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Complete Disregard for Utility Easements
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SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I am not a Charter Customer, but I still have to deal with their rude and disrespectful technicians. My neighbor was having a new cable installed. Fortunately, I was home the day they came to install the cable. I first noticed some guy, wandering around in MY yard-had no idea who he was. Then I saw him lay down the cable in the MIDDLE of MY YARD, now this is some 30' feet from the utility easement that runs along the edge of the property. When I told the guy, he needs to move the cable to the property line because that's where the easement is, he told me, "I can do anything I want." I told him it doesn't work that way, he needs to move it. He told me that is not going to happen.

Needless to say, I don't back down-finally my neighbor came out and told him to move it to the back of the property line. Since the technician is now upset, he drags his cable through the flower beds.

Thanks Charter for hiring individuals that have a complete disregard for an individual's property rights!!!!

Nobody Knows What Is Happening and Lies About Installation
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INMAN, SOUTH CAROLINA -- About a week ago, I called Charter because I am located in a backwater very slow copper ISP DSL provided by Windstream. Charter offered a 30mb/sec speed.

My house is in service range, but NOT beneath a pole. So the tech comes out and quizzes me, where is the cable. He didn't know. He discovers it a street above and then says, sorry Bud, it will need a dig.
OK, so when will that be.. doesn't know says they are BUSY.

I called Charter on Monday and it's the 19th and the tech was out on Saturday but, was unable to do an install. The agent says, the professional tech will do his job on the 17th, but its now the 19th. How would that be possible.
Then says anything else she can help me with?

So the tech visit rescheduled and I stay home, but NO SHOW, no phone calls etc. The agent says the appointment still open. Hold tight. But two hours later no show.

So, then I called asking when is the tech arriving? No answer, later told if a dig is needed they may need an attorney, the sheriff and an act on Congress.

But, I thought they could be trusted and canceled my old copper wire service.
So stranded no Web at home and not expectation of when, even if Charter will ever install.
I am told later all digs are subcontracted, but they do not yet even know where to dig.
Beware !

Terrible Service for Internet and TV
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PORTAGE, MICHIGAN -- We pay for 100Mb service but typically only get 4Mb-11Mb according to several sources i.e. posted transfer rates for files and reports from

everyday have problems with tiling of picture on TV and several error codes s0012 s0600 and picture may or may not ever come in on affected channels.

I have more problems on any single day that I did in 6 years combined with direct TV. I changed to Charter about 12 years ago as direct TV could not offer internet connection. these problems only occurred in the last 8 years of service as they seem to be upgrading until nothing works

Channel change up
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SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI -- In Missouri Chapter cable has made recent changes in their packages - what channels you get at what level of payment. The excuse was that more channels were going all digital and some had gone HD. That's all well and good but now we find that our newly re-arranged line-up has moved the more popular channels that were included before to the next more expensive tier and we have the extended plan - We have been customers of Charter for almost 10 years - but this is the straw that broke the camel's back. Anything worth watching -that we had before is now more expensive. What they have done in a round about way is just say - if you want the programing you are used to pay up - a flat out rate increase ( which we got as well) would have been more honest and up-front. This has finally pushed us to look at alternatives Our rates have gone up and up -

Charter Cable Internet is a Joke.
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FORT BENNING, GEORGIA -- Hands down the worst internet service I have had in my life. Charter cable is my 4th internet provider, I move a lot since I am in the military. I've had their cable for a month now. While playing online games getting disconnected, or in the best case lagging terribly, every 3-5 minutes. I spoke to one of the technicians from Charter privately and he told me that they have bandwidth problems. Simply put they sold more internet connections than they r able to support, hence everyone is laggind due to insufficient bandwidth. they keep saying they r working on it. I'm looking for another service Provider.

Nothing Has Worked Right
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COLUMBIA, TENNESSEE -- I had Charter Internet and cable service installed one week ago, Monday March 5th. The technician had gotten my daughter's laptop connected, and told me the password to connect mine. I couldn't get my computer connected so I called customer service and the lady couldn't get me connected and also lost my daughters connection. The tech had to come back out that same night. Then when I went to watch television on my digital cable box, I found that I was only getting 4 local channels. So I spent another night talking with Charter to fix the problem. Then when I went to use my DVR, it would not record. All 4 times I contacted Charter they would just ask if my DVR was full... they couldn't grasp the concept that it has not recorded anything at all... it is completely empty. They offered to send out another tech after I threatened to cancel the service, but I was told they don't work after 5 when they came back after 5 last week. I have never in my life seen such shoddy work by so called professionals. It should have been a standard installation... nothing special, just wireless Internet and a cable box. I am supposed to have a tech here tomorrow and if another issue comes up I will be looking into my other options. This is crazy! If I could give them 0 stars I would.

