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Centennial Wireless Only Cares About You Until You Sign The Contract
Posted by Redwolf on 04/28/2008
LANSING, MICHIGAN -- I have had the worst ordeal with Centennial Wireless. It started when I added two companion lines for my children at the advertised price of $10 per line. We were all supposed to share minutes, have early nights and weekends and the texting was to be blocked. I was quoted a price of $100-$110 per month. Surprise! My bills averaged $189 per month without going over the minutes. Each companion line was closer to $50 extra per month. Of course I called and complained (no record of the phone call though). I reiterated that the texting was to be blocked. The sales rep from the store kept texting my 15 year old daughter. Then less than two months into the new contract, we started having trouble with the Motorola razor phones. they would just shut off without warning and sometimes we would have to plug them in to be able to talk. Well I bought them cell phones for their safety and I was very angry about these phones. When the first one broke, I took it back to the store and since I purchased the insurance, I only had to pay $40 for a new phone!! Huh? Some insurance.

I was told by a different sales rep that they package the phones you p as new but they are actually used or refurbished phones. Each month my bill got higher and higher and I could not figure it out. Contacted them again, and I was told I called and canceled the early nights and weekends and I never asked for the texting to be blocked. I most certainly did not cancel the early nights and weekends. I did ask for the texting to be blocked and the never did it. Plus, they were charging me for calls that were supposed to be free, free free! Liars.

I am being sued now because I canceled the contract and even though I did so in writing and returned the phones and chargers to the store, they kept billing me - the following month my bill was over $300 and we did not even have phones!!!

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Posted by Starlord on 2008-04-29:
And people wonder why I have Tracfone??
Posted by MRM on 2008-04-29:
I have Virgin Mobile and a Tracfone so that people cant trace my calls! I never had contract based phones as they have terrible billing practices.
Posted by Trent on 2012-08-29:
I got charged the for calls that weren't mine and I would have to go in monthly. I basically had to go through the billing over ever single minute and phone number and have them deduct them and it go to be too much. I was getting enormous billd and they were always incorrect. Things never got fixed and I stopped using them. Still, I had to pay the full contracted amount and though it is paid off, 6 yrs later, it shows up on my credit report. Really? WTF? Well, I believe in Karma and I know in time, each person there will get what they deserve.
Posted by Aaron M on 2014-04-15:
They did the same thing to me back in 2008. Except the store that I went to was in Jackson, MI. I signed up for a plan that had the early nights and weekends, but when I received my bill
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Centennial Calling Relatives From Call History
Posted by Spam2008 on 09/02/2010
Yesterday, on my birthday, my AT&T cell phone (in my mother's name) rang waking me. Caller ID showed "Unknown" so I let it ring off. A few seconds later I got an email from Google Voice saying I had a voicemail.

It was Centennial calling for my mother. She had canceled her service and just received her final bill. My call history indicates they called my Google Voice number (which forwards to my AT&T phone) NOT my AT&T phone directly (one might assume they would call my AT&T phone since AT&T bought Centennial and both accounts are in her name, but this is not the case).

We have determined the only way for them to have gotten my phone number was to have looked at her phone records and "cold called" me. My Google Voice line is unlisted, in a different area code, and in my name. She called the number Centennial left and they claim they "have the right to do so".

As my Google Voice and my AT&T phone numbers are both on the FTC Do Not Call registry and I have had NO business dealings with Centennial Wireless within the last 8 month (technically never), I believe this company had no right to call me and I have filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau. It's in their hands now.

Furthermore, I am unsure if privacy laws permit this company to use these techniques, if so it's in my opinion bad business practice as they have enough information about my mother already to litigate if necessary. This has caused me and my wife to reconsider staying with AT&T for our wireless service (we had been considering switching carriers but hadn't because my wife owns an iPhone and didn't want to risk damaging it in the unlocking process).

After opening the bill, my mother says it incorrectly says she owes more money than she does. She has gone though the 30 day cancellation policy (even though I am not sure that was legal either as she was no longer contracted nor obligated to pay after immediate notification of cancellation).
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Posted by saj80 on 2010-09-02:
Is it possible your mother put you down as a contact/reference when she obtained her account?
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"Charge or not to Charge?"
Posted by Gravy46 on 01/16/2010
UNITED STATES, INDIANA -- This is a follow-up regarding charges for excessive bytes that I get billed. I couldn't log into my account here, so I had to register again, and would like to know if there are any others who have experienced a promise of a flat $19.99 rate per month for their computer usage?

