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Great Product, Great Service.
Posted by 2f4r on 08/06/2009
NEWINGTON, CT -- I recently replaced four double hung windows in my daughters room that were extremely drafty. I had contacted several window companies as to get several estimates. The first company, Tri-state windows, out of central CT, came out. After 3 hours of listening to why I needed to do all 16 windows in my home (all windows on the main floor were replaced by previous owner 4 years ago) and why there window is the best, was quoted 1200 for each of their windows! The representative called his manager about 3 times to drop the price after I was adamant about not purchasing. they wouldn't even do just the four windows that I wanted!

The next company was FJB from rocky hill, ct. Same thing, 3 hr. presentation, ridiculously high price-5k for 4 standard size windows. salesmen called manager and dropped price to just below 4k. No doubt it is a good window but I do not need a triple pane. Maybe if I lived in Alaska. I had to practically physically remove this man from my home. Would not take No for answer! I can respect his perseverance but c'mon!

The next company was Castle Windows out of Newington. By now I consider myself an expert in windows having sat through two other presentations and hours of research online. (at this point I was considering trying to do it myself). I almost called and cancelled the appt. because I didn't think I could handle wasting 3 more hours of my life. I figured I would give them a chance as my neighbor had some work done by them and he was pleased.

A young salesmen comes right on time, explains what he is going to do right up front, instead of tricking me like the other guys did: "just give me 5 min. of your time, this will just take a sec." He didn't waste a lot of time with the chit chat and we just talked about windows. It took him half the time as the others to explain why his window is awesome and how they are professional, etc., etc. His price was waaayyy better than the others. He started at close to 600 for each window but with my trade-ins (they give $75 for each window) and with the "time management savings program" that every single window company uses we were around 500. At this point, cause I knew the game, I told him to call the manager and I would be willing to put a sign, etc. He chuckled and got me another 5% I said yes, and paid 1/3 down. The other companies wanted 50%. 6 weeks later my windows were in! Two gentleman came and had everything out, in, and cleaned up in half a day. They did an amazing job. I was definitely surprised by their professionalism and know how. The representative wasn't lying when he said that the installers are not subcontractors and are trained on how to "properly"install a window. They were installed in April and no leaks, thank God! I've heard horror stories about people having new windows and they have water damage but these windows are just as the representative promised.

I am writing this as a response to some of the other reviews that are on here regarding castle windows. I understand how you feel with regards to the sales approach, it sucks. But this is how all the window companies do it for some reason. some salespeople are jerks, I guess I got lucky with the one they sent from castle.

I can assure you, you will not regret going with Castle. If you need windows and want no headaches and don't want to spend 1k for a window-these guys are it.

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Posted by non subcontractor on 2013-05-13:
all window installers are subcontractors that work for big companies.....
Posted by Visited by Salesman on 2013-08-01:
The plan stated here, our sales guy said you have to agree to give good reviews (we said 'only if we're happy... which woul be a no brainier if we were, but why state this? If I wasn't happy would I be charged the extra?!?), not share the price you paid, put a sign in our yard, and give them referrals.

He completely lost the sale after calling his manager, who insulted us and tried the 'well they must not be serious about replacing their windows' when the sales guy told him we were expecting about $200/window. By the way, I am a new homeowner and have no idea about how much windows cost to buy and get installed.

13 standard windows would have costed a little more than $10k, but after he sent a text to the factory (at 9pm) he said if we sign today he could do $7.9k.
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Defective Window Replacement
Posted by BOB123 on 05/30/2004
PELHAM, NEW YORK -- The long and short of it:

Salesman comes to the house and promises us the world with the quality, and the service that Castle Windows provides its' customers. Within 3 months we had leaks in the frame of the window and according to one of their installers, it was do to not putting a splash plate (Gutter) above the window. (inproper installation). They found this immediately after arriving to inspect it. (2 cancelled appointements later). Next, the top part of this garden window splintered as though there was too much weight on the top portion. Again, we called to have the window replaced and were given every excuse except ("the dog ate my homework")

Just earlier today, 3 months later, we were promised (after the job has been put off from yesterday), that we would have a "Crew" here, Sunday morning, to replace the window. After 3 call this morning, I finally received a call back from Castle. "The "man" was on his way." He would be 3 hours late. (11:00AM VS 8:00 AM)

It is now 3:00 PM and we Just listened to a call that went to our answering machine. "THE INSATLLER HAS A FLAT TIRE AND HAS NO SPARE... HE MAY HAVE TO POSTPONE THIS JOB FOR THE 5TH TIME !!!!!!!

How does a company get away with this???

They come in and sell you a window that typically goes for $1100.00. Their price $2700.00. Then they tell you they can make a special offer for $1700.00. (They can not sell it for less because to the inherent costs and quality). After 2 hours of this sales rep in your face, you go for it.

They promise you garantees and warantees up the Cazoo, BUT.... Once you run into a problem and you are left holding the bag.

