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Cable & Internet Bill Slowly Rising Without Probable Cause
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
COWPENS, SOUTH CAROLINA -- CHARTER COMMUNICATION, ARE YOU ROBBING ME WITH MY EYES WIDE OPEN? Is it me, or am I the only one whose cable bill is slowly rising every month? Tell me Charter Communications how can my bundled bill, phone included, start out at $125 a month and end up $245 a month? When I haven't added nor ordered any movies to cause my cable bill to be sky high. Are you seriously robbing your customers with our eyes wide open and think we wouldn't notice it? I think it's time I started shopping for a new internet and cabal service. ANY SUGGESTIONS ANYONE. MOST DEFINITELY NOT AT&T.
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Worst Internet Service Ever
Posted by on
For the last 6 months, I have called the customer service line 57 times. Seriously, 57 times. They keep telling me they will credit my bill - nope, never happens, and I'm seriously going to change internet providers. There are constant "outages", and BTW, WTF is an "outage" and why the hell does Charter have so many of them???!!! I'm going back to AT&T - NEVER had an "outage" with this company. Charter must think I'm too stupid to realize that my monthly bill keeps going up, but I have noticed, and will be pulling my account. I will NEVER recommend or use their crappy service EVER again!!!! Charging me for crap they don't deliver - HEY CHARTER, since I have a service contract agreement with you, YOU ARE IN BREACH OF CONTRACT every time there is an "outage", and I do not receive what I am freaking paying for. Maybe you'll notice when I don't pay my bill this month. Your customer service reps are dismal at best - anyone looking for an internet provider, AVOID CHARTER - they are thieves and they are liars, and they are incapable of providing the service they expect you to pay your hard-earned money for.
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Thorn105 on 01/05/2012:
Here is a copy of the chat transcript - and I am on my neighbor's wireless, that's how I have the ability to contact them online - my internet AND TELEPHONE are down.

