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Company has a one hell of A SCAM
Posted by on
EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- Buyer beware!!! I Just want every one to know to watc out for a company called Chamonix....they are an Edison Nj Based company who advertise on TV. They suck you in with a special offer of 3 face creams (eyes, neck, face) with a free trial offer of only $6.95 for shipping and 30 days to decide. That was the easy part! I liked the creams until I saw the actual prices! 2 creams with shipping $90.00!
And that's what they consider at a 65% discount to you! I tried to call and cancel the scheduled order before the 30 days were up. This is where the fun comes in! No one can help you cancel! I got a moron on the telphone. So then along comes the unwanted order! I call again, ger another idiot who claims they are a fall over service for taking the calls for the Company....cannot give me a return Auth> OK So I call again and finally get a person who says she works for the company and she precedes to tell me yes she can cancel my membership but I am stuck with the 90 dollar bill because the company policy is they do not allow returns on discounted merchandise.....Now bear in mind everything in their catalog is discounted!!!!!! And I even went to their website before I ordered and it has plastered all over their site 4 month money back guarantee. But only on products not discounted. But until you actually get their catalog which comes only with their free trial don't know that EVERYTHING is discounted!!!!! So how do You spell RIP OFF AND SCAM? CHAMONIX!
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Anonymous on 05/05/2007:
Sounds like charge back time with your credit card company. A lot of charge backs will cause their merchant rate to increase and if a large number are filed they could loose their ability to take plastic.
HannahCannah on 10/27/2009:
They did the same thing to my mom. She was allergic to one of the products so we sent it back five days after she got it. Then they charged her credit card...after a little conversation with her credit card company, the charge was reversed and they will not be able to charge her again. It IS a scam to get people to order samples, then they charge you out the wazoo and make returns extremely difficult.
Chamonix on 03/24/2010:
Dear HannahCannah and Wildhairedwoman,

Thank you for your review of Chamonix. We’re sorry that you weren’t satisfied with the results, and we would love to make it up to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or by telephone at 1.800.754.6211. We’ll make sure that your next experience with Chamonix is a great one. Thanks again!
jewells on 01/28/2011:
BEWARE of CHAMONIX!! nothing but a scam. The products may be OK, but their operations are a SCAM.
They misrepresent your "free trial" as when you get their paperwork, you find they will charge you $149.95 for three products if you don't cancel within 30 days and send your "free trial" back, and you need to get an RMA (return merchandise authorization) to return the products, as they will not process your request without it if you simply return them, or do a "return to sender". I see in their brochure they also will charge you 9% for restocking.... how can they restock if the products have been used??

As the first reviewer notes - this is all well & good, but when you try to call to get the RMA (& only one 800 phone number is available on their website or any literature) - NOBODY EVER ANSWERS!!. I was on "hold" in the que for a customer service rep for an HOUR AND 15 MINUTES... And of course I realized it was a scam from about the 1/2 hour point on. I finally had to call my credit card company and have them cancel my credit card because this company would surely go ahead and charge me incessantly - to the tune of $296.80 + S&H for the 5 products I agreed to try!! Since the call was placed on my cell phone, I continued to let it hold, fully knowing no one would ever answer.... I went to the bank, Trader Joes, and came home, and finally just ended the call - I was at that point the timer on my cell phone indicated I had been "On hold" for a customer service rep for a full TWO HOURS and 15 MINUTES. I did that just to prove, via cell phone records, that I attempted to contact them to cancel my authorization. Let it suffice to say, they are NEVER getting the products back.... (at my further expense). And if they don't like it, they can sue me.... I hope this reaffirms what a SCAM this company is, and save a few unsuspecting people the same aggravation I've experienced. At this point,I'm even afraid to try putting their products on my face! BEWARE!!!!
Thomas on 06/16/2011:
I understand the FDA is Investigating the comapny as the test run do not include any thing ont he label of the product. The product contains animal fats, and inert dust and rat dung according to a report posted by the FDA. The company is in line for millions of dollars in fines. Sell any stock you own and do not use the product unless you have a wish to be ill.
Kaitlyn on 04/17/2012:
I'd like to start out by stating, that I apologize for any negative experience that anyone has had with our company. It is certainly NOT the way we’d like to portray our company. Chamonix has been in business for 12 years and is accredited by the BBB. We also comply with all FDA, FTC and FCC regulations set for businesses. What sets us apart from most companies is that we actually care about our customers.

I apologize that people have experienced trouble reaching our customer service team. Our CS phone number is 24 hours and 7 days a week. The main office in Edison will pick up the phone M-F 9a-6p EST. All other times, the calls will be answered by our other Customer Service team. If they cannot help you, they will pass the message along and you will get a call within the next business day. 1-800-754-6211 or locally 732-417-5195.

Also, if you cannot reach someone by phone and need immediate assistance, you may email CS @ unimedint . com which goes directly to myself, the operations manager and the company CEO’s cell phone. One of us will answer your inquiry almost immediately.

