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Service And Billing
Posted by on
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- A letter sent to Charter Communication

Dear Charter,

I don't think that this really reaches the CEO of Charter but here goes.

I am totally disgusted with my cable service and especially how I have been screwed from day one. Sorry for using the word screwed but there is no better word for it. My story begins.

I have been using Charter for many years. I've been told on many occasions not to switch to Charter as those around me suggested that they all had a lousy experience joining Charter. I never had any major problems with my service, so I figured why not. After a year of deliberation I decided to go full till, all three services (telephone, cable and internet).

I logged online at and signed up to get my $150 gift certificate. I selected the $99 but the online service would not accept my address as being a valid address. I was already a charter customer with basic extended service so why was my address coming back as in-valid. I called into Charter to report my sign up issues at I was told that I could be help in person to complete my order.

I ordered the $99 service plus an additional $5 for the DVR recorder. After all of the added features and fees to get my 3 services going I thought my bill before taxes was $105 plus taxes. I asked over and over for clarification as I wanted to be 100% clear and have no confusion in what my monthly will would be.

Our installation was scheduled between 12 pm and 4:30 pm. At 6:30 pm with no notice the tech finally arrives. When the Charter installation came, they forgot the HD DVR that I was talked into ordering. The tech had no batteries for the remote and no pamphlets on the internet, phone or cable services. He did not even have a ac power cable for the cable modem so he just reused my old SBC DSL power cord. It was a joke. The tech seemed nice but he had brought nothing with him. I was told another tech would have to come out to replace the cable box. Three days later, I had to take of work again but I thought everything was final.

On Oct 28 I received a bill to my credit card for $169.42. Wow, but this included the cable and internet fees and installation charges. For 3 services the charges seemed to add up.

Two plus weeks later I called in because I had a few concerns 1) was my bill correct, 2) do I have HD channels as mine seemed very blurry, 3) when do I get my $150 gift certificate?

1) First, my bill was only for 2 of my 3 services. The telephone bill had not been added yet
2) They reset my HD box from the office. - (Still today the image on all my HD channels is blurry. Just compare my Cable HD to my areal HD Antenna. My aerial HD antenna's picture is way clearer the HD picture provided by Charter. My HD cable picture is terrible. To get a tech to come look at the picture will cost me $$$. Si I am stuck with a lousy picture)
3) I was not entitled to the $150 gift certificate because I ordered by phone. - (I was never told that by ordering by phone I would not get my gift certificate. I would not have ordered the 3 pack of services. To make up for the deception of not getting my $150 gift certificate, the Charter representative gave me a $10 bundle package for 1 year free.)

Today I saw my auto bill for another charge on 11/28 for $297. You have to be kidding me. There must be a mistake. I already paid $169 on 10/28. Over $450 to change to Charter's 3-bundle. I must be crazy, something must be wrong.

I called into 1-888-charter today (11/30/08) and was told my bill was correct. How could my telephone bill be $297? I already paid for all the installation and fees for my cable and internet. This is outrageous. The first Charter representative I talked with had no clue how to explain why I had a $297 charge. The second representative (manager, Nicki spoke so quietly I could barely understand her. From her I learned that the free $10 service I was given when I called into ask about my gift card was not free at all. After that nothing ids clear. Nicki removed my $10 "free" service and my $105 service is now $139.

How $139 goes into $450 there is no answer
How I paid $169 for cable and internet and I still owe $297 for telephone is a mystery to me?
Why I did not get my $150 gift certificate? When they knew I could not order online?
Why was I given free $10 upgrade to only have to pay for it?

I really thought Charter was wanting to become a first class company. C'mon. $50 plus to change to $104 service. This disgusts me. I have been a long term satisfied customer. To play games like this is very sad.