Chat Transcript
Kelly, you are currently number 1 in the queue... Thank you for your patience!...
You have been connected to TTM Heather S .
TTM Heather S : Hi, this is Heather in the Charter phone repair department . How may I help you today?.
Kelly Mitchell: Probably not, but we'll see. This is the 5th time TODAY that I have lost my phone and internet service. I am NOT happy.
TTM Heather S : I would want my services to work at all times as well. Let me check the line to see what the issue may be with the service.
Kelly Mitchell: Thank you
TTM Heather S : First I will check the area to see if there are any issues causing the service to go in and out.
TTM Heather S : May I have the address where the services are installed ?
TTM Heather S : Thank you Kelly. One moment please.
TTM Heather S : Thank you for waiting. After looking into the area, the services are affected by an outage at this time. that is why the services has gone in and out.
TTM Heather S : We now have an automated system that will call you after the outage is cleared. The system will alert you to the outage issue being resolved and information on what to do if services are still affected.
Kelly Mitchell: And how long is this "outage" going to last? My neighbor used to work for your company, and he says you guys SCHEDULE them, so a time estimate would be appreciated.
TTM Heather S : Unfortunately, I do not have information on a restoration time. The issue should be cleared within 24 hours.
Kelly Mitchell: Unacceptable. This is going on the THIRD day, me having no access to the internet or telephone. I need information on how to go about canceling my account. Can you put me through to someone please?
Kelly Mitchell: I will also be needing my account to be credited.
TTM Heather S : I understand the frustration of the services having ongoing issues. I would be happy to send a tech out, but I am not able to do so, when there is an outage in the area.
Kelly Mitchell: Sending a tech out because there are "outages" would be rather pointless. Every time I have had an issue and contacted you people, I have been told there was an "outage", therefore the problem is on YOUR end.
TTM Heather S : I would be happy to credit the days of service that have been affected thus far.
Kelly Mitchell: Please do so.
TTM Heather S : The techs are working on the issue in your area. However, I can check to see if the services can be refresh to allow them to work. I can not guarantee they will remain until after the outage is cleared,
TTM Heather S : How many days have the services been affected?
Kelly Mitchell: Of course you can't. I understand.
Kelly Mitchell: Three days THIS time - then there was December 6th, December 15th and December 31st
Kelly Mitchell: I have an online business, so perhaps Charter isn't the right choice for me. Who do I need to talk to about this?
TTM Heather S : Let me check to see if any credits have been applied for those days, thus far.
Kelly Mitchell: Thank you
TTM Heather S : Would you verify the account holder's name please?
Kelly Mitchell: Frank L. Mitchell, my husband.
TTM Heather S : If these services are for business use, you may want to talk t our business department about business services. In most cases . they have a less down time and faster restore rate.
TTM Heather S : Thank you.
TTM Heather S : May I have your 4-digit security code please? Your security code appears on any statement issued after December 2007 and is located in the upper right hand corner of the statement, above the account number and date.
Kelly Mitchell: I don't have a bill, you take it directly out of our account.
Kelly Mitchell: Our bank account.
TTM Heather S : May I have your 4-digit pin number please? The pin number is a number you created when you set up your account.
Kelly Mitchell: I'm not sure I remember...try 1967 if that isn't it, I'll have to call my husband and get back to you.
TTM Heather S : The number you gave me is not the number we have on file.
TTM Heather S : Do you know the account number?
Kelly Mitchell: Very well. No, I do not have my charter account number memorized.
TTM Heather S : If you have established a “secret question” for you online My Account , we can also use the answer to that question as proof of ID.
Kelly Mitchell: I do not remember the security question - I have no recollection of setting one up, either, and it was ME on the phone ordering the service. Since I don't get a paper bill from you people, I suppose I can check the email.
TTM Heather S : Color or make of your first car?
Kelly Mitchell: Nope, that's not it, I would never have used that as a security question.
TTM Heather S : Who ever set up the online account, selected that question.
TTM Heather S : We are not able to select the security questions, that has to be done online.
Kelly Mitchell: It was ME, and I did NOT use that question. Your information is incorrect.
Kelly Mitchell: I don't have time to sit here and argue with you. I will call my husband, get the info, and get back to you.
Kelly Mitchell: I can assure you that we will no longer require your services, but I still expect my account to be credited.
TTM Heather S : No problem, I have reset the phone modem for you in the mean time.
Kelly Mitchell: Fantastic. Is there a work order number or something I can refer to when calling you?
TTM Heather S : No, there is no work order done for the modem reset. The agent will se my notes on the account.
Kelly Mitchell: OK, great. Thanks for your help, Heather.
TTM Heather S : Is there anything else that I can help you with ?
Kelly Mitchell: Not at this time, I will call later to cancel my subscription, but you've been as helpful as you could, I do realize that.
TTM Heather S : I will notate the account that you chatted in about the phone and internet services being out.
Kelly Mitchell: Thank you very much, I do appreciate it.
TTM Heather S : Thank you for using Charter Communications' Chat Support.

Thank you for choosing Charter services.

Have a great evening.
If you require further assistance, go to
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.
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Charter Communications Customer Service Nightmare...
Posted by on
ST LOUIS, MISSOURI -- Charter cable customer service is absolutely terrible. Over the last 4-5 years that we have had Charter we have experienced several nightmares. First a tree fell across the street and brought down the power and cable lines. Charter connected the service by laying a cable in my front yard in the grass and it took me about 14 calls and several personal visits to their office over nearly a year to get them out to hang the cable.

Second our internet service never worked properly. A tech came out and ran a new cable from the house to the pole and it worked better for a while. After a year, the cable is still laying in our yard.

Third, about 8 months ago they called to ask if I wanted to upgrade to a digital package with a six month "trial rate" lower rate than we already had, so I accepted. They told me the tech would be out a few days later and we arranged a time. He never showed at the stated time and they never called to confirm or check it out. I noticed several statements later that this upgrade was on my bill but since I was getting a better rate for six months, I blew it off until the "trial rate" was over.

