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Scurried Off
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Rating: 2/51

HASTINGS, NEBRASKA -- I went into the local office to explain I did not have internet. It was 9 am and all the service techs were loading their vans. I explained to the office lady that yesterday a spectrum van went into my neighbor's fenced yard, climbed up the pole. He then went into my fenced yard, got into the cable box on my house. He was in our area approximately 30 min. I said to him, "I don't have cable TV and neither does the other people in my duplex." He said, "I know." He finished and left. I asked my neighbor later why he called them. He said he had not called and had no knowledge they were here. When the service person left I had no internet connection.

I called into customer support. Had to go down 25 steps being disabled because the original installer put all the equipment down there and no one that has been out to service my prior cable phone or current internet will move it upstairs. I messed with the modem and router several min. at the rep's request with no luck. She apologized and said I couldn't get a tech till Saturday.

I work on Saturdays, so this is a very inconvenient time but I really need the WiFi. When I explained to the local office of the situation, said it would be Sat. The office person said, "Yep." I explained the situation was not my fault and I thought I should get credit for non service days. She ignored my comment and insisted they didn't show anyone in my area yesterday like I was a liar.

Technical support incompetence
By -

I am just going to list the sequence of events, and not add any of my personal thoughts or opinions. The facts clearly speak for themselves. Monday, 5/3. Around 1:00 PM. Brief power outage. When power restored, no internet. Called Charter, got a recording that said that there was a problem in my area, service would be restored in a couple of hours. Still no service at 8:00 PM, so I called Charter, got the same recording. Wrestled my way through the voice prompts to finally get a live person on the line. After trying many things, tech said that modem was bad and promised to overnight a replacement.

Tuesday, 5/4. No replacement. However, internet access most of the day was OK. Wednesday, 5/5. No internet. Replacement modem arrives. Swap modem, no internet. Spent a long time with support - couldn't get internet. Will have to send a tech out.

Thursday, 5/6. Tech arrives, but we have internet access when he gets here. Tech checks, have had the internet for the last few hours. Tech says that other houses on our street have had similar problems - he was at our neighbor's house the day before, and the person across the street was also out. Tech leaves. 10 minutes later, no internet.

On phone with support for a long time, they need to set up another call. I tell them that the problem is clearly not inside our house, since multiple residences have been affected, but this doesn't appear to be useful information to the support person. He needs to set up a visit with us. The visits are difficult to arrange as my wife and I both work during the day. We finally set a firm appointment for between 5:00 and 7:00 PM on Friday.

Friday, 5/7. I leave work early, had to leave part way through an important meeting, to get home by 5:00. No tech shows up. I call and I am told that the tech came between 1:00 and 3:00 on Friday. I get disconnected and have to wade through the voice menus and start all over again explaining everything. I request that a tech be sent out today, as we have been without internet since Monday, and they screwed up the scheduling. Sorry, can't do it.

I ask to speak to a supervisor, am put on hold for 28 minutes, finally get a supervisor, doesn't help at all. Appointment set for Saturday between 1 and 3. My wife and I have to cancel plans for Saturday but we really need the issue fixed, so we do.

Saturday, 5/8. Tech shows up and seems competent. He replaces the line coming into our house, and reports that some piece of equipment outside needs to be replaced, will have to order the parts. Internet working when he leaves. A short time later, no internet. Call support again, finally get the internet back but only when computer is connected directly. Support person promises to call me on Monday with a status on the parts and next visit out.

Monday, 5/10. No call from support. Internet access available intermittently when one computer is connected directly.

Tuesday, 5/11. Still no call from support. I call support from work and I am told that someone was out to replace something on Monday, 5/10, but that DHCP had not been turned on for our account. Support person turns it on and I am told that we have a good internet connection. I ask why I wasn't notified that the work had been done. Support person doesn't know. I get home and yes, the one computer has the Internet, but when I connect it to the router, nothing.

I plug the modem back into the one computer directly - no internet. I call support again (and, on every call, I have to wade through countless voice prompts to finally reach a support person who once again has to verify all of my information and then has me describe the entire problem all over again). This person says that no, nobody came out to my house on Monday. And also that there are no service calls scheduled for my house. Then I get disconnected.

