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Travel Club Scams
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Have you ever been invited to go pick up a FREE vacation, round trip air, $300 gas, rental car for a week? Stay at home. The Free vacation enticement will cost you a pretty penny, with only certain times to travel. The $300 in gas will take 3 years to achieve after many hassles and postage. Now for what you were invited to: you will be asked to show a major credit card - why they want to make sure of credit BEFORE you go into a room to have "wonderful" vacations pitched to you at really low prices. Come on - the resorts are going to cost more than pitched, the air can not be discounted, the hotels are off the Rack rate (the highest rate a hotel can quote), the rental cars are only at 20% off. Now if you decide to buy this wonderful club, be aware that the person sitting next to you may have just paid $1300.00 for the EXACT same thing you just got for $6995.00 + $399.00 processing fee and $199.00 annual dues.

The $1300.00 people maybe got theirs as $1300.00 out the door, with that same $399.00 and $199.00 included in their price. They want your money. They tell you anything to get it. Now try to cancel. They will charge you 15% of the $6995.00 + $399.00 processing fee. Process what? No need to complain - you signed the paper on the Retail Installment Contract stating it is OK to do this!! Bill Bailey is the company owner. Just google his name and prepare to read how many law suits there are. Adrian Miller has the personality, but he too is a snake. Please, if this site saves one person from their hard earned money going to these people, it is worth it. The more money you spend the bigger there commissions. BE AWARE and BE WARNED!!

I only wish someone had been there for me. They are NOT with the BBB and have been reported. They are also being reported to the Attorney General's Office.

Angist Austin, Texas
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Anybody Listening? on 09/18/2008:
We just signed up for this last night! It's 5:00 am and I am having huge buyer's remorse! Sadly, we live in Texas, where there are apparently buyers remorse laws only for door to door sales. Seems if you were ignorant enough to drag yourself in to get your "free lunch", you deserve what you get. Fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice, shame on me. I guess I'm in for a fight trying to get them to cancel. I called MasterCard to ask them to reject the payment, but they told me I have to let it hit the books and then challenge it. I'll contact Sealand today and see how easy it is to get out of this. I am devastated that I didn't listen to my husband and my better instincts. These guys are extremely persuasive, and I fashion myself a savvy buyer. Buyer beware! I'll keep you posted on how I fare.
jktshff1 on 09/18/2008:
if it looks too good, it probably is..good luck
mmcgrad on 09/18/2008:
I know exactly how you feel - we fell for the same deal on Sat. evening. I've already returned the binder and cancelled the membership but in speaking with "Jody" tonight she told me that they will refund our money less the 15% restocking fee and the $399 processing fee. I plan to fight for a full refund.

I've been exchanging emails with some other people who had the same experience today and between us we have found out a lot about this "business" and all the associations. We were told Sealand had been in business 25 years and Jody indicated they were a Missouri firm. I did find that there was a Sea-Land set up in Mo. in 1973 but it was dissolved in 1975. There is no other listing with the St. of Mo. for Sealand, Sealand travel, etc.

There is a lot of additional info I can share with you if you are interested. Adrian Miller, the director shown on the corp. filing with TX for Royal Palm Travel, was also a director for Beachcombers. Beachcombers is associated with a guy named Bill Bailey, with his home address listed as a mailing address previously to the current address for Beachcombers (registered in FL.) which is in Galleria Two Tower in Dallas. Galleria Two was where Phoenix Travel was listed and it was apparently the name of the operation before Royal Palm Travel. Hines Corp. is the property management firm at the Galleria towers and I plan to contact them to see if I can find out anything about the names on the leases. You can read more about Bailey here:

A key point is that Royal Palms Travel in Addison is the company on the contract but the credit card charge is Royal Palm Travel, Inc. in Dallas. The latter is a legal entity in TX but the first one is not and there is no official record that Royal Palm Travel, Inc. does business as Royal Palms Travel so the legality of the contract could be an issue.

I'll let you know how I fared. I have put the charge on dispute with MasterCard. I was told the same thing the first day I called because the charge had not hit yet but then called back a day later and was told they could do it.

One key thing - make SURE you send that binder back by registered mail within the 72 bus. hours. When I called Jody this evening she started to tell me first that there was NO refund at all since they had not gotten my cancellation within the timeframe. Then she acknowledged that they had and she was mixing me up with someone else. I feel really sorry for anyone that loses the full amount. Another thing is to make sure (per our attorney) NOT to use the id or password on their site if you get that after you cancel (I got a phone call today with the info). The reason you don't want to use it is that even if you just go on to see what the site looks like, you have now used benefits of membership and that could invalidate any cancellation notice you sent.

