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Billing Error of Questionable Motive
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LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- All five years I was a customer of Charter Communications, I was badgered by promotions through the mail and on my telephone. Big deal to include digital phone (I resisted), but when they offered a slight discount if I'd agree to a 2-year "price guarantee" I decided to look into it. I went to their sales office and was given the spiel. When I looked over the agreement they wanted me to sign I noticed an early termination clause. I told the salesman (stated that he was the manager) that it was a deal breaker because I considered it likely that I'd be moving before the end of the two years.

The salesman asked if I knew where I'd be going. I named three possible destinations. Two of those did not have Charter's cable service, we found out. But he hastened to assure me repeatedly that it is the company's policy to wave the fee if a customer moves to an area not serviced. Based on that assurance I entered into the agreement. Eventually I did move to one of those two areas not served. I asked the agent when I phoned to disconnect the service, and the assurance was repeated.

I also asked the customer service person in the office at which I returned the equipment. Again, I was assured there would be no fee (both the agent and the CSR knew my new address). Three months after the move I received a bill at my new address from Charter Communications for $110.00 for early termination. At 3:43 PM PST on November 13, 2010 I phoned (as advised on the Charter Communications website) to dispute the bill. After the usual few minutes of hazing by the automated answering system I was connected with an agent named **.

I'm not certain that it's not intentional that I got the impression that I'd need to add the value of the speed of light to an IQ score to achieve a positive number. After the answering-droid took my information and garnered the purpose for my call, I was required to yet again tell ** all the same information plus the security code printed on the bill. During the course he had to leave the line twice to "check my account". Of course I had to repeat the purpose of my call to him. I somehow managed to remain civil.

When I explained to ** that I had multiple assurances that I would not be billed an early disconnect, he merely reminded me that I had signed that 2-year price protection contract and explained that the system automatically prorates the fee. No remorse, and not a hint of intent to cancel the erroneous charge. So I again reminded ** that I had been assured both when I executed that agreement and when I turned in my equipment, that I'd not be billed early termination if I moved into an area not serviced by Charter before the end of the agreement period.

So ** replied by telling me to hold the line as he had to again "check my account." After being on hold for about seven more minutes, I got the hint and hung up. I believe that this is a ruse foisted upon the unwary. It appears to me that either I was lied to by three employees, or the company has the intent to make representations they have no intention of honoring as a matter of policy. At the time I entered the contract I was aware of the possibility in the distant future that I'd be moving. I specifically asked about how that applies to early termination, and was given assurance that it's the company's policy to wave the fee were I to move to an area they do not serve.

I relied on that statement when I entered into the agreement. I can't help but wonder how many people in that situation got a bill as I did and just paid it without considering the issue. Maybe it's OK for some, but for me $110.00 is not loose change. Never was. Most businesses for which I've worked make sure the AR department knows what the Sales department is selling; and that they deliver what they're selling (another issue I had during my time as a Charter customer). That way they keep their customers. And former customers are not compelled to run around bad-mouthing them.

Billed post Disconnection - Not ready to refund!
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TOWN AND COUNTY, MISSOURI -- Charter has failed to refund billed amount (482.08$) which was billed post disconnection. I was a Charter Communications customer for Cable TV + Internet from Sep 07 - Oct 08 in Monona, WI. I had called Charter to disconnect Cable 1st week of Oct 08 and also asked them to disconnect Internet end of the month of Oct 08 and I was verbally confirmed the request was under effect. I again called on 31 Oct 08 to confirm the disconnection and to ask about the equipment return center's address and hours. I was unable to return the equipment and had to leave the City and State as I was shifting to Chicago.

I had not noticed until August 09 that I was charged by Charter until March 09 for varying amounts in the tune of 482.08$ post disconnection. I called Charter customer care number and got the representative ** who looked at the account and advised me that a probable error in the billing might have happened and told me he'd put in a case of escalation. I should hear back about the refund in 6-8 weeks. I called 6 weeks later to reach another representative who said the request was still under way. In Oct 09, I was advised by a different representative that the escalation had not happened and she would put in a fresh request again.