Forth, and the best. At the same time our internet was still not getting good reception so I called on 11-03-08 to cancel both the digital package that I never received mentioned above and our internet service. I was told that I could not cancel my internet because I had an "outstanding balance" ($171.21) and that they "would cancel my internet once it had been paid". I immediately paid it and the 171.21 payment cleared my bank 4 days later. Guess what, my December statement STILL HAD BOTH SERVICES, NEITHER HAD BEEN CANCELED. When I called a couple of days ago (12-31-08) to question this and get it resolved the customer service person "Anthony" advised that when my outstanding balance was paid "I was supposed to have called them back to tell them back to remind them that I still wanted my internet service canceled".

When I told him that no one had told me I had to "call back after my payment had cleared" and asked why I had to call them back he said that they couldn't cancel my service "without my authorization". I said "WHAT"?!!! I just told them 4 days before the payment cleared that I wanted it canceled and asked did they have record of that conversation? He said yes, but I was still supposed to call and tell them again and that "that was the way their system was set up". I told him its not my problem the way their system is set up. I lived up to my end of the agreement by paying in full like I was asked to. I went through TWO supervisors, "Diana" and "Charline" and they all sounded like robots telling me the same thing and even adding that they STILL would not cancel it even now (12-31-08) nearly 2 months later because I had another "outstanding balance" ($105.65) which included the 2 services that I asked them to cancel nearly two months ago!

In other words, they are now charging me money for 2 services that I have already asked them to cancel nearly two months ago and no longer use (I have had AT&T internet since October) and one I never had, and STILL will not cancel because they want payment for those 2 services which I told them that I did not want nearly 2 months ago in the first place! It was absolutely incredible display of customer disservice and I feel may have even breached a few consumer protection laws. I Am looking into that.

I felt like I was talking to people from another planet. I have never heard of someone not being able to cancel their service anytime they wanted without a contract. I was so upset I immediately paid the $105.65 and told them to cancel my cable TV now as well and did not ever want to do business with them again.

Charter has been criticized for poor customer support and frequent billing consistency issues, causing the Better Business Bureau to post a warning to consumers about the company:

The Better Business Bureau has received numerous complaints regarding this cable, digital TV, and high speed internet access provider. Complainants primarily allege that the firm had improper billing practices, referred customer bills to collection agencies in error, provided poor customer service, used misleading advertising, provided defective internet or cable performance, used improper sales tactics or misrepresented the actual costs of installation and service, failed to properly install or maintain service, damaged customers' property, and failed to honor service appointments.

According to Wikipedia, PCWorld also ranked Charter's cable Internet service as worst among 14 major Internet service providers.[10] Charter High-Speed is the second-worst-rated cable ISP on [11] and Consumer Reports indicated in their February 2008 issue that Charter's television/Internet/telephone bundle collectively is the worst of all major national carriers.

