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Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
JASPER, TEXAS -- Let me start out by saying that I LOVE Cato. I have been a loyal customer for many years and almost never leave empty handed. My mother and I drove fifty miles to the Cato in Jasper, TX, looking for a great deal. We had been to the store many times before and are always happy with our bargains.

When I entered the store, I made my way to the restroom. Before entering the lady working there shouted across the store "May I help you?!" I then told her that I was just using the restroom. She told me that the restroom is for customers only. I told her that I am a customer, I just needed to use the restroom before shopping. She then snorted at me and said "Just thought you should know the restroom is just for customers."

I used the restroom and found that there wasn't any soap. I was going to tell her, but when I walked out of the restroom, she was on her cell phone taking a personal call with customers in the store. I walked over to my mom and told her what happened when I walked in and then continued on to tell my mother that I was going to look in another store. If this would've been the end of the situation, I wouldn't even write this review.

After I leave the store, the employee confronts my MOTHER telling her that she didn't deserve to be talked to that way and that the bathroom isn't for anyone's use with the exception of employees. My mother tells the woman that we visit the store often and have always been allowed to use the restroom. The employee just walked off. Now, the fact that she confronted my mother rather than me is the main factor that made me write this review. I am an adult and if she had a problem, she should've taken up the problem with me.

I am a very, very disappointed customer. I feel that I was respectful to her even when she was blatantly rude. I will not abandon shopping at Cato because of this, but I am very saddened by the lack of customer service I received today.
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User Replies:
Old Timer on 07/25/2013:
If there were no signs that said employee's only I would have told the wench to go pound sand and shut the hell up!
John Nicholson on 07/25/2013:
You should have spoken to the manager about this employee.
nvrlsfaith13 on 07/25/2013:
Sadly, she was the only employee in the store.
nvrlsfaith13 on 07/26/2013:
I have filed a complaint with the company, though. I am horrified at the way she treated me and my mother.
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Lack of Diversity in Southern Store
Posted by on
FLORIDA -- I live in a very small southern town where the population is less than 10,000 but we do have a Cato Fashions. The only other "major clothing" store in my town is the Wal-Mart Supercenter. If you can't find it in town you have to take a 45 minute drive to the closest major city.

As soon as my daughter became 16 she started searching for a job because she wanted to start saving money for college. One of the places she went in pursuit of employment was the local Cato Fashions despite the going rumors that the store refuses to hire African Americans. Much to my surprise the rumor ended up to be true. My daughter was initially told by the manager that the store was not hiring at that time but would be in the ear future so she would keep her application on file. For the next several weeks my daughter called and went by the store to check on the status of her application only to be put off and sometimes even ignored by the manager. I encouraged her to just keep checking until a position became available. I refused to believe the rumors of their "anti-black policy." My daughter continued to check on her application once per week by going to the store; often times she would be told we're still not hiring. But during that time two Caucasian females the same age as my daughter had been hired. After two months of this charade my daughter was so discouraged that I finally told her to stop going in to the store.

I wanted to be proactive and take a stand against this so I made an effort to contact the district manager of the store. She seemed very genuine at first but immediately became defensive when I informed her of my complaint. Her voice became loud and so intense that I was compelled to apologize for offending her with my complaint. She agreed that she was defensive because she was in charge of that particular store. She continuously denied the rumors about the store "not" hiring African Americans but she also did not attempt to recall when the last time an African American worked at that particular store.

When I calmly explained to her that regardless of her denials, I have been a life-long resident of the town and my only goal was to shed light on a problem at the local Cato store. She became even more angry and confrontational and said, "I'm sorry your daughter wasn't hired but I am from the south too and I know that manager of that store can not hire anyone without talking to me first." That said it all for me. I was calling the head to complain about the tail.

Word of advise, if you notice that there is a lack of diversity among the employees of an establishment, don't do business with them. You can take your money to them but you can't make your money with them.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
Maybe they hire "experienced" applicants.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
Good point Steve, they may have had their app's in long before the OP's daughter? The days of Black's getting job's because they are Black are long over. It is now a much more level playing field based on the job goes to the most qualified applicant. The OP's daughter needs to start putting in app's everywhere she can, she will get a job somplace but it may not be her first choice.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
I have a 17 y/o son and I know he has had a more difficult time finding a summer job than I did at his age and it is discouraging. I applaud your daughter for wanting to work and you for encouraging her, hope she finds a job she likes where they treat her well soon.
yoke on 10/30/2007:
Sounds like mom wanted the daughter to apply so she can do exactly what she is doing now, stating the store does not hire black people. By doing that she can file a lawsuit and get some money for college. Botton line is the girl just turned 16 and was not experienced and if what she is saying is true and there aren't many stores in the area this store must get a lot of applications and they have a right to hire the more experienced applicants.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
There is also the possibility that the girls were in training and were not allowed on the floor. I have a few years of retail behind me, but each time I had at least 2 weeks of training before I was allowed on the floor. That could be the case here as well.