I was stalled for 6-8 weeks again and told earlier in the year that I should return the equipment first to facilitate any of the refunds. I was also asked to submit my bank records to the same facility which depicted the over-payment post disconnection. I finally managed to go to Madison, WI back and returned the equipment in April 10. I faxed the copies of the bank statements to the facility in Madison, WI later the same week. There is no phone number to the facility and the Charter reps kept on saying they couldn't reach the Madison office themselves! I received a check for 99$ for the returned equipment in May.

I again called the Charter call center about the over payments and all the reps kept on telling that since it was a new year (2010) they could not verify anything about the last year!! I tried 5-6 times to convince someone and also spoke to Managers who ended the call saying there was absolutely nothing they could do. I was completely helpless with no information on how to proceed. Finally I was able to search internet for similar cases and write about my experiences in a couple of sites where in I was contacted by the 'UMatter2Charter' team via email asking me for my info to start the case again.

I exchanged emails with 3 guys **, ** and **. The latter finally replied after a month or 2 saying he wasn't able to dig up the account and referred me to this 'Customer Care Advocacy Team' on theirs housed in Town and Country, MO. They tried to call me and weren't able to (?) and sent me a mail to my address saying so. It has been a couple of months I have been trying to advance the case in their books (the person assigned to my case is **). I have provided all the relevant documents upon their request (usually it's a week or more of delay before they respond and usually never call me with any updates).

I am utterly exhausted and frustrated with the quality of service I have been receiving from Charter; It's been more than 2 years since my disconnection with Charter and more than a year for me trying to get a refund from them.

Charter customer service was horrible
By -

My experience with Charter started on the 1st of the month and was finished by the 9th. When we originally placed an order for service the salesman ** could not speak clear English. We understood one thing and received something totally different. He gave us a business card and told us to personally call him if we needed anything in regards to our service. So they set up our internet services with them on the 1st. We had a service interruption on the 1st as well. They stated they were doing "upgrades" in the area. So being a new customer and the area being a new service area for Charter I assumed that it would be a one-time situation and I moved on.

Four days later they came to install our cable services, they brought out the wrong equipment. This came from ** the salesman, he stated one thing on the work order agreement and we thought we were getting something different. I thought we were going to receive a dual TV DVR. He told us that Charter was able to provide this service. When the technician got to our home he stated that was not correct that Charter is unable to provide dual DVR's at this time but they equipment upgrade should come at some point within the calendar year. So the equipment was set up and the tech left.

My husband was home for this install not me. When I got home and realized we did not have a dual DVR. I called back to charter and they set up to come back to our home to set up a new DVR. They also did not set up the right cable channel package that I had order through the salesman **. So again, another phone call to set up the correct cable package. On Tuesday the 9th I received a bill for 89.77, when I called to find out why I had a bill for service and I had only been a customer for 8 full days I was told that 44.78 was a previous balance. I was shocked seeing that I have NEVER been a Charter customer prior to the first of the month.

I repeatedly told the agent on the phone that I had never had charter services and she could not figure out why I had a previous bill that dated from 2/24/10 when my service only began with them on 3/1/10. She refused to adjust the charges telling me to pay the bill and they would adjust charges the following month. I refused to do that. They also had my internet service priced incorrectly. It should have been 29.99 per month and they had my services at 44.99 per month. Once the representative had all this bill squared away I hung up and I called my old cable provider and they set my old service back up.

At this point I just did not want to deal with Charter I realized this was probably going to be an ongoing headache with their service. So I called back on the 9th the same morning I had already called about my bill and I got the WORST customer service representative I have ever spoken to from any company I have ever done business with. She proceeded to tell me that I was receiving free services from for basic cable through my HOA, and that what more could I want from a rental property.

I told her first off I am not in a rental property and I pay my HOA dues and the cost of our basic service is included in the fee schedule for my HOA dues so NO my service is not free of charge. I also informed her that my HOA dues were paid up through the year so technically Charter has already received prepayment for my basic service for one year. She then proceeded to inform me of how she is a Dish Network customer and the differences in "better" service through charter. I told her that I just want my services canceled that was all. She began to over-talk me and her tone became very rude as if she were taking the cancellation personal.

