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Charter Cable
400 Atlantic Street, 10th Floor
Stamford, CT 06901
1-877-906-9121 (ph)
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SAGINAW, MICHIGAN -- I got a bill for $154. I got their full package and they reduced the price to $114 dollars... Go figure, but I love it... thanks folks!

Good service from Charter--renewal
By -

SAGINAW, MICHIGAN -- I have had Charter for many years. The rates where reasonable and the increases I got were no problem but the one I got today was absolutely NUTS. My Rate increase went from $128 to $175 per month, I had been paying $128/month. Naturally I high tailed it down to the local office and asked why. The young lady did me the favor of accepting my reason of being a senior citizen and finally found me a 2 year package for $136, which I happily accepted. The total increase was $8 bucks. I can live with that. The counter lady was VERY helpful and courteous.

BAD Customer Service!
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MADISON, WISCONSIN -- Due to a pending divorce I disconnected my cable on June 8th. I took the equipment with me because I had to move out of the area. I have been trying ever since to return their equipment: Twice they have told me that they mailed a return kit to me... which I never received; I have tried to return the equipment to two different Charter Cable offices and they refused to take it; they said a customer technician would pick up the box on 7/6 between 10a-1p and I am still sitting here waiting like I have nothing else to do in the world.

When I called to complain today I was told that they don't guarantee time frames that I would have to wait all day. I gave them my new address twice and when I called a third time they still didn't have it right... I haven't received a final bill yet either, but I did get a nasty letter from them threatening legal action because I have not returned their equipment. Charter Cable is a horrible company to do business with and I will never use them again. I have been lied to so many times by their customer service reps that I no longer believe anything they say. I will be looking into satellite dishes!

All around poor experience
By -

There were several issues with our Charter Service and we only had it for less than two months.

  1. The high definition channels were constantly freezing or unavailable. I was starting to wonder why I was paying for something that was sporadic at best.

  2. After I ordered digital cable, they called relentlessly asking if I wanted internet or phone. After more than 5 phone conversations explaining that we got free internet from the apartment complex, I had to ask they remove me from their calling list and still I got one more phone call!

  3. They turned off our service early. We were moving out of state and asked to end the service, which they did... a day early.

  4. Our apartment complex offered free regular cable for 6 months. When they ended our digital service (early) they also turned off our access to the free cable.

Overall this was the worst cable experience I've had and can't wait to get out of their service area.

Charter Cable WILL rip you off
By -

Charter Communications is the WORST cable provider in existence. Aside from the fact that they do not provide a quality product as neither the cable nor internet ever work... I just learned that their billing office just "mistakenly" sent out 22,500 accounts to a collection company for balances already paid. They know of this grievous error and yet they still say in order to remedy the situation, I must pay the stated amount. They run their business like an organized crime ring and we the customers pay the price. Literally. If each customer pays only $200 on these bogus charges ($200 is MUCH less than they are suing us for), Charter stands to make an illegal $4,500,000.

CUSTOMERS BEWARE! We have not been contacted by Charter Communications, but by a collection agency, more than 2 years since we cancelled our service. Not only do I want reimbursement now for the service I didn't receive, but I want to file a class action lawsuit against the company for damage to my credit!

High Speed is a joke, most of the time
By -

This has been an on and off ongoing problem for the better part of a year. Speed and connection is all over the map. Had many techs and line techs to the house. Either the problem can't be found or they have found the problem to be outside the house. Anything that they do will only make the problem disappear for a short amount of time. Short, meaning DAYS. At one point I had the telephone number of the super for the line techs. I would call him when the problem appeared and we would have a line tech out. Again only temporary fix, but always they would tell me the problem is not my equipment or in the house. Lost track of how many times I have called support about this. But the strange thing is, I have been told that they have no record of me calling about this problem, what a crock, way to protect yourself Charter.

First week of October I went down to the local office to complain about the problem, was told it's the weather. We used to have the local phone number as we helped them trace down a problem with a box getting water in it, as my wife would call when the problems happened. We don't have that number anymore.

Biggest problem I can see is, we can't get the local out to fix bad lines and/or connections. If I was a new customer they would be right out, but since we are not, it's oh well.

Feel free to advise or who to contact.


Local HD channels being intentionally scrambled
By -

I had problems with my local HD channels. Like channel 8.1 or 8.2 which are sometimes the HD or local weather channels. The service man comes out and basically explains that Charter has done a "digital transfer" and thus all non whole number channels are transmitted poorly and unable to watch.

He said it was intentional by Charter to limit non-digital cable customers, basic and expanded basic, from getting any digital channels without a Charter cable box.