They have every excuse in the book why they have to break the appointment from - We have been realy delayed today with other jobs.. TO The installer's (Mike) wife just gave birth and he had to run to the hospital TO The installer got a flat tire and has no spare !!!!!!!!!!!

There are many more ubsurdities to this story that I will share with the public so they do not have to go through the hell we are going though with this company.

Today is Sunday, May 30th, 2004. Tuesday morning, after the Memorial Day Weekend is over,I will be sitting in this same chair contacting the Better Business Bureau for help.

Next -- It is "Shame On You"
Read Company Response
Company Response on 9/14/2010:
Yes, this garden window was installed improperly. The garden window was ultimately replaced (maybe 6 years ago), and we have had NO concerns since.
While we do consider ourselves the best in the industry in customer service and installation, there are times that our windows need service. Windows, just like any other product are man-made, and sometimes do not live up to performance standards. This is why our customers are given a lifetime warranty which covers everything.
You may notice things posted about our company from time to time. Some items may be true and some are made up by competitors. However, it is rare to have a complaint like this regarding the performance of the product or warranty.
It was OUR decision to replace the garden entirely. The top sash of the window had developed a stress crack which we replaced. Then the drip cap had been improperly installed and thus the garden leaked. We did not like the damage to the ‘seat board’ of the garden that the leak caused, so we re-ordered the unit and put a new one in.
In all fairness I do believe that the rescheduling bit is a greatly exaggerated.
I do challenge the reader to find a company who would replace the entire window under such circumstances. In fact, MOST companies exclude ‘improper installation’ in their warranties. We do not. With us, you are covered…. For life!!! Make sure that you ask your representative for a copy of their warranty if you are getting an estimate for windows.
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Strong Arm Sales Tactics - Is This What You People Do to Make Your Numbers?
Posted by Ronaldgiles on 03/25/2013
MT. LAUREL, NEW JERSEY -- Dear Castle Windows – to the Owner,

The collection notice you sent to me is invalid for the following reasons:

1. The supposedly “free estimate service” was rendered on January 28, 2013.

2. I cancelled the entire order and the measurement appointment on or about Friday, March 01, 2013, first by telephone and then by written notice which was sent to Castle via mail, USPS.

3. No services were rendered, no measurements were taken, no door was constructed.

4. Castle was not harmed, not injured and suffered no financial hardship.

I do not appreciate strong arm tactics, intimidation or “used-car-salesman methods” and no one can legally force me into purchasing something I do not want and $5,678 for a door is extremely overpriced! Is this the only way you people can make your numbers? You are instructed to cease and desist efforts to collect on a bogus claim and to stop trying to violate my civil rights and rights as a consumer.
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Posted by saj80 on 2013-03-26:
Did you sign something at the time of the estimate? If so, since this transaction appears to have been done in your home, you had three business days to cancel. If you didn't, it is entirely possible that the door had been ordered, which you are now responsible for. If you didn't sign anything, then a consultation with an attorney may be needed, but with the collection order, my opinion is that you signed a work order when the salesperson was at your house.
Posted by Rick Better on 2013-07-11:
Civil rights as a customer? After 30 days you wanted to cancel an order for work to be done at your home. Sounds like the victim is the company. This is why companys loose money, and people loose jobs that work for a company.
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This Is Not Castle The Window People
Posted by Windowman on 04/15/2008
This company is not affiliated with Castle The Window People of Mt. Laurel NJ with offices in NJ, NY, PA, OH, MD, CT, RI, MA, ME, VT, NH, DE.

All customers researching this company most know the name was trademarked however many companies exist using the first name Castle, Castle Windows, Castle Replacment Windows, Castle Home Improvements etc...

The logo is similar etc... but the company is not the same.

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Posted by Bill on 2013-08-22:
I got replacement windows installed about 15 years ago by Castle, "The Window People." This company is as bad as the others. When I bought the Windows, I was told I had a lifetime guarantee and warranty as long as I had the windows installed in my house. I called just the other day and was told - oh that was not us. The Virginia company was not the same as us. The problem is is that it is the same logo and everything....so I the company found a way out of their obligation! Shame on You!
Posted by JAY on 2013-10-07:
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Posted by Janet.sozio on 02/22/2013
MT. LAUREL, NEW JERSEY -- The window is of good quaility, but the service was very poor. Was suppose to come early in the morning to install the window so that I wouldn't have to take off a full day at work, didn't show up till 11:30 am with no call to let me know that the installers were going to be late.

Took siding from my front door entrance without letting me know so they can match up the correct color for above the new window which was re-moved to install the new Bay window, took over 2 months to replace the vinyl siding over the window. Brought the wrong shade of Vinyl, had to wait another 2 weeks.

The installation Manager said that he would compensate me due to having to take the entire day off from work, which he has not as yet, since November 2012.

I have e-mails from Castle Windows letting me know that they will look into this matter, so far nothing has been done. The Customer Service person did say that the Installation Manager said that he was going to compensate me.

