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Charter Communications
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Charter Is Horrible
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Rating: 1/51

STOCKBRIDGE, GEORGIA -- I scheduled an appt with them between 3 pm and 5 p.m. My technician was not here by 5:30. I called, they told me he was on the way... 2 hours later he arrived. Upon 3 minutes of his arrival he came in and told me that he was unable to do the job due to him not having a ladder that was tall enough. I asked if another technician could bring him the equipment out he told me now he would have to reschedule my appointment time before they can do anything.

I told him Monday would be a good day and he tells me there's nothing available on Monday so I'll have to wait until the end of the week. How is it my fault that they were not prepared? I could not tell you but they definitely did not do anything to help make matters any better so therefore I just cancel the entire service even though I wasn't even a customer yet. If they can't even get the installation process done properly I would hate to have them as a carrier and have to go through the type of customer service that I had. Supervisors were no help nor were any of the people that spoke with at the 800 number.

Bait and Switch
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Rating: 1/51

LACOMBE, LOUISIANA -- Locked in "price Guarantee" for 24 months. Bill is $90 for Basic cable and 15 Mbps Internet. Called and offered to pay my termination fee of $47.50. Asked that since I was losing my job next month and really needed to reduce my bills if I could cancel just the cable service and keep the same Internet speed at the current rate I was paying of $39.99. They stated to keep the same Internet speed would have to pay $ 53.99/per month and termination fee. I am very upset that I have paid my bill on time for the last 5 years and they are wanting me to pay $15.00 more for the same service or he offered me $54.99 for double the speed. Gee Thanks, but no thanks!!!

Payment Not as Promised
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Rating: 2/51

TAYLORSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- After the promotion ended, the price shot way up there. I called and they split the difference with me, I was satisfied. I thought that was the end of it until today (about 6 or 7 months later). I got home and my bill had gone up about $20. I thought there must be a mistake, so I called Charter. They said it was no mistake. They said my promo had ended. I explained to them that I was not in a promotion deal. They said they couldn't offer me that price anymore. WOW. Then why did they make that deal to begin with?

I asked if they had any reasonable deals I could go with. I was told that my new price was the cheapest I could get. I tried to even get a lower speed, but they said they don't go lower than 30 mbps anymore. I don't even need that much to surf the Internet. After they get you in their service they sure don't do anything to keep you. Apparently, they think they've got you since they're the only CABLE Internet provider. Well, I'm sure going to try another provider. They're disconnecting mine tomorrow.

Constantly Calling My Phone Trying to Advertise and Also Not Following Through With Price Quotes
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Rating: 1/51

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I just moved to my apartment at the end of March. Unfortunately, I could not get Direct TV or any other cable/internet service in the area. I was quoted a price of $89.99 for both cable and internet. The customer service representative said she would call me back the next day about my installation. No call whatsoever nor did she follow through on the price quote. I get my first bill and they charged me over $110. I called customer service and they didn't know what I was talking about when I told them that I was quoted $89.99 and of course there were no records of me calling.

I finally got that fixed and meanwhile, I have been getting telemarketing calls from Charter several times a day every day since I've activated my service! This is ridiculous. I called Charter Customer Service yesterday afternoon to have them take me off the calling list and they had the nerve to tell me that there was no way to contact their telemarketing department. And then hung up on me. I've been in customer service for 13 years. You're going to tell me that there is no communication between the 2 departments and pretty much I would just have to deal with it?

I got yet another call today and I picked up and told the representative to take me off the mailing list. He just kept talking and trying to sell me more services and had the audacity to ask me how long I've been a customer. If you know that I'm a customer, you should know how long I've been a customer. And then he told me that I was paying a certain amount per month and I told him I was not and he proceeded to argue with me about how much I was paying.

After I told him for the 3rd time that I wanted to be taken off the calling list he said, just kept talking so I hung up. I'm ready to cancel the service because I have never been harassed this much by a company that I'm paying for service from. Horrible customer service!

"special Promotions" aren't so special! I was charged more than agreed!!!
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Rating: 1/51

MAULDIN, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I just started my internet service with Charter & was fine until I received my 1st bill. When I called about the promotion being offered @19.99 I specifically asked the salesman if that would include wireless. I was told YES! I had a modem & router of my own but it was not compatible with their equipment. Therefore I was informed I would have an additional $7.00 charge per month for their modem etc. This was OK with me.

