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Carolina Furniture Group
By -

FRISCO, TEXAS -- I found Carolina Furniture Group online. They state they are the leader in selling Berkline furniture. In October 2008 we ordered the furniture we were told it would be delivered in six to eight weeks. They said we had to pay the full amount $3000.00 before they would start making our furniture or even order it to be made at Berkline. We ordered the 585 series from the guy that owned the store.

A woman called us in November stating that we had to order a different set because they could not make the 585 series in the recliners (electric). She sent me a picture through the internet telling me this was an upgrade leather and set. She said I could not get it in the color I ordered (Cranberry) she said it only came in mauve. She also said that the chairs were the big stuffed chairs rather than the smaller ones as before. We received our furniture about the first or second week in Jan. '09. They delivered it to our driveway the couch had a box on half of it, the other half was without protection. Both chairs were in boxes.

When we took the furniture into the house, the first thing we saw was a large tear in the center cushion of the couch. I called the lady at Carolina Group Furniture immediately. I also was very upset because the electric boxes for the recliners were outside of the recliners not mounted inside and they were about 6 inches long. One of the recliner's frame was bent and the couch frame was broken on one side. The other recliner's foot rest was crooked. The lady said, she would send someone to investigate the damage.

The man came about 2 weeks later and verified the damage. She said the electrical components were supposed to be outside of the chairs that is the way they made them. We still let her know we were not happy with this. We told her we have a massage chair from Berkline and it was not made with the electrical box out of the chair and that chair was purchased in 2003. She offered to repair the tear in the couch and repair the bent frame on the chair. I told her I did not want my furniture repaired I wanted my new furniture. She said she would order a new set.

Our new set or I should say the one chair was delivered to my driveway and 2 pieces of a couch. We called the lady back and we told her the new pieces of the couch that she sent also had a hole in the middle and looked like it had been rubbing on something that took it down past the leather. We also told her that the new chair she sent was completely different from the chair that I had from the first order. The new chair had more stuffing and also a big bulge. The back corner of the chair also has a pucker in the leather. She said that she would send the repairman out again to check the damage.

About 3 weeks later a different man came out. He said to me that he didn't see anything crooked about the chair. The last repairman said he could see it. This upset me greatly and I told him if he wasn't going to tell the truth then he should leave. I had the lady on the phone with me at the time, she told me that I needed to be more respectful. I told her that this is getting to be very old. My wife got on the phone with her and she told her that we do not want the furniture to be fixed. We ordered new furniture and fixed furniture was not acceptable. She said that she would not order me another set and told my wife she would not give us our money back.

I have 3 recliners 2 couches and a piece of a couch and none of them are presentable as furniture. So I called Berkline the manufacturer for the furniture. The lady said we would have to take this up with Carolina Group Furniture.

So here I am with a bunch of pieces of furniture that are broken and I am very upset so I want to tell all never and I mean never order furniture from Berkline or Carolina Group Furniture. Even though they say they stand behind their products they DO NOT! Here I am in June 2009 I ordered my furniture in October 2008 that was 8 months ago and this still is not settled. Oh yes the 3rd recliner that was sent to us had the electric box mounted inside the recliner.

Do Not Do Business With Carolina Furniture Group
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have never written a review on a company before, but I just had to speak out about this one. I have posted my story everywhere possible, and I've seen stories just like mine on every site I've visited. The owner of this store also operates stores under the names Carolina Sofa, Carolina Leather, Kids and Teens Rooms, Carolina Dinette and Bassett Furniture all on Glenwood Ave. in Raleigh, NC. My husband and I ordered a dining room set through this store on 12/31/08. We were required to pay the full amount upfront (by check, no credit cards) and were told the furniture would be delivered in 8-10 weeks. The check was cashed within a few days.

Five weeks after placing our order the salesman called to tell us the fabric he'd shown us had been discontinued, and that we needed to select new fabric "right away" to avoid a delay. We dropped everything and got to the store within 24 hrs to select new fabric. Eight weeks after placing the order, I called to get an estimate on our delivery date. I was told that because we had "changed our minds" on the fabric, it was delayed by 2 or 2 1/2 weeks. We didn't change our minds! THEY showed us the wrong fabric! I called again two weeks later, and was told it would “probably be another 3 or 4 weeks.”

Since then, I've spoken to the customer service manager several times. All he's told me is that the manufacturer has the furniture and that he has no idea when it would be shipped. I've also left two voice mails for the store owner asking for his help. The owner has never called back. I finally called the manufacturer last week. Legally they couldn't tell me much, but they told me enough for me to figure out what's going on.

Our furniture is ready, and has been for quite some time. I asked why it hadn't been shipped, and told me that I'd "need to ask the dealer" about that. Translation: The dealer hasn't paid the manufacturer for the furniture. I have never been so frustrated. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau last week, and I left another message today for the owner. If I don't get a call back by 5 pm on Monday, I'm calling the press. What they are doing is illegal, and it has got to stop.

Horrible Experience With Carolina-Interiors, AKA Carolina Furniture Group (Of Texas)
By -

DALLAS & FRISCO, TEXAS -- On 12/26/06 I purchased a 3-piece Berkline 184 series sectional. It was delivered on Jan 24, 2007, with a tear in the leather, a dent in the recliner, and a scratch. I called and was told to email pictures of the damage. On 1/31 I called and emailed the company, no one returned my calls or email. On 2/9 I received an email, informing me of their concern, and their apologies. They assured me they would get back to me. They never did. I called again and was apologized to again, this time I was told contact one of the crooks at their website.

I contacted him, and re-sent pictures, he did the same thing the first crook did and apologized promising me that he would get to the bottom of it, and as has been their way, did nothing. I called again, and now we are in May. On 5/10 I receive an email with a list of contracted furniture repair companies. I spoke to one of the 2 salesmen who asked me to pick out the repair company closest to my residence. I inform him of the company, and once again am told he will get back to me personally, and has been the way of this business, no one "got back to me".

They do business on eBay as well as direct sales. I tried to warn customers on eBay but was unable to because I made the horrible mistake of dealing with this company directly. I tried to make a complaint with Dallas Better Business Bureau but the address given on their receipt was returned undeliverable. I will now use this full story as a referral on other consumer websites to warn all.

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