I hope you will respond in kind and explain to me my situation clearly. Otherwise you can keep your services

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User Replies:
woodsk1 on 11/30/2008:
Might want to change to complaint-- Also, be sure to send a copy of your complaint to your local city administrator
Anonymous on 11/30/2008:
and while you are at it, run it through a spell and grammar check. Anything less than perfect is not taken seriously. One more thing, the expression is 'full tilt'.
jktshff1 on 11/30/2008:
Seems as if you were as unprepared as charter was.
"I thought", remember what thought did...
little boy "thought he had to poot and shat all up and down his legs" of my mama's
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Never Use Charter Communications!
Posted by on

I called to have basic cable and internet hooked up. The first appointment was on a Saturday 10-12. We were sitting at home, the phone rings and I didn't get to it before it hung up. I called RIGHT back and spoke with a rep who said she would make sure the tech knew we were home waiting. Well.... no one ever showed up. I called back and they said that no one could come back to my home because I didn't answer the phone and they had other jobs to do!

SO... I was mad, but I made another appt. No Sat. appts were available so my husband took off during the week. The tech comes, hooks up everything but doesn't check the cable inside to see if it worked. It didn't, so I called back again, and was told I would have to wait another 6 days for an appointment and it would have to be during the week. The rep said she would be sure to put the visit as an "in home visit" so the tech would come inside. SO.. hubby takes off work again, sits at home. No one called or knocked on the door during the appt time. I called and the rep said the tech showed he had come to our house. HE NEVER CALLED ANYONE NOR DID HE KNOCK ON OUR DOOR OR COME INSIDE!! I was furious and told them that he needed to get back out to our home immediately. Needless to say, the tech couldn't be reached and no one came. My husband called to file a complaint with the manager so the rep filled out a form and said someone would call us within 24-48 hours... yeah right, no one has called to this day over 2 weeks later). I made 1 more appt just because my husband would be at home one day last week waiting on Lowes to come to our house, so I made the appointment during that time. The rep again said that she would tell the tech to call and come inside.

Hubby was at home, no call, no visit from Charter!! I called back and immediately asked to speak with a supervisor ( who also don't know their heads from their rear ends) and was told that the tech had come at 2:00 PM (1 hour before scheduled) and he put the job as done!!!!! OH MY GOSH, IF I WEREN'T A CHRISTIAN WOMAN, I WOULD SAID SOME VERY UGLY THINGS! I told them this was unacceptable and that if the tech was not back at my home by 5:00 PM I was doing business elsewhere. The supervisor I spoke with had the nerve to tell me that because dispatch had other jobs to do, they MAY OR MAY NOT be able to come back out.

Needless to say, I immediately cancelled my service and as soon as I did, another supervisor called me and told me that the problem with the cable was that our main wire needed to be replaced!!! What the crap! So after all that and all the people I had talked to, it was that easy to tell me what was wrong. The tech didn't tell me, the other 20 reps I talked to didn't tell me, the 5 supervisors I talked to couldn't tell me. I have paid for an entire month of service I have not had!

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Charter Triple Play - Bait & Switch - Don't fall for it!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA -- The Charter Triple Play was eye-catching. So since we were getting married, we thought we’d drop her current provider & make a “fresh start”… Boy, was that a mistake..

I called Charter September 3rd to sign up for the Triple Play ($29.99 for TV, internet & home phone). (I still do not know why we needed a home phone, as we have cells & have not had a land line in years, but they said that was a part of the package, so we bit) We had it installed October 2, as we were getting married, honeymooning, etc & did not want it till 10/2.

I was quoted $107.94 for the first 12 months (the first month was to be $137.93 for installation, etc)

I received my first bill October 9th in the amount of $301.41!!!!!

I called immediately & asked what the heck was going on.. After getting nowhere, even after talking with the supervisor Matt, I told them I wanted to cancel my services & pay up what I have used. I returned the equipment the next day, October 11th.