Have your daughter apply for other jobs as well. It's too bad that she kept all her eggs in one basket.
Suusan B. on 10/30/2007:
How do you know, for a fact, that two caucasian females, the exact same age and experience level as your daughter, were hired during the period of time between when your daughter submitted her application and when she stopped checking on it's status? You have made some very serious accusations against the hiring practices of this retailer and I hope you have your facts straight, including the exact dates and times your daughter visited the store seeking employment and precisely what was said to her. Did it ever cross your mind that perhaps the manager simply didn't feel that your daughter was well suited for a retail sales position? You say you wanted to "be proactive and take a stand against this" when, in fact, it wasn't your place to take a stand - - it was your daughter's.
fazie on 10/30/2007:
superbowl I have to say your statement of "blacks getting jobs just because they are black are long over" that is not the case here in my small town and county - our local government agencies now have more blacks than white in all depts. I have tried many times to get a job in many different depts. and can never get on. I have plenty of experience, great references and a good work history. each time I apply it is always a black perosn who gets the job (I go back and check)talk about racism! I for one enjoy working with many different types of people regardless of color, I am a curious george type of person and like to learn about different cultures, opinions etc. but still am unable to get a job with these offices. it is possible that the poster is correct, here in the south you have to be careful what you say to blacks because they tend to use their color as a crutch and start yelling and screaming if they don't get their way - seriously this is from observation on my part.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
File a complain against them with US dept. of labor.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
Fazie, your a victim of reverse discrimination. After the mistakes of the 1970's and 80's the government realized they went to far to the left but the damage was done. My Son wanted to work at car wash when he was younger but it was being run by Mexican's and they had all the job's. He was never going to get that job unless he was Mexican. I don't think it's right or fair but it's just the way things are now. We will just have to work our way out of the damage our government has caused us over the last couple of decades. Color or nationality should not get you a job, your qualifications should. Same thing with getting into college etc...
KCRovert on 10/30/2007:
superbowl, there is no such thing as "reverse" discrimination. It's discrimination if someone is hired/not hired/fired...whatever, based on the color of their skin (and several other points as well). But there is no "reverse"'s not possible.
Anonymous on 10/30/2007:
Reverse discrimination is a term used to describe discriminatory policies or acts that benefit a historically socio-politically non-dominant group (e.g. women, blacks etc), at the expense of a historically socio-politically dominant group (e.g. men, whites etc).
killerklown on 10/31/2007:
The race card is SOOOOOO old. Sucks that you won't be getting your daughters discount at your favorite store, but it's time to move on. Apply somewhere else.
jktshff1 on 10/31/2007:
16yr old kids are under labor laws that limit their work hours. this could be a reason.
the poster needs to let her daughter fight her own battles and help her grow up.
CrazyRedHead on 10/31/2007:
How do you know what race the woman is on the phone? You say she got defensive, maybe you offended her with your statement cause she is black or whatever race you are getting at.
KCRovert on 10/31/2007:
I know what you are saying, superbowl. But it is still an incorrect term to use, as there is no such thing as "reverse" discrimination. It's still ALL discrimination, no matter who it happens to. It's symantics, but it's a valid point.
pyp on 11/04/2007:
Thank you all for your comments and points of view. I noticed many of you seemingly took offense just as the district manager did when we spoke on the phone. Again I say it was not my intent to offend anyone. While each of us has our own opinions many are quick to judge as well. My daughter did apply for jobs at other establishments and continued to receive offers even after she was hired at an establishment that welcomes diversity. Although she certainly does not need to work to afford college, I commend her for her efforts and encourage her to work, so she will be more responsible, more self reliant, better prepared for the real world when she becomes an adult. Incidents such as unfair hiring practices often occur in the real world, regardless of your race, culture, or creed. Neither I nor my daughter is wounded from this experience, but wiser. I have 3 children and while I am not in the habit of fighting any of their battles, a mother's instinct is to protect her children from all hurt, harm, and danger. As an African American I have experienced discrimination and anyone that has experienced the effects of discrimination, regardless of their race, culture, sex, etc. would not wish to see it happen to anyone else. My daughter has no idea I made the call to the district manager, nor does she hold a grudge against anyone because of the ignorance of a few. I teach my children to love everyone as God loves them, because that is what my my parents taught me. Life presents many lessons, some are harder than others, but we learn from each of them. Some individuals prefer to sweep discrimination under a rug and deny its existence, but I chose not to...for that I will not apologize.
Nohandle on 11/04/2007:
Pyp I've gotten onto the end of this one. Yes, there is discrimination. It happens every day of the week and each among us has experienced it at some point. Black vs White, Gentile vs Jew, Rich vs Poor..the list is endless. Not knowing the particulars is there a possibility your daughter applied at a company that only hired people they knew? Discrimination, you bet. There are a number of companies in my area and the word has been out for years that the only way to be hired was to know someone already on staff, no matter the experience or educational background. It happens.