Let me know how you progress and I will do the same.
decor on 09/28/2008:
Eek - we just signed up yesterday. I KNEW I should have looked online first. If the company headquarters is not really in MO, I think that is enough to assume they are falsifying info, and cannot be trusted to book things at a good rate. And they have our ss# and cc info. Man - I am usually good at sniffing a fraud and have gone to many time share presentations and never signed. Shame on me for not following the rule - sleep on any big decision. So, am feeling led to turn in my binder tomorrow, or should I send by mail?, and write an email and fax that we are cancelling.
Would love a lawyer name and comments from others seeking to get back full refund.
22doglover on 06/26/2009:
We signed up and unfortunately did not find this site until it was too late. We have tried to get out of it and they will not let us. Please help me, what were you able to do?
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MCKINNEY, TEXAS -- My wife and I attended a meeting yesterday that was for the castaways/ beachcombers vacation club. I was contacted by a telemarketer at work and was told that there would be NO SALES going on at the meeting. This was one of the HARDEST sales I have ever been in, and I am in sales/ finance. They want you to decide right then and there on a $9000.00 commitment. Right there so you don't have the chance to look them up. Well the sales pitch was good, I will admit, but there is not a thing in this world that I will pay $9000.00 for without checking into it. After the pitch, we met with one guy, and basically told him no, then he had us meet with another guy (his manager, yeah right) who dropped the price and we still told him no.

He offered financing for us, we told him no we wouldn't finance it, and then he told us we could put it on our credit card since we didn't want to finance it (seriously, what a bafoon), then we were asked to answer a few questions to make sure that we were treated correctly, and during the survey, the "kid" who we were talking to told us that he could get us a deal for $2000.00 less than the quoted price and for less than $50.00 a month. My wife and I continued to tell them no, and then they started to act as if they wee put out by us, and they couldn't believe we didn't want the deal, and that we had wasted their time.

Well, we went home talking about how we truly believed everything that they told us, and that may be at a later date we would buy. Well, it only took me about 2 minutes on the internet and google to figure out this company was a big rip off artist. I think that all of the positive reviews, which there are not many, are from company members. I feel sorry for the people who have fallen pray to this.
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Anonymous on 01/06/2008:
Yes, most of these travel clubs are scams. That hurts the ones trying to run a legit club. You did the right thing by walking out.

The worst one we went through was at the Marriott Club in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Salesperson to salespersons manager to sales manager to "special" back room closer. It was brutal and I almost hit one guy one the way out when he said I was cheating my wife out of a chance of a lifetime. Real scum, called Marriott about the sleazy operation but they said what went on there they have no control over.
Fort Worth Stan on 01/07/2008:
Castaways Vacation Club has worked great for me. I have been a member for almost three years now, and I can say I have gotten my money's worth out of the program.. I only had one problem with a short booking which I was trying to get immediately and it took a little longer than I expected other than that me and my wife have been on many trips that we couldn't have afforded without this program.
keko655 on 04/24/2008:
Beachcombers "vacation club" is a group of fellons that crate flight-by-night scam operations out of rented space. When the scam catches up with them they move on to another location. I attended a presentation on 11/2007 and I was appalled after 5 minutes into their "presentation". They looked stoned and had dirty nails. They wore clip-on ties and cheap suits. After we declined to buy their $8,000 "membership" they turned ugly to us. Never received their "free gift". Never trust anyone operating out of a rented space!
keko655 on 05/14/2008:
Update: the fellons from Beachcombers Vacation Club are now called Phoenix Travel. They now call pretending to be DTI Advertisement to get you to the presentation. They are so dumb that they forgot that I have been already to one of their "presentations", so they called me again to attend for a "free cruize and $300 worth of gas certificates" LOL! I was going to book time to attend a "presentation", so that I can record the whole thing undercover, but my wife wouldn't go again. Too bad.
angist on 08/23/2008:
Fort Worth Stan is no doubt and employee. I know first hand that this scam company actually has people to write great things about the company. They would be the only ones who could. They are now known as Bon Voyage / Sealand Travel in Austin. HUM---another name change to keep from people finding their true colors!!!
angist on 08/23/2008:
Fort Worth Stan is no doubt an employee. I know first hand that this scam company actually has people to write great things about the company. They would be the only ones who could. They are now known as Bon Voyage / Sealand Travel in Austin. HUM---another name change to keep from people finding their true colors!!!
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Avoid this rip-off
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- After joining this club in 2008 in Dallas, TX., we continued to pay our member dues until it became obvious that we had fallen prey to a big scam. We were unable to utilize or take advantage of their grossly misrepresented travel "opportunities", and so we ceased to pay the dues when invoices were received. They continued to harass us but we chose to "stonewall" them. My advice is when you are invited to one of their sales presentations, notwithstanding the attractive "come-ons or inducements", RUN THE OTHER WAY as fast as you can. Do not under any circumstances attend. Johnny Mack
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Skye on 04/08/2011:
Instead of ignoring them, why not take care of it, and cancel, and opt out?