I asked to speak with another representative because he and I were obviously not seeing eye to eye and she refused and continued to try to "sell" me on the Charter bundled services. I continued to refuse and then she told me she was going to go over the cancellation of my services. I listened and she told me that she was not going to raise the price of my internet service package because I was not longer "bundled" my rates would increase. I have to have Charter as my internet provider because no one else services my area. Again, she was rude and I asked to speak with a new customer service representative or a supervisor and again I was refused.

I had to ask her 6 times to speak with someone else. I had to raise my voice above hers and tell her to please stop speaking to me and get me someone else to speak with. Finally she placed me on hold for 10 minutes and when no one still came to the line I hung up and tried back again. This time I got someone who was in the next cubicle over from her and he said that he had heard parts of the conversation and he was surprised that I got him. He fixed the issues and canceled my service.

I will never recommend or use their service again. When another internet provider becomes available to my area I will switch services. I have had 2 service interruption in 8 days for "upgrades". I don't know how this company is still in business. Beware if you use them.

Charter Cable
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HOLLY RIDGE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Charter offers Bundles starting out at like 64.99 for all 3 services you get basic cable the lowest Internet speed and the basic digital phone service so if you upgrade to basic expanded then it will cost you like 20.00 more they throw so much at you that you think you are getting a good deal: Great Internet speed, great channel line-up, and phone sounds real good. OK check your line up they have moved a lot of the channels to the digital and digital view that costs extra, then your Internet works great when first installed then after a few days it slows to a crawl, so you call up just to find out you have the slowest speed there is.

And you thought you were getting all these great channels but noticed that the channel line-up had changed. No one told you about that when you were placing your order either but they sure let you know that the day of installation of your services by 3 different technicians, that you would have to have 30.00 for the phone guy and 60 for the cable guy and like 30.00 for the phone. Wow, let's see, that's like 120.00 you just put out for something, you're told the majority of it is applied to your first bill.

WHOA the bill comes and you have a bill of almost another 100.00 or more so you call and of course we all know that we are charged for the TV box, the phone modem, the Internet modem and then let's not forget the remotes, and let's see... the state tax, the FCC, the usage tax, the toll tax. Oh wait, I think I have left out a few things, oh well that's the reason your bill is high and you are told the first bill is always the highest then the second bill comes in and what you should be paying for that bundle pack should be 64.99 then add like 20.00 to step up your cable TV and add like 25.00 for taxes and all that hidden junk.

Your bill should be about 110.00 which is just plain out price hiking to me but your bill says you owe 155.00 excuse me, then you call talk to different people and not one of them give you the same story and your bill is still high. None of the people who work for Charter know the first thing about the words that just rolled out of their mouths, and you continue to get bills each month for about the same amount.

I stood in the office in Holly Ridge one Saturday about a year ago and ask the employer there why my phone bill was almost 50.00, the excuse was I was late paying my bill so that knocked me out of my special bundle pack and late charges of almost 25.00 and just a bunch of bull. My daughter was with me and I asked the lady did she think I was that ignorant and asked her to show me the charges on my bill the lady really couldn't show me anything. I stood there I know 30 minutes going back and forth with her and each time it was something different she had not the first idea as to what she was saying.

I believe that you and I are being overcharged for our services and I believe that someone should check into it, because we as the consumers if we don't start standing up for ourselves we are going to be paying 3 times more than that in the next 10 years if that long these cable and satellite co. know that if we want to watch TV we will pay whatever the cost. Guess what, not me! That's too much money to pay out just for TV and Internet and phone service.

I have had service with them for 4 months, I have paid my first 2 bills and as of Monday of this week I owe them 485.00 and guess what, my bill was supposed to be less than 100.00 a month now when I called like 125.00 but you do the math, it rounds out to be about 160.00 when it started out just to be 64 or 69 then was told after calculating everything, that it would be like 92.00 Yeah right!!! Start checking your bills, oh yeah the day our phone was to be installed the guy called almost an hour after the schedule appt. and said he would be like 30-45 minutes more and would be on his way.

