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My Home Violated by CENTURY 21 Agent
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Rating: 1/51

WAYNE, NEW JERSEY -- Recently submitted to CENTURY 21 headquarters: I am presently renting (for the last 7 years) but in the process of moving (in the next month and half) and as you can imagine it is very stressful, boxes are everywhere. My present landlord asked if he could have the house shown. I agreed but only if agent calls ahead as I like to know who is in my home. I have tried to keep my bedroom clutter free, a place where I can go to escape the disruption.

I came home yesterday after an agent showed my house - Maria ** from CENTURY 21 on Berdan Ave in Wayne, NJ to find my bedroom basically violated. I have drapes that I keep closed because the room is on the ground floor. The drapes have valances with vines and flowers intertwined which took quite awhile to arrange. The drapes were wrenched open, flowers/vines all over the floor - just left. Maybe this is a nothing thing to you but how dare someone come into my home (at least for the time being) and tamper with my things so carelessly?? Who knows what else was fiddled with? Drawers gone through, etc??

I called the office to voice my complaint but the manager, Maria ** was unavailable. I called the agent directly on her cell phone (card left at house) and she hung up on me. And when I called back, had her phone turned off. I would never go into someone else's house and move/touch their things. It is totally DISRESPECTFUL. I don't expect or accept that someone would do that in mine. I should think you would want more professional people working under your company name and I hope you contact the office manager and express the same concern. ** their office - ** her cell, maybe she will speak to you.

Physically Threatened Our Family
By -

ABINGDON, VIRGINIA -- Century 21 Shamrock Realty, Unethical in Every way! First, let me start by saying that anything typed in Caps is for emphasis on that particular word/sentence (like many other posters on this site); I am not yelling. These incidents occurred between September 2007 and January 2008. I have thought this over very thoroughly before posting my review, to make sure it is NOT just an emotionally charged rant but a factual account of the events that took place...

All seemed well upon meeting a buyer's agent at the prestigious Century 21 Shamrock in Abingdon, VA. She took us out to lunch after showing my family the home we were planning on purchasing. Subtle little clues began to appear during negotiations, that perhaps she wasn't entirely on "our side". We brushed them aside at first due to the excitement of beginning a new chapter in our new home "to-be".

Soon enough conversations were conveniently forgotten. Items that were supposed to be included with the sale price of the home grew price tags out of nowhere. We had caught and confronted her in numerous lies about this. When approached, she never seemed concerned on our behalf. She had no clue as to whether or not inspections and appraisals had been completed in the timely manner they were supposed to be. Keep in mind she was signed as OUR representative during this time and that is an agent's job (to make sure everything is done in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the client).

THE DAY BEFORE closing there was still no word as to if it would happen as scheduled (the mortgage company was still waiting to get the appraisal back). Yet she told our LARGE family and house pets to "Come on down, everything will be fine". We were moving WAY out of state and had no choice but to come. The trailer with all our belongings had left the day before. A little behind in our traveling schedule (because of the closing on our home, and saying goodbye to family and friends),we drove straight through the night so we could be at our "closing" on time the next morning. Had our cell phones on us and active the whole time, expecting some sort of news.

Drained and SO tired we made it to closing shortly after arriving in VA only to find out the mortgage had been denied that morning. The entire team at Century 21 Shamrock, and the homeowners we were trying to buy from knew this but waited to tell us until we arrived... AFTER an 8 and 1/2 hour drive and no sleep.

Funny they had been informed before us considering we were the ones applying for the loan - which IS on the mortgage company, but some more notice would have been nice. At least then we could have caught a few ZZZ's and rescheduled so we could have been a bit more "clear minded" and "on the ball" and ready to catch them during their deceit, instead of days later when it all sank in.

