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That is my only reaction! I transferred service about a year ago, and that was a complete and total nightmare! After I transferred service, they did not disconnect service at my old address, so I was making payments on my old account and not on my new account (since I never received a bill from Charter at my new address, because they had the wrong address on file). After about a month, I called Charter and they said I had cancelled the disconnection date, so that is why the service was still active at my old address.

After explaining the situation to a representative, they said they would change all the information in the computer, and they would transfer the payments made on my old account to my new account (since I hadn't made a payment on it yet). About 1 month later, I start getting collection calls from Charter saying my amount is past due and I need to make a payment or else my service will be shut off. I called back and once again explain the situation. The representative told me not to worry about it. About another month later, the cable gets turned off. Once again, I call Charter and explain the situation and they turn everything back on.

The very next week, the services get turned off again, and I call Charter, and they tell me my account is 45 days past due and there is nothing they can do about it - I need to pay the minimum balance to get my services turned back on. The representative told me there was no record of a "credit" to my account, and I had to file a claim with the billing department. The billing department told me the credit would just be applied to my account and that would take care of the minimum balance, and they resumed my services.

The next week, my services get turned off again! They tell me the same thing - my account is over 45 days past due and unless I make the minimum payment by a certain date, they will turn off my services (which means that if I didn't pay and I wanted to get reconnect my services I would have to pay a reconnection fee, deposit, etc.). I explained to them what the billing department representative told me, but the representative told me the check was mailed out a few days prior and would take a week or two for me to receive it!!!

Well, I am moving to a new apartment next week, so I need to transfer my services once again. I called last week to set everything up (e.g. Disconnect date, connection date, etc.). So, I called today to confirm that everything was still set up correctly for next week (good thing I did), and they had set up a connection date of 9/5/2009 at my new apartment (which is the day I move in), but a disconnect date of 8/31/2009! I honestly can't understand how many incompetent people work in the call centers - it is ridiculous. This company is horrible, and I wish there were more options!!! Sorry to make it so long! Hope this helps!

The Worst Service I Have Ever Seen
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MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I have been with Charter for many years and thought they were a good company to do business with. I never knew if their prices were bad as I never shopped around. So my story begins with a little about me. I worked for a utility co. for 25 years and I managed 23 service men making service calls all day long in an area in central Wisconsin. We would bend over backward to make sure our clients were treated fairly and we made appointments with a one hour window. I live in Madison WI and moved to another side of town.

I call up charter and tell them I need to have my service transferred to a new address. I was told they would be at the new address on a day next week (six days from my call) and I would have to be there from 12PM to 5PM as that was their window. That in itself was something I could not believe, but I said OK. I asked them if they could call my cellphone thirty mins. before they arrived as I might be moving things from the basement garage up to my apartment. The person said they would call.

Well I took a half day vacation so I would not miss them. They never called and they never showed. I called them to ask what happened and they told me the tech was there but no one was home. LIE NUMBER ONE. So I set another appointment three days later on a Saturday from 12PM to 5PM. Again I asked if they would call as I did not want to miss them. I never left my apartment. They showed up at 4:39pm and the tech was angry because he had 4 orders yet to do and he was supposed to be off by 5PM.

Well he needed to get the utility door open in the basement to get to the hook ups. (I did not know this) I knocked on the assistant mgr's door and there was no answer. So I knocked on the apartment next door to see if they knew where the mgr was. At that point the Charter Tech yelled at me that he was done watching me knock on doors and he was leaving. I told him I will get the building supervisor on the next floor down. He then yelled that he was not going to waste his time watching me knock on doors. I asked him to please wait. I know the building sup. was home. He then stated "YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY SIR. I AM LEAVING."

This whole process took about 6 mins. After he left I knocked on the building sup's door and he opened the utility door for me. So I quickly called charter to have the tech return as he could not be more than a mile or two from our building. They told me they could not get in contact with their techs.

But when I questioned them about why he left so fast they put me on hold. When they came back on the phone they told me the tech said he knocked on 10 doors (LIE NUMBER 3. I knocked on three doors in the space of 6 mins.) LIE NUMBER 3. They told me they could not contact their tech but if that was so how did they know we knocked on any doors). I did file a complaint about how the tech was rude and angry. I am sure I will not hear anything about that. Anyway they set another appointment for the 13th on a Saturday. We both stayed home all day and they never showed up.

I called again to see where they were and I was told they were there and nobody was home but neither of our cell phones were called. LIE NUMBER 4. (Oh yes I gave them two cell numbers to call so I was sure not to miss them.) Well that brings me to today the 22 of Sept. I had the fourth appointment set for today between 12PM and 5PM. I called this morning to make sure the tech would call 30 mins before he arrived. I was assured that the tech would call me 30 mins. before he arrived. I would then call the building mgr and have her let them in and hook everything up. She lives in the same building as me. Problem solved RIGHT!!! WRONG!!!