Now this was after he was supposed to be here, so I called and cancelled had places to be, was promised a 20.00 credit haven't seen that credit yet. Never ever will I use them again and I do intend on making a formal complaint, anyone else who has been overcharged and promised something and didn't get it needs to do the same I personally think a lot of bad things are going on with this company. That's my opinion and I am entitled to voice it!!!

By -

That is my only reaction! I transferred service about a year ago, and that was a complete and total nightmare! After I transferred service, they did not disconnect service at my old address, so I was making payments on my old account and not on my new account (since I never received a bill from Charter at my new address, because they had the wrong address on file). After about a month, I called Charter and they said I had cancelled the disconnection date, so that is why the service was still active at my old address.

After explaining the situation to a representative, they said they would change all the information in the computer, and they would transfer the payments made on my old account to my new account (since I hadn't made a payment on it yet). About 1 month later, I start getting collection calls from Charter saying my amount is past due and I need to make a payment or else my service will be shut off. I called back and once again explain the situation. The representative told me not to worry about it. About another month later, the cable gets turned off. Once again, I call Charter and explain the situation and they turn everything back on.

The very next week, the services get turned off again, and I call Charter, and they tell me my account is 45 days past due and there is nothing they can do about it - I need to pay the minimum balance to get my services turned back on. The representative told me there was no record of a "credit" to my account, and I had to file a claim with the billing department. The billing department told me the credit would just be applied to my account and that would take care of the minimum balance, and they resumed my services.

The next week, my services get turned off again! They tell me the same thing - my account is over 45 days past due and unless I make the minimum payment by a certain date, they will turn off my services (which means that if I didn't pay and I wanted to get reconnect my services I would have to pay a reconnection fee, deposit, etc.). I explained to them what the billing department representative told me, but the representative told me the check was mailed out a few days prior and would take a week or two for me to receive it!!!

Well, I am moving to a new apartment next week, so I need to transfer my services once again. I called last week to set everything up (e.g. Disconnect date, connection date, etc.). So, I called today to confirm that everything was still set up correctly for next week (good thing I did), and they had set up a connection date of 9/5/2009 at my new apartment (which is the day I move in), but a disconnect date of 8/31/2009! I honestly can't understand how many incompetent people work in the call centers - it is ridiculous. This company is horrible, and I wish there were more options!!! Sorry to make it so long! Hope this helps!

The Worst Service I Have Ever Seen
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MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I have been with Charter for many years and thought they were a good company to do business with. I never knew if their prices were bad as I never shopped around. So my story begins with a little about me. I worked for a utility co. for 25 years and I managed 23 service men making service calls all day long in an area in central Wisconsin. We would bend over backward to make sure our clients were treated fairly and we made appointments with a one hour window. I live in Madison WI and moved to another side of town.

I call up charter and tell them I need to have my service transferred to a new address. I was told they would be at the new address on a day next week (six days from my call) and I would have to be there from 12PM to 5PM as that was their window. That in itself was something I could not believe, but I said OK. I asked them if they could call my cellphone thirty mins. before they arrived as I might be moving things from the basement garage up to my apartment. The person said they would call.

Well I took a half day vacation so I would not miss them. They never called and they never showed. I called them to ask what happened and they told me the tech was there but no one was home. LIE NUMBER ONE. So I set another appointment three days later on a Saturday from 12PM to 5PM. Again I asked if they would call as I did not want to miss them. I never left my apartment. They showed up at 4:39pm and the tech was angry because he had 4 orders yet to do and he was supposed to be off by 5PM.

Well he needed to get the utility door open in the basement to get to the hook ups. (I did not know this) I knocked on the assistant mgr's door and there was no answer. So I knocked on the apartment next door to see if they knew where the mgr was. At that point the Charter Tech yelled at me that he was done watching me knock on doors and he was leaving. I told him I will get the building supervisor on the next floor down. He then yelled that he was not going to waste his time watching me knock on doors. I asked him to please wait. I know the building sup. was home. He then stated "YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY SIR. I AM LEAVING."