Now they'll send you to collections, which I'm sure is not what you had intended to happen.

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Regreting My Purchase
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- We bought into the Castaway Vacation Club 11/07. We have yet to be able to use it. Every time we want to go somewhere, they are so much more expensive than other online sources. Just recently, we called & asked for two options. We either wanted an all-inclusive vacation to Mexico (anywhere) or a cruise out of Galveston. First of all, I thought we could call up, tell them about where we want to go, approx. when we want to go and they would find something. Well, you have to give them very specific details like exactly what days you want to travel, exactly where you want to go, etc. I keep telling them, I just want a cheap vacation so I am very flexible as to where and I gave them the months of June and July to work with. They told me they couldn't get a price unless they knew exactly the details. When you look on the website, the cruise page says those are only a portion of the deals they have. Well, then how do I find the deals. What they are coming back with was ridiculous. Again, I could go through Expedia, Orbitz and directly with the cruise lines and get cheaper prices than what they were quoting me. I feel like we have totally wasted our money. They really don't have the good deals they say they have. When it comes down to it, all they are is another travel agency.

Travel agencies can't get the good deals anymore and you can get much cheaper on-line. That is all this company is. They don't even refer to themselves as Castaways. They refer to themselves as the travel center. When you ask them questions, they don't have answers. They have to refer every question to a travel specialist who calls you back 2-4 days later. It's just a total rip-off. Please don't fall for what we fell for. I totally want a refund or I want someone to show me where I can get these deals.
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bargod on 04/25/2008:
Sounds like they don't do anything you couldn't do yourself online.
Judywil43 on 08/13/2008:
My husband and I bought a vacation pkg from these people but they are now called Phoenix Vacations, they sell there plans at Going Places Travel which is also a scam travel agency. We were totally scammed. I just can't get over it. It just happened last week, but I am going to do everything I can to get them out of here. I know they just go from place to place. What terrible crimminals they are. Judy
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Vacation Club / Discount Vacations
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PLANO, TEXAS -- We attended a sales pitch for Beachcombers Vacatons aka: Castaways Vacation Club on Saturday March 3rd of 2007, during the sales pitch the quoted us prices and such for prices of different types of vacation packages from cruises to Condo rentals. All these were top of the line quotes. 7 day cruise with a balcony or suite for less the standard cabins. We fell for this tatic and signed up (they kept knocking down the price,should have been a clue). Big mistake. Price we paid was almost half off the starting price.

We got home after leaving the Beachcombers office with our contract and our vacation package booklet without them giving us temp password to call the toll free number to check out prices "During our so called three day trial". The office and booking agents are closed on Sundays.

Sunday 4th of March Closed (beachcombers and booking agents)

Monday March 5th We call the booking agent on Monday to see if we can get quotes, they told us we needed a temp password to get quotes (we just wanted to check out to see how real thing was). I told them we didn't have one they said sorry. I had to hang up. Keep in mind two staff members gave us their cell phone numbers to call with questions, no one called us back during all this time.

Tuesday March 6th the office returns my call at around 2:30 (office hours are 3-9 Tues-Friday and 9-6 on Saturdays) and finally give us a temp passsword. (we are now on our third day of trial) We call to get quotes on some cruises (we can only talk to one person whom dealt with new accounts since all we had was a temp password) That person isn't in when I called she calls me back at around 5pm (booking agents on Tuesday closes at 6pm)and I give her some info on some cruises she then tells me she'll call me back the next day with the quotes, it was late in the day and she needed time get the prices. Still no prices and the last day of our trial. (should have been the 1st day).

Wednesday March 7th I have to call her back at about 2:30 she never called me so again she wasn't there so left message. She's calls me back with prices. I take down the info and hang up. I then proceed to call the cruise line to get a price quote for exact same cruise and cabin area. The price was exactly the same, actaully the Vactaion club was .50 cents more. I was totally shocked out of my mind. I then called the office wanting my money back it's 7pm and they are open until 9pm no call back.

March 8th after calling them leaving another message they finally call me back saying they didn't check message from the night befor until 10pm and that was to late to call me back. She told me that she got message and was sounded shocked about the prices. She told me she would have the person whom gave us the sales pitch a call back at 5pm. No call at 5:40 I call back he was in a "meeting". He finally calls back and I explain to him about the prices being the same "he was puzzled". and he's had like 600 poeple signup since that Satuday March 3rd that we're happy. (like those 600 people got temp passwords and called and got prices that fast? (must have been more like 6 people not 600). He wanted to call and speak to person I talked to at the booking number to see why the prices were the same. (that's funny now that I think about it) He never called back.