The tech called me at 2:07PM and I was with a client but I called Charter back at 2:10 PM (3 mins.). Now remember the tech was to call me 30 minutes before he arrived. I was told the tech already left my apartment building and he would not return. LIE NUMBER 5. If they were to call me 30 minutes before they were to arrive how could have already been there. I asked if the tech could please go back as I was assured a call 30 mins. before he arrived. I was told the tech said he would not return. (Remember before they said they could not contact their techs.) (I guess they must have changed their operating procedure from the last time I spoke to them.)

This charter co is a disgrace to any real customer service company. It is a total disgrace the way they lie to their clients. The problem is they have no competition in the area. The state needs to deregulate so more like companies can come in and create competition. That is the only way Charter will clean up their act and become more responsible to its clients. They are a second rate company. OH by the way Dish will be there tomorrow to hook me up.

Cable & Internet Bill Slowly Rising Without Probable Cause
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Rating: 2/51

COWPENS, SOUTH CAROLINA -- CHARTER COMMUNICATION, ARE YOU ROBBING ME WITH MY EYES WIDE OPEN? Is it me, or am I the only one whose cable bill is slowly rising every month? Tell me Charter Communications, how can my bundled bill, phone included, start out at $125 a month and end up $245 a month? When I haven't added nor ordered any movies to cause my cable bill to be sky high. Are you seriously robbing your customers with our eyes wide open and think we wouldn't notice it? I think it's time I started shopping for a new internet and cable service. ANY SUGGESTIONS ANYONE? MOST DEFINITELY NOT AT&T.

Increased Price From 29.99 to 54.99!
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Rating: 1/51

WHITTIER, CALIFORNIA -- Charter Communications should really be re-named because they do NOT know how to communicate. They increased our introductory price of $29.99 to $49.99, after they did a complete switch-over across the board by discontinuing contracts. No contracts usually means a good thing, but to be honest, I would have rather had a contract that ensured a lower price, than to pay a ridiculous amount every month without contract.

Unfortunately, 3 or 4 months after they raised our price to $49.99, they increased it AGAIN, to $54.99. We had to call them to make sure our price did not go up to $54.99. Paying fifty bucks for internet is ridiculous, but another 5 bucks, no matter how small it may seem, was NOT going to happen.

Anyway, we got fed up, and called to ask them to lower our bill, and even after speaking to the representative and supervisor, nothing came of it. The supervisor also told me that "we do not HAVE to offer anything to customers," which I stopped her in her tracks to tell her that they pick and choose who they offer lower prices to. Then we got into an argument, which at the end just gave me grounds to move on to a competitor.

A basic round-up of why you should NOT go with Charter goes as follows: Why would you pay $54.99 for internet service when you can go with other companies for WAY less? Even if you like their internet service, their customer service is terrible. They did not do ANYTHING to keep us. Every single time we have called, they tried to sell us on something else that was expensive, even though we called to lower our bills. Don't waste your time with their short gimmick of an introductory price. Other companies at least offer a whole 12 months!!! I honestly believe this is a failing company that couldn't care less about their customers.

No Respect for Anyone's Time
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Rating: 1/51

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Me and my husband scheduled an appointment for Internet to be installed at our house. The appointment was made for a Saturday between 8 and 10. My husband called Charter at 10 to see where the installation man was and they said we had the wrong address. So they fixed our address and said we had to wait until the next Saturday now.

Well come Saturday at the end appointment time my husband called again and they still had the wrong address. I ended up calling the manager and speaking with him about the service that we had received and he apologized and said he was going to try to get it set up for the very next day. He did call us back that night and told us that he tries but the dispatch hadn't answered him yet so they ended up being able to come out on Monday from 10 to 12.

Come 12:05 the guy still wasn't here and my husband called. The lady on the other end said he's going to be there at one. Come 1:05 the dude still isn't here. My husband calls and cancels because we both had things to do. The guy showed up 30 minutes later and wasn't even aware the service had been cancelled. Yesterday I called another manager and I was telling him what happened and he was just acting like he was tired of talking to me and wasn't helpful at all.

My husband called this morning to make an appointment for Sunday at 8 and while I was at school I got a call from a lady who said we changed your appointment to today at 3... so I called Charter to cancel the appointment and they told me I couldn't because my name wasn't on the account. I told them if they showed up on my property I was going to call the police and report trespassing. They still wouldn't cancel the appointment and we didn't even make it. Needless to say my husband just called and chewed them out. We will now be doing our business with AT&T.

