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Crappy Cavalier Telephone Service
Posted by on
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- First let me say I never signed up with Cavalier telephone they just took my line over. One day I found out I had the service when ending a call I was on, the phone went into three way calling, when I only had a one way...then I received a box one day and it was a modem for internet that I had never asked for and with that came the internet services that I never asked for, but they billed me for it for at least 3 months and it was not on... they took money out of my account and told me the only way I could get my money back from them that they took for services I did not have was to cancel the phone, so I did and every time I call there's a 2 people who work for Cavalier knows the same the thing....

This company sucks and is a fraud. please do not use Cavalier telephone it' most Crappy!
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Cathunt111 on 08/07/2008:
Yes sirree, you probably fill out so sweepstake entry in a store which gave them permission to switch your service. Be care they do have sweepstakes boxes out there and yes they will take your service over because did not read the fine print. You are right. No 2 people at Cavalier Telephone have the same working knowledge. Cavalier does not do formal training. They rely on senior people to training the newer, but they merger with Talk America and laid off most of the experienced people which leaves abunch that does not know much about telephones or customer service. I know I was one of the experience. And in comparison to other communications the pay not sucked. It straight sucked so most like myself went and found better paying jobs that gives better customer service
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Cavalier won't port your number to others
Posted by on
GEORGIA -- I tried twice to switch my phone service to Charter from Cavalier. In doing this, I was requesting to have my number ported to Charter.
On two different occasions, charter gave up trying. I am now trying with a different carrier.
We'll see what happens. If they won't port my number, I am going to make a FCC complaint.
I joined these folks for low price, but no matter what I do the price just keeps increasing with them. Stay clear of this company!
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i_am_canadian on 12/07/2009:
I don't think that the FCC would act on a complaint about something as trivial as a telephone number. In saying that, I don't know why Charter couldn't/wouldn't port your existing number over to them.
Anonymous on 12/07/2009:
When I switched from Cavalier, retaining my old number wasn't even presented as a option. As for price, in my area Verizon charges around $6 a month less.
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Charged More Than Program Quoted
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WATERFORD, MICHIGAN -- It turns out Cavalier’s quoted program of 24.95 costs me 38.40 per month (before taxes). I do not know how that works out, but my bill doesn’t make sense. I understand that there are fees associated with the service, but $13 is a lot of fees.

Also, it wasn’t until recently that they extended their customer service hours past 5:00 P.M. in their time zone.

Stay away from this company.

April 17, 2009
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A Bait & Switch?
Posted by on
MICHIGAN -- I tried to switch from Cavalier to AT&T to save some money. I did port my AT&T number to Cavalier. Cavalier told me that since I was porting my number, I had to establish regular phone service and DSL and get a dial tone and service with them first. Then I would have to order Phonom VOIP. They waived the fees to make this easier.

So I tried to do so, and had nothing but problems and long waits on the phone trying to resolve them with CT's customer service (their reps have generally been helpful or neutral, with a few being downright nasty). To add insult to injury, when I finally received a dial tone with CT and called to do the final order on VOIP, then they told me it wasn't offered in my area (after they had originally verified that it was)!

I hope others are having a better experience with CT. I thought I had read all the fine print about fees and terms of service on their website. But I have also been stuck with enough fees to make my costs higher than they were with AT&T. I think part of the problem is Cavalier is still in the process of updating their forms and web pages, policies and procedures, and training their staff after their merger.

I will probably switch back to AT&T's regular phone service.
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GWbiker on 10/20/2007:
It appears that Cavalier customer service is toying with you. Return to AT&T and stay there!
Anonymous on 10/21/2007:
If you have DSL then VOIP is available. In fact you don't even need a dial tone at all. Many telephone companies offer 'dry loop' just to provide a live connection to the central office.
someone.who.hates.cavalier on 10/06/2008:
I wanted to inform everyone of my problem so it won't happen to anyone else. This is what I reported to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

There were numerous issues through my service agreement. The main issues being you cannot speak to them unless you know your home phone number; however not everyone gets a phone through them. I only had cable and internet, so when I called and couldn't provide a phone number it would say "thank you, goodbye." This made it immpossible to get anything taken care of. Moreover, they do not tell you until you close you account that you have to return their equipment to Richmond, VA. You either have to drive it there yourself or ship it...this is outragous to make the client have to do. Put it this way, I only stayed with them for maybe six months. They were that terrible! The main issue I am contacting you about today is; I ended services in the beginning of July and paid my ending balance. I even have a carbon copy of my check to prove it. I have never received any other bill, and now I have just been contacted by an attorney stating I owe money. When I contacted Cavalier they stated they "sold my account and cannot help me," these were their words exactly. When I called the attorneys they stated there is no selling of accounts, and for me to refute the bill...which I am in the process of doing. My complaint is I have never been contacted of a problem with my account that is now "sold". When asking to speak with a manager at cavalier they refused stating there was nothing they could due to help me. I am told my credit will not be affected, but don't know for sure. I am very scared that I'm being left in the dark. I have been treated pretty bad by some companies...but they take the cake! I researched other complaints on the internet, and am appalled! I just wish I did my research prior to setting up my account.
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Continue to bill
Posted by on
After canceling our phone service with Cavalier, they have continued to bill us and are now threatening to send us to a collection agency. I am so glad we switched to WOW!

Below is part of the letter I finally sent them.

I do not recommend Cavalier to anybody!!

To Whom It May Concern: 9/5/07

Regarding account number: *****

I paid my bill to you 6/26/07, check number **** in the amount of $**.09. That was to pay for service 6/9/07 through 7/8/07.

We switched to another phone carrier June 19, 2007.

Your company is continuing to bill us, and is now threatening to send our account to a collection agency.

My husband spoke with Rita,July 5th, 2007. Ticket number *****.

After receiving ANOTHER notice, my husband called again on 8/28/07 and spoke to Greg,****.

And now we have received yet another notice.

Please straighten out our account immediately.

Frankly, we are tired of dealing with your company. Speaking to your representatives by phone apparently does not help. Maybe you will respond to written correspondence.

This letter will be mailed to the address above, as well as to the address listed on the bills.

Thank you for your prompt attention.

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User Replies:
killerklown on 09/07/2007:
Need more info. Are you trying to back out of your contract early? Did you notify the company that you were canceling? Did you read your contract before signing it?
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No Customer Service
Posted by on
GRAND BLANC, MICHIGAN -- When A caller asked me to switch from MCI to Cavalier for $5.00 less a month for unlimited local and long distance I said "Sure".
I think I made a huge mistake.

First of all, they do not even offer customer support on the weekends, so if its after 5 pm on Friday and your phone is out, your out of luck until Monday AM, which is where you'll spend at least twenty minutes on hold until, if your lucky, get to speak with someone.

I have called them 4 times now and only got to speak with someone once.
On hold times were: 19 Min., 20 Minutes, 8 Minutes and 9 minutes, none of which were answered.

I was sent no information IE, a "welcome package" and its been 3 weeks now. I have no way of accessing my voicemail since I cannot get a hold of anyone there to help me.

I'm sorry I switched and cannot wait to get back to a company that offers true customer service.
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