Friday March 9th I call the office again asking for my money back. She told me I was out of my three day trial period (no crap), it was out of her hands we had to send the packet to the address on the contract.

Tuesday March 13th, product sent back certified mail with a return receipt. Called credit card company to dispute the charges. Reason given company missleads the public.

Thursday March 22nd, no return receipt and charges on credit card still pending!! And no returned product.

Angry in Plano Texas
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Anonymous on 03/23/2007:
The three day rule needs to be changed. All of these scam operations know they can drag you out past the three days then your SOL. We bought vacation pack many years ago in Las Vegas but we changed the three day return to fourteen right on the contract. Told the sales agent it was the only way we would sign that day, it was a Saturday. Agent agreed to change the contract to 14 days and we both initialed the change. We kept the package but it shows you can cover yourself if you think ahead.
GRANNYLKM on 03/23/2007:
Great advice to change the trial date period!
morningshow on 06/11/2008:
I'm a producer on the mike and juliet show (
we are doing a story on vacation scams and would love for you to come on and share your story about your honeymoon. please email me back asap or call me at 212-301-5256
we will provide hotel and transportation to nyc (we would need you to be here tomorrow- 6/12) I promise this time it's real! :) thanks and hope to hear from you asap!
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Posted by on
MAITLAND, FLORIDA -- My Husband and I joined the "Castaways Vacation Club" And what a rip-off! Even the club itself admits to the sales people making promises that they will not honor. I can not tell you all the fabracated lies that the salesman told us.
Please don't join. Put this company out of business by letting them know that we as consumers will not put up with promises that can't be met.
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Hugh_Jorgen on 02/22/2006:
Do you think you could come up with even one example of how they did you wrong? I Googled them and it appears they specialize in "clothing optional" vacations. Did they promise you you could get naked and once you got there you had to stay dressed? C'mon, share with us!
ejack053824 on 02/22/2006:
Basher belongs to this prestigious club!
2latesmart on 04/24/2006:
I just returned from a sales meeting for Castaways Vacation Club. No mention was made as to the nude nature of the club. I then went on the internet and saw the descriptions you saw. Yikes. I think I want my money back! Could there be two clubs with the same name?
hankie on 09/27/2006:
I would like to clear up some confusion about Castaways Vacations Club. It seems that some of our customers are confusing us with another company called "Castaways Travel". Castaways Vacation Club is located in Austin, TX and "Castaways Travel" is located in Spring, Tx. They are in no way related to one another. Castaways Vacation Club specializes in "members only" travel discounts. Encompassing all facettes of travel especially discount condos, rebates on cruises, resort stays and lowest available airfare with no ticketing fees. Castaways Vacation Club serves the vacation family and group travel market who must be members of the club. Memberships are sold by distributors throughout the country. Castaways Vacation Club neither endorses nor approves any sales practices of its distributors. If we find, however, that a distributor does not follow the letter of the law, then we will cancel their contract. Castaways Travel is apparently a clothing optional/swingers group that specializes in catering to that segment of the market place. We want to make it clear that there is no connection or affiliation between our companies and we appreciate this matter being brought to our attention. To clarify this, Castaways Vacation Club may be reached at or members may go to our website at or call 866-729-5541. To verify you may also wish to contact Castaways Travel (the nude travel company) at 800-470-2020. Remember, if a customer mistakenly types in "Castaways Travel" in their search engine they will get the nudist travel site.
mewmmw on 10/03/2006:
We recently attended a sales presentation by a company called Beachcombers in Frisco, TX. Turns out they're a distributor for Castaways Vacations Club in Austin. After getting worn down during a high-pressure sales pitch, we signed a contract with them. During the presentation I asked about a 72 hour cancellation policy to which they replied, we don't really have to do that, it's just our company policy to do. When we were reviewing all their paperwork, my wife was given a contract to review while I was given a worksheet w/ some related figures that if combined would have led us not to sign anything. Turns out that Beachcombers wants to retain a large amount of your money if you decide to join and cancel later. (About $800 in our case) My understanding is that the consumer should have a 72 hour cooling off period to cancel with a full refund. We're currently disputing the charges w/ the credit card company based on deceptive practices by Beachcombers. If they treat you this poorly before they even have your money, I'd stay far away from this company. I also found a link that indicates they're under investigation by the FTC at:
kattie on 10/05/2006:
I would like to add to what mewmmw posted on 10/03/06. Castaway Vacation Club is the BIGGEST ripoff, and it gives reputable Vacation Clubs a bad name. The most interesting FACT is that William (Bill) Bailey ...(look up his name with vacation club on google) is the true owner of Castaways. His live-in- girlfriend Christy Spensberger is listed as the owner.Bill Bailey can't use his name, since he is a known crook in the industry. It will be very interesting reading. BUYER BEWARE OF CASTAWAY VACATION CLUB. There is an investigation on Bill Bailey and Castaways Vacation Club. If you purchased and realized you made the biggest mistake and cancelled within your 3 day recission and they kept 15% of your sales price Contact your credit card (you have 1 year to dispute) and CONTACT your local BBB and Attorney General!!!!! They make so much money even when you cancel. These two are the same crooks that owns Funseekers Inc, in Litchfield, Il, and that owned Bailey & Ass, the list goes on. Look up the companies in the BBB online at, and you will be so amazed on how these two are NOT IN JAIL.