This whole process took about 6 mins. After he left I knocked on the building sup's door and he opened the utility door for me. So I quickly called charter to have the tech return as he could not be more than a mile or two from our building. They told me they could not get in contact with their techs.

But when I questioned them about why he left so fast they put me on hold. When they came back on the phone they told me the tech said he knocked on 10 doors (LIE NUMBER 3. I knocked on three doors in the space of 6 mins.) LIE NUMBER 3. They told me they could not contact their tech but if that was so how did they know we knocked on any doors). I did file a complaint about how the tech was rude and angry. I am sure I will not hear anything about that. Anyway they set another appointment for the 13th on a Saturday. We both stayed home all day and they never showed up.

I called again to see where they were and I was told they were there and nobody was home but neither of our cell phones were called. LIE NUMBER 4. (Oh yes I gave them two cell numbers to call so I was sure not to miss them.) Well that brings me to today the 22 of Sept. I had the fourth appointment set for today between 12PM and 5PM. I called this morning to make sure the tech would call 30 mins before he arrived. I was assured that the tech would call me 30 mins. before he arrived. I would then call the building mgr and have her let them in and hook everything up. She lives in the same building as me. Problem solved RIGHT!!! WRONG!!!

The tech called me at 2:07PM and I was with a client but I called Charter back at 2:10 PM (3 mins.). Now remember the tech was to call me 30 minutes before he arrived. I was told the tech already left my apartment building and he would not return. LIE NUMBER 5. If they were to call me 30 minutes before they were to arrive how could have already been there. I asked if the tech could please go back as I was assured a call 30 mins. before he arrived. I was told the tech said he would not return. (Remember before they said they could not contact their techs.) (I guess they must have changed their operating procedure from the last time I spoke to them.)

This charter co is a disgrace to any real customer service company. It is a total disgrace the way they lie to their clients. The problem is they have no competition in the area. The state needs to deregulate so more like companies can come in and create competition. That is the only way Charter will clean up their act and become more responsible to its clients. They are a second rate company. OH by the way Dish will be there tomorrow to hook me up.

Charter Monopoly... What a Waste!
By -

WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS -- Month after month I ask myself why is it that Charter Communications is the only cable internet provider in Worcester MA?! The ONLY reason I have them is because it is all that is offered here, which is a total joke. They've got to be dishing out the dollars to the city or something. Thankfully I have DirecTV for television service. Another reason I keep the cable internet is because I've had Vonage for my house phone for a few years and I am really happy with them (note to self, write a good review for DirecTV and Vonage).

Charter is the worse company I have EVER had to deal with. I cannot log onto my account online (funny, ha, ha) because every time I call I get the rudest and most misinformed reps on the face of the earth. And whatever, I have read the postings online from the "employees", "it's not my fault Charter sucks." All I can say is, if you're smarter or better than you really think Charter is, find another job, all you can do is better anyway.

It must be the company, they can't all be that rude or unwilling to help, can they? I've never had any use for any ISP's email service, there are better programs out there. So I don't know whatever email address Charter made up for me. They also changed my security question, damned if I know what it is! I have my bill with my "security code" and account # on it, but guess that's not good enough. I just want to be my ** bill! So I call. Why do I call? I don't know. I guess that's my fault.

Why do I procrastinate to pay this stupid bill? Maybe because they suck and don't deserve my money for their lousy service. If I could get out of that rut and mail in my payment life would be a bit easier. But whatever this is America, and I should be able to pick up my phone to pay my internet bill without a lousy, uncaring, uneducated "customer service" rep on the other end of the line.

The call in automated bill pay is always such a treat too! I call, sometimes it knows my # and doesn't ask, but most of the time I have to enter it. It tells me I don't exist and then it hangs up on me. A half an hour later, four redials later I might be lucky enough to get a "real person", if you want to call that lucky. And after giving this person all my personal information except maybe my bra size I final am lucky enough to pay! Yay, I get ripped off again for overpriced lousy service. Cable companies wonder why people steal internet and cable from them?