I call back, having to again go through all of the voice prompts and then have to again verify all of my information and then have to start over explaining everything to the new support person. I am told that I need to buy a new router (mine is a high-end Cisco router, 3 months old) as it is messing up their DHCP. By the way, at this moment my router isn't even turned on, and the modem is plugged into the computer directly. I realize that I am not likely to get anything useful out of further conversation.

We schedule a tech to come out the next day, and the only time that they can give me is between 4 and 6 PM, as there is nothing available in the evening. This is very difficult to arrange, but we go for it. I then get a call from their automated system asking me to confirm that the appointment scheduled for between 8 and 10 AM tomorrow morning is OK!!! I just got off the phone after scheduling it for 4-6 PM, and 5 minutes later it has already been screwed up and set for 8-10 AM.

I couldn't call them back as I broke the phone when I slammed it down in frustration. We have been without the internet for 9 days now. Anyone reading this sequence of events can determine for themselves the competency of an organization that has handled a problem in the fashion that I have outlined. The fact that appointments are scheduled for one time yet somehow end up at a different time, more than once, is mind boggling.

Worst Service Experience of My Life
By -

Every complaint about this company that I've read on these pages rings true for me... I've experienced many of the situations described by others: Frequent/chronic mystery service interruptions to both cable and Internet service - in which the company often advised the problem wasn't theirs, that it must be my personal equipment (although the problems were, without explanation, always *resolved* on their end without involving my personal equipment at all); endless transfers during customer service phone calls, re-telling my story over & over.

Being placed on hold for over 30-minutes by an overtly rude customer service representative when I asked to speak with her supervisor; and being yelled at by the supervisor when I advised how frustrating the situation had become to get resolution to a chronic service-interruption problem. About a year ago I decided I'd rather be without TV/Internet at all than use this company any more. I had them remove all of their equipment from my home & canceled all services. (I now have wireless Internet service - without one single service interruption ever!)

Recently, I caved & decided to give this company another try for cable TV. Wrong decision. When ordering a service package (that included TV/phone) & arranging installation, I was quoted a specific monthly cost. I verified verbally *3 times* with the sales representative that the cost he quoted to me was exact and I wouldn't be charged a single penny more than he'd quoted. He confirmed clearly & absolutely that the quoted price was firm, not a penny more, for 12 months.

Three days prior to scheduled installation, I received a call from a different customer service representative to confirm my order - she quoted a new monthly price that was nearly $40 more than the original quote. I told her of the original quote; she denied that original quote as having been valid, and advised that the additional nearly $40 in monthly fees were taxes. (Seriously?) At this point I told the service representative to cancel my installation order; that I wouldn't be renewing service with this company after all. She said she couldn't, and gave me a different phone number to call.

I called immediately, stated clearly that I was canceling my service request - that I would not be doing business with this company. Two days after canceling the installation appointment, I received a phone call from the company to confirm that installation representatives would be at my house as scheduled to do the installation. I called *once again* to state clearly (once again) that I wanted no service from this company - now or ever - and that no installation representatives should arrive at my home because it would be a waste of their time.

The operator I spoke with said the company didn't even have the phone number on record that was used by them just hours earlier to advise me that installation was confirmed: Installation that had already been canceled. Hopefully, I've learned my lesson. Never in my life have I personally experienced worse vendor service or encountered worse customer service. I actively let my family & friends know about my personal experiences with this company when I hear they're considering becoming a customer. My instinct when hearing of this company and its services is to turn and walk away; as fast as possible!

Charter Communications Somebody Has Fallen Asleep
By -

PLATTSBURGH, NEW YORK -- Since I live in a little tiny town in the middle of nowhere, the choices around here are limited. Needless to say, after this month I will no longer be an unfortunate subscriber to Charter Communications' cable TV service. One year ago, I had no complaints. Everything was OK, I could manage but within the past 6 months it has been a nightmare. First, the internet service works when it wants too. I have been through 3 modems and it seems like #3 is almost dead now. At least once a week, I have to deal with a speed that is comparable to watching turtles race. They have no good explanation as to why.

