posted by CandyPickletoes on 2006-02-24:
*****Your angry should say You're angry***** oops!
Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-02-24:
Well said Candy! For the poster...shut your trap and be better "prepaird" the next time.
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Carnival Rude Workers
Posted by Coconut742005 on 09/01/2011
On August 25 2011, we boarded the Carnival cruise ship sensation, I am not giving them caps because they don't deserve it, we were supposed to go to Nassau and hurricane Irene was in our way, the travel agent (AAA) told us they may change to Cozumel, which is ok AAA called Carnival and we called they told us Nassau was ok and we were going 15 min before we boarded a man on his internet told us Carnival changed and we were going to the Keys, I got a passport for the Keys? They (carnival) did not tell us till last min., we have since learned that Carnival does this very often, can't they be honest.

Upon arriving at Orlando airport Carnival staff were rude an old lady at transfer bus grabbed my daughters ticket out of her hand when she was putting her luggage down and gave her a paper cut, the only nice lady was at the ticket transfer desk. Once on the bus that's when we learned about the change, got off the bus and into ports building well it got worse some people got plastic holders to carry their room key and others didn't that also happened in the casino once on board if the girl liked you then you got a lanyard. The ship was dirty, the workers not friendly, put charges on your tab that you didn't run up. The food was awful, how can you make a hot dog so bad that you can't eat it, room service took over 2 hrs to get a salad and sandwich. they automatically take out tips, we never ate at the dinning room and they took out the tips, when my daughter complained she was told "it is what it is".

There were other horror stories from mostly everyone, ships captain left docks earlier than we were told, we couldn't go to Nassau because of hurricane that didn't hit that part but he sailed so fast waves made most people sick, yes puke bags everywhere, and guess were he went to Nassau for administrative paper work? Did he think the whole ship blind we could see Nassau was beautiful and other cruise ships were there. Waiter dropped a glass on the floor by the slides (where people walked bare feet) he never picked it up my daughter and 2 other ladies picked up the pieces.

I traveled Carnival many times and never had this kind of poor treatment, the waiter for drinks only came around 3 times the whole trip, my daughter got our $15.00 drinks and yes they still took out their tips. The toilet didn't flush we were told to push the toilet paper in the hole. The complaint line was always long every day. They used to give you seasick pills free but now they charge you 3.49 for 4 pills, captain sails toooooo fast makes you sick then they charge you after you wait at least 1 hour in line.

Then, when it was finally over you had to fill out a paper about everything you bought overseas you HAD to fill it out, we didn't even leave the states. Someone should tell Carnival to be a lot nicer to customers, I will never sail with Carnival again, I am planning a Alaska cruise and it won't be with them. Yes I wrote Carnival many times and never received a reply, they took my money fast.
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Posted by jpr_jpr on 2012-07-08:
Carnival was once the industry leader. No more.
On cruise we paid extra $35 each for dinner at their superior private gourmet private restaurant sailing on the Conquest.
Service was worse than McDonald's. Food was terrible. Half raw pork chop was returned (unfortunately after it was tasted in the unusually dark dining area) and a "fresh" meal was brought 35 minutes later. After tasting again, and taking it to a light, discovered it was the very same one but they had microwaved it.
Chef was called out and he apologized and offered a new meal, but as all our table was finished eating, I requested a refund, and he agreed.
no refund ever provided, and by 1:00am that night I had food poisoning. Main desk phoned nurse on call to advise re cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea. 20 minutes later, she sent up 2 Alka Seltzer tablets. Another passenger who saw my distress shared medicine he had brought on board.
On return, had extensive communications with different reps at Carnival.Promised but never received any refund.
A year later grandparents wanted to treat entire family to a cruise and Carnival's was the closest port for them; and years ago they did have a good cruise. I did not want to cruise again with them but family pressure persuaded me to contact them again.
This time, with the number of us traveling, they promised an upgrade meal for the family along with other on board credits.
When we attempted to retrieve these once on board, we were not only denied any upgrades or credits, but Carnival denied ever even speaking to us, let alone offering anything DESPITE the fact that I a had a copy of their email to me specifying it all.
After the ship's customer service supervisor sent a copy of this email to corporate, they acknowledged it on the last day of our cruise and once again denied any refund but magnanimously offered the same credits again for the next cruise.
Since then, by my best estimate, I believe I have persuaded at least 54 people who were planning a cruise to use another line. So far. Their refusal of the promised $35 refund has cost them approximately $45, 900. SO FAR!
Staff I had gotten to know all say it will only get worse. Their income was deteriorating. (Even their newest ship, Magic, was losing money.) Their solution was to reduce staff salaries and tell them to make it up on tips. What a fantastic business plan. Wonder how long they have left.
PS Remember that the Costa Concordia was a Carnival owned and run ship.
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