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Unprofessionalism By Owner
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Rating: 2/51

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- Over the past year or so I have had nothing but problems with mechanical service from Century BMW. My sales representative, Rick, is the only person I will miss. I would bring my car in for routine service, only to return every time with a few days to 3 weeks with a greater problem than I had before. It appears that since my 2006 750LI reached 100,000 I have had nothing but problems taking it into Century BMW. I have had my car serviced by dealerships in Atlanta or even Birmingham in the past and never had a problem mechanically. I have noticed mechanical problems or fluid leakage before it even registers on my vehicle.

My car has always sat in a covered garage with a carpet underneath and pampered to the utmost. I remember once when they were returning my car to me while I was waiting outside I noticed "bird poop" all over the side. When the service person looked down at the door after he noticed that I was staring in horror, he asked me if I wanted him to clean it. What kind of question is that! Another time, a hose was forgotten, and the list goes on and on.

On my last service one of the mechanics had broken one of my buttons on my inside panel, and because the individual button could not be replaced, the entire panel had to be replaced. It took almost a month of pressing and pushing to get this ordered. I am not a gambling woman, but what would be the probability that one person could have this many problems with one dealership. I own a Mercedes as well, and the service has always been impeccable. I have never had to wait for a loaner vehicle, and at least they have a Starbucks coffee machine.

But what amazed me today was the unprofessional response I received from George. After voicing my total frustration, all he gave away was excuse, after excuse after I noticed blue coolant fluid leaking from my vehicle this morning. No consolation. Just arrogance! When I told him to just leave my car alone and I would come and get it, his response was "Well, come and get it then!" And that is just what I did.

A nice gentleman at The Mercedes Dealership in Huntsville gave me the name of a gentleman who used to own a BMW shop when he lived in Australia, and come to find out, most of my doctor colleagues use him as well. I took my car directly to him after he told me to bring it straight to him. I did just that. I was totally impressed and I can't wait to see how he services my vehicle. I have even heard that the BMW dealership takes cars to him when their mechanics can't figure out the problem. I am waiting in anticipation. Anything has to be better than dealing with George and his mechanics at Century BMW.

Unfortunately, the mechanics at Century do not realize that they put the lives of human beings at risk. Basic physics states that mass x acceleration equals "Force". Imagine, a vehicle 4000 pounds traveling at 60 mph, with poor mechanical service could easily calculate into "death".

Unauthorized repairs
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I took my 2005 BMW X3 with 81,000 to Century BMW in Greenville SC with a complaint about sudden decrease in gas mileage. The service tech thought the problem would be spark plugs but agreed to run diagnostics first. He had the spark plugs changed and charged me over $250 BEFORE running diagnostics. Diagnostics found a hole in an air intake line. Another charge of approximately $800.

I challenged the need for both steps and asked for the old parts. The technician insisted agreed to send them but only sent a couple of rubber parts which I guess was the air intake line. But no spark plugs. A conversation with the Service Manager got me nowhere. He did not even bother to actually understand the situation. Bottom line: my last visit to the only BMW dealer anywhere near my home.

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HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- Century BMW of Huntsville, Al has proven to support and use unethical business practices regarding their car maintenance program. I own a 2002 325i, which I purchased from them with 100 miles on it. Regular maintenance while under warranty was fine, but after that, watch out! Recently, the oil cost $3.25 but the labor to change it was $96.25!! Excuse me?? In addition, the brake pads have been replaced 3-4 times in four years, a dome light went out and they charged $17.00 to change the bulb, a headlight went out 3 times in 4 years... and the bulb cost $60.00!

The labor costs are as much as the parts, but mostly, the labor is not equitable for what the job was!! And i'd like to know where I can go to stop this and to protest. I contacted the dealership owner, George Jones, and he was a total ass. He said that because we agreed to have the work done, he was covered legally. Yes, we agreed to the work, but only because my son now drives the car and had to get back to college the next day! There was no time to take it elsewhere, not to mention that when we bought the car, they warned us against taking it anywhere but Century BMW for repairs... due to special oil, blah, blah blah.

We have a free economy but where do consumers go to halt such unethical practices. Are they just allowed to spew false advertising and then rip people off? We were verbally coerced to service our car there, and then found out we could have taken it elsewhere for repairs at a much lower cost... we got slammed! I want everyone and anyone to know that this dealership practices nothing less than thievery, so if you live in and around the area.... Steer clear of Century BMW of Huntsville, Al! My last bill was close to $2600.00!! I could have gotten a new engine for that price, but the repairs were not anything of the kind.. mostly routine work. I am livid!

Company Response 05/17/2010:

Mrs. Ceci's son drove the BMW and they brought it to our shop for service and repairs. The vehicle had approximately 67,000 miles and we provided an estimate for oil service, overhead bulbs, door trim repair, brake fluid flush, high beam bulb replacement, right front lower control arm and bushings, rear brake pads and rotors, 4 wheel alignment and rear wheel bearing. We called Mrs. Ceci and she advised us to call her husband to approve the repairs. We called the husband, he approved the repairs, and we completed the work on the vehicle. They picked up the vehicle and paid the bill.

A few days later Mrs. Ceci called me accusing us of ripping them off. I informed her that they could have come in prior to the repairs being done and we would have been happy to have a technician show them what we had recommended for the estimate, but if they didn't think the vehicle needed the suggested repairs they should have brought that up prior to the work being done.

I'm always happy to help discount the parts or labor for a good customer prior to the work being done, however when I receive the call after the work was approved and performed and being accused of ripping somebody off there is not much that can be accomplished…….

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