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Chadwicks Charged My Credit Card, Never Shipped Item, Bad Customer Service, Not Sincere
By -

TAUNTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Stay away from Chadwicks! Horrible customer service. False information. Not sincere. I ordered 2 items from them in April 2011 for my college graduation ceremony in May. Even though I was signed up as a user on their site, I never received an order confirmation but learned that it was back-ordered by logging into my account on their website.

However, the item was on back-order for months (until June 2011 when my husband's credit card was charged and I was reminded by the order through him), so I did not get to wear the items for my graduation ceremony and due to my busy school and work schedule, I forgot about the item until the credit card was charged. That made me check the status on the order on their website and it showed that it was being "processed". So I thought 'great, I did not need to worry about it'. I was thinking, 'okay, the order was back-ordered and now late, that's fine, I can wear it to another event'. That was June. I was wrong.

It is now end of July going into August! 4 months! I have not received my order, I have not received a confirmation that the item was being processed, shipped nor that the credit card was charged. NO ONE told me anything. There was not an e-mail, a phone call or even just a simple automated e-mail confirmation about the process.

I contacted them and the representative, "Sally" (I wouldn't even consider them a representative, more like, pointless figures) told me that my item was cancelled after 60 days being back-ordered. I was FURIOUS because not any of the pointless figures notified me! No one even explained why the credit card was charged and why my order showed processed and shipped. They tell me a "story" that my order was cancelled and that I should place a new order. Bullcrap!

I am still in the process of getting this straightened out. But I wanted everyone to know how they run their business. I demanded for my orders to be shipped or give me my full refund. I told them their apology was not sincere nor accepted. I told them to not give me any excuses about their system giving errors on the orders. I have worked in customer service and I know things can get resolved if they were truly sincere and legit. But they are not.

I wanted no explanation, it is too late for that. I now wanted my orders shipped to me or a refund. I will be letting everyone know about my experience and make sure Chadwicks' horrible service is known. Do not shop at Chadwicks. Complained: 07/27/2011

Beware of exchanges
By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I ordered some clothing several months ago from Chadwicks and was pleased with the items except I needed to exchange 3 blouses for a different size. I was not familiar with their polices but the person I talked to on the phone stated she would get the items right out to me in the mail, never explained how the exchange process worked or anything. I found out 2 days later, they charged my account for the price of the blouses. I avoided an overdraft on my account, thankfully. So I returned the items and about 6 weeks later, they refunded my money... minus the shipping charges!

There are more reputable clothiers on the web who do not charge for exchanges, so buyer beware! They take your money and take their time shipping the items, have horrible customer service, plus deceptive offers on their order page.

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