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Buyer Beware of Purchases Using a Gift Card on
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I received a $50 gift card for my birthday for Lane Bryant. I finally decided to spend it online shopping today. My purchase ended up being $54.07. When I paid online I used the gift card and my debit card for the balance of $4.07. I checked my bank account after I had placed the order and they charged my account the full $54.07. My e-receipt stated that $50.00 was put against the gift card and $4.07 was charged against my debit. I emailed their customer service to tell them that they made a mistake of charging me for the full amount. Their customer service representative replied that the charges would fall off in 3 to 5 days.

This is just not right! Basically, $50 of MY money is being taken by them for a few days. I already complained to the Better Business Bureau in their area. I have used gift cards before with several other companies for online purchases and have never had this problem. Thank God it wasn't for a bigger amount. If I ever get one from them again, I will go into the store to redeem. However, I will tell my friend who gave it to me, to avoid buying one from their store.

Poor Management
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VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- I am the sister who was terminated due to downsizing. However, the point that my sister was trying to make is that I put in a lot of time without being paid and was told on the telephone when I went out for a short medical leave and vacation only 2.5 weeks time that due to downsizing there was not a position for me to come back to work. The problem is that I had to leave Fashion Bug, which I loved working for... Due to a very bad open door policy. And incompetent hr workers that did not do their jobs.

For all of you who do not know what an open door policy is, it is if you have a grievance or you feel that there is some sort of wrong doing going on you can let someone know without fear of retaliation or recrimination. That is a big fat lie!!! I had used my open door policy against my DM who was and still is the worst DM I have ever known. Without giving any details let's just say she treated me badly for 16 mos. I wanted to prove to her that I was not going to let her get the best of me. So I took over a store that was lacking and I made it the number 1 store in the district.

My store came in 55 in the company. For doing this I was asked to go clean up and run a store that was in desperate need of help. I told her a long time ago that I could be good for that store and she told me that I was not qualified to be a manager and actually turned me down for the store manager position. But she had no choice but to promote me after 2 managers quit because of her BS. So I went to the Virginia beach store and for 6 weeks I did nothing but clean and paint and clean the back room that was not even able to walk through. Anyways I was happy getting it straight and I did not mind because I always wanted to run this store.

I had the VP of STORE ops. come to see me and ask me if I had a problem with DM and I was truthful. Why did he ask me? I still do not know. What I do know is that due to my conversation with the vp of ops that was to be "confidential" ended up with me being demoted for not making my charge goal. Which to me is really amazing that my store won the contest for the most charges and we all won gift cards. But I was demoted and forced to leave Fashion Bug and go to Lane Bryant. There is so much more that I could tell you but it would take too long.

What my sister was trying to do was express how upsetting it was that they let me go over the phone when I called my dm to get my schedule. And yes she does own 2 biz and she was angry when she wrote it and that is why she did not use all of the proper punctuation. Remember people who live in glass houses should never throw stones!! She loves me and that is why she wrote it. Thanks. Why are you so mean.

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