They miraculously already had the contract to rent this property for (2 months) drawn up before our arrival, so you know they had been hard at work and already informed of the mortgage companies decision. They refused to show any of the water and septic inspection paperwork for the property, telling us, "well your not buying it yet" only to later say they showed us. BY LAW in the state of Virginia, water and sewer/septic testing MUST be done, so even though the purchase had fallen through that morning, the proof of testing should have been there. If it had been done, what was the problem with showing us? We were going to be living in the home, shouldn't we know if the water was safe for drinking? Or more importantly, were they expecting the mortgage to fall through because they knew more about how the market in this area worked?

**NOTE - when buying or selling a home, you sign your initial EVERY page pertaining to inspections, for the seller, buyer and company's protection. ETHICALLY Realtors are required to provide you with copies of EVERYTHING signed/initialed ON THE DAY YOU SIGN IT!!!** IF we had signed or been shown those inspections (which we were not) we would have copies of them. We have copies of EVERYTHING else!

They refused any negotiations on the rental price for us, $2,000 a month is ludicrous for ANY property in Russell County (we later found out); refused any negotiations that would subtract this large amount of rent from the sale price, which usually is the norm when you are trying to purchase the home. It was a take it or leave it type of deal, and my family with nowhere else to go was duped into signing.

Our family being new to the state was a huge disadvantage for us. We were dependent entirely upon the referrals from Century 21 Shamrock when shopping for mortgages. It was our belief only Local lenders would write on the property after failed attempts with National companies who tend to have stricter policies. She referred us to "wonderful" lender after lender (who would not write on the property due to its uniqueness, water system and acreage), never suggesting the local banks (who SOME SAY would have written on the property had we come to them FIRST).

We were also unfortunate enough to receive some horrible advice concerning credit scores. Our "agent", who should be experienced in the process of applying for mortgages, was asked what effect all these attempts would have on a credit score. Her response, "Oh, it doesn't matter when applying for home loans. They don't impact it at all." FACT - you may hit your credit for mortgages repeatedly without it effecting negatively, but only in a (if memory serves me) 14 day period - it will only count as one hit. *I am saying her "advice" was WAY wrong. Not saying that we were not responsible for checking into it. We should have. But know better now. Lesson learned.*

During this time we had kept in close contact with "our representative" and the broker, hoping to get certain question asked about the water and septic... Since we were still trying to purchase the home, we wanted the results (we also had a family member fall VERY ill that was taken to the emergency room and treated by the doctor after tons of testing for water contamination - WE NEEDED THOSE RESULTS. Nobody in the home touched the water after that). Typically the results are given BEFORE signing ANY contracts.

We had also inquired as to why the home was still actively on the market. While reviewing the rental contract we realized where it said "property is to remain on the market and available for showing" was CROSSED OFF and INITIALED by BOTH PARTIES!!!

We have small children in the home and strangers pulling into the driveway while the kids were playing outside made our family EXTREMELY uncomfortable. Especially because some of these people had persisted in asking us about the property (some of them appeared VERY UNSAVORY and had attitudes with us, like we should show them the home) and drove by on multiple occasions at any given time. Their "visits" were unpredictable.

The broker became VERY agitated by our inquiries and said "Oh well, too bad. We will NOT take the home off the market. We do NOT have to show you ANY inspections". At times she would say "You were already shown them and satisfied"; ALWAYS with MAJOR attitude. Even after we pointed out that by crossing off that statement on the contract and initialing it, meant the property should NOT be listed while the contract was in place (our lawyer at the time agreed, but unfortunately was not of much help... ALWAYS in court). We had tried to also to speak with the homeowner about it, who simply said "We didn't mean to cross that off" (YET THEY DID AND HAD INITIALED IT). Before then we had what we thought of as a "good relationship" with them.

ANYWAY, after so many failed attempts due to being directed to STRICT LOCAL LENDERS and not staying in the 14 day credit time frame. A credit score that was PERFECTLY FINE to start with "had too many inquiries" and we wanted to wait a few months before trying again for a mortgage on the home.

