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These Guys Are Nuts
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BOTHELL, WASHINGTON -- They started calling me about an issue where I stoped payment on electronic drafts from my checking account that I did not initiate.

When they called me they would NOT give me their address to try to rectify the problem, like it was a secret. The sad thing is their under trained collectors violated the law in my opinion. After a lot of research Ifeel that they have.

I will be suing this company and their untrained collection agents. I am sure others have experienced the same problems with them. Send me a mail through the system here if you want more contact information for them or see my profile to see my blog.


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Ponie on 10/10/2006:
Did you try resolving this issue with your bank? I find it very hard to believe EFT's are being implemented and they were not initiated by you. At some time or other you gave them your routing and account numbers. These aren't just pulled out of thin air.
pandmel on 10/10/2006:
he issue is I did not initate the draft sombody else did. They are just an over aggressive collection agency that breaks the law in my opinion.
spiderman2 on 10/10/2006:
Who provided them with your banking information? I think you need to initiate fraud/forgery charges against whoever did that.
Slimjim on 10/10/2006:
You should be able to reverse the bank drafts up to 90 days. Contact you bank and revoke them as unauthorized. It's not like disputing a charge on your credit card where the bank goes back and asks the merchant what happened. They just do it.
pandmel on 10/10/2006:
Yes that may be what needs to be done and possibly will be.

However when a collection agency calls you and they inturn break the law that does not relieve them of their discretions. That is why the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act came about.

The collection agency broke the law now they need to pay for it.
Anonymous on 10/10/2006:
You sure about that slim?
Slimjim on 10/10/2006:
Yes I am pirate, why. You've stated in the past you're a businessman. Certainly you should know how ACH drafts work.
elly on 07/31/2014:
I'm in the process of obtaining counsel to sue CCV as a company and possibly the individual collector, whos collection tactics are considered harassment! And according to all my research online, they have a pattern of such behavior.
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