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Castle, The Window People
109 Gaither Dr.
Mt Laurel, NJ 08054
800-360-4400 (ph)
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8 Months and Counting to Get an Incorrectly Installed Window Fixed
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Rating: 1/51

SPRING CITY, PENNSYLVANIA -- They installed incorrect balances in a window so it won't stay open. It took 2 scheduled appointments to finally get a technician here to tell us why it wouldn't stay open. They had to order parts to fix the ones that (and I quote the tech) "...are clearly not the correct ones for this window" (so why did they install it???). After that appointment there was no word from them for 2 months, so I finally called them to find out the status of my parts.

First conversation was that they had no record that parts were needed or ordered. Then after another month of no contact, again calling them, I was advised the parts were conveniently being shipped at the end of the week. I set the appointment to have the correct balances installed. We got a call the day of the installation to say their technician called in sick and there is absolutely no one else that can do the work.

I paid for windows in November and in June I still have not got a working window, but they have my money. If you ask for a supervisor, the phone representative will do all they can to not pass you up the line. If you do stick to your guns and get a manager, all they can do is say "I'm sorry" and will do nothing more to resolve the problem. Taking 8 months to get a working window is ridiculous and not having any party responsible for any part of the resolution process lends me to believe this is just a volume installation provider, not a quality customer service provider.

UPDATE: July 16, 2013 After following up the chain of command, I was finally in touch with ** (Director of Operations). ** assured me he would personally make sure my problem was resolved, even if it meant sending a manager out in replacement of a technician. For the first time, this conversation felt sincere and directly addressed my doubts for good customer service follow through.

The technician arrived at my house the day he was scheduled. Although the phone number he called was our home phone rather than my husband's cell, since I was home at the time he arrived it didn't matter. The technician was extremely polite and professional and was able to fix the window in about 30 minutes.

I received a personal follow up call about 20 minutes after the service call from ** to see if the work was done to my satisfaction, which it was. We were both sorry to see this issue escalate the way it did, but I thanked ** for his personal commitment to helping see the repair done and greatly appreciated his intervention to make sure we were finally with a working window. Although I am disappointed at this whole process having to take place and that it took such escalation to make it happen, at this time I have all fully functional windows that look great.

Great Product, Great Service.
By -

NEWINGTON, CT -- I recently replaced four double hung windows in my daughter's room that were extremely drafty. I had contacted several window companies as to get several estimates. The first company, Tri-state windows, out of central CT, came out. After 3 hours of listening to why I needed to do all 16 windows in my home (all windows on the main floor were replaced by previous owner 4 years ago) and why their window is the best, was quoted 1200 for each of their windows! The representative called his manager about 3 times to drop the price after I was adamant about not purchasing. They wouldn't even do just the four windows that I wanted!

The next company was FJB from Rocky Hill, CT. Same thing, 3 hr. presentation, ridiculously high price - 5k for 4 standard size windows. Salesmen called manager and dropped price to just below 4k. No doubt it is a good window but I do not need a triple pane. Maybe if I lived in Alaska. I had to practically physically remove this man from my home. Would not take No for answer! I can respect his perseverance but c'mon!

The next company was Castle Windows out of Newington. By now I consider myself an expert in windows having sat through two other presentations and hours of research online. (At this point I was considering trying to do it myself.) I almost called and cancelled the appt. because I didn't think I could handle wasting 3 more hours of my life. I figured I would give them a chance as my neighbor had some work done by them and he was pleased.

A young salesman comes right on time, explains what he is going to do right up front, instead of tricking me like the other guys did: "Just give me 5 min. of your time, this will just take a sec." He didn't waste a lot of time with the chit chat and we just talked about windows. It took him half the time as the others to explain why his window is awesome and how they are professional, etc., etc. His price was waaayyy better than the others. He started at close to 600 for each window but with my trade-ins (they give $75 for each window) and with the "time management savings program" that every single window company uses - we were around 500.

At this point, cause I knew the game, I told him to call the manager and I would be willing to put a sign, etc. He chuckled and got me another 5% - I said yes, and paid 1/3 down. The other companies wanted 50%. 6 weeks later my windows were in! Two gentleman came and had everything out, in, and cleaned up in half a day. They did an amazing job. I was definitely surprised by their professionalism and know how.

The representative wasn't lying when he said that the installers are not subcontractors and are trained on how to "properly" install a window. They were installed in April and no leaks, thank God! I've heard horror stories about people having new windows and they have water damage but these windows are just as the representative promised.

I am writing this as a response to some of the other reviews that are on here regarding Castle windows. I understand how you feel with regards to the sales approach, it sucks. But this is how all the window companies do it for some reason. Some salespeople are jerks, I guess I got lucky with the one they sent from Castle. I can assure you, you will not regret going with Castle. If you need windows and want no headaches and don't want to spend 1k for a window - these guys are it.