kattie on 10/05/2006:
I would also like to mention, Castaways Vacation Club, Bill Bailey keeps the first years dues, processing fees, restocking fees.... if you cancel,not the sales people at Beachcombers. LETS ALL STAND UP AND REPORT CASTAWAYS!!!! GO TO RIPPOFF.COM also, and report them. That site is very powerful.
kattie on 10/05/2006:
typo error.... The site to report Castaways Vacation Club that is very powerful is......
ocdrift on 10/12/2006:
Hey,"kattie", if what Molly H says is true did you know what your telemarketers were doing? How can a business owner not know what's going on in his own business? Did you know exactly what you were promoting, like a good telemarketing company (salesman) does? Why would anyone agree to promote anything for anybody under a contract if you don't get any benefit from it? (Did I see a reference to "partner" in that post somewhere?) So many questions. And just for the record, a 72 hour cancel option applies only to certain selling situations in the U.S. according to the Feds, but "Do Not Call" is uncompromising.
dawson on 10/12/2006:
I read everything before I put my signature on it. I'm on the Do Not Call list. If this RGH company calls me they'd better have all of their ducks in a row.
kattie on 10/13/2006:
BY THE WAY.... My real name is Katherine and my nickname is Kattie, you idiots. You must be Christy or Bill, and just trying to shift my attention to the Hallecks. Well now I have more names to add to my suit. I couldn't find a link between the Hallecks and Bailey. I did check with the BBB and they show nothing on RGH. My suit is with Castaways and Beachcombers. All I found was the link between Christy and Bill at the BBB with these companies. Again, thank you for the names, I will do more research!! KATTIE
kattie on 10/13/2006:
Molly H, Where did you find that info, and what is RGH's number?
ocdrift on 10/13/2006:
a question for kattie. Where did you find names on the Castaways & Beachcombers BBB reports? I just checked both companies on the BBB myself. I can't find any names references anywhere on either companys' report. I can't find any of the info you have given here that you say you got from the BBB sites?
ocdrift on 10/13/2006:
Just so's I won't be referred to as "idiot", I did find Castaways and Beachcombers on BBB, just not the detail you say you did regarding ownership and "such".
On a totally different note and please don't take offense -This is a national posting site. You should make sure your research is accurate before you post and show a little class with your name-calling if you want others to be sympathetic towards you. You get more flies with honey.
kattie on 10/13/2006:
First off I must say I should have done my research before I signed a contract. This is a lesson learned(the hard way). This is a short version of my findings.. When I put in Castaways Vacation Club on the internet a site "ripoffreport" came up. From Mary in Fl I got all the names of the companies. From the BBB under Funseekers Vacations were the names *Mary had said. On the BBB report stated they even try to disclaim a connection and tried to sue the BBB and lost. I look up their names... A lot of misrep and lawsuits on Bill Bailey and his companies. Also in my search of Castaways and Beachcomber I found a posting for employment for Castaways in resorttrade. I look up the email mrktgo1@yahoo and a Phoenix Inc. came up. shows same address as Beachcombers. Also the email show a posting on Get up &Go. It was from Bill Bailey, Carlinville Il. I look up also the address in Carlinville Il, a site usmma admission field showed the address and again Bill Bailey's name. The BBB says there is an investigation. My suggestion is to call them yourself, and they will tell you. I do have an attorney, thank god he is a relative!!!! He has help put all the pieces together. Hopefully I can put this bad experience behind me. Anyway, I posted my finding to make other consumers aware. Now, I will leave it in the hands of my attorney. This is my last posting since this is very time consuming, and my anger of feeling rip-off has calmed down. I hope I have helped. Thank you, Kattie
kattie on 10/14/2006:
Btw...Forgot to mention... with the address of Bill Bailey and Beachcomber being the same...18686 country club, carlinville...That shows you the connection to Beachcomber and Bailey on the internet. The address is a private residence, not an office.. With every thing I found, I gave to my attorney, from there, he has found more links, and proof. All I wanted was to get a full refund. Now the rest is in his hands,and the law. Thank you and god bless.( This is my last posting on this matter) Kattie
Cinmont on 10/14/2006:
Kattie, just want to say BRAVO!!! If that was the short version for your research, I feel sorry for the companies. You must have done detective work before.I would never have thought to look up an email address to find postings. I did see the address for Beachcomber Vacation and Bill Bailey being the same on msn. How can they explain that? The BBB did have a lot of info on Funseekers, and the aka companies. A lawsuit for 975k. Hope you get your money back. Good Luck!!! I am still confused in one issue. What reason did they give mewmmw and Kattie for charging for a re-stocking fee. How can you re stock a vacation, or is it another scam to get money?
dawson on 10/16/2006:
Do a search for BBB on RipOffReport if you have so much faith in the BBB AND RipOFFReport. RipOffReport is a stand up site and has oodles of posts on the BBB that even mention "racketeering" in more than one. I have my doubts about the accuracy of BBB info MOST of the time. Would rather call AG than BBB to get info on a company.
dawson on 10/16/2006:
Eye-opener web address for BBB on Ripoffreport
Leslie M on 10/24/2006:
My parents were ripped- off by this company. Yes, they are NAIVE,honest,and hard working folks. I guess that is what this company targets. Not only is the BBB working on this, but the Attorney General is building a case against Christy Spensberger and William Bailey. I hope not only will my parents get their money back, but they will help put a stop to this scam.
nickle026 on 02/28/2007:
This company is now in Texas ripping off senior citizens using the same high-pressue sales tactics in a Spring, Tx based office.
globetrekker on 05/17/2007:
Look for yourself and decide.
Castaways Temp password

