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Worst Cable Company
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OXFORD, MICHIGAN -- Charter is the worst cable company ever. The cable goes out all the time. Many times for more than 24 hours. You call them and they can never tell you why it is out or how long it will be out. They are also very expensive. Unfortunately, there is nothing else in the area. You have to love a monopoly!! They stink! Would switch in a minute if there was anything else. Every time I see one of their commercials, I want to throw something at my TV!!!!!
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New Price
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
SAGINAW, MICHIGAN -- I got a bill for $154. I got their full package and they reduced the price to $114 dollars...Go figure, but I love it....thanks folks!
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Marketing Terrorists
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Charter Cable warned me, my bill would go higher unless I chose a higher internet speed. I believe the modem should go down in cost, and my bill would go down.
this type of marketing is very, very wrong. Being held captive by marketing terrorists is horrible. I see another bankruptcy in Charters future, this time to finish them off.

They should try being human to the public.
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User Replies:
Umatter2Charter on 2011-08-15:
Hello cruiser1,

My name is Joseph Wahl, and I am a Communications Specialist with Charter. I'm very sorry to hear about the issues that you are having with the pricing and billing statement. I would be happy to look into this with you and make certain that all of your concerns are addressed. Please e-mail us at with the name, address, and phone number on the account, as well as the best number to reach you. Also, please put "CharterJoseph: My3Cents cruiser1" in the subject line, so I can watch for the e-mail.

For additional information on the Charter Social Media team, please check us out at

We look forward to helping you resolve your concerns.

Joseph Wahl
Communications Specialist - Charter
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Charter - a waste of my time
Posted by on
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I've had Charter Internet Service for 6 months and the service is out more than it is working. Very poor customer service. DO NOT USE unless you enjoy wasting your time and money. By the way, I had to write this in a hurry because my Internet service will be down again in about 2 minutes.
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User Replies:
Alain on 2011-05-19:
Since your Internet is presently unreliable, you can report this to the FCC via 888-225-5322 or at Federal Communications Commission, 445 12Th St., SW, Washington, DC 20554.
MarksMilitaria on 2011-05-19:
The problem just might on your end. Your computer/hook up/internal/modem signal blocked/etc.
Julieb615 on 2011-05-22:
Mark, Charter always tries to blame the users equipment.

After I insisted it was not my equipment, and various techs could not find anything wrong at my house, they sent a tech supervisor. He spent over an hour on MY computer running Charter diagnostics which showed it was a line issue and NOT at my house.

That was around Sept/Oct of last year. I am still trying to get the "line issue" fixed.
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Surprising Good
Posted by on
LOUISIANA -- Hard to believe, but I have been impressed with Charter. I subscribe to phone service with unlimited long distance and their express internet service. Internet service advertises up to 12Mbps, I constantly get between 15 and 21. Phone service comes with 10 calling features.

They charged $9.99 installation fee, gave me free modem with NO rental fee, and charge me $49.00 bundle price per month plus taxes, no contract and price locked for life.

Great deal!
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User Replies:
Alain on 2011-03-20:
If they did right by you, they deserve the compliment.
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Charter Sucks
Posted by on
Every time I have had Charter I have had a problm with the box freezes my cable and ridiculous bill the employees are rude and no one seems to know anything about what they are selling if I had any other option I would not have service through Charter.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 2011-01-29:
very good complaint. there are 3 points made.

very helpful.
trmn8r on 2011-01-29:
My cable is frozen here - in fact everything is frozen.
mikemac on 2011-02-21:
I've had this issue and periodic reboots...they had fixed the problem for a while but it's back. The issue is almost certainly signal from the pole...not real helpful to you I know. In my case, one of the lines at the pole had been chewed pretty much through by squirrels.

You may be able to get more info by accessing some information pages on your cable box: power it on, press and hold the button in the middle of the diamond (between the volume and channel buttons) until the Info light goes on, press the info button. Now, you can scroll up and down by using the Page Up / Down buttons on your remote. One of the screens shows how many errors the box has detected since it was last booted. This procedure works on my two Scientific Atlanta boxes...your results may differ.
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Avoid Charter Cable
Posted by on
I made the mistake of choosing Charter Cable for a bundle package and am now getting rid of them. They scheduled a secondary installation and did not contact me.

The bill for 2 services ended up being more than the bundled price and they will not correct. Customer service is a misnomer.

Do not waste your time or money.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 2011-01-02:
And yet another complaint that is real short on information.
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Local HD channels being intentionally scrambled
Posted by on
I had problems with my local HD channels. Like channel 8.1 or 8.2 which are sometimes the HD or local weather channels. The service man comes out and basically explains that Charter has done a "digital transfer" and thus all non whole number channels are transmitted poorly and unable to watch.

He said it was intentional by Charter to limit non-digital cable customers, basic and expanded basic, from getting any digital channels without a Charter cable box.

He explained that these. 1 channels are essentially "free" HD, (without a digital cable box) and thus Charter isn't able to make extra money from them. By scrambling them they force the customer to watch only the whole number channels, or upgrade to the digital box. I asked about upgrading from basic to expanded, he said it wouldn't matter. The "free HD" channels would only be available with the Charter digital box and then the local channels would appear in the 700+ channels. So Charter basically has taken away channels yet keeps the prices the same. Lovely.

