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Cane Run Road Manager Is a Joke!!!
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Rating: 1/51

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- So my mother and I went shopping for new summer clothes a couple weeks ago. We found several things and bought them. Unfortunately, we did not try everything on that day and a few things did not work for us. I called the store to see what their return policy without a receipt was. And was told, "No problem, we will just give you a gift card for what the items are selling for now." Ok, cool, no problem. I specifically asked, "was there a limit on the number of items to be returned, as there was 5 things altogether between my things and my mom's things." I was again told no problem. The lady rang everything up and it came to $137 to go on the gift card.

At that point a key or something is required from the manager. She puts her key in to do whatever and sees the total and says, "No way, that's too many things." "Excuse me...??" It wasn't too many things when we bought 18 items that day!!! I specifically asked that question when I called and was told it was fine. She said I could pick 1 thing to return and would have to just be stuck with the rest of the items I guess. They were all the same size, why would I only want to return 1 thing, when they all didn't fit??? We should have tried EVERYTHING on that day I guess. B/c now we are stuck with $140 worth of clothes that don't fit right and are not allowed to return them.

Although it clearly states online and at the register, you can return without a receipt. It does NOT say we can only return 1 item!!! The manager was condescending and extremely rude to me!!! She berated me in front of everyone in the store and made me feel stupid like I had done something wrong when I was following their policy!!! A gift card would have been fine, except now I will NEVER shop at Cato again, after her embarrassing me that way!!! The poor girl at the register kept apologizing for her manager's attitude. But then refused to tell me what her name was so I could call customer service on her behavior.

I called customer service and she was shocked that she told me it was too many things. That was not their policy she told me. My complaint will be sent to the district manager and they will be giving me a callback... Yeah right. Shame on you manager at Cane Run Road. You have a nasty attitude and are extremely rude to your customers!!! Not to mention, NOT following Cato's return policy... My mother nor I will step foot in a Cato's again!!!

Amazing Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

VERSAILLES, KENTUCKY -- My wallet was stolen several weeks ago and I discovered that a gift card given to me at Christmas was stolen in the wallet. I was saving it for a vacation. It was bought in December of course and the person that purchased the card did not have the receipt but did get info from the bank. She was told that their records don't go back that far and I had no illusions it would be replaced. Cato called today and are replacing the card! Thank you! Amazing customer service!!!

Dress Shopping For Christmas, Very Disappointing
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Rating: 2/51

WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- Very disappointing experience during the busiest shopping weekend of the year. There was one person on register that's working hard. While there's one person on the floor, who's constantly on the telephone. I had to get floor help from other customers to find what I wanted. The floor person was berating someone on the phone in hearing distance of customers. I felt very uncomfortable.

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Rating: 2/51

JASPER, TEXAS -- Let me start out by saying that I LOVE Cato. I have been a loyal customer for many years and almost never leave empty handed. My mother and I drove fifty miles to the Cato in Jasper, TX, looking for a great deal. We had been to the store many times before and are always happy with our bargains.

When I entered the store, I made my way to the restroom. Before entering the lady working there shouted across the store "May I help you?!" I then told her that I was just using the restroom. She told me that the restroom is for customers only. I told her that I am a customer, I just needed to use the restroom before shopping. She then snorted at me and said "Just thought you should know the restroom is just for customers."

I used the restroom and found that there wasn't any soap. I was going to tell her, but when I walked out of the restroom, she was on her cell phone taking a personal call with customers in the store. I walked over to my mom and told her what happened when I walked in and then continued on to tell my mother that I was going to look in another store. If this would've been the end of the situation, I wouldn't even write this review.

After I leave the store, the employee confronts my MOTHER telling her that she didn't deserve to be talked to that way and that the bathroom isn't for anyone's use with the exception of employees. My mother tells the woman that we visit the store often and have always been allowed to use the restroom. The employee just walked off. Now, the fact that she confronted my mother rather than me is the main factor that made me write this review. I am an adult and if she had a problem, she should've taken up the problem with me.

I am a very, very disappointed customer. I feel that I was respectful to her even when she was blatantly rude. I will not abandon shopping at Cato because of this, but I am very saddened by the lack of customer service I received today.

Lack of Diversity in Southern Store
By -

FLORIDA -- I live in a very small southern town where the population is less than 10,000 but we do have a Cato Fashions. The only other "major clothing" store in my town is the Wal-Mart Supercenter. If you can't find it in town you have to take a 45 minute drive to the closest major city.

As soon as my daughter became 16 she started searching for a job because she wanted to start saving money for college. One of the places she went in pursuit of employment was the local Cato Fashions despite the going rumors that the store refuses to hire African Americans. Much to my surprise the rumor ended up to be true. My daughter was initially told by the manager that the store was not hiring at that time but would be in the ear future so she would keep her application on file. For the next several weeks my daughter called and went by the store to check on the status of her application only to be put off and sometimes even ignored by the manager.

I encouraged her to just keep checking until a position became available. I refused to believe the rumors of their "anti-black policy." My daughter continued to check on her application once per week by going to the store; often times she would be told we're still not hiring. But during that time two Caucasian females the same age as my daughter had been hired. After two months of this charade my daughter was so discouraged that I finally told her to stop going in to the store.

I wanted to be proactive and take a stand against this so I made an effort to contact the district manager of the store. She seemed very genuine at first but immediately became defensive when I informed her of my complaint. Her voice became loud and so intense that I was compelled to apologize for offending her with my complaint. She agreed that she was defensive because she was in charge of that particular store. She continuously denied the rumors about the store "not" hiring African Americans but she also did not attempt to recall when the last time an African American worked at that particular store.