(case sensitive)
txgal1970 on 06/13/2007:
I have plenty examples. We joined 9 months ago. STAY AWAY THIS IS A SCAM. We have tried to book 15 trips through them, all came back HIGHER price than Orbitz and Travelocity. We get the run around all the time when we complain. Service stinks as well. It takes 5-7 days for the so called "discount agent" to get back with you. Adrian Miller was our salesperson, now he is the president according to a post he made on a rebuttal. His cell phone if anyone is interested is 817-965-0109. This is a scam, take it from 2 college educated people. We got suckered in and 4K later regret the heck out of it.
txgal1970 on 06/13/2007:
Forgot to add we have secured a lawyer and if anyone is interested in joining our class action lawsuit. Please let me know. I have contacted the Attorney General and BBB as well.
globetrekker on 07/05/2007:
I am interested in the class action suit. Can you give me your email. I'm in Euless.
tate on 07/06/2007:
Wow! I don't know what these 3 people who are complaining so much on here are talking about. My wife and I bought this membership and haven't had any problems with it. Where else can you rent a condo for a week for $299 for the entire week. We just went to Wisconsin Dells (which is about $300 a night at any decent hotel or resort during this time of year) and paid $299 for an entire week. I just saved over $1000 on my first trip. I guess you can't please everyone though. We have our own business, and after reading the few people on here who seem to be posting the same complaints, I feel very sorry for Castaways having to deal with these cronic complainers. Everyone keeps saying to look up the BBB, and all these other sites. Well if you know anything about the BBB or these other sites, you would know that you can look up any company that is big like castaways and find complaints, simply because some people are just mad at the world, and you can't make them happy. Believe me it's the samething in my business. The important thing is how many are resolved or administratively closed. I just looked and all of castaways have been resolved or closed in their favor, that's a pretty good sign to me. Keep up the good work Castaways, and forget about these people on here who have nothing better to do.
Spartan 27 on 10/25/2007:
Our family has been on two trips that were booked by Castaways and not only did we save money, we had excellent customer service! OK, maybe some of you had a bad experience with this company, but am I to believe you tried to book 15 trips with them and could not save money on any of them? I don't buy it.
I was a little concerned when I first read some negative posts on this company, but our salesman encouraged us to call Castaways immediately to compare their prices with what we could book on our own to Maui. We could not come close to what they quoted us.
The lesson, if you purchase this product check them out first hand to see for yourself if they are for real. If it's not for you fine, get rid of it. But don't prevent your family from taking some great vacations and saving money because someone with some time on their hands has an Axe to grind with this company.
pjluvsjc on 10/27/2007:
Spartan 27 and Tate - I'm really interested in hearing more of your stories. We just went today, but backed out after some research. Can you really get the deals they mention - like a 9-night balcony cruise to the Caribbean for $475 per person? Or round-trip airfare and condo to Hawaii for $571 per person? We'd love to hear more. Thanks.
Spartan 27 on 10/31/2007:
We had airfare and stayed in a nice hotel for a week in
Maui for $689 a person. I've found some locations and times of year will save you more with Castaways than others. But including trips we were quoted prices on that we didn't take it's been a great investment. The membership will pay for itself within the first few trips.
Hope this helps.
Spartan 27 on 10/31/2007:
deke on 11/10/2007:
I am wondering if anyone tried to cancel their membership within the (3) business day period which is stated in the contract? If so, how did the process go for you? Was there any problem getting your money back? I would say if anyone found them breaching their contract that would be a great adition to any lawsuit as well as crucial info. for Attorney General and BBB offices to prsecute.
Fort Worth Stan on 01/11/2008:
I too am confused by this comment, my wife and I have been a member with this club in Dallas for almost three years and this is simply not true..
L A on 01/24/2008:
Wow Spartan, I found a Maui trip at Haiku Plantation Inn with air fare and three day car rental for $707 on Travelocity and I won't be stuck paying 100's in annual fees. Try reading Ripoff report they have lots of unhappy would be travelers there too.
Ollie1217 on 03/24/2008:
Hi I agree that Castaways is a total rip off. I have never found a better deal than Hotwire or Travelocity. I would like to join a class action suit against them if one exists. When we joined we were told that we only got charged a membership due if we purchased a trip through them. I have never bought anything from them and I have been charged the membership dues the last two years this is BS. Can anyone help.