Our 30-day trial is by no means meant to “scam” anyone. Because our products are costly, we’d like to offer all our customers the chance to try the product for only the cost of shipping. If you call within the 30 day time period and tell us you’d like to return the product – you will not be charged any further and have a full 15 days from your call to return. This is all explained to you both over the phone when placing your order and again in an insert in your box. Chamonix is a full disclosure company and aims to please our customers – not the opposite. We do the 30-day trial as a service to our customers who’d like to try the product without putting money up front. Because you have a full 30 days to try the product, risk free – once you are charged for the trial, it does become company credit if you return. There are no refunds once a trial is charged. However, we do have an industry leading money back guarantee on products which are purchased up front.

If you purchase a 2 month supply of a skin care product you have a 60 day money back guarantee, 4 month supply of a skin care product a 120 day money back guarantee and if you purchase a 3 month supply of a nutraceutical product, you have a 90 day money back guarantee. We are so confident in the quality and performance of our products – we will let you use the ENTIRE supply and if you still do not like the product – we will refund you.

As for the comment about our product quality, Chamonix skin care products are 100% all natural and contain ONLY the ingredients on the jar. What sets our products apart from most others is the quality of ingredients that we put in the product. This is why we’ve had some skin care users for 10 years. We only use actual customers in all of our radio, tv and written testimonials and keep their words unedited and real. Our CEO is a pharmacist by trade and formulates our products using ingredients with clinically studies to prove their effectiveness. We are one of the only companies out there to put the clinically proven amount of active ingredients in a product to ensure it works. Every single employee of the company and their families use our products and are proud to work for such a morally just company.

In a day and age where many companies are scams, we are trying to set ourselves apart by our standards, company values and quality of our products. If there is anyone whom ever has questions or concerns with Chamonix – please feel free to reach our CS team at 1-800-754-6211 or CS @ unimedint . com.

Also, if you’d like to reach me personally – please do not hesitate.
Kaitlyn @ unimedint . com
Or 732-417-5195 and ask for Kaitlyn

Customer Service Manager
Audrey on 05/10/2013:
I LOVE Chamonix products. They are expensive, but my 82 year old mother has terrific skin from using Chamonix creams, so I started using them too (age 47). My skin looks younger and more radiant than ever.
Kim on 12/03/2013:
Did anyone "notice" that "Kaitlyn" did not give her full name? I called the "personal" number she left and no one knew who she was. SCAM! The person who answered that phone number was from the "order" dept. and did not know a Kaitlyn. When I asked to be transferred to the "customer service" dept., she advised me that there was NO ONE available in customer service. WHAT A JOKE! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. And "Kaitlyn", if you are reading this, you can call ME at 734-525-2366 if you want to make good.
Carlin on 06/04/2014:
I would never buy something or purchase something on any 'TRIAL" basis unless I knew I already liked the product AND knew the price and accepted it.

Where's the ad that says they do this? BTW two of the products really work. A friend gave me a gift of the Jeunesse eye cream. I thought it was a waste of her money until I tried it for a few days. I still had crow's feet but they actually weren't as deep. I later bought the facial cream and being given a sample. Best I've ever used. I do not work for this company or are affiliated with it at all.
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Taking advantage of the elderly
Posted by on
EDISON, NEW JERSEY -- My Mom ordered the so called "free" products from this company and one of the products actually burned her face. She called about returning the products and was given the runaround but finally got a return code. She had to pay shipping and handling, so they have her CC number. We sent the stuff back, and will be watching her account closely to make sure they don't charge her $150. They put you on autoship as soon as you order, and returns are HARD. Not worth it!
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User Replies:
laklisa on 10/26/2009:
If it is autoship, you may want to contact the company and make sure that future shipments are cancelled since she can't use the items.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 10/26/2009:
You may also want to send them a certified letter cancelling the subscription, alerting them to the fact that you've returned the "free" product and advising them that you don't want any additional charges made to your credit card. I would also suggest you contact your credit card company and dispute any further charges attempted by this company. A word of advice...if you have to provide a credit card or bank account number then the product is not "free". I avoid all of these type advertisements.
Anonymous on 10/26/2009:
How were they to know your mom would be allergic? You act as though they are at fault? Most retailers require you to pay for a return.

Just check to make sure the auto ship has been canceled.
Anonymous on 10/26/2009:
If you have to put any sort of bank account or credit card info to receive something free, it's not free.
Don't sit around and wait for the money to come out. Once it's gone, you'll not see it again... not from them anyway. If it's for the same amount, you could try and get a stop pay put on it. Or close the account all together.
If you're not pro-active about it now, they could continue to take more money out.
Anonymous on 10/26/2009:
Along with not knowing that your mom could be allergic, how would they also know she is elderly? You're claiming they take advantage of the elderly but her credit card wouldn't have any birthdate information.
Anonymous on 10/26/2009:
Correct JTF...I thought that after I posted too.
Eloise on 10/26/2009:
JTF, is spot on! Don't play the 'elderly' card when it was a simple case of allergic reaction. Her age has absolutely nothing to do with this.
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