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Chaikin Pools, Inc. Farmingdale New York - Charged Credit Card & Did Not Fix The Problem
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FARMINGDALE, NEW YORK -- We phoned Chaikin Pools, Inc. located at 45 Gazza Blvd, Farmingdale, NY to fix our pool heater in Long Island at the instruction of the pool heater manufacturer.

Chaikin Pools indicated that they will not come out to inspect the pool heater without a credit card on file. I should have know right then and there that this was a danger sign.

The next thing I know we receive 3 bills for over $500 for work performed on our heater which has only been used for a total of 4 months. Here's the real kicker - the company says they performed all of this work but our pool heater still does not ignite.

When I called Chaiken and spoke to the owner he said that they will not come to do anything further unless I pay all the invoices. Imagine that, no authorizations to do the work, they don't fix my pool heater and then they charge my credit card for these invoices.

I currently have a dispute in with the credit card company and they said that if the item has not been fixed it will probably go in my favor. However, the people at the credit card company said that I should never give out our credit card unless the work has been performed.

In sum, in my opinion, Chaikin Pools not only lacks any customer service skills but they charged me for work and parts that I never approved. Furthermore, the expensive items on bill that they said went defective on a pool heater that had been used for only 4 months is certainly questionable. After all, the manufacturer support rep from the pool heater company said he never heard of those items going defective in such a short time period.

Again, all of the above is my opinion but I can tell you that every person I meet with a pool in Long Island I will tell them never to use Chaiken Pools.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/13/2007:
Did they come out to service it?
Anonymous on 11/13/2007:
Anonymous on 11/13/2007:
That was strange, none of my text posted?

Anyway AtBigApple, very good post and info, welcome to M3C's. Stick around and join in on some threads.
jktshff1 on 11/13/2007:
bendin' the elbow some super????
Anonymous on 11/13/2007:
Jkt, just trying to help get some of these newbies to stick around. We haven't had many new members stay past their first post. Let's see if we can change that? Not that your getting boring. LOL
jktshff1 on 11/13/2007:
good point super
atbig: Yea, good post, reminds everybody to "read the fine print". Ya shouldn't put a credit card on file. Let em run it when you want to purchase.
good luck.
Anonymous on 11/13/2007:
Yeah AtBigApple, very good post and I agree with superbowl and jktshff1.
jktshff1 on 11/13/2007:
wadda bout me??????
jktshff1 on 11/13/2007:
thanks for the edit
DebtorBasher on 11/13/2007:
Wadda bout me?????
Anonymous on 11/13/2007:
DB, you have two many stars and I get blinded by them so I forgot you because my eyes hurt.Sorry dear
Anonymous on 11/13/2007:
jk, what edit? Have you been drinking again?
DebtorBasher on 11/13/2007:
That's OK dear...I know how it is....after all, I have to get my night vision glasses out to see you...LOL...HAHAHAHAHAH...wasn't that a GOOD ONE? LOL LOL LOL! *Sorry Dear*
jktshff1 on 11/13/2007:
yea since @ 4:30 central.
AtBigApple on 11/13/2007:
Thanks for the kind compliments people... is there specific areas that I should check out on this website?
Anonymous on 11/13/2007:
Big Apple, you can see what's going on in both forums at

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