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Disgraceful College
Posted by on
Centura College is out there to flip a quick profit, they can express all the concern in the world on how they will help you find a job when you graduate, how they are concerned that you graduate.....its real simple, they are concerned on getting the funding and your money! The only concern they have for you and I to pass is because of the pass fail ratio, poor passing ratio means poor funding!

They do NOTHING to help you find a job, and when you end up on unemployment, they send you strait to collections! NOT try to find you a job so be prepared to get kicked in the face when the chips are down! When there are financial issues with their loans, don't wait for the phone call back-I have spoke to the same idiots 5 or 6 times and they can never figure out who you are or what your talking about. The only 2 women that had a clue, they got rid of 3 or 4 years ago!
Good move!

If you want an education, a good education with a college that really will be out there to assist you......

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trmn8r on 06/05/2011:
A really good college helps you most with its reputation, in my opinion.

There are a lot of schools out there that tell you about their placement service. Yes, they have a long list of places looking for low cost labor. It pays to research outcomes before enrolling at one of these. Helpful!
raven2010 on 06/05/2011:
I'm confused. You cannot "end up on unemployment" unless you were working-----

That said, I agree with trm. Most of those colleges are "mills". Look for a school that is fully accredited.

I love University of Phoenix. I have used them off and on for years, as I have the funds. A little more expensive, but a great education!
Skye on 06/05/2011:
The sad truth is, they cannot guarantee anyone will become employed, once you graduate.

They offer what other universities offer, job placement assistance, but they cannot control who gets hired and who does not.

Good luck with your job search. It's hard out there right now for many people, and sometimes taking a job just to help you get by, until you can find work in your chosen field will help with the bills.
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How can I handled this issue about this school
Posted on
VIRGINIA BEACH, VA, VIRGINIA -- I having a problem with this college. When I press them about my pell check they throw a monkey wrench in my education. They drop me from my online classes. Stating I wasn't doing my work and I was. They didn't send me no documentation of nothing. How can I contact the federal government about this matter and do I need an attorney to fix this issue. My name is Daniel L. Jones
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DebtorBasher on 09/01/2010:
Maybe contact your State's Attorney General's office?
Dr. English on 09/02/2010:
Hello Mr. Jones.

This is Joel English, the Executive Director of Centura College. As always, I'd suggest your contacting the school officials first to resolve any sorts of complaints you may have, as per the school catalog's complaint policy. I would be happy to talk to you about the conditions of your academic and financial standings at Centura College. I will reach out to you via telephone, and if I'm unable to reach you, please feel free to call me toll free at 877-281-2121. I'd be glad to help clarify anything related to your education here at our school. Have a great day.

Dr. English
Jody on 11/19/2011:
I am in the same situation with this college my credit is messed up due to all these strange student loans out of no where when I try to speak with someone about the issue nobody knows what's going on not even the head of financial aid. what should I do ?
Former Employee on 10/12/2012:
Try contacting the ACCSC they are the accrediting body. I'm sure they would love to hear your concerns.
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