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Movie Ticket Counter Deception
Posted by Lasher on 05/15/2005
I just went to the Century Theatre here in vallejo and got 2 tickets. When i wanted to pay, they said it will be $20 (which i think is high, but its okay) and i gave them my credit card. They said they don't take credit cards but have a ATM matchine inside.
When i went inside their ATM matchine it charged $3.50 which i thought was clear rip off. I got it anyhow since i really din't have a choice but to just leave the theatre.
This is such a big theatre with a big name, so why are they not taking credit cards as payment?? and if they don't want to take credit card, why an ATM matchine that costs $3.50 (and my bank will charge $2.00 for using non-bank atm.)
I think its a clear ripp off since they don't put in front of their counter "only cash accepted" or on their phone message. They should know everyone now carries credit cards!!!
Century Theare owes me $3.50 + $2.00

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Posted by socal1 on 2005-05-16:
It's not their fault that you didn't have cash on you. While it is odd they dont take cards (every theatre I've been to does), the bottom line is that you CHOSE to use their ATM, you could have gotten into your car and driven to an ATM from your bank that doesn't charge a fee. The ATM notified you of the fee, and you accepted. Century Theatres doesn't owe you anything. This is a nonsense complaint.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-05-16:
10 bucks a ticket? In that case, I have some old VHS tapes Id like to sell to you for 20 dollars a tape.
Posted by chris75056_1 on 2005-05-16:
I agree that it's a rip-off ($10 a ticket and $3.50 fee on their ATM? Makes a very good case for home video.), but you paid the money voluntarily. You don't deserve anything back. If you ever go return, at least now you know to hit an ATM on the way.
Posted by Slimjim on 2005-05-16:
Clearly a high priced theatre. Now you know for next time if you want to patronize there. If you do, I'll bet you bring cash.
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