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Serious doubt about receiving deliverable
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PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY -- Online order status shows processing, and $0 received, whereas Paypal shows money billed. Called service number, and got friendly service, but no shipping date. 1st call after about 1 week, they said phone will arrive to my home "by end of this week". A 2nd call 2 weeks after order, they say that have received payment 2 days after order was placed, and order status is OK, say they will send USPS tracking number. No tracking number arrived same day, or next day for that matter. I send email, next day another email, then call 3rd time. I get tracking number, but no shipping date, to this day the USPS tracking link does not indicate shipping would have taken place. On 23rd day I call 4rd time, and ask for actual shipping date. The girl says cheerfully that phone already shipped, and should be at my home by end of this week, which somehow sounded familiar. I insisted upon actual shipping date, and the girl tried to evade 2..3 times. Then very very long silence, and the "was shipped on last weeks Friday", which would be calendar date Dec16. Now 25th day of waiting. The service number was always friendly, but just told bedtime stories, I understand an order can take a while to fulfill -- but why come up with all these bogus "should be there this week". I would never order again from this company, even if my phone eventually arives.
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User Replies:
pwang on 07/12/2012:
Yes, I think this company is very questionable.

I had bad experience with them and will not
do business with Cells4U because it is not
for the customer at all.
NN in Texas on 07/22/2013:
Got the same experience. They charge my CC on July 1st. Placed the shipping order with USPS on July 5th but when tracking, no detail info was available since the USPS has not received the packages. Called repeatedly and was told that the phones was shipped on July 5th
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Terrible Customer Service
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PARSIPPANY SUITE 203, NEW JERSEY -- I paid over $500 for a cell phone from this company and never received the item. I called numerous times to resolve the matter and they ignore the calls by looking at the caller ID. I send emails and they ignore them. They are scammers and customers need to be careful of this company.

I would not recommend anyone buy from them because they put you through hell.
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J on 01/06/2012:
cells4u.com I can't explain how bad of an experience this is.
matt on 03/17/2012:
"I ordered a tablet one month before release date,contacted them through email 2 weeks later because even though the $ had been taken from my bank through PayPal...it did not show that I had paid when I logged into my account at Cells4u.They answered that email to tell me that they did receive the $ and that the product was on back order.Now,after 5 months and numerous, along with various attempts at communication with them...without any reply!, I have had to file a claim through my bank.
In other words, go a head and purchase from this gang of thie...(I meen company) if You want to be a sucker like me!"
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