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Casablance Gardens used dishonest labeling
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CANDIAC, QUEBEC, CANADA -- I purchased a Casablanca Gardens' product prominently labeled ‘Tabouli’ in very bold letters. When I opened the package I discovered it was nothing of the sort. It turns out in fact to be simply a version of Couscous with which they include a can of extra ingredients, and then label the package as ’Tabouli’. Even the picture on the package is dishonest, showing Bulgar wheat when there is none, and saying it is 'instant' Tabouli taking only five minutes, when in fact following their directions it takes at least 35.

The base ingredient for TABOULI is BULGAR WHEAT. The base for COUSCOUS on the other had is moistened semolina wheat. THERE IS NO COMPARISON AND NO MISTAKING THEM!

(It's called 'truth in advertising'. You can not paint a Kangaroo yellow and call it a Canary)
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