I would cry computer problems but I know that is not the case. Now for their TV service, pardon me while I laugh for a moment. A good 25% of my channels either drop out or lose audio. It is the same on all TV's in the house, so it being my TV's problem has been ruled out. The DVR service has a mind of its own, it will pause, skip to either the beginning or end of the taping whenever it chooses. I have replaced the boxes, as they suggested and yep... still does the same thing. Any channel above 200 will randomly drop out and cause this god awful audio screeching after about 20 minutes.

Except channel 303 and thriller Max, they just don't come in at all anymore. I will say that their HD channels look great (when they actually come in). Charter has disconnected me when I have made my payment. Then when they admit to me that my services should not have been turned off, they don't hesitate to charge me the reconnect fee. This is after I get confirmation that they will not charge me since it was their fault to begin with. I gave up paying over the phone since their 'not seeing my payment' was rampant that way, now in the past 2 months it has occurred even when I paid in person.

I know they are in debt but screwing people with the nickel and dime stuff is not helping. I would gladly pay extra if it worked but it seems like every time they raise rates around here, the service goes from worse to horrid. The past two times I have paid in the office, I had to wait an extremely long time to get to the desk because of the long line of people terminating and returning their equipment. I found that hilarious, apparently the little dishes popping up like crazy in this area is not getting through to them about the quality of their product.

For the past two years, I have someone on the other line telling me, "it will get better once we get the telephone service running in your area." Well, if their telephone service is as great as their cable and internet, then No Thanks. I have contacted satellite and in a couple of weeks, it will be I who is standing in a long line telling them what they can do with their service and sub-par equipment.

Charter Communications Customer Service Nightmare...
By -

ST LOUIS, MISSOURI -- Charter cable customer service is absolutely terrible. Over the last 4-5 years that we have had Charter we have experienced several nightmares. First a tree fell across the street and brought down the power and cable lines. Charter connected the service by laying a cable in my front yard in the grass and it took me about 14 calls and several personal visits to their office over nearly a year to get them out to hang the cable. Second our internet service never worked properly. A tech came out and ran a new cable from the house to the pole and it worked better for a while. After a year, the cable is still laying in our yard.

Third, about 8 months ago they called to ask if I wanted to upgrade to a digital package with a six month "trial rate" lower rate than we already had, so I accepted. They told me the tech would be out a few days later and we arranged a time. He never showed at the stated time and they never called to confirm or check it out. I noticed several statements later that this upgrade was on my bill but since I was getting a better rate for six months, I blew it off until the "trial rate" was over.

Forth, and the best. At the same time our internet was still not getting good reception so I called on 11-03-08 to cancel both the digital package that I never received mentioned above and our internet service. I was told that I could not cancel my internet because I had an "outstanding balance" ($171.21) and that they "would cancel my internet once it had been paid". I immediately paid it and the 171.21 payment cleared my bank 4 days later. Guess what, my December statement STILL HAD BOTH SERVICES, NEITHER HAD BEEN CANCELED.

When I called a couple of days ago (12-31-08) to question this and get it resolved the customer service person "**" advised that when my outstanding balance was paid "I was supposed to have called them back to tell them back to remind them that I still wanted my internet service canceled".

When I told him that no one had told me I had to "call back after my payment had cleared" and asked why I had to call them back he said that they couldn't cancel my service "without my authorization". I said "WHAT"!!! I just told them 4 days before the payment cleared that I wanted it canceled and asked, "did they have record of that conversation?" He said yes, but I was still supposed to call and tell them again and that "that was the way their system was set up". I told him it's not my problem the way their system is set up. I lived up to my end of the agreement by paying in full like I was asked to.

I went through TWO supervisors, "**" and "**" and they all sounded like robots telling me the same thing and even adding that they STILL would not cancel it even now (12-31-08) nearly 2 months later because I had another "outstanding balance" ($105.65) which included the 2 services that I asked them to cancel nearly two months ago!