I received my bill today & I am being charged the agreed 19.99 BUT I am ALSO charged 14.99 extra for wireless. Now when the guy came to install my internet, he brought the modem in 1st that was for just internet & I told him I was supposed to have wireless. He changed the modem & neither did he tell me that it was going to be extra 14.99 either.

My previous internet company never had the same amount on my bill either after their "special" ran out. I CONSTANTLY stayed in contact with them trying to get my bill straightened out each month. To top that off when I moved a month ago, I had called them in plenty of time to arrange the transfer of my internet & instead of them transferring it, they turned it off, FOR NO REASON! Then could not tell me exactly what happened. SO... I left them & that is why I contacted Charter to begin with.

I am on a fixed income & that is reason I looked for special prices. I enjoy internet because I cannot afford to go out or shop much. I expect a deal to be a deal, so I contacted Charter today & told them to just cut it all off because I don't need their internet that badly. They acted as if "so what? We don't care!" Well this seems like they got a little too big for their "britches" as my grandmother used to say & as if losing 1 customer doesn't make a difference! But from what I'm reading here, seems to me like I'm not the ONLY 1!

To top it off, I was told I could return their modem & if not & they send someone to pick it up, I will be charged an ADDITIONAL $45.00. I WILL NOT PAY CHARTER any more than I legally owe. And by the way I haven't had my service but 1 week today... NOT 1 MONTH so I think THEY WILL OWE ME! It all goes back to "THE ALMIGHTY LOVE OF MONEY!!!" I may not be rich but I don't lie & rip people off! Maybe that's why I'm not rich!!!

Not Willing to Hook Me Up, Even if I Run the Cable!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSE SPRINGS, MISSOURI -- About 1 yr ago (May 2011), we bought a house. My options for TV were Satellite or Charter Cable, and for Internet, my option was Charter Cable or AT&T DSL. The previous owner had Dish and AT&T. I was used to Uverse speed, so I went with a package from Charter. Called them and all went smooth. The install tech showed right on time (yeah). After a few minutes, he told us that he had to contact his office to see what he can do to get us hooked up. He was concerned that we did not have a cable run to the house that he could find and the house was just over 400 ft from the road (where the service poles were).

I told the installer that I will buy 500 ft of cable and bury it myself, that was not a problem. After a few phone calls by the installer, he said that Charter cannot make runs over 300 ft and apologized then left. I called the 800 number and tried to get some explanation, but all I got was, "the install group says that we can't guarantee a quality signal over 300 ft, therefore we will not be able to offer you service." I was not happy with that answer, but let it go since I had other stuff to do. I went ahead and got Dish and AT&T DSL.

Fast forward, January/February 2012. I called Charter again, to see if I could get some different answers. I explained my previous situation, and they made an appt for a tech to come and do a site survey. Good, I thought, I can speak to a technical person that can give me the real story. During the site survey, the tech said that the signal would be okay for that distance. But Charter will not pay to run the single line service to my house because they (charter) would have to run the cable under the road to get to my house.

He said that I could go to my local office and see if their installers would be willing to run the cable or let me run it down to the road for them to hook up. I didn't like that answer either. Especially since their cable actually crosses over my road at my neighbors driveway, just 10ft from my driveway. Why can't they just hook me up at the access point, run the cable back to the other pole and cross the road and I'll take it from there? I would love for a customer service escalations or Operations executive to call me and explain why they are unwilling to provide service, to a very captive customer that has no other real options for high speed internet and reliable TV service.

Company Response 4/6/2012:

Good morning Randy,

Thanks for taking the time to post your question. We definitely appreciate the feedback. My name is George Vick, and I'm a Senior Social Media Specialist with Charter. The information that you have been provided is correct. Due to signal losses, we normally consider any home located over 300 feet from a service tap as unserviceable. Providing service to your home would most likely require plant expansion and we typically do not do this for a single home due to the costs involved. If you would like us to follow up on the survey and work with you to provide next steps, please send me an email at, Attn CharterGeorge. Please also include My3cents- randymaynard35 in the subject as well so I can keep a look out for it.

Thanks and I look forward to assisting you!