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User Replies:
Lifemates on 10/11/2010:
Always best to check out the BBB first. For most of these bad companies they have a long track record of bad business ethics.
Andrew S on 12/12/2011:
I came back to charter because I needed internet where I was moving and Frontier could not get my services installed when I needed. So on the day of the move charter was scheduled to install between 3pm and 5pm. The installer shows up an hour late. He thinks he is installing phone, internet and TV when the order was only for phone and internet. He hooks up the services and leaves the equipment laying on the floor with cords everywhere. Didn't even ask me if I where I wanted the equipment. Then he leaves without giving me a receipt with my account number or security code. So I try to set up an online account for email and to view my bill and you need the account number and security code to do this. I call customer service and of course they are closed. I do the online chat and of course they can't provide account number or security code via chat even after verifying my phone number, address, and last 4 of ss#. The chat rep who I'm sure was in India (which is a whole other rant, don't get me started) said that I would have to do one of these options. Let her send the information to me via snail mail which she indicated would take 7 to 10 days, or I would need to go to a local charter office with two forms of ID one being a photo ID, or I would need to call customer service during normal business hours and they will be able to verify other information to provide the information on the phone. I am dubious about this since they have not opened yet, I have a feeling that I will not be able to get the information over the phone either since I can't think of what other type of verification they will do, unless they are going to ask for my blood type or sample of my DNA which I will not be able to provide over the phone anyway. What is the reason for this level of security I mean they act as though they are protecting State secretes or something. My bank does not even provide this level of security and I would imagine that someone accessing my bank would be able to do a lot more damage than someone getting access to my charter internet, and phone account. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. Then the chat rep sited that this is not their policy it is some new FCC regulation that they must follow to protect private customer data. I guess that could be true since it sounds crazy enough to be something the government would come up with, but why does it not work the same for other telecommunication companies, never had this problem with frontier or DirecTV. Anyway I will be calling charter when they open today and I will report back with my experience with the phone jockey I deal with. This whole issue could have been solved if they just would have provided this information in an email or at the time of install. I mean as a customer shouldn't I be able to use all of my services on the day they are installed? This will result in my getting a credit on my first bill and if it does not I will be canceling my services and finding another option.
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Charter Buyout Scam
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FORTSON, GEORGIA -- Charter enticed me to come back by offering reduced rates on bundled services and promising to buy out my current contract with another provider. After not be able to use their web site to file for the buyout, I called and received a physical address to submit the documents required to qualify for the Buyout. After several months, I called Charter and informed them that I had sent the buyout information by certificate of mailing two months earlier and gave them the number. Three days later I received an anonymous e-mail from the Charter Buyout Team informing me that I had not submitted the info within the required 60 days. I called Charter again and informed them again that I had a certificate of mailing and copies of the documents I had mailed. The representative was very apologetic but said he could do nothing. It was not until I filed a complaint with the State Public Service Commission that Charter requested the doc's and cert. of mailing. Even then it took another two weeks for verification that the $200 was credited to my account. And I still will have to wait another month for the credit to work off my account. During the course of this process I spoke with over fifteen representatives from over the entire country. Each time I had to wait on the phone and with each representative, I had to start over from square one. The process took over four months and I have also filed two FCC complaints because Charter has not complied with Federal and State laws mandating that Charter provide contact information of the local franchise authority. They have acted in bad faith and although I will finally get what they promised, it has cost me hundreds of hours in legal research, telephone calls to Charter, the FCC, the Public Service Commission, the Governor's Office of Consumer Protection, my state senator's office, etc. I also attempted to resolve the issue by driving 20 miles to the local Charter office, which by the way, does not have a telephone number which you can call. You must call the GETCHARTER national number. The process is designed to discourage the consumer from seeking a remedy. My local state rules and regulations do not provide penalties or fines that I can find although the state law provides that the Governor's office of Consumer Protection "may" provide for fines and penalties. Charter lobbyist are strong in my state and work closely with some of the elected officials. The FCC requires that the provider, Charter, identify the Local Franchise Authority but Charter did not provide all the information on the bill and will not provide it in spite of numerous e-mails and phone calls. Charter also misrepresented the facts during the PSC complaint, which is processed on line. My experience is that Charter abuses the consumer with impunity in spite of state and federal laws. I costs the consumer too much time and effort to force Charter to abide by the terms of the contract. Since there are no fines and penalties available with the informal consumer complaint processes, Charter and other providers little incentive to follow the laws. The only thing they are concerned about is the number of complaints that are documented and most people are so demoralized after the long waits on the phone and the inability to speak to the same person, that they do not document their complaints. When a cable provider wants to expand their territory, the authority who issues the franchise will check the number of complaints lodged at the PSC, BBB,etc and then and this information is considered when determining if a franchise license is issued in a new area. So if you want to protect others from these predators, document these complaints and file them with the PSC, FCC, etc..One can also file complaints with many of the local franchise authorities but this option is hidden from you by the providers. They have to make the Local Franchise Authority point of contact known to you but they do not let you know you have the ability to file complaints with most of them, especially when there is no competition in your area. Read Susan Crawford's book, "Captive Audience" which exposes the fact that US rates are higher and service is inferior to countries such as Sweden, Korea Japan and even China. So the consumer pays more money for an inferior product and along the way suffers from Customer Service that does not meet the standards set by the FCC. Look up section 76.309, Customer Service, contained in 47 CFR 76. 309. Tired of being placed on hold for up to ten minutes? Pay special attention to subsection (C) of 76.309, where it specifies that telephone answer time by a customer rep., including wait time, SHALL not exceed 30 seconds. Go the FCC web site and file a complaint. You can talk with an FCC representative who will assist you or even file it for you. Until we all take the time to document the abuse and file complaints, cable and internet providers will continue with this massive theft and hire more lobbyist which will ensure that service will continue to suffer. .
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User Replies:
nikalseyn on 02/18/2014:
Sounds like you have done your homework. Good job. As for Charter, I ran into a vaguely similar situation with them a few years ago. They offered "coupons" for $5 off your monthly bill as an incentive or reward for something, I forget what. In any event, they never would send them. This happened for two straight years. I ended up calling them at least three times each year until I finally got them.

