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PHOENIX, ARKANSAS -- Three simple words:

Is there legal help anywhere? Is there an attorney group that will take on this sponsor involved in the Rachel Ray Cookware promotion?!

I entered the cookware promo, accepted a 14 day trial offer (pay only $4.95 shipping & handling), cancelled when it proved false, and was promptly charged $39.95 on top of the $4.95!

I placed an online order to the following company, a promotional sponsor of the Rachel Ray cookware.

Central Coast Nutraceuticals, Inc.
[snip - no names please]
2375 East Camelback Rd., 5th Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Toll-free Customer Support:
Phone: 1-888-692-8352 [NOTE: The telephone # goes to FL address!]
Available M-F 6am-5pm MST
Online support:
Support: www.getorderhelp.com

I cancelled the order via telephone (1-888-692-8352) and the online contact form (www.GetOrderHelp.com), within the 14-day risk free trial offer. The 14-day trial offer begins when I receive the product – NOT when it was ordered, per their Terms & Conditions.

I followed the Terms & Conditions, to the extent of double-cancelling. I do NOT owe this charge. For what it’s worth, I cancelled this order as SCAM!

I contacted my banking institution; they do not seem to think that I can get my money back, using the excuse that often times it’s an overseas venue. They promptly cancelled my CC!!!

Is there any help out there in stopping these people? They represent so many variations of so much stuff that unsuspecting people fall prey to.


Three simple words:

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Anonymous on 04/09/2009:
Which promotion are you referring to? centralcoastnutra.net has no mention of any promotions. It also seems they deal mostly with diet aids & green teas. The FAQ at getorderhelp says an order can't be canceled once placed. Customer must wait 2 weeks for delivery. Well, that sort of kills any chance of stopping the shipment.
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Unadvertised Fees Being Debited From Personal Accounts
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SOUTH CAROLINA -- The free bottle of POMclear for "just" $8.95 shipping ended up being $44.85 debited from my account! Their website contact info is NOT valid. I tried it & they used an invalid/inactive ISP, most likely due to former complaints! The initial ad didn't have any terms or conditions that I could see, nor any membership fees. I looked for that!
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spiderman2 on 11/10/2008:
I will never understand why people give access to their checking account to companies, particularly ones they haven't done business with before. It just seems like an invitation to have problems. I hope you can work this out, but your best solution may be to close your checking account.
Anonymous on 11/10/2008:
If the debit is recent, you can try having your bank return the charge. Since you gave out your account information, they may not be willing to do this, but it's always worth a try.
msnanny on 11/10/2008:
Did you read the Terms & Conditions?
shadaisy on 07/06/2009:
I was scammed also and if I had not used my debit card it would have been a month or so before I had found out if using a regular credit card. I found out immediately. The product was tooth whitening samples from 2 separate companies. And unfortunately I did not read the terms of use. One company charged me over $70., the other was almost $90. Signed me up for 2 other programs too with monthly charges. Luckily I have had a credit done on all products. Never order a so called "free sample or free trial sample". It is all a scam, I don't care what company it is. Even the ones that will send you a free CD to learn anything on the computer. Pay only S&H. Bull, I was charged close to $100., they sent me a 6 disc set instead of the one. Said I didn't read the fine print. How fine was it. These are all scams. Don't try them if they need credit card information.
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