George Vick
Senior Social Media Specialist

Worst Internet Service Ever
By -

For the last 6 months, I have called the customer service line 57 times. Seriously, 57 times. They keep telling me they will credit my bill - nope, never happens, and I'm seriously going to change internet providers. There are constant "outages", and BTW, WTF is an "outage" and why the hell does Charter have so many of them??? I'm going back to AT&T - NEVER had an "outage" with this company. Charter must think I'm too stupid to realize that my monthly bill keeps going up, but I have noticed, and will be pulling my account.

I will NEVER recommend or use their crappy service EVER again!!! Charging me for crap they don't deliver - HEY CHARTER, since I have a service contract agreement with you, YOU ARE IN BREACH OF CONTRACT every time there is an "outage", and I do not receive what I am freaking paying for. Maybe you'll notice when I don't pay my bill this month. Your customer service reps are dismal at best - anyone looking for an internet provider, AVOID CHARTER - they are thieves and they are liars, and they are incapable of providing the service they expect you to pay your hard-earned money for.

Here we go again...
By -

WEBSTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- Charter cable, internet and telephone are pretty decent when they work. When they don't, it's a nightmare trying to deal with the company. I am go-round #3 for the past couple of years. Summary:

Internet and telephone began dropping on or shortly before Oct 20 of this year. Symptoms: Phone has no dial tone or has dial tone but can't make a call; internet is so slow that most page loads time out. Problem is nearly always at night and usually clears in the wee hours of the morning. Last night I was out from about 7:28 pm till 10:30 or so. It came back and worked fine till about midnight and then came back sometime before 7 am.

Have called Charter repeatedly and have made several appointments. In three cases, the technician found an "area outage" and didn't bother showing at the house. One time, he did call but had to leave a message (because the phone wasn't working... the problem he fixed didn't actually apply to my house). Technician did come out last Sunday after failing to show for a Saturday appointment. He felt it was a line issue and said someone would come out in the week. They apparently did so but that didn't fix my problem.

Last night, I called Charter three times. The first person said we had outages because of the bad storm (huh? It was almost clear outside). He said he'd call me back in 2 mins... I'm still waiting. Second call the guy wanted me to hang around today in case a technician got free. He transferred me to the internet people but I got cut off. Third call I talked to a woman who acknowledged she could see my modem dropping out and she transferred me to the internet people who transferred me to "escalation" who set up an appointment for next week. So, at this point it's been 18 days and I am sent to the back of the line.

I wrote the "umatter2charter" email address and got a fairly prompt reply from ** saying he would look into it. I got an email a short while ago from ** who advised that they would get to me when they can and might escalate this to an area outage. What ** doesn't realize is that that is code-speak for the technician will again not show.

My umatter to Charter reply... still seems like I've been pushed to the end of the line 19 days after my problem started with the best-case scenario being that a technician may or may not come next Monday:

"Local technicians are working as quickly as possible to get to all open service calls. We see this has been escalated to local operations for possible consideration of an area issue so it's possible this may be resolved without the need to come to your residence.

However, just to be safe the service call remains open and you should receive a confirmation call when this job is routed to a technician. If you don't answer after the first attempt, two more calls will be placed to you.

Please let us know if we can help you any further. We'll let you know if we receive an updates about the area."

Billing Error of Questionable Motive
By -

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- All five years I was a customer of Charter Communications, I was badgered by promotions through the mail and on my telephone. Big deal to include digital phone (I resisted), but when they offered a slight discount if I'd agree to a 2-year "price guarantee" I decided to look into it. I went to their sales office and was given the spiel. When I looked over the agreement they wanted me to sign I noticed an early termination clause. I told the salesman (stated that he was the manager) that it was a deal breaker because I considered it likely that I'd be moving before the end of the two years.

The salesman asked if I knew where I'd be going. I named three possible destinations. Two of those did not have Charter's cable service, we found out. But he hastened to assure me repeatedly that it is the company's policy to wave the fee if a customer moves to an area not serviced. Based on that assurance I entered into the agreement. Eventually I did move to one of those two areas not served. I asked the agent when I phoned to disconnect the service, and the assurance was repeated.

I also asked the customer service person in the office at which I returned the equipment. Again, I was assured there would be no fee (both the agent and the CSR knew my new address). Three months after the move I received a bill at my new address from Charter Communications for $110.00 for early termination. At 3:43 PM PST on November 13, 2010 I phoned (as advised on the Charter Communications website) to dispute the bill. After the usual few minutes of hazing by the automated answering system I was connected with an agent named **.

