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Disheartened Cell South
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SOUTHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI -- We have had Cellular south for several years did not have a problem until 3 months ago when we started working in La. Apparently a Verizon wireless tower picked us up and we never knew we were roaming until they cut our phones off. we paid to get them back on until we got home. I called and they updated our plan and put an order through to take care of the $700 roaming fees. 2nd month still getting a $1300 phone bill apparently they never turned in the order called again went through the whole process again said for us to pay our bill of $400? We did and they said they would put another order in to take care of the $700 roaming bill. One month later (today) They shut our phones off they said they gave us a credit toward the roaming charges which THEY DID NOT that was the check we sent a month ago for our reg phone bill. I had to give them $732.00 over the phone today and we still owe them $600 +. I cannot discontinue the service. The mane account holder has to do that when he comes back home Friday. I am in the process of contacting a lawyer to get out of this contract.

The coverage map shows that we should have been covered anyway. this is VERY misleading. I guess they consider another cell provider coverage??? Please check into this company before signing with them. I have almost stroked out over this.
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Threats of abuse, threats of credit damage
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KETCHIKAN, ALASKA -- Last year Cellular one shut off my cell phone to get me to come in to their store and buy into their new GSM cell service. I went told them my phone stopped making and receiving calls, they informed me I had to buy one of their new $300. GSM phones, I did and the phone would not work from my home or place of business (which by the way is in plain view of the cell tower) so I returned the phone and told them to shut off my service that I was moving to Verizon cell service because it worked. The Cellular One employee then attacked me and threatened to take me out to the parking lot and beat me up! I told them to just shut off my phone since I was no longer under contract and had paid my bill in full, then left their store.

Five months later Cellular One is still billing me plus pilling on the late charges and threatening to destroy my credit rating. I have called each month to get this problem fixed but each time I get the run around and they still haven't closed my account!

I guess the only thing left for me to do is file assault charges and sue the pants of them!

Danger! do not do business with Cellular One!
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User Replies:
bigboxworker on 04/02/2008:
Why didn't you call the police? If a cellular one employee said he was going to assault you that's already a crime.
FoggyOne on 04/03/2008:
So what did the police say when you called them about the threats of assault?
Anonymous on 04/03/2008:
I believe since five months have passed there is very little, or anything that the police will do for you now. If you felt "threatened" it should have been reported to the police immediately, followed up with a written letter to the corporate office of Cellular One describing ALL of the issues, sent certfied and return receipt requested. You may have also been placed on a new contract since you bought a new phone. I know you paid $300, but cell phones are expensive these days and that may have been a discounted price. You might want to check your receipt and see if there is any mention of a new contract expiration date.
abobo on 04/03/2008:
There must be missing story between when you asked for your phone to be shut off and the attendant attacking you. Since it seems where this is where the transaction went downhill, please provide it.
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Insurance that wasn't there
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ALBANY, GEORGIA -- In January of 2002, I signed up for cellular service with CellularOne in Albany, GA. Since I had to pay $150.00 for a phone, plus the 1-year contract, I knew that the phone would cost me $300 or more to replace. I ask to be signed up for insurance, and left under the impression that I was insured. Well 6 months go by, and I drop my cell phone in my front yard. Well my dogs think it is a play toy and rips the antenna off. "No problem," because I have insurance. Well, I take the phone to the CellularOne office, only to be told that I would have to deal with the insurance company myself. I do, and then I find out that CELLULARONE HAS SCREWED ME!! I am notified that there is no insurance, AFTER I HAD ASK FOR IT, and upon checking my payments, I find nothing charged for insurance. Have they called me to try to work things out? NO, they KNOW THEY SCREWED UP AND ARE TOO SCARED TO CONTACT ME!! For this, CELLULARONE CAN KISS MY ASS!! I will never do business with a company that hires MORONS for sales that cannot check the INSURANCE WANTED BOX!! I have since learned that Verizion, a company I think I can work with, is buying this SORRY EXCUSE FOR A CELLULAR COMPANY! I look forward to helping the NEW BOSSES WEED OUT THE IDOTS working in the Albany, GA office.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/23/2002:
Get every contract in writing. Get copies of all contracts filled out.
srhenke on 04/01/2005:
I also did the same thing with the insurance broke my phone went into the CellONE store and told them what happened the rep helped me file the insurance claim. Couple days later found out I didn't have insurance. Went back and said I signed up for this mobile guard insurance for $4.99 a month. the called their service center said it doesn't show it. So my rep did one better dug through the files to find my service aggrement clearly on the agreement it was their. So he took the agreement call his CSM (Customer Serive Manager) told him the problem. Few weeks later I got my NEW PHONE.

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