Slow internet speeds
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FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I have had charter for many years for my TV and Internet service. Until recently I would have the occasional problem but it was normally remedied in a few hours or at most a day. Overall, I was happy with them. But the last couple of weeks my internet service has been slow to non-existent. This may be a coincidence but the problems seem to have started when they rolled out the free speed upgrade to everyone. I put in a call to charter on Friday 3/19/2010, described my problem, did the usual modem power off, wait 30 seconds, take the wireless router out of the equation etc.

In the end I agreed to a tech appt. between 10-12 on Sunday, 3/21/2010. On Saturday we get an automated call that our appointment was for 8-10 Sunday. OK, mistake 1. But the guy comes the next morning and replaces a cable. At first it seemed better although I was not getting what I am paying for which is the 8 mb, upgraded from 5 mb. After the tech left I did some speed tests and it averaged less than 5 mb. But from research I have done this is typical, things seem to work better after powering off and on, but soon returns to the previous behavior.

I talked to about 5 different people yesterday. The tech said I could need to upgrade to a faster speed. Umm, I am not getting what I am paying for now, you want me to pay more? One person told me to take all my PCs in for a diagnostics? So it is more likely that every PC in my house is the problem rather than yours? The next person scheduled another appt for Tuesday. I argued that the tech should come back, but she said they had no more appointments for that day. I asked for a supervisor.

The supervisor just wanted to argue that it was my equipment's fault but did eventually transfer me to someone who seemed helpful, but as soon as they had me power off the modem and it would not go ready again she was unable to help. She noted there was an outage in my area and I would need to call back. The final person who seemed really helpful said the outage was not in my area and agreed that tech should come back and would get the tech to do a rollback and would check with me in 30 minutes to be sure I had been contacted and also would check with me throughout the day, and then... wait for it... nothing after that.

The kicker... they have already applied a $35 service charge, plus taxes and fees to my next statement. Conclusion, widely varying degrees of knowledge about their jobs. Shifting the blame to the consumer and making promises they don't keep seems to be the standard operating procedure.

Worst ISP ever
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LAWRENCEVILLE -- Charter has become such a problem for me and my household. I could type a book on how lax the CS is, how little they care about they entirely unacceptable service they provide, the detrimental monopoly they hold over my community, and the absolutely irritating hours of phone calls I have suffered because I cannot get Comcast or any other ISP (because they hold the rights to my area). I'm sure Charter has a very lengthy book on my service calls, and I care very little at this point, save that they are the only ISP/cable provider I am allowed to choose from. I love OMMORP's, and just basically surfing. I didn't buy a 3k pc to sit in my room and talk to customer support.

I am a tech (by trade) and refuse to have the 6th tech (who btw, fyi, is independently contracted, and smoked weed in my backyard while he thought I wasn't looking) come out, yet again, to tell me there's a service outage in my area. Unacceptable, Charter! I highly suggest you think twice before inviting this company into your home for a contracted amount of time. You will leave unsatisfied, disconnected at hours of the night when you cannot even receive tech support (charter is not 24/7, so you know), and generally left with no option but to be a real turd on the phone with someone whose job it is to be a real turd to you.

Charter sucks, and I'd be the first on a wagon train right into Comcast land. (I have Comcast at my second home, and have been very pleased... so why can't I have it here???). Get over yourselves, Charter... I can't wait until ATT, Comcast, Direct, buys you out, because you're a dying breed of hypocrites and businessmen that crashed in the 1920's. There are no excuses here, except for "outages in my area", or disturbances in the force. I call, they reset, and then apologize for the inconvenience. Over and over and over... and then refuse to reimburse me anything but the "minutes" I was out of service.

I have completely refused this offer, and asked for the month (since this is a nightly occurrence, to which I always get the same answer). I experience this nightly. I cannot spend my entire night waiting in a queue line. I get scolded for calling in, and complaining about something I "didn't make them aware of when it began, or at every occurrence thereafter". Do human beings even have time for that? Really!!! This is an ISP. And a ridiculous mess of one.

Please research the company you entrust your livelihood to (let's be real, people, the internet is the future of enterprise). I grew up with satellite, and frankly, I don't really see the difference, save for that those techs and billing idiots (yeah, enjoy your 6.50 per hour, jerk). I can't WAIT until Comcast buys out my area. :-D

Getting Charter to service an "unserviceable" address
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Rating: 2/51

MCDONOUGH, GEORGIA -- 1 year ago almost to the day I closed on and moved into my new home. During the setup of all my utilities I ran into a problem getting Cable Internet from my local provider (Charter). Which I thought was weird because I moved into a neighborhood quite literally one mile from where I had previously lived and had Charter's 100mbps internet. After researching the issue a little and talking to Charter I was told that I am 400ft from a tap, which is considered unserviceable. In fact my neighborhood of over 60 homes and just as many lots waiting for construction has no access to cable internet of television at all.