Damage Done - No Resolution
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Rating: 1/51

MT LAUREL, MARYLAND -- When Castle replaced our windows the installer smeared caulk on our sofa. It was not just an accidental glop that went unseen. The caulk was wiped with a finger then left to dry and ruin my sofa cushion. I was very upset and called Castle as soon as I noticed it. If the installer had the drop cloth over the sofa it would never have done damage. OR if he had cleaned it completely right away or even said something to me I could have cleaned the water soluble caulk right away and the sofa would have been saved from damage. But NO! He wiped it with a finger and, I guess, hoped I would not notice.

Castle sent someone out to my house TWICE to take pictures and REPEATEDLY PROMISED to pay for the recovering of the sofa AND MATCHING CHAIR. BUT every time I called (about 5 times!) the person who needed to handle the problem was conveniently "not in" and I was told "someone would call me to 'work things out' ".

I have been repeatedly called by Castle and HARASSED for more business, but can't seem to get the promised call for Castle to "work things out." I have asked to be removed from the call list every time I was called AND reminded the caller I was STILL owed money for my sofa. I have been repeatedly IGNORED and brushed off when it comes to paying for the damage Castle caused.

Last week I was called yet again for more business. I again told the caller about my sofa and I was hung up on! I called back and was hung up on 2 MORE times while waiting to speak to a supervisor. The 4th time I told the girl who answered if I was hung up on again I would call Better Business Bureau and only then did I get someone to talk to. I was told to get a receipt or quote and call back. When I called back to get an email to send the requested quotes I was hung up on 4 MORE TIMES. CASTLE IS NOT CONCERNED with resolving issues!!!

Strong Arm Sales Tactics - Is This What You People Do to Make Your Numbers?
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Rating: 1/51

MT. LAUREL, NEW JERSEY -- Castle Windows – to the Owner, the collection notice you sent to me is invalid for the following reasons: 1. The supposedly “free estimate service” was rendered on January 28, 2013. 2. I cancelled the entire order and the measurement appointment on or about Friday, March 01, 2013, first by telephone and then by written notice which was sent to Castle via mail, USPS. 3. No services were rendered, no measurements were taken, no door was constructed. 4. Castle was not harmed, not injured and suffered no financial hardship.

I do not appreciate strong arm tactics, intimidation or “used-car-salesman methods” and no one can legally force me into purchasing something I do not want and $5,678 for a door is extremely overpriced! Is this the only way you people can make your numbers? You are instructed to cease and desist efforts to collect on a bogus claim and to stop trying to violate my civil rights and rights as a consumer.

Castle Windows - Nice Product, HORRIBLE SALES REP
By -

If you have hours to spare, get insulted then please call this Castle Windows for a quote. The sales representative came to my house late for his appointment - bad 1st impression. Then went into his sales pitch. I told him it was not necessary because I once worked for a window mfg. and was quite knowledgeable of the vinyl, glass, hardware, etc., he totally ignored me and continued with his sales pitch. After about an hour of me looking at my watch every 2 minutes he proceeds to measure my windows.

I was grossed out by his constantly wiping his nose on his hand and sleeve. I had decided that I was NOT going to shake his hand when he left and was going to wipe everything down that he touched with a strong germicide. He either had a drug problem or allergies??? He proceeds to insult me with a price of $9,500 for 11 windows!!! When I told him that the price he gave me insulted me and that he just wasted over 2 hrs of my time. He then starts banging away at his calculator - then calls his boss. He asks me via his boss if I would put a sign in front of my house for 1 month and not tell anyone the price I paid for my windows.

Now with that question I was like, I have NEVER dealt with a company that would ask you to keep your price confidential. By hearing that statement that just confirmed that he was jerking me around. After I agreed to his crazy questions, he comes down by 3 thousand dollars - I told him that he was still way out of the ballpark and my budget range. I liked the window and the features but it was WAY over priced compared to the other products and prices I received. Then he starts the pressure because I told him if I was going to spend that much money that I was not going to be bullied into signing ANYTHING without first thinking about it.

So he drops the price another 3 hundred dollars, wipes his nose on his sleeve and hand a few more times (he could have asked for a tissue, I would have been happy to give him one). I still refused to accept his deal because I thought they were a bit expensive and hated their sales approach. He proceeds to put more pressure on me with "Once I walk out of here the price goes with me," I said "So if I call you back in a week and want to buy your windows you will turn down business in this economy?" He says "Yes because this very low price is not valid after I walk out."