robert1 on 05/28/2008:
Can someone recommend a good lawyer. I bought my membership for $2,200 in Dallas, Texas. Adrian Miller sold my membership to me. I have been a member since May 2007. I've made countless travel requests, only to find better prices online. As a result, I have never used Castaways.

I have been requesting a refund, but I continue to get the runaround. I think it's time for a lawyer.

Has anyone had success in suing Castaways???
NotNow on 01/03/2009:
Vacation club and timeshare use is hard for most to understand. Keep this in mind , if your a peak season traveler your probably not going to save very much money or get good deals no matter who you use. The vacation clubs and timeshare work best in offseason or at best the fringe of peak high demand seasons. If you believe or think your going to get a deal at Disney the week of Christmas your going to be disappointed. Vacation clubs and timeshare work great if you really don't care when and where you go. They work great for the adventurer and people that like to see new places and really don't care when they go. If the company you work for closes the week ot the 4th then your in trouble. The only way around that is to purchase a fixed week of timeshare at the exact location you want to go. By doing so you want be disappointed. If you buy a off season week and think your going to trade or exchange for a high demand week your going to be a sad person ,if you think your vacation club can save you thousands it aint going to happen either. Be reasonable and honest with yourself. Go to one of the online services , or your favorite and try to book something in Aspen in Dec. or Myrtle Beach on the 4th , you will see what I mean.
NotNow on 08/30/2010:
I have traced it all back to a guy named William H. Bailey who lives at 18686 Country Club Lane, Carlinville, IL 62626. His personal travel related businesses were shut down fairly recently after a BBB lawsuit against him but this kingpin keeps it going by recruiting other people to register distributor businesses to sell his travel club membership. The membership club has gone by many names. One of which is Funseekers Vacations. It is still a currently registered business in IL that was originally incorporated in DE but get this, it is registered to Bill Bailey's live-in girlfriend Christy Spensberger! Castaways Vacation Club is another name but I did not find the state of incorporation or registration. Same thing with the most recently contrived name they use which is SeaLand Travel. These are all one and the same mediocre travel service that does not live up to the claims that are made at the distributor presentations. Each have different toll free numbers but they all go to the same place. Bill still advertises looking for people who want to start a business to sell Castaways Vacation Club memberships.

This particular distributor, Royal Palm Travel in Dallas, is run by Adrian Miller who is just 27 years old but has learned the game well from Bill Bailey. Adrian lives at 1800 Hunters Ridge Dr. in Grapevine, TX. His cell phone number is 817-965-0109 but you won't get anywhere trying to reason with him. He is a slick con artist who will put on the hard sell again and try to persuade you that you are wrong about their con. Then he won't take your calls anymore if you don't fall for it again. It looks like he started a few years ago when he took over Beachcomber Vacations of Florida from Bill Bailey and it was then moved to Adrian’s home state of Texas. He ran it as Beachcombers for a while then later renamed it to Phoenix Travel (or Phoenix Vacations). Now it is Royal Palm Travel. Actually the legally registered business name is Royal Palms Travel, Inc but in practice they don't put the "s" on the end of "palm" (part of the scam to create confusion).

They regularly create different business names in an apparent attempt to keep reinventing themselves so they can keep the scam going by disassociating themselves with the old businesses after they build up too many complaints. Most times the only physical address you will have is the office where they get people in to make the presentations but they won’t even receive mail there. It is just an office with a short term lease. They regularly create new business names and change office locations. For correspondence they hide behind mail drops at places like UPS Stores. They create just enough legitimacy to collect credit card payments and the credit card companies will take their side when you claim they have committed fraud against you. The contract you sign also firms up their position. It does not matter to the credit card company that the names of the businesses are fictitious and the addresses just go to mail drops. The credit card company may call the business and ask about it but they will believe their lies about the fictitious name and address maybe being a "sister company" or something to the legally registered name that was used to charge the credit card transaction. This is also very clever because the complaints build up against fictitiously named businesses and the real business name is kept clean. The fictitious names are often based on subtle changes to their legally registered name. Most of the time they will add or remove an "s" in the name or they change a word like use "travel" instead of "vacations". This creates confusion and keeping people confused is all part of the scam. They also make it very difficult to figure out who is really running the business and where it is physically located.

