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Unfair hospital billing for the uninsured
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SANFORD, FLORIDA -- Permit me to introduce myself. I am a 57-year-old male with a heart condition. 13 years ago I had a triple bypass. I have recently had two procedures done at Central Florida regional Hospital, Sanford Florida. Inasmuch as I have a pre-existing illness. I am uninsurable therefore, I am self-insured as a self-insured person. I am asking the hospital for the same pricing and courtesy. They would extend to any other insurance company.

This of course will reduce my bill by thousands of dollars. More importantly, should I succeed in my quest. It will open the door for other uninsured individuals to receive the same pricing, as shall we say Blue Cross and Blue Shield or United Healthcare, or better yet, Medicaid. Medicaid is state funded health insurance, why should we the people, which obviously have less money than any of our good states; paying more for medical procedures at the hospital than your state. I propose that medical billing for hospital and doctor procedures to uninsured individuals be at the Medicaid rates. Large insurance companies have had their thumb on the working-class people for decades. They lobby in Washington to suppress national healthcare. Therefore, national healthcare will never be viable, at least in my lifetime. However, with a little help from the people, we may be able to open a new avenue for the middle and poor classes an avenue of self-insured. A method by which our hospitals would be obligated to charge the same pricing as they would an insurance company or Medicaid, example, I was charged for one of my procedures $21,495.25 for a self-paid person Blue Cross and Blue Shield would pay the hospital. A meager $3,166.00, United Healthcare would pay only $3,500.00 Medicaid would have paid approximately $2,149.53. You must agree the people who are least likely to be able to pay a $22,000 bill would be the middle to poor classes you and me. Yet we are charged enormous fees. Ask yourself why; my guess, the enormous tax write-offs. I ask you to help me fight the hospitals the large for-profit as well as the not-for-profit corporations to obtain better health care at affordable pricing for all uninsured Americans. My proposal is this. I personally am willing to assist any and all Americans that have been charged enormous medical bills from any hospital to contact me with their billing procedure codes. I will be processed the codes determine the correct Medicaid billing price, write the appropriate negotiation letter to which ever hospital it may be and suggests that we be charged Medicaid pricing. The more people involved in this procedure. The sooner we Shall prevail.

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