Mind you that when he started the sales pitch he said the price was good for 30 days!!! After I told him that he needs to do better on the price, he angrily pack his bags and left all angry. After he left I wiped down everything he touched!!! Yuck - gross. I just wanted to voice my opinion that the window is a decent product but the sales approach and pricing strategy is a REAL BIG TURN-OFF!!!

Amazingly Frustrating!!
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Rating: 1/51

MT LAUREL, NEW JERSEY -- First, let me say that I've worked in the Construction Industry all my life…most currently as a Project Manager so I'm not a naive person who knows nothing about windows or their installation. I'm at a point in my life where it benefits me to have other people do work for me that in the past I would have done myself. I'm also the type of person who never seems to have the time nor desire to give product or company reviews but this time I felt compelled to let others know about my experience.

We had a large window that we wanted to replace in the front of our home. It's approximately 10' wide by 4' high. I requested an in home sales consultation from Castle Windows, “The Window People” located at 109 Gaither Dr., Unit 309, Mt Laurel, NJ 08054 and 17 Brenneman Circle, Suite A, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050. A Castle Window sales consultant came to our home (15 minutes late) on October 3, 2015 after postponing his originally scheduled appointment from the day before. We decided to go with Castle Windows to have a replacement window unit installed.

The sales consultant said the replacement unit would be installed in approximately 6 weeks but that he'd try to expedite it and have it installed in 5 weeks. I gave the sales consultant a check for $700 as a down payment. He didn't have the contract forms that he needed but said if I didn't mind he'd mail me one in a couple of days and if I'd just complete the form where indicated and put it back in the mail we'd be good to go. After the first week of not receiving this contract as promised and no contact whatsoever from their joke of a salesman, I called Castle Windows to ask what was going on.

Let me just say that Castle Windows' offices/customer service turned out to be as big of a circus as the clown they sent to my home. Customer service reps on several occasions said they'd have a manager call me but the calls never came. After about a week of chasing Castle Windows to try to give them my business (now two weeks had gone by and my order's still not in Castle Windows' “system”) I get a call from **, Castle's Sales Consultant. He said he'd hand deliver the contract and we'd get this straightened out. He never showed up…no call, no anything…he just never showed.

I chased Castle and ** the sales representative some more to try to give them my business. Finally, after about three weeks after the original sales consultation in my home on October 3, 2015, I get a call from a Castle Window representative who sets an appointment with me in a few days for one of their men to come to my home to measure for the window unit. The day of this appointment I get a call that the appointment would have to be rescheduled for the next day (seeing a pattern here? Initial sales consultation was rescheduled and now measurement appointment was too).

We came home later that same day to find a contract form filled out by ** lying on our breezeway. As I started to review the contract I noticed that my name was spelled wrong. After all the calls you'd think they'd be able to spell my last name correctly…especially since they had my check in their possession for the last three weeks! Oh well, I was still willing to continue with the transaction if nothing else pops up…and then it does…at the end of the contract I see a fill in the blank of “Estimated Installation Date”. ** has handwritten in this field “January, 2016”!! The last time I looked at a calendar January is not 5-6 weeks past Oct. 3rd.

By that point, Castle Windows had wasted enough of my time. My confidence in them was shattered… I mean, if I have to chase a company like this just to get a signed contract with them to get them started, what will I go through to get the window installed?? And I can't imagine the hassle I'd be put through if I had to contact them with a warranty issue!! No thanks Castle! I cancelled my check and called Castle Windows to tell them not to bother sending their measurement guy. They proceeded to tell me that I'd have to follow some cancellation procedure and they'd have one of their managers call me.

I said I don't have to do anything… I have no signed contract with Castle Windows and I've cancelled the down payment check. They said they were sorry for the inconvenience and a Castle Window manager would be calling me…you guessed it…no one ever called! Moral of my story is don't waste your time with Castle Windows. Home Depot will install a better quality window with a warranty that's as good as or better than Castle Windows'. My take on Castle Windows is that they strive for sales quantity and score poorly in customer satisfaction.

It became obvious to me that there's a disconnect in their system that causes poor communication between their sales people and their main offices. If Castle Windows' intercommunication is poor think how you'll pull your hair out trying to communicate with them…I know… I've lived it…it's VERY frustrating! The only thing Castle Windows “The Window People” did for me was to cost me a month of my time and the $10 I had to pay to cancel my down payment check. Buyer beware…steer clear of Castle Windows…they can't keep up with their ambitions.

They Do Not Fix Their Mistakes
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Rating: 1/51

NEWINGTON, CONNECTICUT -- I had Castle Windows install two exterior doors and new shutters on the front of the house. The first annoyance was that they did not tell me until the end of the day of the door installation that the shutters were back ordered and would not be installed until several weeks later. Also, they did not bring along an additional lock set that was supposed to be installed on the back door so that all of the exterior doors had the same key.