I finally got rid of Charter tv, kept their internet as it is fast and reliable, and now stream to my heart's content via Roku, Netflix, Amazon and a host of other sites. I encourage everyone to drop the expensive television and go to streaming instead.
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Increased Price From 29.99 to 54.99!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WHITTIER, CALIFORNIA -- Charter Communications should really be re-named because they do NOT know how to communicate. They increased our introductory price of $29.99 to $49.99, after they did a complete switch-over across the board by discontinuing contracts. No contracts usually means a good thing, but to be honest, I would have rather had a contract that ensured a lower price, than to pay a ridiculous amount every month without contract. Unfortunately, 3 or 4 months after they raised our price to $49.99, they increased it AGAIN, to $54.99. We had to call them to make sure our price did not go up to $54.99. Paying fifty bucks for internet is ridiculous, but another 5 bucks, no matter how small it may seem, was NOT going to happen.

Anyway, we got fed up, and called to ask them to lower our bill, and even after speaking to the representative and supervisor, nothing came of it. The supervisor also told me that "we do not HAVE to offer anything to customers," which I stopped her in her tracks to tell her that they pick and choose who they offer lower prices to. Then we got into an argument, which at the end just gave me grounds to move on to a competitor.

A basic round-up of why you should NOT go with Charter goes as follows:

1) Why would you pay $54.99 for internet service when you can go with other companies for WAY less?

2) Even if you like their internet service, their customer service is terrible.

3) They did not do ANYTHING to keep us. Every single time we have called, they tried to sell us on something else that was expensive, even though we called to lower our bills.

4) Don't waste your time with their short gimmick of an introductory price. Other companies at least offer a whole 12 months!!!!

5) I honestly believe this is a failing company that couldn't care less about their customers.
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User Replies:
Peter on 05/08/2013:
There are plenty of HSI providers out there but will you get the same speed they are offering you?
Sean on 01/15/2014:
I have had same experience as above. If you live in a rural area that only Charter services, you have no other options.
Ed Bernard on 02/12/2014:
In our area Charter has been given EXCLUSIVE franchise so we have no alternative except ATT and I am about to switch to them.
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No Respect for Anyone's Time
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Me and my husband scheduled an appointment for Internet to be installed at our house. The appointment was made for a Saturday between 8 and 10. My husband called Charter at 10 to see where the installation man was and they said we had the wrong address. So they fixed out address and said we had to wait until the next Saturday now.

Well come Saturday at the end appointment time my husband called again and they still had the wrong address. I ended up calling the manager and speaking with him about the service that we had received and he apologized and said he was going to try to get it set up for the very next day. He did call us back that night and told us that he tries but the dispatch hadn't answered him yet so they ended up being able to come out on Monday from 10 to 12.