The people that "run" Charter have to be the same idiot bimbo-ettes that drive around crabbing on the cell phone, putting on their makeup while running stop signs (whatever, I'm a woman, you all know who you are), because after I hang up with Charter I feel like I just got cut off by one of those brats. If I just had one other choice in Worcester MA for another cable internet provider I would jump on it.

I'd even pay more just to not have to deal with them. If you are lucky enough to have a choice, go with the other guy, you will not regret it! I know all I've done is complain about their lousy customer service, but the actual service isn't anything great either. My neighbor has Verizon DSL, his wireless strength is usually higher inside my house than my Charter Cable is. Not sure if that is because of DSL, but I know he's paying less and getting a better connection. I really hate to lose my Vonage service because Charter sucks, but I don't know how much more I can put up with from them.

I Know This Sounds Crazy...
By -

I've never had cable internet service until I moved into my current apartment, so I have no standard of comparison, but Charter's service seems very unreliable. It seems like pretty much every day when I get in I have to unplug the router and modem, plug the modem back up, wait for the ready light and hook the router back in. At least twice a week, the service crashes completely because they're doing upgrades.

Now, granted I work second shift, and I understand, if they have to do work doing at 3 a.m. and inconveniencing fewer people than in the middle of the day. Sometimes the service just disconnects in the middle of the day while I'm online. All that being said, it takes two minutes of my time to unplug and reset everything so I can overlook that, but what happened the other day seemed really suspicious.

My internet went off and I couldn't get it to come back on for anything. I unplugged/plugged everything with the computer off, with the computer on, called the automated line to make sure my account wasn't overdue (it wasn't), turned on the TV to make sure I had regular cable (I did). So I finally called the automated tech support line where you speak to the robot lady, who, first thing, checks to see if service is down in your area, it wasn't. Beyond that, she's just patronizing, suggesting that perhaps the problem is with your wiring, trying to reset the signal, which I've done four times, etc.

I finally talk to a tech support guy from India who for five minutes suggests things I've already tried, know aren't going to work, or don't work. He finally tells me to unplug the Ethernet cable between the router and computer and put the end that was in the computer in the router and vice versa. Surprisingly, that worked, he proceeded to tell me it was a problem with my wiring and sell me Charter on Demand, Charter Telephone Service, blah blah blah. He wouldn't quit even when I told him I wasn't interested and I just hung up.

Now, I am part of the generation that grew up with technology, I'm fairly comfortable with it. I mean, I can hook up a wireless network. The cable comes from the wall to the modem, Ethernet from the modem to the router, Ethernet from router to computer, wireless USB receiver on Tivo in the living room. That is correct, is it not? And, Ethernet cables do not have specific ends like that, it shouldn't matter which one was in the router or computer. If one end was blown, reversing it wouldn't help.

I know I sound crazy, but I honestly think Charter sometimes arbitrarily disrupts your service so you will have to call them so they can pressure sell you things. I mean it's one thing to offer a product to just let the person know, but to not take no for an answer or offer something else instead, it's just tacky. So I guess the point of the post is threefold.

1) Does anyone else have as much disruption in their cable internet service?

2) Is the Ethernet cable not the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard, or do I really have something wired incorrectly?

3) Please tell me Charter isn't doing what I think they're doing. I'm just being paranoid, right?

Horrible Service
By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I have read the other reviews on Charter and must agree with them all - Charter has poor customer service and does not live up to their promises. I have been with Charter for 5 months and have been on the phone with them at least once every week since signing on with them. We have phone, cable, and internet service with them.

From the beginning we had problems with our wireless modem. I have had the same services through Time Warner Cable and Comcast prior to them, and had similar problems that were quickly resolved. I told Charter that there was something wrong with the modem - three times a technician came out and got it temporarily working, also claiming that he was not aware that he was to bring a modem to replace the one there. Every time the technician left, within just a few hours my connection would go bad again.

Finally on the 4th visit, I insisted that he didn't leave until the modem was switched out (which he argued with me), but once it was switched out, all was fine. So then comes the bill - I was charged $35/visit! I couldn't believe it. So I called them and told them that I shouldn't have to pay for these tech visits considering the problem was the modem all along. I also felt that I should receive a credit for the service since I had so many problems with it.