I took the third path and dropped all cable and kept only the internet. If another company offers internet soon I'll jump to them.
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User Replies:
Umatter2Charter on 2010-11-23:
Hello colnago99,

My name is Seph Wahl, and I am a Communications Specialist with Charter. I’m very sorry to hear about the issues that you are having with the Basic Video HD channels. I would be happy to look into this with you and make certain that all of your concerns are addressed. Please e-mail us at with the name, address, and phone number on the account, as well as the best number to reach you. Also, please put “CharterSeph: My3Cents” in the subject line, so I can watch for the e-mail.

We look forward to helping you resolve your concerns.

Seph Wahl
Communications Specialist – Charter
green lantern on 2010-12-09:
Sorry Seph, but charter is slowly dying in our area and is slowly being replaced by satellite dishes. Charter has out priced it's self to long term customers. We have had charter for as long as it has been in our Illinois area. It comes down to terrible customer support and over pricing.
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A Crazy Phone Encounter With A Charter's Imaginary Customer "Service"
Posted by on
DECATUR, ALABAMA -- I signed up for autopay for my Charter cable account in May but continued to receive statements and automated phone calls stating that my account was delinquent in July. Since my local Charter office refuses to publish its phone number, I called the toll-free number to check on the problem. I was connected to an Hispanic rep with a rather thick accent. As I was explaining the problem, my cat promptly threw up on the rug (just my luck) and I blurted out "Oh my God."
The Charter rep proceeded to correct me and lecture me on using the Lord's name in vain.

While it's not something that I do often, it's definitely not his place to correct me!! When I said, "Excuse me??" he again chastised me!! I informed him that he was not my pastor and to stop. Has anyone ever heard of such????
Then he rudely informed me that the last 4 digits of the social security # that I gave him did not match what was on his screen and, therefore, he could do nothing else for me. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he refused to connect me, citing the mismatch of numbers. Apparently, if your numbers don't match, you're bad and you can't speak to anyone else. When I asked to speak to someone who spoke English a little better, he got really angry and said, "Oh, so now I don't speak English!" By that time, I had had enough and just hung up and called back and eventually got through to a supervisor who was actually very nice and said that he would look into it.

I'm calling about a satellite dish tomorrow and I invite others to do the same !!!

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User Replies:
tander on 2008-07-24:
Wow!! I wouldn't of stood for that either, how rude !
tnchuck100 on 2008-07-25:
"I'm calling about a satellite dish tomorrow and I invite others to do the same !!! " - Think before you do.

Equipment and reception may be better but you will find DISH a quantum leap backwards in customer service. DirecTV is no better. Both are deceptive liars. Do not believe anything they tell you on the phone. Get what they tell you in writing. Which, by the way, DirecTV flatly will not do.
TGT101 on 2008-07-25:
Hang up and call back again to get someone else.
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Customer Service
Posted by on
LAKEVILLE, MINNESOTA -- I just read the complaint of a fellow Lakeville, MN resident who had the same issues with their Moxi DVR that I did.

I just upgraded my service from Charter and was told that I would need a different Moxi box than the one that I had. I dutifully took time off from work (so much for vacation) and waited for the Charter Contractor to show up. When he does show up the box he delivers is dead. He asked what was wrong with the one that I had and I told him nothing, I just went with HD and they said I needed a new one. He said he didn't think that was the case but didn't explain how I would now get the HD that I was paying for. I figured that out after realizing they all handle HD. Within a week or two the modem stops working, there is no guide. I reported on their chat feature and was told there was a wide spread outage and they were working on it. After a few days of nothing, I called Charter and spent over an hour on the phone with a "tech" who knew nothing other than to tell me to try rebooting. She something like "that figures" when I told her the Moxi wasn't working. She was acknowleding that they don't work very well. I had already tried rebooting numerous times to no avail. She finally said she would send someone from Charter out to replace the Moxi box and I explained that it would be on a weekend since I was done taking time off from work for their services, I was paying a bundle for. I then spent three and half hours of the four hour window waiting when the Charter contractor shows up again. I show him the Moxi and he tells me that he doesn't have a replacement and since it was a Saturday, he couldn't get one. I explained that this was his only purpose in coming to my house and that I had waited over 3 hours for nothing. I asked him to leave and he gives me the attitude of "have a nice day."

I am against getting a dish. I don't like the looks and don't want reception headaches but Charter is the only game in town. If they can't keep people who want to stay with them, I don't know who they can keep. I now have to spend another 1/2 hour on the phone with them just to discontinue my DVR service and get a refund on what I have paid. To top it off, Charter calls and wants to handle my phone service. I am thinking that for the 15 years, I have been with the phone company, I have never had to call them for assistance.

I wish they'd get into cable.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2007-09-16:
Find out where your closest office is, call and ask them if you bring your dvr in yourself and exchange it. We have Charter as well and although I love the DVR box, it goes out once every year and a half or so. We just call and make sure they have the boxes in stock and go exchange it. It costs some in gas but it beats waiting all day for the repairman (especially with 3 kids and no cable lol.)
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