They have been sending me bills for $71.00 & I asked what that was for, they said that was for the telephone connection that was in place! I told them that I’d told them I wanted it discontinued when I called previously about cable & internet. They said I did not specifically say I wanted to disconnect the telephone, therefore the continuing charge! (We did not even need/want a phone line from the start, they said it was part of the ‘bundle’)

In the meantime, Charter has sent my account to a collections agency to collect $68.40…

I am posting this to let all know that they are a scam & to beware of their schemes.

I have since switched to AT&T, & while I believe their services to be high, I can afford $106. A month for internet & cable a little better that the bait & switch Charter pulled on me. & yes, I am going to pay the $68.40, but I wanted to post this first & I will also be sending them a hard copy of this in the payment!
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 01/09/2014:
You have the right to dispute the debt with the collection agency by sending them a certified letter of dispute within 30 days of receiving the collection notice.
nikalseyn on 01/11/2014:
You will be making a mistake if you pay Charter anything. As stated in the comments, send them a letter disputing the charge and asking them to prove you owe the money. If need be, let them send it to collections. Never pay what you do not owe just to make it go away. Any "hit" to your credit would be minimal. By the way, you do not need cable tv. Go with internet streaming via Roku, etc.
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Charter Refusing To Run Line even if we EAT COST...Terrible
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
COLUMBIA, TENNESSEE -- I live in Thompsons Station TN, we are about 10 minutes from Spring Hill and 20 minutes from Franklin TN. You guys (Charter) service my area. We built our new home and moved in November 2012. Half the street has AT&T and half the street has Charter, Our dilemma is that our house is 1425 ft from the road, however my Mother N Law’s house is at the end of our driveway and has Charter. We have been round and round with the customer service lines, had technicians out and even went as far to go to the Columbia TN local office to speak with someone and you guys still deem our address unserviceable.

The problem is the line is to far from your guys standard 250ft for you to install it, which was fine my husband volunteered to put the line in himself, as he installed our electric and water line so you guys could install the internet, They refused, OK he then said he would pay you guys to install the line, they told him they don’t do that anymore, they used to pay half the cost and the customer would pay the other half but now you guys won’t even consider putting the line in and letting us pay for it?????? Not understanding.

The problem with this is my job wants me to work from home, however they will only go through a secure line so I can’t use satellite or my current Verizon Wireless router. I could understand this if we lived on the side of a mountain and had to use cups to make telephone calls but that is not the case, We are not in that rural of an area there is a subdivision that backs up to the right of our house and someone has Wi-Fi b/c it dings on my phone every day. So why is it that we offer to pay and or install the line but you guys just refuse to help at all. My mother n law lives at the end of my driveway and has your cable and wireless internet…. I just need some help on the matter.
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User Replies:
Obsfucation on 01/03/2014:
Why not have your husband run a data line to your MIL's house, and share her internet expense. You might need a booster, but it should be a simple install, and easier than dealing with Charter.
Paul on 01/05/2014:
A company like Charter is unlikely to make exceptions to their rules. If they do it for you and you tell someone else in the same situation, they will expect the same.

The only solution I see is the one the other reply suggested - use your MIL's connection. One problem is you may not be able to get your own email address, and I guess connectivity could be an issue.

Can you use a wired modem with no wireless capability on DSL with Verizon, assuming that is available?
rpvp24 on 01/06/2014:
What you are saying makes sense, I know they won't bend the rules, I just thought I would complain considering I think the rules are stupid. The problem with hooking up to my MIL's connection is that my job requires I have separate internet/router for my work b/c I work in health care and it has to be a secure line due to HIPPA. They pay for my work internet my home internet is on my own, So I could connect to my MIL for my own personal use but still wouldn't help me with my job situation.
rpvp24 on 01/06/2014:
Oh and I can't get DSL either, So that is not an option.
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30-day Guarantee Lies - Customer Service & Installation
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROSWELL, GEORGIA -- Had a wonderful year of trouble free internet with Charter. I was on a 2-yr contract for $34.99. I got a sales call that I could save money by signing up for cable service and canceling my DirecTV. I figured it was risk free due to the 30-day guarantee. Big mistake.