I did receive a reply from one person who had the same experience I did, and just would like to thank her for her reply, but also would like to keep this issue active. My last bill from the company charged me again for overage of bytes used. My understanding is that no matter what is downloaded, whether you want it or not, or it is needed for security purposes, counts as usage, and this was never explained when I signed up for the so called flat rate of $19.99.

So, let us who have this charge on our bill, keep informed, and maybe there will be something revealed to get this cleared up. Thanks in advance for anyone who replies to this.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-17:
Is this on a cell phone? If it is, the MBs are always on your bill and downloading uses not only your space but the MBs. You area allowed so many per month. Any extra are billed to you. Better go back and read your contract and plan.

I don't have internet on my phone, but I do have unlimited text. if I download games or music or ring tones, I can also be charged for MBs if I go over my allowed usage.
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Paying for Gigabytes?
Posted by Lazydave on 11/16/2009
HUNTINGTON, INDIANA -- Back in April of this year I signed a contract for two years for wireless internet and home phone service.

I was given the old usual sales pitch about the product, and was told what I would receive for a great price. I was told by the salesperson, that my internet service was a special at $19.99 per month, period. No other charges were discussed. I recently received a bill charging me for going over 20 gigabytes. I would like to know if I missed something or has anyone else had this happen to them?

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-16:
When my got internet on her blackberry, she was allotted so many MBs per month. After that, she pays a fee. Internet is just like voice minutes, you get so many then you pay for the overage. Research your plan and see what your limit is.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-16:
Did you connect a server to your connection? If you did you are taking up bandwidwth of everyone else in your neighborhood.
Posted by lazydave on 2009-11-17:
I hope this posting is correct. I understand now that i have to pay for extra gigabytes, but at the time of signing and all the paperwork i have, including a hand written breakdown of my plan, there isn't anything mentioned about gigabyte usage, just the $19.99 special at that time. I feel that this is just another cost that is convienently left out when the sale was being made.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-11-17:
i'd say... don't go with the handwritten plan, read the printed plan.

hand written is just usually the basics to entice you and doesn't contain all of the fine print.
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Don't buy the Sierra Wireless Air Card (especially if you're on Mac or have a metal roof?)
Posted by Grafxt on 10/06/2009
I have a Sierra Wireless Air Card from Centennial and it is the slowest service I have had since dial-up first came on the scene many years ago. Remember when you could cook dinner for the family and come back and still be waiting for it to do something?
That is how this service is for me. In the store (one of the many times) they noticed I had a Mac laptop and said that it didn't work very well on a Mac. Which was never brought up when they were sell it to me. They also asked if I lived in a house with a metal roof. I do not. But, excuse after excuse...the problem never was resolved. The staff had attitudes also.
Sorry, I did business with Centennial. No one helped me. I am very disappointed.

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Posted by otallc on 2011-10-15:
I have Centennial service and am using an 881U Sierra Air Card. I must agree with the other review about their service, or lack thereof. We DO have metal roofs and this service is so slow that we are seriously considering going BACK to dial up because it was better!!! Signed, Disgusted in Michigan
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Worst company ever!!
Posted by Heather doe on 10/01/2009
I pay Centennial Wireless money from every paycheck. They just cashed a check from me last week. They called me at work saying I owe them more money. I told them never to call me at work again and I would take care of it when I got home. I hung up and the woman called me again. I told her again never to call me at work and hung up. Few minutes later my cousin called me telling me to call her. When I did she said Centennial Wireless called her at work looking for me. When I called them back they said they went through all my old phone bills and started calling numbers on them. They said they have every right to do that. This company is the worst!!!!
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Worst Phone Company Ever!!!
Posted by Skiitles on 05/31/2009
I have had SO many bad experiences with Centennial. First, I had a Samsung and you couldn't take the back off. I took it to centennial and they drilled a hole in it and gave me the same phone back with the hole in it. Then after we complained I got a a RAZR which I LOVED but I got water damage in it, so they gave me a crappy Nokia. Less than 2 weeks after I got it, it was turning off at least once a day. I went to the store and got the phone replaced. The man working took it in the back and said that he was testing it. When the new phone did the same thing again, we went back, and learned that there is no way to do testing. We got scammed.

Now I have the same phone, but I am going to complain sometime this week, and I BETTER get a good phone this time. Don't ever get this company.
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Worst Cell Phone Company To Exist
Posted by Teenysmom on 07/09/2008
LANSING, MICHIGAN -- I have to agree with the person from Lansing Michigan. My problem started when I signed my contract. I went through 3 yes 3 blue Razors with in 3 months into my contract. They insisted it was my fault. My phone shut off, the screen went out. Then I had no more insurance thanks to the wonderful phones I had. So someone gave me a new phone for free, and extended my contract with out my knowledge. Wonderful company they are. Now I am on my 4th phone, and the screen went out again. They won't even give me a break in the price seeing how I have been there for almost 2 years.

