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Refund Issue
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LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA -- My complaint is with the store's refund policy when you have a return with receipt. The items I returned were put on my check card but since that time I had to change accounts with my bank and when I returned the items the salesperson refused to use the new bank check card that was issued by my bank. I had my proper ID and the new check card and I access to show the salesperson the account that the original card was still open (the bank keeps these open for 30 days before totally closing). I did not have the original card because the bank took it when they gave me the replacement. The sales associate insisted that I had to take the Catherine's gift card in place of a cash credit. I am more than upset because Catherine's had no problem taking my cash out of my bank for these items. I do not feel that I have to be forced to use a Catherine's Gift card when at the moment I do not ever want to step into another Catherine's or Lane Bryant store again. I have already called 3 Catherine's customers that are friends and told them how I was treated, we agreed that they will shop at other retailers and I will continue to spread the word until my issue is resolved. I can understand if I did not have a receipt but the sales person had everything she needed to complete my transaction in the proper way and not left me feeling like I was a criminal for asking for my cash credit back.
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