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Terrible Customer Service
By -

PLANO, TEXAS -- Just had a house of carpet installed by CARPET ONE Plano. The installation was fine except they did not install on the day they said they would. This was a remodel move in and of course carpet was last. Movers were scheduled, move in on rental home scheduled, work scheduled, etc. On the morning of the 9, 10 AM Saturday install. At noon we called store to say no one was at our home installing carpet only to find out that the installation had been scheduled for Monday. Great. When were they going to tell the consumer???

Well you could imagine the changes that had to be done, movers, tenant movers, stay off work another 2 days, pay for all of tenants expenses, storage building, movers hold off of furniture, loss of rental on prior home. When complaining to company about all of the inconveniences, they said "we are sorry". Just Sorry. No other compensation offered, just sorry. The salesman offer us a floor cleaning product, said he would bring by the house.

Next day, nothing. Went to store in person to return carpet samples, response sorry. When floor cleaner was mentioned, salesman ran to car to get. Only 3 days too late. Terrible customer service. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY...

The Old Switcheroo
By -

ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- On November 11, 2006, I purchased Monticello-Ecstasy-Amber carpet at Carpet One: 4720 South Cooper, Arlington TX. 76017. On December 14th the carpet was installed. The next day December 15th I went to the store with a piece of the scrap carpet they had installed. I showed them it was the wrong grade of carpet. The Monticello Carpet I ordered comes three different weights Ecstasy, Everlasting and one other. The sale man agreed it appeared to be the wrong weight and said they would check on it.

On December 18th I was told by the salesman company policy said the sample I provided had to be tested by an independent lab to verify the mistake because the mill must have sent the wrong grade of carpet. It would take seven to ten days for them to test it. I had the salesman put in writing what was to happen because while waiting for the carpet to arrive I had heard many different stories of why it was late.

I then called and talked to the store manager and the district manager of Floors Inc. and was told the same thing that company policy says it must be tested by an independent lab. I explained that if they had both grades of carpet in their warehouse it was more likely that someone just pulled the wrong carpet. But was told that was impossible by the district manager.

On December 28th I called and left messages with both the store manager and the district manager wanting to know what was going on to resolve this issue. The store manager called me back that day and said the sample had been sent to the district office for review but he did not know where it stood from there. The next day December 29th the store manager called back and stated the woman that was to review the sample was on vacation till January 2nd and he would not know anything till then.

On January 2nd the store manager called and stated that the sample of what they had installed was sent back to the carpet mill for testing and it would be about two weeks before they would know anything. This statement was contrary to their earlier statement of it having to be reviewed by an independent lab. Unfortunately, the product received was not what I ordered. Because the carpet I selected came in three qualities, and I picked the thicker (Ecstasy), but what I received was the thinner (Everlasting). On January 4th I sent a sample of the carpet that had been installed back to the manufacturer and asked them to test it.

On January 22 the Director of Quality Assurance for Thomas Industries, LLC replied with this statement: "I received your carpet sample a couple weeks age and conducted a complete analysis on the materials. We have conducted the same evaluation on our current sample boards and have found some variation extremes that show current inventory at one end of the spectrum while the sample board is at the other end of the spectrum showing a significant difference between the two. This type of extreme variation is uncommon actions are in place to reduce this finding."

Yet on January 29th Carpet One responded to the Better Business Bureau that: "Carpet One is still trying to get an answer from the carpet mill." This despite that on December 18th I was told company policies stated that a sample must be sent to an independent lab for testing. Then on January 2nd was told the sample I gave them of what had been installed had been sent back to the mill for testing. How is it I have an answer but they do not?

I am disappointed because even though it is visibly different, the store is denying the problem by giving me the runaround and delaying a resolution to this problem. In the meantime I have furniture stacked up everywhere so as not to have to move it again for the install of new carpet. To resolve this problem, I would expect the exchanging of the carpet for what I ordered.

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