We had 2 mortgage companies lined up (one who was extremely helpful and counseled people with credit scores as well), who wanted us to wait till the "few" points lost from all the inquiries recovered, then they WOULD MOST CERTAINLY write on the property (the underwriters had already reviewed it and said they would write on the property if we waited). This would take approximately 3 months-6 months MAX as long as we stayed in good standing with our bills (which was NOT a problem).

We went to a lawyer and had a lease purchase agreement drawn up to propose to the homeowners since Century 21 Shamrock had failed us repeatedly in such a short time. The proposal consisted of 8 months rent at the $2,000 a month and paying half the cost for a new water system (since it was repeatedly brought to our attention that mortgage companies do not like to write on properties with spring fed water systems) and the promise to secure financing at the end of the 8 months.

Most all of the language about up keep to the property, that was in the first lease, remained the same. We did however ask that they stop showing the home and at least take the address off of the listing, or remove it all together as previously promised. *It is a simple thing to put the listing back up if we failed to purchase.*

We waited on pins and needles to hear if our proposal was accepted. The DAY BEFORE our original contract ran out we were told that we were going to be asked to leave. Beside ourselves and with no plan B we started talking with the lawyer again, but this time to see if they could negotiate a few more months for us so we could pack our newly unpacked belongings and find a new home.

One day we came home to a message on our machine after looking at homes. It was the Broker who was simply returning one of our calls. Fortunately for us the broker, her husband (who is NOT an agent), the buyer's agent (our agent) and the seller's agent were unaware that the phone was not hung up but put on speaker.

I have to this day, them recording themselves on our answering machine laughing at us, calling us names, saying watch out when they talk to us and make sure you have a witness (we had given them no reason to need one, just uncovered all of the lies they had tried to pull), then saying that if they had to come out to the property they would have to "Break our knees and throw us in the waterfall".

Particularly disturbing because the property had a waterfall on it and if you were to fall or be thrown from the top, the result would most assuredly be death. They were FIRED IMMEDIATELY and made aware of their blunder. NO APOLOGY WAS EVER GIVEN (the least they could have done).

When our rental contract was up (NULL AND VOID) they refused to release the $1,000 escrow payment we had given them, when it CLEARLY stated in the contract that it was to be returned to us. Keep in mind that was NOT the damage deposit, the homeowners (on the day of signing) had received an extra months rent for that.

The company and the homeowners wanted us out BAD after this. We needed more time yet no further negotiations were able to be made as a result of our firing them. Lawyers stepped in and did the talking for us since the owners, who had previously been so nice to us, would not even speak to us. All we had tried to do was buy their house. We paid 2,000 dollars each month we lived there. They had told us numerous times NOBODY would EVER make us leave, it was our home. It was a very disturbing situation. A horrible way to spend Christmas for ANY family; our children didn't even have a tree due to the upset of moving.

During the time we were trying to move, the seller agent's vehicle was spotted parked on the property at many times (by our neighbors) without her anywhere to be found. She repeatedly did "drive by's" at all different hours on any given day of the week for the sole purpose of spying on our family. If she was to be showing the home we were supposed to have 24 hour notice. After being told to stay away and find another agent to show the property, due to the threat made on my family, she continued these impromptu drives to an area she had no reason being at.

We read and reread Realtor ethic and landlord ethic. Yes, they have the property to concern themselves with. Yes, the property is to be made available to them with 24 hours notice. but if you read a little further it says that this is NOT for the intent to disrupt or harass the tenants and is not to be abused. *If the landlord cannot determine whether the premises have been abandoned by the tenant, the landlord shall serve written notice on the tenant in accordance with § 55-248.6, requiring the tenant to give written notice to the landlord within seven days that the tenant intends to remain in occupancy of the premises.

If the tenant gives such written notice to the landlord, or if the landlord otherwise determines that the tenant remains in occupancy of the premises, the landlord shall not treat the premises as having been abandoned. *(And most certainly NOT have their agent drive by constantly to see what we were up to).

