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Scammers and Thieves
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BURBANK, CALIFORNIA -- A while back someone from this place called our office and asked for the warehouse manager. The manager came to the phone and someone asked him to review their pricing on packing supplies. If he did review they would also include a free radio for his time. But instead of sending pricing they used his name and sent a big overpriced case of tape and sent a invoice to our bookkeeper to pay saying our warehouse manager ordered the tape. The used his name as the buyer. What a scam. The tape was one of the cheapest we ever seen and was overpriced near 5 times what we pay on higher end packing tape. When they started calling for payment on their invoice I had to threaten to pursue legal action before they stopped calling. They even tried sending a UPS tag for us to send the tape back. We also filed a BBB complaint and noticed we were just one of about 78 over the past couple years who had the exact same thing happen. I just do not understand how a place like this can still operate for so long in America?
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Nohandle on 01/22/2012:
I'm not familiar with Carter Business Supply but obviously the stunt they are pulling is one of the older ones that still seems to work. An employee calls a business and often is able to obtain the name of a number of individuals: Office Manager, Purchasing Manager, Warehouse Manager and on down the line. The next thing you know there is a box delivered to your business with an invoice enclosed along with that employee's name as the one who ordered it. You are under NO obligation to pay for merchandise NOT ordered and are to consider it a gift. You also are under no obligation to return it.

Years ago folks would call an office and would request someone who was in charge of supplies for example a copy machine. They would then ask the make, model and serial number and stated they would call back with a price. They obviously never did but shipped toner and everything else under the sun. It's a really old scam but seems to be starting up again.
Alain on 01/22/2012:
Good review and additional comment information. It might not be a bad idea to also report this to the California consumer protection agency at
Me To ?? on 01/27/2012:
We had the same crap happen to us. How can a place like this still be going in America? I checked and they are a real business with a building and everything. The BBB has a giant number of complaints for this same scam involving this same company. What is going in America to allow this? I guess Californa is so broke they cannot enforce businesses like this that break the law?
US ALSO !!! on 02/02/2012:
We had the same thing happen to us. What we did is keep the tape and passed on every call from their so called debt collectors Shirely and John to the owner. He has fun cursing at them and venting over the phone. About the only thing they get from the owner is an ear full of pissed off LOL:)
Cynthia Reed on 03/13/2013:
Because they also don't pay their bills!
Slimjim on 03/13/2013:
We had the same thing happen once but can't remember if it was Carter or not. Thought it was in error but we did have to get blunt with the company that we had no intention of paying for any of it and if they wanted it back, they would be handling the return and its costs. It appears it may not have been so accidental after all.
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