seg10 on 12/21/2007:
I know at the particular store that I've worked at, you must be 17 years old to qualify for the job. Also, if she took the aptitude test, it may have been found that she was not qualified as well. If you really feel it's discrimination, go above the district manager. For the record, not all Cato stores discriminate. Most of the stores around here are very diverse.
Tesab on 09/21/2008:
Hi there My name is tesa and I work for a catos in sylacauga Alabama what bothers me about this is how she got so diffensive with you and the other is that Catos is a store that its main clothing is to attract the African American women I am so sorry they treated u this way.
Raven on 02/29/2012:
OK, we have the complete opposite situation in my small town, only blacks get the jobs at Cato. I did just happen to get lucky, but before I went to work there, it was an all black staff of 6 employees, with the acception of one hispanic part timer. The manager was fired and subsequently all but the hispanic and one other girl quit at the same time. They brought in a black manager from another store and she hired all blacks except me, and honestly I think the only reason I got called in for an interview was because she thought I was black because of my name, yes, it sounds ethnic though I am older than anyone else I've ever met with the same name it's still stereotyped as being a 'black' name. I think the reason your daughter didn't get hired was because you have to be 18 or older to work there, or at least that's what I've heard the new manager tell younger (white) people who come in inquiring. Either way, Cato needs to do some serious research into their stores and the racism issue, both sides of it!
ms ware on 03/25/2013:
Iworked at Cato fashions as a sales associate and it was only part-time because I had a full-time job. I was offered a position as an assistant manager in Maryland. We had no manager so me and the assistant both worked the store together. We both applied for the manager position and was turned down. She was white and I am black. I was sent to another location in Maryland to work and was told I was not ready to be a manager but I was treated very awful and wrote a letter to the district managers supervisor and I was later told by an employee after I resigned she was glad we got rid of the girls now our store has some light so I guess me and the other girl were too dark, but the other girls dated black men so I guess that was an issue as well. I later tried to work there again and I was told they were not hiring but it was later told that they don't like to hire you back after you leave the company.
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Posted by on
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- On 3/19/2005, I purchased 3 items from Cato Fashions on 3167 Lebanon Road in Nashville, TN. At the end of April or beginning of May, my Visa Debit/Credit Card was stolen. I called my bank to request a new card. My bank then sent out a new card with a new card number for my protection. On 6/5/2005, I went to Cato's to return 2 of the items I purchased on 3/19/2005 which were purchased with the original Visa Debit/Credit Card that was reported stolen. The policy on the back of the receipt states "Your satisfaction is our goal. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please return it. With your receipt, we will be happy to give you a refund. Without it, an exchange at the current selling price will be given." I also asked on 3/19/2005 what the return policy was since this was my first time purchasing anything from their store. I was informed on that date that I would receive a refund as long as I had a receipt. I went into the store and looked around to do an exchange on 6/5/2005. I found about 6-8 items of jewelry on clearance that I wanted to get and I went to the counter. When the sales rep finished ringing up my transaction, I was owed about $19. She asked for the card ending in 1539 that was used to make the purchase. I explained that the card was stolen and I now have a new card. She asked her manager, Genia, what to do. Genia said without that card, I could do an even exchange or get store credit. This was not the policy stated on the receipt or told to me on 3/19/2005. I explained that at the bottom of the receipt, under the card number, they print my name. I had already provided my driver's license and the card, all 3 with the same name. She said they would need a letter from my bank stating they changed the card number. I offered to give them the number to my bank to call and have my bank confirm over the phone that they changed the number. She still refused stating they needed a letter. I have never heard of a store asking for a letter from my bank for my card number. Also, this is very private information and I should not be forced to provide this information to get my refund. I then asked for the District Manager's name and contact information. At that point, Genia wrote down a 1-800 number and gave it to me with no name. I had no clue who I was calling. I then called the 1-800 number and spoke to someone in security who gave me the District Manager's name and extension. I waited for 3-5 minutes for either Genia or the sales rep to come back to me to help me as they had moved on to other customers and not resolved my issue. Once the sales rep came back, I explained I wanted to cancel my transaction and I needed my merchandise and receipt back. She had Genia come over and void the transaction. At that point, I asked for Genia's first and last name. Until this point, I only knew her as the manager of the store and I was not aware of her name yet. I asked the sales rep to write it down. The sales rep gave a piece of paper and a pen to Genia and told her what I requested. Genia only wrote down her first name and handed it to me and went on with the next customer. I again asked for her last name for my reference of who I spoke with. At this time, Genia told me that was all I needed and that she knew who she was, speaking of the district manager. I again asked for her last name. At this point, she ignored me and went back to helping customers and not acknowledging me. When I asked again, she told her customer to hold for a moment, came from behind the counter and walked up to me in my face. I stated as the manager of the store, she should provide her first and last name if requested. That is when she told me she was Ms. German. I asked if she was Genia German. She continued to repeat, I am Ms. German about twice. At that time, I left the store. This was the most horrible display of customer service I have ever seen and I was treated rudely and like a thief when I had my receipt and identification.
