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Blatant disregaurd for the law
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I have a service that represents me known as "Prepaid Legal." They informed Cashpoint that not only what they were doing was against the law, but to "resubmit" something so as I could make payments.

Within 2 week from the letter to the organization, they had my car towed and I was responsible for the entire amount plus storage and towing.

The paperwork given to me was less than business like; as in there were amounts and that was it.

I was quoted one amount ($1,036.36.)
Upon paying the amount turned into $1,557.73

*(the original loan was for $500 for a life of 4 months at what I originally thought was 36%, it was in actuality 360% due before car was to be released or sold in 10 days.

(I noted the company seems to be "targeting" minorities" per their TV commercials.
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