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Rating: 1/51

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- For the last couple of weeks I have been losing coins due to loss of internet connection or I freeze when I'm in contestant row. I had my computer checked out and it was fine. It only happens when I play this game. None of my other game gives me this problem.

I will lose internet connection or it will freeze when I am on the contestant row when the last bidder is ready to bid. It freezes only on this, tell me why. Is it because I'm at a high level? What is the problem? People on the chat says that we don't bid fast enough or we are ready to win, what is the problem? You owe me a lot a lot of coins. You charge my credit card really easy and make me lose them really easy. Answer me what's the problem? I like playing this and it relaxes me, but it's not worth losing the purchase of the coins.

My Opinion of the TV Show "The Price Is Right".
By -

Watching Drew Carey (MR. Mumbles) on PIR has helped me understand that this stupid show, with its crazy acting folks could only be headed by a person that takes life and the show not serious at all. A person who would be logical, and very professional would be as out of place on this silly show as having a monkey do the 5PM new on CBS. So Drew just do your stuff and keep acting like just another silly person.

The people who run the show have it going the way they want. But I got to tell you the way they jump up and down and act so unhuman...the way they look out into the audience for the correct choice to make about the prizes makes me wonder why people can't make the choice on their own. If you ever looked out into the audience for an answer, they are pointing and waving, and doing things nobody could understand what they mean anyway. Dumbed up screaming idiots for sure. But I watch it, just to see how silly and fun loving our society has gone.

The Price Is Right, Drew Carey
By -

My wife and I are both retired and enjoy watching game shows on television. We enjoyed watching THE PRICE IS RIGHT on CBS until Mr. Carey was selected as game show host. Mr. Carey does not look or act the part he was given. We especially dislike the way he degrades and jokes about some of the products/services they use on the show. If there were another game show during the same time period we would not be watching THE PRICE IS RIGHT. We watched THE PRICE IS RIGHT for many years and enjoyed it very much until Mr. Carey became the host. We believe CBS should consider replacing Mr. Carey. It was a poor selection in our opinion.

Don't Need It.
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Rating: 3/51

APPLETON, WISCONSIN -- Watching show on June 2nd. OVERLOAD! Don't we get enough useless information already that you have added a rolling gossip line that we must view on the regular airing of The Price Is Right! Icky!

There are no lyrics provided with the Mitch MillerCDs.
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Rating: 2/51

NY, NEW YORK -- I bought 3 sing along with Mitch CDs. The Sony CD included lyrics for the sing along songs, which one would expect for such a product. The Columbia recordings, unfortunately, neglected this essential requirement for a sing along format. I am curious if the omission was due to financial considerations or merely corporate rudeness.

The Show Vegas
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Rating: 3/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- CBS just told the media that they were going to cancel Vegas. I went to CBS online and had little luck. I am trying to stop the cancellation. Hope you can help.

Misleading Invitation for Price Is Right Tickets
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Price is Right? Hmmm. Two of my family members and I received tickets last week for today's 1 PM show (March 10). We all took the day off with no pay, drove the two hours to attend the show. My aunt is handicapped and she did not want to use her wheelchair for fear she would lose her chance to be on The Price Is Right. She was in so much pain standing and waiting but she assured us we would get on because we were so early. All three of us arrived around 6:15 AM for the 1 PM show.

The numbers on our tickets were under 290 and I understand around 300 seats available for each show, told to us by one of the coordinators giving instructions to the audience hopefuls. We had a small group of people, around 50 in front of us waiting already when we arrived. We were all excited until we realized that because we were not in a large group with matching t-shirts we were told to stand by the red rail, give up our seat and we were then placed on standby. The large groups had the priority even though they showed up a few hours later than us. It appeared that The Price Is Right over books more than 100 and maybe more for both shows today.

I wondered if the other people got their tickets from another website. It was upsetting to stand for a long period of time only to have others just show up and have priority because they belonged to a large group. There were also individuals joining groups that already existed that they had just met in line just to get on the show. If The Price Is Right wants large groups only they should be more specific when advertising on their website instead of misleading people. Hopefully this blog will shed light on the ones who want a chance on the show so you won't go through the disappointment and physical pain my family and many others did today.

Now you know how to be sure to get on. Come late with a large crowd and wear matching shirts. 25 people or more. We witnessed over 100 people in line that left disappointed and disgusted. Additionally, the website says admission is to be 18 and over and a couple seated in line had a baby. Also, the announcer asks if anyone in the crowd did not have two forms of ID or a SS card and about a third raised their hands. However the announcer told that same group that it was OK. Everyone has thirty days to obtain it. The web page is clear, I thought. Good luck to you.

Stay Away from CBS Fantasy Football Manager
By -

I have been using CBS Sportsline Fantasy football manager for the last 5 years. Every year the site gets worse and worse. The cost to manage your league through them is $130 a year, which is quite steep. I would have moved to a new site years ago but many of the players in my league are not computer savvy and like the site since they already know how to use it. Well, the last straw came this year. On more than 50% of the Sundays so far this season, the site has been down for at least an hour before the 1:00 kickoff time (and for quite some time after the games start as well).

If any of you play fantasy football, you know what a problem this causes. I have complained to them, but never got a response. The site actually had the nerve to send out a blanket message saying, "we are sorry our site has had so many problems". They said they set up a ranking system for their own site and by their own admission, they have given themselves failing grades for more than 50% of the time this season. They then went on to say, please just renew for next year because we promise it will be better next year! What??? You want me to continue to pay for a service which you (by your own admission) do not deliver more than 50% of the time.

They did not bother to offer any sort of discount for next year nor did they offer any partial refund for the services they couldn't deliver this year. What an insult! While I understand that there are many users trying to access their teams on Sunday afternoon, they know how many users they have and the fact that they collected $130 from each league, they can afford to buy enough server space and bandwidth to accommodate us all.

If anyone out there is considering using CBS to manage their league, please don't you will be very sorry if you do! Just go to their fantasy message board and you will see the hundreds of complaints on there from users not being able to access their teams. It's ridiculous that I pay my hard earned money to a company that can't deliver the service paid for and won't respond to your complaints!


SPARKS, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- NEW YORK (Sept. 20) - CBS News apologized Monday for a "mistake in judgment" in its story questioning President Bush's National Guard service, claiming it was misled by the source of documents that several experts have dismissed as fakes. The network said it would appoint an independent panel to look at its reporting about the memos. The story has mushroomed into a major media scandal, threatening the reputations of CBS News and chief anchor Dan Rather.

It also became an issue in the presidential campaign. The White House said the affair raises questions about the connections between CBS's source, retired Texas National Guard officer Bill Burkett, and Democrat John Kerry's campaign. Rather joined CBS News President Andrew Heyward in issuing an apology Monday. I believe Dan Rather knew the memo was a forgery, and use it to smear Bush. Dan Rather should be fired.

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