Come 12 05 the guy still wasn't here and my husband called. The lady on the other end said he's going to be there at one. Come 1 05 the dude still isn't here. My husband calls and cancels because we both had things to do. The guy showed up 30 minutes later and wasn't even aware the service had been cancelled. Yesterday I called another manager and I was telling him what happened and he was just acting like he was tired of talking to me and wasn't helpful at all.

My husband called this morning to make an appointment for Sunday at 8 and while I was at school I got a call from a lady who said we changed your appointment to today at I called Charter to cancel the appointment and they told me I couldn't because my name wasn't on the account. I told them if they showed up on my property I was going to call the police and report trespassing. They still wouldn't cancel the appointment and we didn't even make it. Needless to say my husband just called and chewed them out. We will now be doing our business with AT&T
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 01/24/2013:
I can't blame you.
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Charter Complaint
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FOND DU LAC, WISCONSIN -- I initially called on July 10th to move my service from one city to another. I didn't need phone service, so wanted just Internet service. I was paying about $40 for both services.

I was then told that I would be paying $49 for just Internet in the new city. This did not make sense to me and I asked if I could just move my current deal and this also was not an option. I told Charter I sure didn't understand why I'd pay more for less. Perhaps I should just cancel and have my Wife register the new address as a new customer. I then told them to cancel the relocation as I had some research to do.

I called back on July 20th to cancel my account. The Charter representative on that day told me that I COULD move my account to Internet only and get the $29.99/month deal for 12 months as my move would be considered a new account since the address was changing. I asked her to make sure since that differed from what I can be told. She assured me this was the case. I then told her to go ahead.

My first bill arrived and it was for $49. Called Charter and they said sorry- that's the deal. The second representative was wrong. After trying to get them to understand that they had created this situation with a mis-representation - they refused to budge. They said I was free to cancel and have my wife call to start a new one. I told them to cancel the account.

My wife called and they said she was "authorized" on the old account which she certainly never was and they refused to open a new account. Supervisor also refused to help or honor what we were told on the 20th.

I again called to try to understand why were are now blacklisted. The representative I talked to this time said I had "leveraged" my account to try to get a better deal. Calling around until I got a representative to say what I wanted. I explained that I had only called once on the 10th initially and then once on the 20th. The representative said we had lost the ability to transfer our old service package deal when they processed the cancellation.

So I then verified that I COULD have transferred my bundled voice and Internet service to the new city for the original $40/month? He then got very non-committal and said he couldn't deal in "IFs" or suppositions. He was very uncomfortable as I pressed him about this point.

Charter is in my opinion operating as a bait and switch for these types of moves. Essentially they told me something when I called to actually cancel to keep me as a customer and stop me from going to their competitor. They then processed it as Internet only to the higher monthly rate. In the process they destroyed my ability to transfer my existing deal. Now they have "no way" to restore anything.

I am a Chief Information Officer. I know for a fact that for any "system", anything is possible if the company wished to honor the deals that had been communicated by their representatives.

Charter created this situation and now they refuse to correct it or even give me the deal I actually WAS eligible for before they pulled the bait and switch. Unfortunately they are losing a good customer.

In the words of Clark Howard, "Customer no-service" unfortunately.
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User Replies:
jonthethird on 08/09/2012:
It may be the two cities have different taxes and franchise fees?
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Here we go again...
Posted by on
WEBSTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- Charter cable, internet and telephone are pretty decent when they work. When they don't, it's a nightmare trying to deal with the company. I am go-round #3 for the past couple of years. Summary:

- Internet and telephone began dropping on or shortly before Oct 20 of this year. Symptoms: phone has no dial tone or has dial tone but can't make a call; internet is so slow that most page loads time out. Problem is nearly always at night and usually clears in the wee hours of the morning. Last night I was out from about 7:28 pm till 10:30 or so. It came back and worked fine till about midnight and then came back sometime before 7 am.