I find this company is un true to their word, now when I do any kind of business with home repairs I will look at the reviews of the company first, or word of mouth from a friend.

Unhappy customer

New York
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Great Company, Great Product
Posted by Caspian5033 on 11/10/2009
They were exceptional. The initial meeting was quick, yet very informative, and the entire process was done quickly and within my budget. I feel they offer a quality product and exceptional installation and service.
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Posted by rb7403 on 2013-07-06:
I must have dealt with a different person. They over promise and under deliver. The main customer service guy in the north NJ office is an outright jerk and I can’t believe he is the face of the company
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Needed service
Posted by Susanb1222 on 03/11/2014
I purchased 7 double hung windows almost 2 yrs. ago. Was cleaning outside to top window to install a "Peek Bird's Nest" when top window fell out, then bottom window fell out.

Called Castle Service and technician came 35 min. later and showed me how to fix it should happen again.

Techs name is Scotty. Give him a raise.

Thank You.
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Horrible! Take Your Business Elsewhere
Posted by Mskmi on 07/27/2013
MT LAUREL, NEW JERSEY -- After making an initial request for info we were plagued with multiple phone calls on a daily basis. After we informed Castle we were not interested the calls continued. Despite two calls to Castle requesting our name be taken off their call list, the calls persisted.

Several weeks later, calls still coming I asked again to be taken off the list when the caller hung up on me. I immediately called them back to speak to a supervisor to again attempt to have the annoying calls stop. It took a series of 4 rude people until I was connected with an installation manager? (I asked for customer service). Again I was told the calls will stop --hopefully that is the case but this company has very little credibility as far as my experience goes. Do you self a favor and NEVER give these people your phone number!

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Damage Done - No Resolution
Posted by Dimaggiocrew on 02/13/2014
MT LAUREL, MARYLAND -- When Castle replaced our windows the installer smeared caulk on our sofa. It was not just a accidental glop that went unseen. The caulk was wiped with a finger then left to dry and ruin my sofa cushion. I was very upset and called Castle as soon as I noticed it. If the installer had the drop cloth over the sofa it would never have done damage. OR if he had cleaned it completely right away or even said something to me I could have cleaned the water soluble caulk fight away and the sofa would have been saved from damage. But NO! he wiped it with a finger and, I guess, hoped I would not notice. Castle sent someone out to my house TWICE to take pictures and REPEATEDLY PROMISED to pay for the recovering of the sofa AND MATCHING CHAIR. BUT every time I called (about 5 times!) the person who needed to handle the problem was conveniently "not in" and I was told "someone would call me to 'work things out' ". I have been repeatedly called by Castle and HARASSED for more business, but can't seen to get the promised call for Castle to "work things out". I have asked to be removed from the call list every time I was called AND reminded the caller I was STILL owed money for my sofa. I have been repeatedly IGNORED and brushed off when is comes to paying for the damage Castle caused.

Last week I was called yet again for more business. I again told the caller about my sofa and I was hung up on! I called back and was hung up on 2 MORE times while waiting to speak to a supervisor. The 4th time I told the girl who answered if I was hung up on again I would call Better Business Bureau and only then did I get someone to talk to. I was told to get a receipt or quote and call back. When I called back to get an email to send the requested quotes I was hung up on 4 MORE TIMES. CASTLE IS NOT CONCERNED with resolving issues!!!
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They Can Make an Appointment, They Just Can't Keep the Appointment!
Posted by Taraleeyilmaz on 07/28/2013
MT. LAUREL, NJ 08054, NEW JERSEY -- A salesman came to my home,showed everything about their windows and was very impressive. I put a $1600.00 deposit down and signed an agreement. I agreed to have the window put in soon as possible.

The first appointment was set within a month, when the window was finished being made. The installer called that day and said he was sick and had to reschedule. I called the office letting them know, I took the day off from work and was upset they could not make arrangements for someone else to come out.

The following week, another appointment was made. Again, they canceled due to their truck breaking down on the highway 1 mile from my house. Another day of lost wages with my job. If you want a reputable company you're better off dealing with Definis windows & doors. At least they make appointments and keep it. Since I signed a contract with Castle windows I still wait for my window unable to back out because of being threatened of being taken to court by them. They don't refund your money! And they treat you nasty when they have your deposit. Still waiting? Reminds me of Jerry Seinfeld episode,
"You can make the reservation, You just can't keep the reservation!

George can't stand you
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-07-28:
They should have some kind of plan B for last minute cancellations like these. You said you lost two days of wages...did you actually lose two days of wages or did you use a vacation / sick day to cover those two days, which you would have been paid for anyway?
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-07-28:
Anyone can make an appointment. The most important part about making an appointment is keeping the appointment.

Posted by yoke on 2013-07-28:
They can take you to court, but you will probably win and get your deposit back. They are the ones unable to fulfill the contract, not you. If they bring you to court make sure you have documents from your job that you took time off to be there.
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