There is also another distributor that I found in Austin, TX who is selling the same club membership. This is Bon Voyage Travel and is run by Ron Schleppegrell who I found has a questionable history in the travel industry.
pss on 10/01/2010:
I worked for this Bill Bailey back in the 90's he is a bottom feeder and has taken many people for a lot of money. He used to be the owner of Honey Bend Resort in Litchfield Il. He also had a lot of other companies. He was taken down and then went right back out there and is doing it again...he needs to be punished for all the money he has taken from all you people! There is a class action lawsuit that you can read on line using mail boxes in different states and saying there is an auctual address there then the mail gets sent to Litchfield. It is worth anyone that bought to go read the lawsuit. Just do a google of christy spencberger should be the first one up. will be in pdf format because it is an auctual court document.
pss on 10/01/2010:

Here's the court document for anyone that lives in WI. And anyone else that got scammed! Oh and also it says that you don't have to be a member to get the same thing that people paid good money to get a discount.
DebtorBasher on 10/01/2010:
That's enough out of you, EJACK! Yeah, you thought you can get away with a comment like that and I'd never know about it? it is, 4 years and 7 months later and you reallllllllllllllly thought you got away with it, huh? *Smacks Ejack up the side of his head*
ejack053824 on 10/01/2010:
Good investigative work there Basher! What took you so long?! Glad to see your on the ball over there...what hibernate in 2006? *Smacks Basher in the back of the Jethro Gibbs from NCIS does*
DebtorBasher on 10/01/2010:
ejack053824 on 10/01/2010:
You haven't seen abuse yet there twinkletoes! LOL!
DebtorBasher on 10/01/2010:
Come on over and teach me a thing or two...IF you think you can handle it.
ejack053824 on 10/01/2010:
You couldn't handle my wrath if I ever got serious. Now...sit there and behave yourself!
DebtorBasher on 10/01/2010:
ejack053824 on 10/01/2010:
That's my name...don't wear it out!
DebtorBasher on 10/01/2010:
I love you, Ejack! *Batting my eyelashes at Ejack*
ejack053824 on 10/01/2010:
*smacks Basher on the arse*
DebtorBasher on 10/01/2010:
I knew you loved me too! :)
ejack053824 on 10/01/2010:
LOL! :)
Short 8K on 01/09/2012:
My husband and I were also preasured by the high sales pitch, we had just gratuated from college and got married, we were trying to make a good living and make good investment decisions (we should have done more research and there is no one else to blame but us). We were told this was a one time opportunity and ended up paying 8K on two credit cards...that is correct on credit cards, not a good investment at all specially when we didn't have the money. The idea was that it was going to pay itself after booking trips with our families...nah, we never even got to use it. We were planning on our honeymoon trip and got a better deal through an all inclusive resort. Don't let them fool you, it is a scam!!
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Bad Business
Posted by on
PALESTINE, UTAH -- We joined this company just like all the rest of the poor trusting souls out there did. We price 3 trips with castaways and travel agent and 3 times price was the same. When we complained, was told to bring friends and get the refunds off them . Now we are being charged for the service fee and can not reach company. If anyone has number or web site please let me know.

The nelms in Texas
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poppapia on 06/21/2007:
Please accept my apology, but I am extremely confused as to your complaint. You priced 3 trips, and the price remained the same on all 3 quotes; ??????
daytrip on 06/21/2007:
priced 2 trips and they were the same as travel agents and castaways. sorry for confusution
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Temp pass
Posted by on
TEXAS -- For castaways travel, deals looked good to me


(case sensitive)
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The Best Vacation Ever....
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- We just signed up with this vacation club and have found some of the best vacations our family have ever dreamed of having. They sell travel at what it truly cost and have saved us thousands of $$$$.

There program has changed our lives in the best of ways. We could have never been able to afford to do some of the things we have done. We are now planning a trip to Hawaii and they are saving us $3000 on this trip. We love everyone there.

God bless and love to all
The Hendersons
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Anonymous on 04/09/2007:
Can you say or spell shill? First post by Yorli, this post is a sham. Castaways Vacation Club has complaints everywhere on the Internet.
Sparticus on 04/09/2007:
This one does sound a bit spammy... reader beware.
Noneill on 04/09/2007:
Yeah. He just signed up but already he knows that the vacations are the best his family dreamed of and he has saved $$$$$. Not bad for just signing up eh?
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