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User Replies:
you r stupid on 06/06/2005:
First off they offered you store credit which it states is part of there return policy. Your card was stolen that's not your fault or there fault but they have policys and procedure they need to follow which they were following with the refund. As far as giving out a last name to a customer, HELLL NO she doent know you, you could be some crazy person you should not even be asking her last name. I'm tired of people thinking the rules don't comply to them or they should be broken for you.
ashleynicole on 09/02/2006:
OK. no offense lady...but you are a tough customer! I am a Cato Manager in TN. From the way you told the story, they followed Cato procedure perfectly. Those ARE the company policies, the employees have to follow them or they get written up. We cannot break company poily to satisfy a high matenance customer. I would never have given my last name out to an angry customer....would you in her shoes? I think not. I am sorry that you had a bad experience with cato...But I am so glad that you did not visit my store!
mistreated100% on 02/25/2007:
I agree, they clearly stated their policy and offered you an even exchange. You're the one that didn't understand.
Tesab on 09/21/2008:
Hi my name is tesa and I am an assistant manager of a store in Alabama I just wanted to say first off I am deeply sorry for the way the women treated you she should have not even asked for your card if you were doing an exchange according to our current policies that is I just wanted to say that not all people in customer service are like she is and I wanted to say I am so sorry this was done to u.
shopper on 04/13/2013:
What all of u should understand, is your customers MAKE Cato! Customer service reps are supposed to work for the customers. Most customer are decent enough to understand there are going to be rules and policies. What we don't need is your stinking Attitude!. I purchased cloths in 4-12-13, and returned the on 4-13-13..first I had to stand and wait for the girl to count her drawer, like she couldn't have counted it at 9:50 before the store opened. Then the manager and the cashier treated me like I was returning stolen clothes. Forget the fluff about the policy. CATO MAKES IT CLEAR THAT THEY DO NOT WANT U TO BRING ITEMS BACK AT ALL!.and if that's the case change your policy. ..oh...wait if u did that u may loose customers? take their money..and then we will treat them like criminals if they try to bring it a cosumer IT IS MY RIGHT TO EXSPECT TO BE TREATED BETTER...AND I WILL WRITE IN TO COMPLAIN!...Pensacola, FL
Shirrell Moore on 05/01/2013:
I been a long time customer with Catos but I began to feel like Catos have pick n chooses the reason I say this is a customer heard me in the store asking the cashier how can I get a certain shoe to this store that I needed very bad and the cashier said they cargo get no shoe nor ship it here and a lady behind me said yes the can she said the man who is over this store gets stuff for my boss lady allthe time.But I can't get nobody to do nothing gore me it hurts I feel is it cause the color of my skin or what I feel we all should be treated equal if I could go get it I would I am so busy now I even offered to pay if they would ship it yo me that how bad I need this shoe!!!!!
LC on 05/07/2013:
Cato's does not have the option to ship items to customers...The only thing we can do is check our system to see what store has the specific item you are looking for...after finding the nearest store we can call them and have them put the item on hold until the next day... A manager can't send items to another store...not even as a favor...
Catola on 07/26/2013:
I have been a manager for Cato for 10 years, I started when I was in high school. The store manager who got the items for the other lady had to be willing to spend their unpaid time and gas to pick up the items for her from another store. We barely make over minimum wage and we have no benefits to working there. I couldn't purchase an item with my own money for myself, let alone for even my dearest of customers. I have had circumstances where my DM would let us credit back to a different card if the card had been lost or stolen. But we are not supposed to give out our last names for our own protection. Starting in the Fall you will be able to purchase online, but at a raised cost due to shipping.
Retail Sales Person on 01/24/2014:
I wanted to respond to all the comments I Have been reading. I will not fit for Cato Fashions..but.For all retailers. Is only my opinion..But I think that it should count just as anyone elses on here. Every retailer has policies and they also have good workers and then they have some that aren't as good.I feel it would be wrong to judge a whole company by a bad experience at one store. In my experience in over 20 years of retail..I have found that is hard to please every person. So I tried very hard to just be myself try to be as professional as I can and is honest. And and even being all of these things I still find it very challenging with certain customers. This site is mainly for people to be able to vent and also we can get feedback in a try to understand how we can improve Any situations or any possible challenge that would prove to To be the result of an unhappy experience. customer can be very abusive also.
customer on 02/27/2014:
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Cato Refund Policy Unfair Practice
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Morning! I bought clothing for my daughter for Christmas. She did not like all items; which I expected. I returned the unwanted items with original receipt and in their original format. To my surprise, Cato does NOT return items that are no longer in their inventory. Regardless of proof of purchase.