When renting any property the renters have a right to live in a peaceful manner and not be harassed in any way, even when being asked to leave. If questions arise about the condition of the property an inspection should be scheduled and followed through in a tasteful manner.

Before this agent had started doing her drive by's an inspection had already occurred, the owner himself had been assured the property was not abandoned and the tenants had made it a very pleasant, "cozy" home. There was no reason for her continued "stalking". She went beyond the duties that are set forth by ANY company, and you have to question her mental state to behave in such a way. The home is about a 45 minute (or more depending on the route you take) drive from the Realtor's office and at the time the only property they had listed in the area.

I know for a fact that the Realtor in question did not live anywhere near the home, and was not visiting anyone in the community. It is a VERY small community on the very edge of the town. It only has one road, directly in front of the home, that leads in and out. People in the community were calling my family to let us know she was driving around and parking on the other side of the property.

I warn any and all people looking to buy or sell their home to STAY AWAY from Century 21 Shamrock and all their agents. P.S. the property mentioned above is in Southwest V.A., at the time it was listed at $259,900 and had been on the market for over a year and already reduced. Our offer of $245,000 had been accepted, our second offer (made right before eviction) of $215,000 was laughed at. The property is now listed at $199,900 and up for auction.

I warn anyone looking into that property that would be depending on a mortgage. No company would write on it (during the time) due to spring fed water system, guest house built WITHOUT permits, amount for the area and the amount of acreage (homes in that area usually go for 40-90,000). Only local banks have CONSIDERED lending, but then backed out due to the obscene price for the area and there being no available comparables (comparables usually need to be sold in the past 3 or 6 months) depending on their rules something to take into account when shopping for ANY home.

You also have to wonder about their marketing strategies. I know it is wonderful to get top dollar for your home, not I have seen SO many properties listed with them, still around the same price that they were listed for this past summer. How long are you willing to have your home up for sale? Years?

Century 21 in Pittsfield, MA
By -

My wife and I were first time home buyers and as such, felt that we needed a buyer'€™s realtor to guide us through the process. The services that ** performed for us were limited to setting up an automatic search for all of the surrounding towns, setting up appointments to see houses, and writing up the standard contract. The search that was set up only sorted on price and did not take into consideration any of our desires in a house (acres of land, number of bedrooms, etc.).

We had to completely sort through all of the listings and try to determine which houses we wanted to see on our own, without any knowledge of the conditions of any of the houses. An example of the type of sorting that we had to do on our own was to eliminate a 96 acre property because we wanted something that was less than an acre.

The services that we felt were deficient were her lack of helpful comments when looking at a house, her inability to listen to us when discussing a proposed bid, her inability to relay correct information from the seller'€™s realtor to us, her desire to discuss her personal life rather than the current house when touring homes (which was a distraction when viewing the home), and her general unhelpfulness. In our search for a home we visited with ** close to 30 houses and never received any feedback about the house, even when there were obviously things wrong with the house.

An example of such an incident occurred after visiting a house a few hours after a rain shower. The house had standing water in the basement without a sump-pump, but when we asked ** if she saw anything wrong with the house, she indicated she did not. I understand that a realtor might not want to give disinformation, but standing water in the basement is obviously a very bad thing.

When discussing a proposed bid we felt that ** was never listening to us, only trying to ensure the sale of a house. We were operating under a time constraint when buying our house and absolutely had to close by a specific date or we would lose our mortgage. We explained this situation to ** but during the bidding process she came back to us multiple times asking if we could move this date. The really aggravating part of this situation was that the closing date was over 90 days from when the contract was signed, but ** kept trying to assure us that closing dates over 90 days away were normal.

After talking with our lawyer and a banker we discovered that 90 days was not the normal and we would have been unable to obtain a traditional loan because a bank would not tie up their money for 90 days. Along with the bidding, ** never stuck to the set times on a pending contract and was too lenient with the sellers. Some times the bidding when for up to a week. We ended up placing four bids on homes and somehow two of those were all of a sudden outbid. Yet, these homes had been on the market for months and no changes of the price had occurred.