The CSR agreed and credited my account a partial credit on that bill and then proceeded to tell me that I would see the rest of the credit on my next bill. So I saw the partial credit a few days later, went in and paid the amount due on the bill (the bill was $185 but due to the partial credit it showed the amount due was $148.46). This month's bill came, and it showed a balance forward of $37.50! Somehow that credit had been taken off of the account and added back on to my bill. So then I looked at the credits on this month's bill and saw that I did get some of the credit that was due to me, but then another $35 service fee!

Once again, I called and the CSR argued with me about the initial credit and refused to credit me another $35 for the new fee because there weren't notes on the account from the last CSR I spoke with. So an hour later, nothing was resolved. So then I decide to go another route.... online chat! Well - the CSR agent credited my account for the $35 additional service fee, and then signed off without finishing the transaction. So then I log in again to talk to someone else and she said first of all that there was no record of the other online chat. Also, she would need to send a form to the local office for the remaining credit. This was an ongoing battle for 3 HOURS!

It is so extremely frustrating to go through all of this. Not to mention - my phone hasn't worked in 2 days which means a technician has to come back out to fix that as well.... How much you want to bet I don't see a dime back for that either?? This is the worst cable/phone/internet company I have ever dealt with! If there are any civil suits against this company that I can get involved in, please let me know!

Stay Away.
By -

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- Let me start by saying I had been with Charter when it was TCI cable, for anyone in the Birmingham knows that was long ago. I had purchased High-Speed Internet service through TCI and when Charter took over I thought this would be great and it was until last year. I recently got married and my step-daughter and wife moved in so I thought instead of all of us on one computer I would network and we all could be on bad mistake. Once I got the service set up I seen a big drop in my speed - I had 5mbs. So I thought cable problem called Charter. I spoke to a very helpful lady named Becky.

They sent a tech out two days after Christmas. They looked over the system and told me I had to purchase their network router to keep my signal from dropping. 199.99 which I wasn't about to do. So I called back and got Becky again. She was happy to cancel my service. However she did try to get me to stay with them. I went on to BellSouth and it couldn't be better. Now here comes the worst part. January 5th Charter called, wanted to know if I would like a DVR free for two months. I spoke to my wife and we agreed. They came out and had a big ugly brown box called MOXI!!! (STAY AWAY FROM THEM.)

It worked good for the first week then went out. Called them, a tech came, replaced the box - same kind of MOXI, said they sometimes overheat and had to be replaced. So I thought it was good, no few so I was happy. I got my first bill in February, 29.89 for the MOXI. I called Charter right then. They told me I had two MOXI boxes on my account and they charge 14.95 for both. I told them "No I only have one. The other one was gone. It overheated." They were nice and said they would credit my bill. Told me to only pay my normal service. I was fine until March. I got a call at work. My wife said the MOXI box is telling us to call C/S a problem with the box.

I called them from work and they said we owed 14.95 for a fee to keep the box working. We didn't pay it last month. I told them we are supposed to have it free for two months. They looked into and credit our bill service back on. Good I thought April-May no problems. June 1st the box went out, called Charter again after 9 tech. 10 boxes later we finally got a new box. Oh did I mention in 3-week time frame. I just got my June bill the other day. 296.87. I thought who order so many pay-per-view? Come to find out they charged us 25.00 per tech to bring out a box.

So I told them they could close my account and come pick up the boxes. The lady told me on the phone a 50.00 charge per box pick up so. I was calm. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He came on the phone, name Jon. I asked him about the 50.00 charge. He said it is in their policy. I said it shows nowhere on the web page or any paperwork I have. He gave me this long web page address and showed it to me. I was like "Well hell, it isn't even on the or page." So I said "I will bring both boxes to the place and you can credit my bill 50.00 a box for me having to take off work and bring them to you."

He said it couldn't do that. So I gave him an option - I bring them and I get 100.00 credit or they come pick them up for free, or I was going to throw them away. He told me he would have a service tech get them tomorrow. I will see if they show up and pick up our boxes. Please stay away from Charter.

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