They were expecting me to pay the whole bill and I had to force them to back out the cost of the shutters and lock set. The doors were installed about 6 weeks after the initial order. You would think that they could have told me that there was a back order issue sometime during those weeks. There was no back order issue with the lock set. They just neglected to order it at all. Luckily it was specified in the contract, as I had to point out to them.

I did not discover the second problem until I attempted to paint the trim and found that they used unpaintable silicone caulk! Who in their right mind caulks trim with unpaintable caulk? When I called them to fix the problem, they basically told me to take a hike. They told me that I could use an oil based primer and it would work over silicone. Google it. There is NOTHING that sticks to silicone caulk. Everything peels right off once it dries. Now I am stuck with scraping off the old caulk before I can paint. Castle Windows does not fix their mistakes. Don't make the mistake of using them. Find someone with some integrity.

If you should unwisely choose to use this company, make absolutely sure that everything is spelled out explicitly in writing in the contract. If it is not in the contract, they will weasel out of it. Even if it is in the contract and not perfectly clear, they will try to weasel out if it.

And to top it all off, I keep on getting calls from their sales people trying to sell me more stuff. I tell them that I will never do business with them again and to take me off their list, but the calls keep coming. Good luck! You'll need it if you use these people.

Horrible! Take Your Business Elsewhere
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Rating: 1/51

MT LAUREL, NEW JERSEY -- After making an initial request for info we were plagued with multiple phone calls on a daily basis. After we informed Castle we were not interested the calls continued. Despite two calls to Castle requesting our name be taken off their call list, the calls persisted.

Several weeks later, calls still coming I asked again to be taken off the list when the caller hung up on me. I immediately called them back to speak to a supervisor to again attempt to have the annoying calls stop. It took a series of 4 rude people until I was connected with an installation manager? (I asked for customer service.) Again I was told the calls will stop -- hopefully that is the case but this company has very little credibility as far as my experience goes. Do yourself a favor and NEVER give these people your phone number!

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Rating: 1/51

MT. LAUREL, NEW JERSEY -- The window is of good quality, but the service was very poor. Was supposed to come early in the morning to install the window so that I wouldn't have to take off a full day at work, didn't show up till 11:30 am with no call to let me know that the installers were going to be late.

Took siding from my front door entrance without letting me know so they can match up the correct color for above the new window which was removed to install the new Bay window, took over 2 months to replace the vinyl siding over the window. Brought the wrong shade of Vinyl, had to wait another 2 weeks.

The installation Manager said that he would compensate me due to having to take the entire day off from work, which he has not as yet, since November 2012. I have e-mails from Castle Windows letting me know that they will look into this matter, so far nothing has been done. The Customer Service person did say that the Installation Manager said that he was going to compensate me. I find this company is untrue to their word, now when I do any kind of business with home repairs I will look at the reviews of the company first, or word of mouth from a friend. Unhappy customer New York.

Happy With Purchase
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Rating: 5/51

PARAMOUS, NEW JERSEY -- I called Castle Windows after seeing one of their fliers in my local newspaper. They were the 3rd company that I had come to my house for an estimate. I was looking to replace all of the windows in my home but was shopping for the best price and of course, the right product. The total was 18 windows. The sales representative was on time, answered all my questions, and told me about the company's lifetime guarantee. When it came to price it was a little high. But he mentioned that if I signed the contract that day he could save me a lot of money.

He gave me the new price and the difference was nearly $3,000. Not to mention that it was over $5,000 cheaper than any of the other companies. Me and my wife discussed it. We liked the window and the guarantee, so we decided to go with them. That same night my wife was Goggling Castle and found this website. I read the reviews and got scared. We almost cancelled the entire order, but my wife made a good point. People don't go online to write positive reviews, but they certainly write a review if they are unhappy in any way. And considering a company of this size and all the business they do, theirs bound to be some unhappy customers.

We also read a lot of positive reviews on this website and others so we decided to keep our contract. A few weeks later the installers showed up on time with two trucks and 6 guys! They worked from 9 am until dark. After that they cleaned everything up and to my astonishment were completely finished in just one day. The windows look great and I can notice that my central air unit is not kicking on nearly as often as before. The house is definitely cooler and considering we live on a busy street, even quieter. So despite the negative reviews, this company so far has lived up to everything they claimed.

Yes, the original price was a little high, but by signing the contract the first night we saved a lot of money. And the final price was way below what we ever expected. They also asked for only 1/3 down opposed to 1/2 like the other companies. This made me more confident that I didn't have to pay the balance until all of the work was completed. As long as the windows stand the test of time like I expect them to, I will be asking Castle to do my shore house as well.

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