This incident has added to my disgust with CATO therefore my visit on Sunday was my last. I wished I'd followed my first mind and shopped at Dress Barn.
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User Replies:
andbran on 03/12/2014:
this is actually common in retail. if they no longer carry the item they will not take it back. according to their website they have a 90 day return policy. so if the receipt is passed 90 days they will not take it back.
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Never Received Package/Unconcerned Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered some clothing, received an email they shipped using FedEx. Never received package. Called Cato, spoke with Tanisha (?) she was not helpful or proactive, very unconcerned repeating this was not their issue.

I paid Cato for a package/delivery AND it's not their concern?!

Turns out FedEx hands over the package to USPS who don't require a signature and left the box outdoors on the steps of our New York apartment...REALLY?! Cato says, once we send it is out of our
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You Get What You Pay For!
Posted by on
LEESBURG, FL -- I am an Assistant General Manager at a hotel chain, and was looking for some new professional clothes. My boss told me about Cato, and we took a shopping trip together to pick out some clothes for me. When we got there, I was very impressed with the selection and prices, but once I got home it was a different story. I bought 2 pairs of khaki pants, a pair of black pin-stripe dress pants, several shirts, and even a suit, all for just under $200.00. Within a week, most of the clothes were falling apart! I was washing according to the labels, but that didn't matter. The buttons fell off of one pair of khakis and the pin-stripe pants, as well as some decorative buttons on the pin-stripes. The suit pants completely lost the hem on one of the legs. 2 of the shirts were sewn bad. One of them was a spaghetti strap cami with a shirt that goes over top, and the cami got all stretched out and the armholes are huge now. Another was a tank top, and when you hold it up you can see that the side seams are not even close to straight. I was in such a hurry in the store that I was just trying on tons of stuff and if it fit I bought it. I would never have bought any of it if I had known what would happen. I would recommend that you stay away from this store, unless you want to do a lot of repair work on your clothes, and you like looking like you shop at an irregulars store.
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User Replies:
MRM on 04/11/2007:
Well now you know not to shop there anymore!
fazie on 04/11/2007:
I love CATO! I have shopped with cato for many years now and have never had any of the problems you are describing. you didn't mention whether you tried to take the items back or not and if you did what kind of response did you get?
TinkRbell8221 on 04/12/2007:
Considering the store we went to was over an hour and a half from my home, no I did not try to go back. I figured it was easier to just fix the problems myself. I just won't be going back there ever again.
patricia on 05/28/2013:
I bought a pair of capris. First time they were washed, the little disk on the back pockets came off. Then, when I looked at the pockets and pulled on one they just peeled right off. I like the clothing and have never had a problem before, but I was disappointed with this experience. Also, the clothing that is marked down isn't really sale priced in my opinion. I never had an offer to place my clothes in a dressing room, so I carried them in my arms all of the time. I disappointed with this shopping experience.!
patricia on 05/28/2013:
I am calling them back. I tried this morning and they told me to call back because they were getting a shipment in right now.
Catola on 07/26/2013:
Our new policy is to take clothing from customers once they have multiple pieces in their hands and start a fitting room. I've worked for and shopped at Cato for ten years and generally don't have problems with any of my clothing. Very rarely has anything fallen apart. Not to say things don't fall apart. All these things are usually made overseas. If they're not taking the clothing from you and putting them in a fitting room then they are not following policy.
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