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Castle Tock Home Security
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ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS -- Castle Rock Security Company. Our life has been utter hell since we joined Castle Rock Security and the affiliates before it. We of course joined up with door-to-door salesman who approached us with great plans of high-tech security and an easy on-off system. We had three small children and wanted to protect them. Everything the salesman said made sense. We even would get a discount to be one of the first in our area and an advertisement for their product.

But what they don't tell you is that with two dogs and a couple of cats, as well as three kids, it isn't always easy to keep the alarms system on. You get one false alarm and then if you have further false alarms you get charged $25/visits.

And they have this little alarm that is in the system to tell them if a fire occurs. Great idea, huh? Except that ours went off several times over the course of a year, of course usually in the middle of the night and of course our children were terrified. The first time I in my groggy state could not remember the code I had set up, so we got a visit form the fire department with a huge fire engine in our cul de sac. Weren't we the talk of the neighborhood!

Now, to top it off, the problem did not lie with us. The company's sensor had gotten lint and in it from filtering the air, probably due to our dogs or cats. But hey, this is a customer maintenance issue, still subject to fines. It got so if our family went away for a few hours, my wife would start to worry. Would we find a Fire Engine at our house when we got home, or worse? The engine gone but the front door stove in with an ax and a nice note saying, "Don't forget to pay the fine..."

After repeated attempts to turn off that function, "Can't be done", my wife and I had had it and just wanted out. Very specifically they said we had signed a contract and we had to wait until after it was over - three years! Then we could get out of the contract. This summer the three-year mark came in July. We waited until August, and then called to cancel. Now, they say that there was of course a little section in fine print that said if you did not cancel the month before the contract ends; you have to stay in the contract another year...

Repeated attempts to talk to a supervisor have gone unanswered, but the bills keep coming at $50 per month for a system we haven't used for two year already. We live in North San Diego County and "It Ain't Right!" As a Disabled Retired Veteran recovering form recent major back surgery, this is most assuredly not what I fought for in Afghanistan and Iraq. Guess my next step is the "The Turko Files..." Bottom line - if you have small children, like hassles, and love paying money for nothing, this is the system for you.

CastleRock Security Gone Wild
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ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, ILLINOIS -- I purchased an APX security system and monitoring contract 3 yrs ago. APX sold my account to CastleRock Security. In January 2010 I sent the company a letter that I did not want to renew my contract when it ended in May. I was told to call back in April to make sure the account did not automatically renew.

April 6th I called and was told the Jan letter had not been received. I was given an email address and asked to email my notice of nonrenewal. I did that day. A week later I called and was told the email had not been received. I assured the email address I was given was correct. That day I mailed a certified notice to the company that included copies of my previous attempts to close the account.

In May an automatic draft hit my account from CastleRock. I was sure this was the final bill, WRONG! Yesterday a draft hit my bank account and I called CastleRock. I was told I had not given 30 days notice to close my account and it had renewed for another year. I informed them I have copies including an email and would not pay. I called my bank to dispute this charge. PLEASE BEWARE! I would not recommend APX (for doing business with this shady company) or CASTLEROCK SECURITY because it seems as if they use dubious practices to extend customer contracts.

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