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7486 La Jolla Blvd #118
La Jolla, CA 92037
888-989-1584 (ph)
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Fraud Company from China
By -

Ordered new Stereo bluetooth headset, after 10 days received a Refurbished one, I could tell from the port the bluetooth charges is all scrapped and repaired as water might have gone in. It is definitely refurbished one, on top it, It does not power on. Item charges but the power on button does not work, all I can do is trash this product, Customer service is asking me to ship it back to hongkong, definitely not in US to get full refund, so need to evaluate either to trash or ship it back and wait for refund.

Avoid buying from this Company. Most of the products are refurbished/repaired no manuals, junk

Cellphoneshop.net is a FAKE ELECTRONIC COMPANY
By -

On Sun Jan 24 11:21:32 PST 2010 I bought a new lithium battery from this company.
Before buying it I wrote to the cellephoneshop.net to mail me a new battery, not a used one; otherwise I didn't want one. They emailed me back that the battery was brand new.
When I got it in my mail-box, I tried to charge it, but it didn't.
I went to a Celle Phone Store and told the situation. After a careful examination the battery technician told me that the battery was a fake one.
I went to the post office to mail back the fake battery to the cellephoneshop.net. I had their envelope and I wrote their address, but the post man told me that that wasn't an address at all. I insisted to mail it to that address. And I paid $4 to mail it.
I had included in the envelope the paper order in which I wrote, “this battery does not work. Please send me a new battery; otherwise the money back. But the post man was right. Well, there was an address, P. O. box 14444 or 24444 (I don't remember it now exactly) but it was in Hong Kong. I never received an answer from that day. My battery might have gone not to Hong Kong at all, but in trash; and I'm thinking that the cellephoneshop.net exists in the middle of the USA not in Hong Kong.
Later, I emailed to cellephoneshop.net and tried to get an answer, but never did.
My advice to those who want to buy a Celle phones, batteries, or other electronic equipments, is that they better think before spending their money for nothing.

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