Oh and my bill...always $100.00 a month no matter what. I have lowered my plans and its still outrageous. A plan that is $50.00 a month shouldn't be $100.00 at the end. I never go over my minutes either. Point is Centennial Wireless Sucks Dung. I can't wait until I'm done with them.

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Posted by unleaded on 2008-07-09:
I personally think that all cell phone companies are frauds. None of them stay competitive, for example. You try getting a plan with all features, then maybe add in the same amount of minutes and compare. They all end up costing right around 40 bucks a month. How is that staying competitive? I just gave up on those with the plans, I only use mine for when I get stuck or something, or emergency. I think cell phones are just a fad more than anything, everyone has one so they think they can keep whatever price they want to for them. I also have magic jack, to me this COULD be the cell phone killer. If they find some way to put USB ports on phones which I'm sure has come to be already, and maybe a tiny lan card, cell phones would be going broke, then only playing 20 bucks a year for phone service. I take my laptop wherever I go, and wherever there is wireless internet I hook up my laptop, and I've got phone service. Thing is the laptops aren't portable enough to justify taking your laptop everywhere you go, if some company made a cell phone that would have a USB port and a hookup for a lan card, and then some way to have a tiny modem, all in 1, cell phones would be out very fast.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-10:
What's a magic jack?
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-10:
Ken, >>>> http://www.magicjack.com
Posted by chuckhollis on 2010-01-26:

Posted by PepperElf on 2010-01-26:
never tried magic jack
i do have skype tho and a simple prepaid phone
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Excellent Customer Service with Centennial Wireless
Posted by DP on 02/23/2006
I have had the pleasure of doing business with Centennial Wireless for the past two years. We have nothing but compliments and praise for the customer care reps at each store.
I come from an extensive back ground in wireless companies and by far Centennial Wireless rakes at the top for their efforts.
DP ~ Orange Texas
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Terrible service, equiptment, representatives: Everything
Posted by HerLoss on 08/24/2005
NORTH JUDSON, INDIANA -- I have had cellular service for over 12 years. I use other providers with the company I work for. My personal service is with Centennial Wireless, or Centennial Worthless as I say. There is not one positive comment I can make about them. They appear to be determined to operate a cellular phone company on the verge of falling apart! In very few places -even in the middle of the cities, long stretches of interstates and standing in open fields does their service ever improve. Constant dropped calls (no, not my handset, have replaced SEVERAL TIMES) constant fading of signal, average "signal strength" is two bars. Usually I am the first to call and report "the usual problem with the cell towers in the area we live in) You can try to call out, get a Network Busy error, Call Failed error, or just have the call dropped. Even go to the next city over, Valparaiso Indiana, your service all-but-doesn't work! Their excuse is a cellular tower problem with AT&T who owns the towers... Excuses are a plenty. Customer service is pathetic, their sales force will pretty much sell you a dream to get your business, but do NOT call them back for ANY help: After the sale, you are LOCKED into the contract, they know it; and you will not be helped to any real degree. I paid my bill late this past month- sent the check out without a stamp, my error. I wake up to find the phones are shut off and to restore the service, I am having to pay FULL AMOUNT DUE PLUS $25.00 per line restoration charge AT THAT TIME to turn them back on! Yes! This is when I told the collection agent: I am OUT OF HERE when the contract is up. I pay just over $100.00 per month and have been a customer with them for 5 years, have FOUR lines. People, RUN, not walk but RUN from these guys. I encourage you to find anyone else (alothough Verizon is nearly -but not quite) as bad. This is a complete review based on experience NOT someone who is mad. I am not really mad, I am just biding my time 'till I can RUN. JR North Judson, IN.
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Posted by redwolf on 2008-04-28:
I agree! Run! They will tell you anything but once you are locked into that contract and have problems with the phones, service or billing, they will treat you like crap. They will bill you anything they want, turn on or turn off your texting at whim, claim you called and changed your services when you did not, lure you into a plan at a certain price and charge tons more. And if you cancel the contract, first they will claim that you did not cancel and you will receive bills for months afterward even if you don't have the phones and they will send you immediately to their attorneys once you cancel the contract. Even if they are wrong, or they made the errors that forced you to terminate your contract, you will be sued anyway. Expect to pay an extra $1500 for attorney/collection fees in addition to the termination fees of $250 per line. I'm a single mother and cannot afford this and they absolutely do not care that their phones did not work and my kids were not safe and I felt I had no choice but to go elsewhere for reliable service. I am very stressed about this but I am fighting them all the way. Yes, Run!!!
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