In other words, they are now charging me money for 2 services that I have already asked them to cancel nearly two months ago and no longer use (I have had AT&T internet since October) and one I never had, and STILL will not cancel because they want payment for those 2 services which I told them that I did not want nearly 2 months ago in the first place! It was absolutely incredible display of customer disservice and I feel may have even breached a few consumer protection laws. I am looking into that.

I felt like I was talking to people from another planet. I have never heard of someone not being able to cancel their service anytime they wanted without a contract. I was so upset I immediately paid the $105.65 and told them to cancel my cable TV now as well and did not ever want to do business with them again. Charter has been criticized for poor customer support and frequent billing consistency issues, causing the Better Business Bureau to post a warning to consumers about the company:

The Better Business Bureau has received numerous complaints regarding this cable, digital TV, and high speed internet access provider. Complainants primarily allege that the firm had improper billing practices, referred customer bills to collection agencies in error, provided poor customer service, used misleading advertising, provided defective internet or cable performance, used improper sales tactics or misrepresented the actual costs of installation and service, failed to properly install or maintain service, damaged customers' property, and failed to honor service appointments.

According to Wikipedia, PCWorld also ranked Charter's cable Internet service as worst among 14 major Internet service providers.[10] Charter High-Speed is the second-worst-rated cable ISP on [11] and Consumer Reports indicated in their February 2008 issue that Charter's television/Internet/telephone bundle collectively is the worst of all major national carriers. Bottom line... DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, YOU WILL LIVE TO REGRET IT!

Horrible internet
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Rating: 1/51

LOS ANGLES, CALIFORNIA -- The people at Charter really don't know what they are doing. Their WiFi is always slow and it never works. It is commonly at a speed of 5 mbps, I pay for 60 mbps. Their customer service is extremely non-existent. Charter needs to clean up their act.

Charter Complaint
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Rating: 1/51

FOND DU LAC, WISCONSIN -- I initially called on July 10th to move my service from one city to another. I didn't need phone service, so wanted just Internet service. I was paying about $40 for both services. I was then told that I would be paying $49 for just Internet in the new city. This did not make sense to me and I asked if I could just move my current deal and this also was not an option. I told Charter I sure didn't understand why I'd pay more for less. Perhaps I should just cancel and have my Wife register the new address as a new customer. I then told them to cancel the relocation as I had some research to do.

I called back on July 20th to cancel my account. The Charter representative on that day told me that I COULD move my account to Internet only and get the $29.99/month deal for 12 months as my move would be considered a new account since the address was changing. I asked her to make sure since that differed from what I can be told. She assured me this was the case. I then told her to go ahead.

My first bill arrived and it was for $49. Called Charter and they said sorry - that's the deal. The second representative was wrong. After trying to get them to understand that they had created this situation with a misrepresentation - they refused to budge. They said I was free to cancel and have my wife call to start a new one. I told them to cancel the account. My wife called and they said she was "authorized" on the old account which she certainly never was and they refused to open a new account. Supervisor also refused to help or honor what we were told on the 20th.

I again called to try to understand why we are now blacklisted. The representative I talked to this time said I had "leveraged" my account to try to get a better deal. Calling around until I got a representative to say what I wanted. I explained that I had only called once on the 10th initially and then once on the 20th. The representative said we had lost the ability to transfer our old service package deal when they processed the cancellation.

So I then verified that I COULD have transferred my bundled voice and Internet service to the new city for the original $40/month? He then got very non-committal and said he couldn't deal in "IFs" or suppositions. He was very uncomfortable as I pressed him about this point.

Charter is in my opinion operating as a bait and switch for these types of moves. Essentially they told me something when I called to actually cancel to keep me as a customer and stop me from going to their competitor. They then processed it as Internet only to the higher monthly rate. In the process they destroyed my ability to transfer my existing deal. Now they have "no way" to restore anything. I am a Chief Information Officer. I know for a fact that for any "system", anything is possible if the company wished to honor the deals that had been communicated by their representatives.