I live just south of Atlanta in a pretty big town, not like I live in the sticks so I was extremely shocked that 1) Charter didn't already have cable run to this neighborhood and 2) that I was getting such a run around trying to get someone, anyone from Charter to take a look at the neighborhood and see about getting me and my neighbors TV and internet. I have called Charter's corporate number to see if I can get the ball rolling on this (I realize these things take time). I was told that all inquiries of this nature have to go through my local Charter office which is actually 5 miles from my house.

So I drove there and I was told they would have a site survey of my neighborhood to see what they could do. That was last March and I never heard anything back. So about 2 weeks before Christmas of 2013 I went back to my local Charter office to try to get some answers. I was given the same story about sending a site survey team to take a look. I was sure to leave my Name and contact information, and I also asked if I could please get a call with the site survey team's determination. I have yet to hear anything again.

After having been a Charter customer at my 2 previous addresses (both in the same city I currently live in) for 4 years I have to say that I am Extremely disappointed in Charter for giving a once loyal customer, and a person trying to get services for themselves and their neighbors this poorly. Is there anyone out there that has experience with this situation that can walk me through getting the ball rolling on this problem?

Charter Refusing To Run Line even if we EAT COST...Terrible.
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBIA, TENNESSEE -- I live in Thompsons Station TN. We are about 10 minutes from Spring Hill and 20 minutes from Franklin TN. You guys (Charter) service my area. We built our new home and moved in November 2012. Half the street has AT&T and half the street has Charter. Our dilemma is that our house is 1425 ft from the road. However my Mother-in-Law'¬ôs house is at the end of our driveway and has Charter. We have been round and round with the customer service lines, had technicians out and even went as far to go to the Columbia TN local office to speak with someone and you guys still deem our address unserviceable.

The problem is the line is too far from your guys' standard 250ft for you to install it, which was fine. My husband volunteered to put the line in himself, as he installed our electric and water line so you guys could install the internet. They refused. OK he then said he would pay you guys to install the line, they told him they don't do that anymore. They used to pay half the cost and the customer would pay the other half but now you guys won't even consider putting the line in and letting us pay for it??? Not understanding.

The problem with this is my job wants me to work from home. However they will only go through a secure line so I can't use satellite or my current Verizon Wireless router. I could understand this if we lived on the side of a mountain and had to use cups to make telephone calls but that is not the case. We are not in that rural of an area. There is a subdivision that backs up to the right of our house and someone has Wi-Fi b/c it dings on my phone every day. So why is it that we offer to pay and or install the line but you guys just refuse to help at all. My mother-in-law lives at the end of my driveway and has your cable and wireless internet. I just need some help on the matter.

"special Promotions" aren't so special! I was charged more than agreed!!!
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Rating: 1/51

MAULDIN, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I just started my internet service with Charter & was fine until I received my 1st bill. When I called about the promotion being offered @19.99 I specifically asked the salesman if that would include wireless. I was told YES! I had a modem & router of my own but it was not compatible with their equipment. Therefore I was informed I would have an additional $7.00 charge per month for their modem etc. This was OK with me.

I received my bill today & I am being charged the agreed 19.99 BUT I am ALSO charged 14.99 extra for wireless. Now when the guy came to install my internet, he brought the modem in 1st that was for just internet & I told him I was supposed to have wireless. He changed the modem & neither did he tell me that it was going to be extra 14.99 either.

My previous internet company never had the same amount on my bill either after their "special" ran out. I CONSTANTLY stayed in contact with them trying to get my bill straightened out each month. To top that off when I moved a month ago, I had called them in plenty of time to arrange the transfer of my internet & instead of them transferring it, they turned it off, FOR NO REASON! Then could not tell me exactly what happened. SO... I left them & that is why I contacted Charter to begin with.

I am on a fixed income & that is reason I looked for special prices. I enjoy internet because I cannot afford to go out or shop much. I expect a deal to be a deal, so I contacted Charter today & told them to just cut it all off because I don't need their internet that badly. They acted as if "so what? We don't care!" Well this seems like they got a little too big for their "britches" as my grandmother used to say & as if losing 1 customer doesn't make a difference! But from what I'm reading here, seems to me like I'm not the ONLY 1!

To top it off, I was told I could return their modem & if not & they send someone to pick it up, I will be charged an ADDITIONAL $45.00. I WILL NOT PAY CHARTER any more than I legally owe. And by the way I haven't had my service but 1 week today... NOT 1 MONTH so I think THEY WILL OWE ME! It all goes back to "THE ALMIGHTY LOVE OF MONEY!!!" I may not be rich but I don't lie & rip people off! Maybe that's why I'm not rich!!!

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