- Have called Charter repeatedly and have made several appointments. In three cases, the technician found an "area outage" and didn't bother showing at the house. One time, he did call but had to leave a message (because the phone wasn't working...the problem he fixed didn't actually apply to my house). Technician did come out last Sunday after failing to show for a Saturday appointment. He felt it was a line issue and said someone would come out in the week. They apparently did so but that didn't fix my problem.

- Last night, I called Charter three times. The first person said we had outages because of the bad storm (huh? it was almost clear outside). He said he'd call me back in 2 mins...I'm still waiting. Second call the guy wanted me to hang around today in case a technician got free. He transferred me to the internet people but I got cut off. Third call I talked to a woman who acknowledged she could see my modem dropping out and she transferred me to the internet people who transferred me to "escalation" who set up an appointment for next week. So, at this point it's been 18 days and I am sent to the back of the line.

- I wrote the "umatter2charter" email address and got a fairly prompt reply from Joe saying he would look into it. I got an email a short while ago from Steve who advised that they would get to me when they can and might escalate this to an area outage. What Steve doesn't realize is that that is code-speak for the technician will again not show.

My umatter to Charter reply..still seems like I've been pushed to the end of the line 19 days after my problem started with the best-case scenario being that a technician may or may not come next Monday.

Local technicians are working as quickly as possible to get to all open service calls. We see this has been escalated to local operations for possible consideration of an area issue so it's possible this may be resolved without the need to come to your residence.

However, just to be safe the service call remains open and you should receive a confirmation call when this job is routed to a technician. If you don't answer after the first attempt, two more calls will be placed to you.

Please let us know if we can help you any further. We'll let you know if we receive an updates about the area.
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User Replies:
Alain on 11/10/2011:
You can make an official complaint to and
which, if nothing else, will add to the numerous other complaints about Charter.
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Worst Service Experience of My Life
Posted by on
Every complaint about this company that I've read on these pages rings true for me... I've experienced many of the situations described by others: frequent/chronic mystery service interruptions to both cable and Internet service - in which the company often advised the problem wasn't theirs, that it must be my personal equipment (although the problems were, without explanation, always *resolved* on their end without involving my personal equipment at all); endless transfers during customer service phone calls, re-telling my story over & over; being placed on hold for over 30-minutes by an overtly rude customer service representative when I asked to speak with her supervisor; and being yelled at by the supervisor when I advised how frustrating the situation had become to get resolution to a chronic service-interruption problem.

About a year ago I decided I'd rather be without TV/Internet at all than use this company any more. I had them remove all of their equipment from my home & canceled all services. (I now have wireless Internet service - without one single service interruption ever!)

Recently, I caved & decided to give this company another try for cable TV. Wrong decision.

When ordering a service package (that included TV/phone) & arranging installation, I was quoted a specific monthly cost. I verified verbally *3 times* with the sales representative that the cost he quoted to me was exact and I wouldn't be charged a single penny more than he'd quoted. He confirmed clearly & absolutely that the quoted price was firm, not a penny more, for 12 months. Three days prior to scheduled installation, I received a call from a different customer service representative to confirm my order - she quoted a new monthly price that was nearly $40 more than the original quote. I told her of the original quote; she denied that original quote as having been valid, and advised that the additional nearly $40 in monthly fees were taxes. (seriously?)

At this point I told the service representative to cancel my installation order; that I wouldn't be renewing service with this company after all. She said she couldn't, and gave me a different phone number to call. I called immediately, stated clearly that I was canceling my service request - that I would not be doing business with this company. Two days after canceling the installation appointment, I received a phone call from the company to confirm that installation representatives would be at my house as scheduled to do the installation. I called *once again* to state clearly (once again) that I wanted no service from this company - now or ever - and that no installation representatives should arrive at my home because it would be a waste of their time. The operator I spoke with said the company didn't even have the phone number on record that was used by them just hours earlier to advise me that installation was confirmed: installation that had already been canceled.

Hopefully, I've learned my lesson.