Charter created this situation and now they refuse to correct it or even give me the deal I actually WAS eligible for before they pulled the bait and switch. Unfortunately they are losing a good customer. In the words of Clark Howard, "Customer no-service" unfortunately.

Here We Go again...
By -

WEBSTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- Charter cable, internet and telephone are pretty decent when they work. When they don't, it's a nightmare trying to deal with the company. I am go-round #3 for the past couple of years. Summary:

Internet and telephone began dropping on or shortly before Oct 20 of this year. Symptoms: Phone has no dial tone or has dial tone but can't make a call; internet is so slow that most page loads time out. Problem is nearly always at night and usually clears in the wee hours of the morning. Last night I was out from about 7:28 pm till 10:30 or so. It came back and worked fine till about midnight and then came back sometime before 7 am.

Have called Charter repeatedly and have made several appointments. In three cases, the technician found an "area outage" and didn't bother showing at the house. One time, he did call but had to leave a message (because the phone wasn't working... the problem he fixed didn't actually apply to my house). Technician did come out last Sunday after failing to show for a Saturday appointment. He felt it was a line issue and said someone would come out in the week. They apparently did so but that didn't fix my problem.

Last night, I called Charter three times. The first person said we had outages because of the bad storm (huh? It was almost clear outside). He said he'd call me back in 2 mins... I'm still waiting. Second call the guy wanted me to hang around today in case a technician got free. He transferred me to the internet people but I got cut off. Third call I talked to a woman who acknowledged she could see my modem dropping out and she transferred me to the internet people who transferred me to "escalation" who set up an appointment for next week. So, at this point it's been 18 days and I am sent to the back of the line.

I wrote the "umatter2charter" email address and got a fairly prompt reply from ** saying he would look into it. I got an email a short while ago from ** who advised that they would get to me when they can and might escalate this to an area outage. What ** doesn't realize is that that is code-speak for the technician will again not show. My umatter to Charter reply... still seems like I've been pushed to the end of the line 19 days after my problem started with the best-case scenario being that a technician may or may not come next Monday:

"Local technicians are working as quickly as possible to get to all open service calls. We see this has been escalated to local operations for possible consideration of an area issue so it's possible this may be resolved without the need to come to your residence.

However, just to be safe the service call remains open and you should receive a confirmation call when this job is routed to a technician. If you don't answer after the first attempt, two more calls will be placed to you. Please let us know if we can help you any further. We'll let you know if we receive an updates about the area."

Billing Error of Questionable Motive
By -

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- All five years I was a customer of Charter Communications, I was badgered by promotions through the mail and on my telephone. Big deal to include digital phone (I resisted), but when they offered a slight discount if I'd agree to a 2-year "price guarantee" I decided to look into it. I went to their sales office and was given the spiel. When I looked over the agreement they wanted me to sign I noticed an early termination clause. I told the salesman (stated that he was the manager) that it was a deal breaker because I considered it likely that I'd be moving before the end of the two years.

The salesman asked if I knew where I'd be going. I named three possible destinations. Two of those did not have Charter's cable service, we found out. But he hastened to assure me repeatedly that it is the company's policy to wave the fee if a customer moves to an area not serviced. Based on that assurance I entered into the agreement. Eventually I did move to one of those two areas not served. I asked the agent when I phoned to disconnect the service, and the assurance was repeated.

I also asked the customer service person in the office at which I returned the equipment. Again, I was assured there would be no fee (both the agent and the CSR knew my new address). Three months after the move I received a bill at my new address from Charter Communications for $110.00 for early termination. At 3:43 PM PST on November 13, 2010 I phoned (as advised on the Charter Communications website) to dispute the bill. After the usual few minutes of hazing by the automated answering system I was connected with an agent named **.

I'm not certain that it's not intentional that I got the impression that I'd need to add the value of the speed of light to an IQ score to achieve a positive number. After the answering-droid took my information and garnered the purpose for my call, I was required to yet again tell ** all the same information plus the security code printed on the bill. During the course he had to leave the line twice to "check my account". Of course I had to repeat the purpose of my call to him. I somehow managed to remain civil.