He explained that these. 1 channels are essentially "free" HD, (without a digital cable box) and thus Charter isn't able to make extra money from them. By scrambling them they force the customer to watch only the whole number channels, or upgrade to the digital box. I asked about upgrading from basic to expanded, he said it wouldn't matter. The "free HD" channels would only be available with the Charter digital box and then the local channels would appear in the 700+ channels. So Charter basically has taken away channels yet keeps the prices the same. Lovely.

I took the third path and dropped all cable and kept only the internet. If another company offers internet soon I'll jump to them.

Customer Service
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LAKEVILLE, MINNESOTA -- I just read the complaint of a fellow Lakeville, MN resident who had the same issues with their Moxi DVR that I did.

I just upgraded my service from Charter and was told that I would need a different Moxi box than the one that I had. I dutifully took time off from work (so much for vacation) and waited for the Charter Contractor to show up. When he does show up the box he delivers is dead. He asked what was wrong with the one that I had and I told him nothing, I just went with HD and they said I needed a new one. He said he didn't think that was the case but didn't explain how I would now get the HD that I was paying for. I figured that out after realizing they all handle HD. Within a week or two the modem stops working, there is no guide. I reported on their chat feature and was told there was a wide spread outage and they were working on it. After a few days of nothing, I called Charter and spent over an hour on the phone with a "tech" who knew nothing other than to tell me to try rebooting. She something like "that figures" when I told her the Moxi wasn't working. She was acknowleding that they don't work very well. I had already tried rebooting numerous times to no avail. She finally said she would send someone from Charter out to replace the Moxi box and I explained that it would be on a weekend since I was done taking time off from work for their services, I was paying a bundle for. I then spent three and half hours of the four hour window waiting when the Charter contractor shows up again. I show him the Moxi and he tells me that he doesn't have a replacement and since it was a Saturday, he couldn't get one. I explained that this was his only purpose in coming to my house and that I had waited over 3 hours for nothing. I asked him to leave and he gives me the attitude of "have a nice day."

I am against getting a dish. I don't like the looks and don't want reception headaches but Charter is the only game in town. If they can't keep people who want to stay with them, I don't know who they can keep. I now have to spend another 1/2 hour on the phone with them just to discontinue my DVR service and get a refund on what I have paid. To top it off, Charter calls and wants to handle my phone service. I am thinking that for the 15 years, I have been with the phone company, I have never had to call them for assistance.

I wish they'd get into cable.

Charter giving me headaches
By -

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Called to have cable set up when I moved to Asheville. Before date of service got email to call them. Called and was told to fax over copy of lease because prior tennant had not turned calbe off. Day of service no one showed. Called and yelled to many people at customer service demanding they set up service for phone/internet/cable ASAP.

My livelihood depends on internet service. My having to wait an additional week when I had already made the appointment a month ago was rude. Supervisor Dave was the worst on the phone. Claimed I had never made an appointment and that I had to provide proof in order for him to have someone sent out earlier than a week to give me service.

Finally got someone out here. He was fine. The amount of routers and wires (one of them resembling a conveyer belt) involved makes the whole setup look primitive. Reminds me of the original computers where everything is huge and there are wires everywhere.

Only have had service for a few hours and already there are problems. The phone won't hang up unless I uplug it and the sound on the t.v. cuts out every few seconds. Customer service seemed to care and will have one tech out one day for the cable problem and another tech for the phone problem the following day. They think that the area can't handle my two tv's with cable, internet and phone, the signal isn't strong enough. You're the ones who sold me on the idea of getting the three bills in one.

Hopefully things will get resolved but I'm already disenchanted with the series of events and that they don't even have a phone book told me to call Bell South to have them mail one to me. Hello, isn't that your competitor? I just moved to the area so I really wanted a phonebook when they showed up to set it all up.

They had also called me a few days before the second installation, date asking that I call to speak to a third party about my phone service.

They whole process took so many phone calls besides actual tech support and complaint calls ( a pain in the ass when you are trying to unpack and get settled.)

This is my first time doint the three bills in one thing and I don't know if that's why it's so complex. If there is another problem though or if the sound keeps cutting out on the tv and I have to unplug the phone to hang up then I'm going to cancel them and go with the local phone company and satellite cable.

Marketing Terrorists
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Charter Cable warned me, my bill would go higher unless I chose a higher internet speed. I believe the modem should go down in cost and my bill would go down. This type of marketing is very, very wrong. Being held captive by marketing terrorists is horrible. I see another bankruptcy in Charters future, this time to finish them off. They should try being human to the public.

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