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Unethical Celebrity Foods
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While this company does everything about two nanometers above what is lawful, they use techniques like lying and just wearing out the customer by spending three or four hours selling their wares in your home. All the spiel they give is deceptive. In the end you will be paying 19.9% interest on not only food but products you don't want or need. The products are 'sold' to you as a 'benefit' of belonging to the corporation, and they will tell you that after five years of ordering their food (not to mention paying $2600 or a freezer, $799 for a small air purifier and a whopping $1699 for glassware) you will have 'no cost' to you for these products. If you do the math, and even try to sell that glassware on Ebay where is it valued at $179, and even if you take into account their "40% discount" on food items, they will make out like bandits on your money. If they call you, I advise you to hang up on them. I am ashamed of myself for believing them. And I lost about $4800. Yes, I still have the glassware and the air purifiers. They're up for sale at the garage sale next weekend.
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