Poor Quality and Service
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BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Charter installed a "temporary" line that ran from my backyard that lies on the ground, across my neighbor's driveway, and eventually to a pole. The line is not of high quality and I'm told that they cannot install the permanent one until the "subcontractors" have the time to do it and that it was beyond their control. It was originally installed in November 2010 and they said it would not be done until probably late Spring of 2011. In the mean time my LCD TV gets horrible resolution and the internet keeps bumping me off. I've had three workers come over and tell me three different things, and when they leave, I still have the same problem. I keep calling the office and they keep telling me that the person coming over will bury the line and replace it. The workers that come say that it is not their responsibility, but that of subcontractors who set their own time. The last worker said that the cable box was outdated and that I should go in and replace it since he did not have one in the truck. He said it might help a little in the mean time. Why did they put one of the old ones in the first place? Each guy criticizes the previous guy, but they do not solve the problem either. I asked the last guy if all this was going to go on record, and he said there was not enough room in his "device" to enter everything.

The second guy also criticized the first for installing too many splitters. Well, when he left, the problem was the same. I am cancelling the service ASAP and would not recommend them to anyone. In this company, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. Also, after all this, I get another call from someone who has no clue what's going on trying to sell me upgrades to more Charter services.

A Joke Of A Company
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RENO, NEVADA -- Please Read This Before Subscribing!

Sit down, read this, we are a retired couple, and she is on oxygen all day, for breathing, we need steady phone service for calling her Doctor, and for an Ambulance, if needed.

  1. I joined Charter Cable, as a customer in March of this year, 2008. 1st day, the installation guy knocked on a shack hooked to the side of my house, when no one answered, he left, I had to wait 2 more weeks for my installation.

(Hot water heater add on, to the home, the home is very old, and you can tell it isn't part of the house itself, but Oh Well)

  1. my charter phone kept disconnecting, and about 3 times a day, it wouldn't give me a dial tone for 1 to 2 hours. I called in when I started up again, and was told for the first month, that they was working in the area. well, after 6 weeks like this, , they finally send a repair guy, he check the signal, said it was very strong signal, and leaves. the phone keeps disconnecting, and not working, about 4 to 8 hours a day, I didn't get a dial tone, but they still want full amount stated on bill to pay? well, they send a second repair man, he too, said we had a strong signal, and leaves. (why don't they ever dig deeper,and find the problem, we cannot go without a phone, when she has an oxygen machine to breathe, medical necessity) WELL, finally, the third repairman shows up, after 7 weeks of DAILY phone in complaints, and he hooks a laptop computer to the line, the problem was the out going signal, we HAVE THE PHONE SERVICE AND CABLE TV, and internet running through Co-Ax cable, instead of fiber optic. it was too much for the line, without "amplifiers" in the line. it was still a medical emergency problem, they was leaving a disabled person without a phone line for 7 or 8 weeks already. well, they had to shut off a whole city block to work on it. it took 1 more week to work all the bugs out, but we finally got full service after about 2 months of complaints.

THEN!! (worst yet, please read)

  1. in may, we call in our payment, and then 12 hours later, our cable/phone/internet isn't working. we call in, they say "I'm sorry, they didn't post payment to your account" and He said he will post it now, and turn it all on, then we look at the bank records, they debited our account two times that same day! THEY STOLE $160 FROM OUR ACCOUNT without getting our OK to bill us twice in same day. they broke federal banking law, and dabited our account without our permission.

WELL,after talking to their billing Dept. they tell us, it will be returned in 8 to 10 days. (this was may, today is July 2nd, no returned money yet) I just called them for the 10th time about this, I got all my notes right here, now I am told I will have it by July 11th, that I was misinformed, it takes up to 6 weeks to get my return.

THIS don't add up, they billed my credit card. they STOLE 25% of my income for the month by "mistake". the fact it takes 6 weeks to "refund" it is asinine. I used to own a restaurant, if I accidentally over debited a credit card, I can issue a refund right then, why does Charter Cable take 6 weeks? and if it was a credit card charge, why send me a check to refund, not reverse the charge? who is responsible for the interest accrued? at 17.9% yearly, it is close to $8 for 2 months with $160 they stole anyway. is it too much to ask for them to pay the extra costs accrued due to their mistake?

WELL, in my 10 years of AT&T phone, I never called them with problems as many times as I called CHARTER in this 4 months. if I can save 1 person from the headaches I went through, by stopping them from going Charter Cable, I will sleep better knowing I helped 1 person at least. If the other service available wasn't worse in service, I would leave. but there is only 1 other option for me, and Dish TV don't always work in snow storms, and I need cable TV when I get snowed in more than any other day. BUT I did turn my phone, and internet over to AT&T, for 10 years, I called them with service complaints about 5 times, I called CHARTER that many times, in 1 week. and it took 8 weeks like that to get it fixed. NOW, I am pressing federal charges on CHARTER tomorrow, for back draft theft. hope they can explain to a judge why they took 25% of my disability check for the month, and didn't return it for 2 months.

Worst Cable Company
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OXFORD, MICHIGAN -- Charter is the worst cable company ever. The cable goes out all the time. Many times for more than 24 hours. You call them and they can never tell you why it is out or how long it will be out. They are also very expensive. Unfortunately, there is nothing else in the area. You have to love a monopoly!! They stink! Would switch in a minute if there was anything else. Every time I see one of their commercials, I want to throw something at my TV!!!!!

New Price
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Rating: 5/51

SAGINAW, MICHIGAN -- I got a bill for $154. I got their full package and they reduced the price to $114 dollars...Go figure, but I love it....thanks folks!

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