I'm not certain that it's not intentional that I got the impression that I'd need to add the value of the speed of light to an IQ score to achieve a positive number. After the answering-droid took my information and garnered the purpose for my call, I was required to yet again tell ** all the same information plus the security code printed on the bill. During the course he had to leave the line twice to "check my account". Of course I had to repeat the purpose of my call to him. I somehow managed to remain civil.

When I explained to ** that I had multiple assurances that I would not be billed an early disconnect, he merely reminded me that I had signed that 2-year price protection contract and explained that the system automatically prorates the fee. No remorse, and not a hint of intent to cancel the erroneous charge. So I again reminded ** that I had been assured both when I executed that agreement and when I turned in my equipment, that I'd not be billed early termination if I moved into an area not serviced by Charter before the end of the agreement period.

So ** replied by telling me to hold the line as he had to again "check my account." After being on hold for about seven more minutes, I got the hint and hung up. I believe that this is a ruse foisted upon the unwary. It appears to me that either I was lied to by three employees, or the company has the intent to make representations they have no intention of honoring as a matter of policy. At the time I entered the contract I was aware of the possibility in the distant future that I'd be moving. I specifically asked about how that applies to early termination, and was given assurance that it's the company's policy to wave the fee were I to move to an area they do not serve.

I relied on that statement when I entered into the agreement. I can't help but wonder how many people in that situation got a bill as I did and just paid it without considering the issue. Maybe it's OK for some, but for me $110.00 is not loose change. Never was. Most businesses for which I've worked make sure the AR department knows what the Sales department is selling; and that they deliver what they're selling (another issue I had during my time as a Charter customer). That way they keep their customers. And former customers are not compelled to run around bad-mouthing them.

Billed post Disconnection - Not ready to refund!
By -

TOWN AND COUNTY, MISSOURI -- Charter has failed to refund billed amount (482.08$) which was billed post disconnection. I was a Charter Communications customer for Cable TV + Internet from Sep 07 - Oct 08 in Monona, WI. I had called Charter to disconnect Cable 1st week of Oct 08 and also asked them to disconnect Internet end of the month of Oct 08 and I was verbally confirmed the request was under effect. I again called on 31 Oct 08 to confirm the disconnection and to ask about the equipment return center's address and hours. I was unable to return the equipment and had to leave the City and State as I was shifting to Chicago.

I had not noticed until August 09 that I was charged by Charter until March 09 for varying amounts in the tune of 482.08$ post disconnection. I called Charter customer care number and got the representative ** who looked at the account and advised me that a probable error in the billing might have happened and told me he'd put in a case of escalation. I should hear back about the refund in 6-8 weeks. I called 6 weeks later to reach another representative who said the request was still under way. In Oct 09, I was advised by a different representative that the escalation had not happened and she would put in a fresh request again.

I was stalled for 6-8 weeks again and told earlier in the year that I should return the equipment first to facilitate any of the refunds. I was also asked to submit my bank records to the same facility which depicted the over-payment post disconnection. I finally managed to go to Madison, WI back and returned the equipment in April 10. I faxed the copies of the bank statements to the facility in Madison, WI later the same week. There is no phone number to the facility and the Charter reps kept on saying they couldn't reach the Madison office themselves! I received a check for 99$ for the returned equipment in May.

I again called the Charter call center about the over payments and all the reps kept on telling that since it was a new year (2010) they could not verify anything about the last year!! I tried 5-6 times to convince someone and also spoke to Managers who ended the call saying there was absolutely nothing they could do. I was completely helpless with no information on how to proceed. Finally I was able to search internet for similar cases and write about my experiences in a couple of sites where in I was contacted by the 'UMatter2Charter' team via email asking me for my info to start the case again.

I exchanged emails with 3 guys **, ** and **. The latter finally replied after a month or 2 saying he wasn't able to dig up the account and referred me to this 'Customer Care Advocacy Team' on theirs housed in Town and Country, MO. They tried to call me and weren't able to (?) and sent me a mail to my address saying so. It has been a couple of months I have been trying to advance the case in their books (the person assigned to my case is **). I have provided all the relevant documents upon their request (usually it's a week or more of delay before they respond and usually never call me with any updates).

I am utterly exhausted and frustrated with the quality of service I have been receiving from Charter; It's been more than 2 years since my disconnection with Charter and more than a year for me trying to get a refund from them.

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