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Unethical Celebrity Foods
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While this company does everything about two nanometers above what is lawful, they use techniques like lying and just wearing out the customer by spending three or four hours selling their wares in your home. All the spiel they give is deceptive. In the end you will be paying 19.9% interest on not only food but products you don't want or need. The products are 'sold' to you as a 'benefit' of belonging to the corporation, and they will tell you that after five years of ordering their food (not to mention paying $2600 or a freezer, $799 for a small air purifier and a whopping $1699 for glassware) you will have 'no cost' to you for these products. If you do the math, and even try to sell that glassware on Ebay where is it valued at $179, and even if you take into account their "40% discount" on food items, they will make out like bandits on your money. If they call you, I advise you to hang up on them. I am ashamed of myself for believing them. And I lost about $4800. Yes, I still have the glassware and the air purifiers. They're up for sale at the garage sale next weekend.
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One-Eyed Willie on 06/20/2007:
Can you leave your address so we can stop by your garage sale next week? I must warn you I do like to talk down the price.
Ponie on 06/20/2007:
I'll bid a dollar two eighty seven.
Starlord on 06/20/2007:
You are warning us because you have no sales resistance? I would love to understand what two nanometers above legal is. It sounds to me like you can understand the concept of 'puffery.' While there may be a very slim margin between puffery and fraud, there IS a difference, and it is recognized by the law.
Fed Up Too on 06/20/2007:
To One-Eyed Willie---Better yet, give me your address and I'll just drop the lousy things off at the end of the sale. :)

To Ponie---That, along with the set of glassware and about three more dollars will get you Paradise tea lemonade at Starbucks!

To Starlord---I am warning you because these sales reps are very very skilled. Two nanometers above legal means that they have you sign many forms after the very long sales pitch. I am retired and disabled. While I have a normal sense of 'puffery' and fraud, and there IS a difference, you are correct, I also was tired. I made a mistake and trusted these people I have a college degree, spent thirty five years working in a trauma center, and have written three books. Two nanometers above the law means that if they get your signature on a form which states in the extensive verbage that you will pay for the products 'purchased', the law is on their side. But it is still unethical to take advantage of people. If I could afford the kind of legal advice a company like Celebrity Foods can afford, I'd have the company in court this very moment. There is still something called duress. Or have we abandoned that concept, also?
Justusryan on 06/20/2007:
What does being retired and disabled have to do with your being upset that you signed without reading the contract?
Fed Up Too on 06/21/2007:
To Justusryan, As I mentioned, I made a mistake and trusted what the sales person was saying. It was the second time I had ordered food from Celebrity Foods so I trusted them. I had not learned yet about the true cost of that freezer... Being retired means that I live on a limited income. It is a form of insanity to think I would willingly order air purifiers and barware! Being disabled, for me, means that pain and medication cause fatigue and less attention to detail. I mention it because most of us will have to deal with some kinds of circumstances that may limit our ability to spot fraud or may limit our carefulness in reading the fine print and the very fine print and the print that is unreadable in contracts.
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