The third major area of deficiency was **'€™s inability to relay correct information from the seller's realtor to us. Therefore, we began to start calling the seller's realtor or even the seller in some cases, in order to know we were being told the information correctly.

We thought that ** was extremely unhelpful in trying to discover information about a property and about looking out for our interests. When we saw a house and were interested in the house we would ask about the availability of basic services such as cable TV/Internet and would have to contact the service companies ourselves to discover the information.

Also when attempting to modify our bid after, our inspection revealed the roof needed to be replaced. ** advised us that it wasn't worth trying to reduce our bid because the other couple wasn'™t going to move on price. Considering a roof cost approximately $5000 dollars to replace, I would not consider trying to obtain some form of payment for a roof as not worth it. And yes, after pushing her to do as we asked, we were given some money from the sellers.

Over all, we had to do all of the research on how to go about finding and buying a home ourselves. ** was not a helpful resource. She would just tell us to look into any information we were curious about, with zero guidance from her. Even when writing the contract we had to review each and every word she wrote and correct it to make sense or to be correct. She did not know what the home came with, she did not calculate the numbers correctly for the bid, and she left out important details. We were especially disappointed that she did not even know the closing process well.

We had to look up and ask others (such as our co-workers, lawyers, and realtors from other companies) as to what we needed to do and how to go about closing. We feel that ** did not represent your company anywhere near as well as when we have worked with your company in other parts of the country.

FLAT FEE LISTING in GA, FL, NY Stay Away From Century 21 Clickit!!!
By -

SNELLVILLE, GEORGIA -- We purchased a flat listing from and our listing was forwarded to Century 21 Click it in Snellville, GA. PLEASE do some research BEFORE you sign with this company. We agreed to some terms that include $15 PER picture of our property, only 2 free changes per month to our information, etc. etc. What we did NOT know is that other companies, such as and could have done the job WITHOUT all these outrageous and ridiculous fees. will AT NO CHARGE add up to 25 pictures. The cost of that through Century 21 Click it is a whooping $375.

These people at Century 21 Clickit also seem to just get the paperwork done and hit "enter". I understand that I am paying a small flat fee, but when I see ALL the options I could have gotten at NO EXTRA CHARGE from Fidelity Flat Fee I regret not looking into my options beforehand. Please to all the homeowners, make sure that you do your research before you decide to list your home with a flat fee company such as Century 21 click it. The extra monies you will shed if you want minimal exposure to your property will very well over double what you paid as a "flat fee".

Go and check Fidelity Flat Fee listing in your state before you go through will only hand you out to other brokers who do not care. It is always better to deal with the people you paid. Century 21 Clickit has been a horrible experience and I hope this review can help other people.

So in sum, Stay away from Century 21 Clickit. Please look into other companies that will do a MUCH better job for the same price, who will not charge the outrageous fees that Century 21 Clickit will charge. For good options, simple google Flat Fee listing and then your state. You will come up with flat fee listing sources which you will be able to compare.

Talk About a Really Messed Up, Unorganized, Rude Company
By -

I have talked to this company at least 6 times to try to get my bill straightened out. And every person I talk to gives me an amount each time they swear is the amount due. So I pay that amount then get the next bill with a past due amount. NOT! And they have changed my policy, without my permission, at least 3 times. My rate is different EVERY month?????

I am ready to give up on this insurance company - no one there has any idea what the heck they are doing. I have NEVER talked to a worse bunch of idiotic people! My last bill was $89 - which I paid in full. I just got my new bill which states that my last bill was $131.00 (it was $89) and my new bill is $141.00. I am calling them for the last time today. This is their last chance to get it right or I am going elsewhere immediately. IDIOTS!!!!!

