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Movie Ticket Counter Deception
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I just went to the Century Theatre here in vallejo and got 2 tickets. When I wanted to pay, they said it will be $20 (which I think is high, but its okay) and I gave them my credit card. They said they don't take credit cards but have an ATM matchine inside.
When I went inside their ATM matchine it charged $3.50 which I thought was clear rip off. I got it anyhow since I really din't have a choice but to just leave the theatre.
This is such a big theatre with a big name, so why are they not taking credit cards as payment?? and if they don't want to take credit card, why an ATM matchine that costs $3.50 (and my bank will charge $2.00 for using non-bank ATM.)
I think its a clear ripp off since they don't put in front of their counter "only cash accepted" or on their phone message. They should know everyone now carries credit cards!!!
Century Theare owes me $3.50 + $2.00

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