When I calmly explained to her that regardless of her denials, I have been a life-long resident of the town and my only goal was to shed light on a problem at the local Cato store. She became even more angry and confrontational and said, "I'm sorry your daughter wasn't hired but I am from the south too and I know that manager of that store cannot hire anyone without talking to me first." That said it all for me. I was calling the head to complain about the tail.

Word of advise, if you notice that there is a lack of diversity among the employees of an establishment, don't do business with them. You can take your money to them but you can't make your money with them.

Cato Refund Policy Unfair Practice
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Morning! I bought clothing for my daughter for Christmas. She did not like all items; which I expected. I returned the unwanted items with original receipt and in their original format. To my surprise, Cato does NOT return items that are no longer in their inventory. Regardless of proof of purchase. This incident has added to my disgust with CATO therefore my visit on Sunday was my last. I wished I'd followed my first mind and shopped at Dress Barn.

Company Response 01/17/2016:

Cato's does return with receipt but it has to be within 90 days. If it's been more than 90 you get the price it is marked down too. Sometimes items will be marked out of inventory after a long time and if there is no receipt or if it's been more than 90 days you can't return it. So if you had receipt it must have been over 90 days which means has to be returned without using receipt.

Never Received Package/Unconcerned Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered some clothing, received an email they shipped using FedEx. Never received package. Called Cato, spoke with Tanisha. (?) She was not helpful or proactive, very unconcerned repeating this was not their issue. I paid Cato for a package/delivery AND it's not their concern?! Turns out FedEx hands over the package to USPS who don't require a signature and left the box outdoors on the steps of our New York apartment... REALLY?! Cato says, "once we send it is out of our hands"

You Get What You Pay For!
By -

LEESBURG, FL -- I am an Assistant General Manager at a hotel chain, and was looking for some new professional clothes. My boss told me about Cato, and we took a shopping trip together to pick out some clothes for me. When we got there, I was very impressed with the selection and prices, but once I got home it was a different story. I bought 2 pairs of khaki pants, a pair of black pin-stripe dress pants, several shirts, and even a suit, all for just under $200.00.

Within a week, most of the clothes were falling apart! I was washing according to the labels, but that didn't matter. The buttons fell off of one pair of khakis and the pin-stripe pants, as well as some decorative buttons on the pin-stripes. The suit pants completely lost the hem on one of the legs. 2 of the shirts were sewn bad. One of them was a spaghetti strap cami with a shirt that goes over top, and the cami got all stretched out and the armholes are huge now.

Another was a tank top, and when you hold it up you can see that the side seams are not even close to straight. I was in such a hurry in the store that I was just trying on tons of stuff and if it fit I bought it. I would never have bought any of it if I had known what would happen. I would recommend that you stay away from this store, unless you want to do a lot of repair work on your clothes, and you like looking like you shop at an irregulars store.

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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- On 3/19/2005, I purchased 3 items from Cato Fashions on 3167 Lebanon Road in Nashville, TN. At the end of April or beginning of May, my Visa Debit/Credit Card was stolen. I called my bank to request a new card. My bank then sent out a new card with a new card number for my protection. On 6/5/2005, I went to Cato's to return 2 of the items I purchased on 3/19/2005 which were purchased with the original Visa Debit/Credit Card that was reported stolen.

The policy on the back of the receipt states "Your satisfaction is our goal. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please return it. With your receipt, we will be happy to give you a refund. Without it, an exchange at the current selling price will be given." I also asked on 3/19/2005 what the return policy was since this was my first time purchasing anything from their store. I was informed on that date that I would receive a refund as long as I had a receipt.

I went into the store and looked around to do an exchange on 6/5/2005. I found about 6-8 items of jewelry on clearance that I wanted to get and I went to the counter. When the sales rep finished ringing up my transaction, I was owed about $19. She asked for the card ending in 1539 that was used to make the purchase.

I explained that the card was stolen and I now have a new card. She asked her manager, Genia, what to do. Genia said without that card, I could do an even exchange or get store credit. This was not the policy stated on the receipt or told to me on 3/19/2005. I explained that at the bottom of the receipt, under the card number, they print my name. I had already provided my driver's license and the card, all 3 with the same name. She said they would need a letter from my bank stating they changed the card number. I offered to give them the number to my bank to call and have my bank confirm over the phone that they changed the number.

She still refused stating they needed a letter. I have never heard of a store asking for a letter from my bank for my card number. Also, this is very private information and I should not be forced to provide this information to get my refund. I then asked for the District Manager's name and contact information. At that point, Genia wrote down a 1-800 number and gave it to me with no name. I had no clue who I was calling. I then called the 1-800 number and spoke to someone in security who gave me the District Manager's name and extension.

I waited for 3-5 minutes for either Genia or the sales rep to come back to me to help me as they had moved on to other customers and not resolved my issue. Once the sales rep came back, I explained I wanted to cancel my transaction and I needed my merchandise and receipt back. She had Genia come over and void the transaction. At that point, I asked for Genia's first and last name. Until this point, I only knew her as the manager of the store and I was not aware of her name yet. I asked the sales rep to write it down. The sales rep gave a piece of paper and a pen to Genia and told her what I requested.

Genia only wrote down her first name and handed it to me and went on with the next customer. I again asked for her last name for my reference of who I spoke with. At this time, Genia told me that was all I needed and that she knew who she was, speaking of the district manager. I again asked for her last name. At this point, she ignored me and went back to helping customers and not acknowledging me. When I asked again, she told her customer to hold for a moment, came from behind the counter and walked up to me in my face. I stated as the manager of the store, she should provide her first and last name if requested.

That is when she told me she was Ms. **. I asked if she was Genia **. She continued to repeat, I am Ms. ** about twice. At that time, I left the store. This was the most horrible display of customer service I have ever seen and I was treated rudely and like a thief when I had my receipt and identification.

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