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Carrier fails to honor warranty to 92 year old great grandmother
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P.O. 4808, CARRIER PARKWAY, SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- My 92 year old mother had a Carrier central cooling system installed in July 2009. Carrier promised a $300.00 rebate. My complaint is that the form to claim the rebate was so constructed as to increase the failure rate of claimants. The front page of the rebate had a variety of information in large, easy to read print as the deadline, a website, etc. What it DID NOT have was the phone number that was required if you did not have a computer. THAT was on the back page, 7 paragraphs down, and in tiny (maybe 2 point type). Further, it was printed in graytone, not black. It was hard to find and see, and in effect, hidden, especially if you are 92 years old. My Mom passed in November 2009. At some point I became aware she never received the $300.00 rebate. I talked to and wrote to Carrier's "customer service" they were not interested. I complained to the BBB, Carrier's position was unchanged. I wrote to the President of Carrier, whose office sent it back to "customer service" and they repeated that their position was "unchanged"
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CaptainSpaulding on 08/25/2010:
My condolences on the passing of your mother.

If she didn't have a computer, why didn't your mother just fill out the rebate form and mail it in? Was the rebate form ever submitted? If not, how can you expect to receive the rebate?

If she did submit the rebate form by calling the telephone number, do you have any proof that she did? If you don't have proof that the rebate form was submitted, then you don't have a leg to stand on.

The best you can do is to contact the Federal Trade Commission and your state's Attorney General's Office. I might even consider contacting your local media outlets (newspapers and television) and tell them how your mother and you were treated by Carrier.

Whenever I submit a rebate form by computer, I always make sure that I print out proof of it's submission. If I mail in a rebate for a substantial amount, I always submit it via USPS Certified Mail with Return Receipt.
Slimjim on 08/25/2010:
My sympathies in your lost, but I understand where Carrier is coming from. Your Mom didn't act on the rebate, and has since passed away. You found the rebate form and want them to send you the money instead, well after the submission period to qualify is over I'm assuming.
In all fairness too, your title of this complaint is misleading. It isn't a warranty issue at all and it is really you who they won't pay.
Anonymous on 08/25/2010:
So what you are saying here is that you think Carrier should honor the rebate and write a rebate check out to you, in lieu of your mother, since she has now passed? Sometimes I think I've seen it all, and then I realize I have not.
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Information not available prior to sale.
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SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- When one of my old York Heat pumps gave up the ghost, I contracted with a local distributor to install the subject unit. I upgraded to the energy efficient model in hopes of lowering my electric bill. This purchase/installation occurred in Aug 2009.

When winter rolled around and the weather got cold and wet, i. e., time of most needed good heat, this outside exchange unit would freeze over completely. Looked exactly like an ice cube. This required shutting down the outside unit and running off emergency (expensive) heat coils in the circulation unit.

Contacted installer who assured me that this was common. Contacted mfg who checked with installer, got back with me indicating all was normal. Meanwhile, my other 16 year old York is still churning it's little heart out with no problems. Now does this sound like an upgrade to you???

Checked owners manual. Only reference to icing is the normal sequence where the coils ice up, go through defrost cycle and keep trucking. No mention of this problem before installation. No mention in the owners manual.

Last time the unit froze over, I visited all my neighbors units and could not find another pump frozen over.

Unit works fine in A/C mode, but I would advise any person considering a Carrier/Payne unit to look do due diligence prior to purchase. If I had been aware of this problem, I would have certainly looked elsewhere.

Thanks for your ear.
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Service Ripoff
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SOUTH CAROLINA -- After spending good money on what I thought was a good heating and air conditioning system built by Carrier it developed a freon leak in a coil. Since it was only three years old it was obviously a manufacturers defect and should have been repaired. Wrong. Even though it was supposed to be repaired under warranty (parts only) I was charged between eight hundred and nine hundred dollars for the repair. Lenaire F. Wolfe Company of Orangeburg SC was who I purchased the unit from and who made the repair.

There is no way to contact Carrier to complain. I will work from now to educate the public not to buy Carrier products especially from Lenaire F. Wolfe Company of Orangeburg South Carolina.
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moneybags on 09/16/2007:
Carrier had a defective batch of coils. They are supposed to normally be under a 5 yr. mfg. warranty. Mine also developed a leak at 5yrs and 1 month. I very nicely let my HVAC contractor how unhappy I was and that I didn't feel I should have to pay for somthing I suspected was defective. He checked with Carrier and learned about the defective coils and it was replaced for free. In addition, Carrier mailed me a 10 year warranty on the new coils. Call the owner of your HVAC Company and explain this to him. Ask for a contact number at Carrier. I thought they were pretty reasonable. Could be the contractor you used saw an opportunity to make a quick buck.
jktshff1 on 09/17/2007:
In North America, please call 1-800-CARRIER for immediate customer assistance from 8:00a -5:00p (EST) weekdays.
Phone number came from their website
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