Never in my life have I personally experienced worse vendor service or encountered worse customer service. I actively let my family & friends know about my personal experiences with this company when I hear they're considering becoming a customer. My instinct when hearing of this company and its services is to turn and walk away; as fast as possible!
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Umatter2Charter on 03/01/2010:
Good afternoon Superjules43,

I'm sorry to hear of the all the trouble you've had with your services then and now. My name is George and I'm a Social Media specialist for Charter Communications. That's definitely how we are designed to operate. I do understand your frustration with being misquoted on your pricing and I would like to find out where the ball was dropped and coach the representatives that were responsible. If you can please email us at we will make sure this happens. Again I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

jktshff1 on 03/01/2010:
"social media specialist"???? That's a new feel good title. Just what does it mean?
Anonymous on 03/01/2010:
A publicist.
Where do they come up with these terms?
Hard work = Labor intensive. Give me a break!
Umatter2Charter on 03/03/2010:
We're definitely not publicists. We directly assist customer's with a verity of issues. You can find out more about our group at
PepperElf on 03/03/2010:
basically it's a fancy way to say they handle the complaint sites, twitter, etc

tnchuck100 on 03/03/2010:
RE: Charter internet service - on-line chat

At this moment (3/3/10 @ 2:56 PM CT) my son is experiencing the most inept customer service on the planet. He has latency issues and is experiencing 10 - 20% lost packets just pinging Google. He is on his 3rd incompetent tech right now. They "let me try this" and drop him. I read his last chat session and it is very obvious these jokers have absolutely no idea how to understand a problem. Much less correct it.
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Charter Communications Somebody Has Fallen Asleep
Posted by on
PLATTSBURGH, NEW YORK -- Since I live in a little tiny town in the middle of nowhere, the choices around here are limited. Needless to say, after this month I will no longer be an unfortunate subscriber to Charter Communications' cable TV service. One year ago, I had no complaints. Everything was OK, I could manage but within the past 6 months it has been a nightmare. First, the internet service works when it wants too. I have been through 3 modems and it seems like #3 is almost dead now. At least once a week, I have to deal with a speed that is comparable to watching turtles race. They have no good explanation as to why. I would cry computer problems but I know that is not the case. Now for their TV service, pardon me while I laugh for a moment. A good 25% of my channels either drop out or lose audio. It is the same on all TV's in the house, so it being my TV's problem has been ruled out. The DVR service has a mind of its own, it will pause, skip to either the beginning or end of the taping whenever it chooses. I have replaced the boxes, as they suggested and yep..still does the same thing. Any channel above 200 will randomly drop out and cause this god awful audio screeching after about 20 minutes.

Except channel 303 and thriller Max, they just don't come in at all anymore. I will say that their HD channels look great (when they actually come in). Charter has disconnected me when I have made my payment. Then when they admit to me that my services should not have been turned off, they don't hesitate to charge me the reconnect fee. This is after I get confirmation that they will not charge me since it was their fault to begin with. I gave up paying over the phone since their 'not seeing my payment' was rampant that way, now in the past 2 months it has occurred even when I paid in person. I know they are in debt but screwing people with the nickel and dime stuff is not helping. I would gladly pay extra if it worked but it seems like every time they raise rates around here, the service goes from worse to horrid.

The past two times I have paid in the office, I had to wait an extremely long time to get to the desk because of the long line of people terminating and returning their equipment. I found that hilarious, apparently the little dishes popping up like crazy in this area is not getting through to them about the quality of their product. For the past two years, I have someone on the other line telling me, "it will get better once we get the telephone service running in your area." Well, if their telephone service is as great as their cable and internet, then No Thanks.

I have contacted satellite and in a couple of weeks, it will be I who is standing in a long line telling them what they can do with their service and subpar equipment.
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saj80 on 02/21/2009:
You do know they are in bankruptcy now, right? It will probably get worse before it gets better.
Anonymous on 02/21/2009:
Not quite in bankruptcy, yet. Very close to it. Their debt load per subscriber is about $4,000.
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