Don't List Your Home With Century 21 Mechanicsville VA
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

MECHSNICSVILLE, VA., VIRGINIA -- I seen a home they had listed for rent on Dugout terrace in Mechanicsville and I called and left a message. 3 days later I called again and spoke to an agent called ** from Century 21 in Mechanicsville VA. We spoke and I told her that I wanted to see the home on 6008 Dugout in Mechanicsville and she said she only shows homes Monday through Friday 10:00 to 4:00. I told her that my husband travels and we could only see the home Saturday or Sunday. She agreed to take us on Saturday and asked me to call her and that she would take us to see it in the afternoon.

I emailed her again just to give her our phone number just in case something changed. I also called her the following morning and left a message to set up a time. She never called us back. She left us dressed waiting for her call. She never emailed or responded but on Tuesday she emailed me a short note saying I am showing this home on Wed at 4:00. I seen that she even placed the house back on Craigslist on Monday as if I had never called her to see it. I feel sorry for anyone who gives their home to this company. They do not have any communication skills and if you think they are working for you.. They Are Not!!

I do not recommend anyone who need their home rented or managed by **. At Century 21 in Mechanicsville to even think about it. Very Unprofessional! She lacks communication skills. I have been trying to see this home for a week and a half.... I would not use this location to either rent or sell your home.

Poor Judgment of Manager and Poor Customer Service.
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Rating: 1/51

MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY -- I had $10.00 in reward points from prior purchases to use at the Morristown Century 21. I bought perfume for $89.00 but couldn't use the reward $$ for perfume. I was told by a sales clerk that I could apply it to other merchandise and I asked to apply the $10.00 to purchase a tie for $9.97. Because the tie was $.03 less than the points balance, the clerk couldn't process the transaction.

So we called the store manager who refused to override it. The store lost a customer over $.03. I returned the $89.00 perfume and the store lost more than the $10.00 reward balance in the deal. They also lost future business over a robotic decision. Why offer rewards that can't be used? Sounds like a scam to me.

By -

WAPPINGER FALLS, NEW YORK -- We had placed an offer on a house that the seller accepted. We had the inspection done which cost $ 620.00. We received the contract from the seller's attorney on a Friday. By Monday, we received a call from our agent stating that the seller's agent, from Century 21, called her and said that the seller accepted a higher offer. Therefore, they were taking back our accepted offer.

Ethically, the seller's agent should not have taken any more offers. Especially, since we already received the contract and spent money on the deal. This action was unprofessional. Nothing was offered to rectify the situation. We were played dirty. In this economy, everyone works hard for their money to have someone just take it away.

Customer Service
By -

LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK -- Recently a consumer posted a complaint about her experience with Century 21 Department Stores. She wanted to return a coat after a 3 month period and expected a full refund/credit. I have to say that to even expect a store to allow you to return merchandise after a whole season, which in retail is about 3 months, is quite frankly unreasonable.

The fact is that the store does its best to accommodate customers in matters regarding returns. Even if the item is "brand new" to your eyes it has lost its value as a seasonal piece of merchandise. As consumers we should shop wisely and resist the buy-to-return mentality that is very often taken these days. Most stores have a less liberal return policy than Century 21.. A refund/credit is given according to return policy. As an employee and a consumer, I think that a thumbs up is in order for Century 21 and its attention to the consumer.

By -

NEW JERSEY -- The customer service policy is not customer service friendly. I bought a coat 10-27-07. I have never worn the coat. It was intact, receipt attach paper wrapping on zipper in place. The coat was in immaculate condition. I returned the coat 01-19-08 with original store receipt. I did not expect my money back, I expected store credit. The store would not give me store credit for the $189 that I paid for the coat. Instead, would only give me $90 because that is the sale price for the coat. I felt that I was robbed with my eyes open.

I spoke to 2 managers and that is all they were willing to do. Think this as a RIP OFF. They already got my entire amount now I have to be a $100 dollars out of luck. Other stores such as Marshalls and Macy's would have given you store credit for your entire amount if you produce a receipt. I am outraged. I HAVE BEEN ROBBED.

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