When I explained to ** that I had multiple assurances that I would not be billed an early disconnect, he merely reminded me that I had signed that 2-year price protection contract and explained that the system automatically prorates the fee. No remorse, and not a hint of intent to cancel the erroneous charge. So I again reminded ** that I had been assured both when I executed that agreement and when I turned in my equipment, that I'd not be billed early termination if I moved into an area not serviced by Charter before the end of the agreement period.

So ** replied by telling me to hold the line as he had to again "check my account." After being on hold for about seven more minutes, I got the hint and hung up. I believe that this is a ruse foisted upon the unwary. It appears to me that either I was lied to by three employees, or the company has the intent to make representations they have no intention of honoring as a matter of policy. At the time I entered the contract I was aware of the possibility in the distant future that I'd be moving. I specifically asked about how that applies to early termination, and was given assurance that it's the company's policy to wave the fee were I to move to an area they do not serve.

I relied on that statement when I entered into the agreement. I can't help but wonder how many people in that situation got a bill as I did and just paid it without considering the issue. Maybe it's OK for some, but for me $110.00 is not loose change. Never was. Most businesses for which I've worked make sure the AR department knows what the Sales department is selling; and that they deliver what they're selling (another issue I had during my time as a Charter customer). That way they keep their customers. And former customers are not compelled to run around bad-mouthing them.

Billed post Disconnection - Not ready to refund!
By -

TOWN AND COUNTY, MISSOURI -- Charter has failed to refund billed amount (482.08$) which was billed post disconnection. I was a Charter Communications customer for Cable TV + Internet from Sep 07 - Oct 08 in Monona, WI. I had called Charter to disconnect Cable 1st week of Oct 08 and also asked them to disconnect Internet end of the month of Oct 08 and I was verbally confirmed the request was under effect. I again called on 31 Oct 08 to confirm the disconnection and to ask about the equipment return center's address and hours. I was unable to return the equipment and had to leave the City and State as I was shifting to Chicago.

I had not noticed until August 09 that I was charged by Charter until March 09 for varying amounts in the tune of 482.08$ post disconnection. I called Charter customer care number and got the representative ** who looked at the account and advised me that a probable error in the billing might have happened and told me he'd put in a case of escalation. I should hear back about the refund in 6-8 weeks. I called 6 weeks later to reach another representative who said the request was still under way. In Oct 09, I was advised by a different representative that the escalation had not happened and she would put in a fresh request again.

I was stalled for 6-8 weeks again and told earlier in the year that I should return the equipment first to facilitate any of the refunds. I was also asked to submit my bank records to the same facility which depicted the over-payment post disconnection. I finally managed to go to Madison, WI back and returned the equipment in April 10. I faxed the copies of the bank statements to the facility in Madison, WI later the same week. There is no phone number to the facility and the Charter reps kept on saying they couldn't reach the Madison office themselves! I received a check for 99$ for the returned equipment in May.

I again called the Charter call center about the over payments and all the reps kept on telling that since it was a new year (2010) they could not verify anything about the last year!! I tried 5-6 times to convince someone and also spoke to Managers who ended the call saying there was absolutely nothing they could do. I was completely helpless with no information on how to proceed. Finally I was able to search internet for similar cases and write about my experiences in a couple of sites where in I was contacted by the 'UMatter2Charter' team via email asking me for my info to start the case again.

I exchanged emails with 3 guys **, ** and **. The latter finally replied after a month or 2 saying he wasn't able to dig up the account and referred me to this 'Customer Care Advocacy Team' on theirs housed in Town and Country, MO. They tried to call me and weren't able to (?) and sent me a mail to my address saying so. It has been a couple of months I have been trying to advance the case in their books (the person assigned to my case is **). I have provided all the relevant documents upon their request (usually it's a week or more of delay before they respond and usually never call me with any updates).

I am utterly exhausted and frustrated with the quality of service I have been receiving from Charter; It's been more than 2 years since my disconnection with Charter and more than a year for me trying to get a refund from them.

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