After a week I got fed up with the low quality menus and lackluster cable service and cancelled the TV service. At this point I was informed I would not be able to have my previous internet rate and would be stuck at $54.99. After complaining I was able to at least get it for the current promotional rate of $39.99.

When they came out to disconnect the TV service my internet stopped working. Called and of course they wanted to send a tech out. I balked at having to stay home from work again because obviously they screwed up something at the street and not in my home. I also made a request to speak to customer service to complain. This is when I found out I had still been charged for a month of TV. I apparently had to ask to get the 30-day free that was advertised? I complained about my internet being out and not getting the previous rate. So I asked for her to give me the previous rate or a months credit to make up for it. She came back and said "I can't do any of that but I was able to get you a credit for the TV service". Very nice of you to give me what was advertised. She said she would escalate the request and I'd hear back the next day. One week later I've heard nothing.

I was also told I was being charged $29.99 for the service change and there was nothing she could do about that. I checked the website for the rules on the "30-day guarantee" and nowhere does it say I would not be A. charged this fee or B. not refunded the fee when I cancelled.

To top it off when I stayed home AGAIN to babysit their Technician he informs me the previous installer was a lazy sack and just disconnected me entirely.

Charter sucks. Incompetent techs, lying salesmen, and customer service reps that only care about Charter.
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User Replies:
jonthethird on 11/24/2013:
While it is entirely possible your service was disconnected at the street, Charter does not want to send a truck to reconnect without being able to certify your internet is working.
nikalseyn on 11/24/2013:
I have had Charter for many many years and when it works, it is great. When it doesn't, it really is bad. I had the expanded basic, without a digital box plus internet. When Charter announced they were involuntarily converting all tv to digital and that I would have to rent a box from them for each telly, I just called and cancelled the tv service and kept the internet(30mbs)at $54.99. I now get local channels off the air and bought a Roku box for $50 to stream Netflix, Acorn, Amazon Prime, etc. direct to my tvs. I save $70 per month. We do not miss the crappy channel selections on Charter and happily stream every day to our hearts content. I recommend dropping cable tv and streaming for everyone. Why pay a ton of money each month for a myriad of channels I never watch?
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Having to Show Photo ID Just to Pay Cable Bill.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
RUSSELLVILLE, ALABAMA -- Yesterday, I went to pay my cable bill (at my local Charter Communications' office), in person, with CASH; and the person at the counter insisted I show him my photo ID!! Keep in mind, I made NO inquiries into my account, nor did I try to make any changes to my account. I only wanted to pay my bill and leave. When I asked why I had to do this, the clerk fed me some bull about identity theft and FCC rules. I was sooooo mad!!

I also found this to be very disturbing and made sure to call main headquarters and complain. I can understand if a person inquires about an account (the balance, etc), but, otherwise, the clerk at the counter needs to just take a person's money and give them a receipt. Who gives a crap who is actually paying the dang bill, as long as its paid!!!! Their job is not to question WHO is PAYING!! my question is....What if I send a relative or a trusted friend to pay my bill, how will they be hassled? What about the elderly, who depend on others to go pay their bills, how will those people be treated? I don't think the people at the cable company desk should ask for ID, unless or UNTIL you actually ask for account information. Enough with this!!

If people can't wake the heck up and see that we are now in a Big Brother state, this should be some kind of hint. All I know is I want it to STOP!!
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leet60 on 02/15/2013:
While the requirement seems untenable, I expect it has to do with privacy policies regarding the account. The representative has to access your account to process the payment and may be restricted due to personal information on the account to only doing so for the actual account holder or authorized user.

I don't have Charter so am only speculating on this.
Churro on 02/15/2013:
Oh great now the wingers have another line of logic. "You got to show your ID to pay your Charter cable bill why shouldn't you show it to vote".

Agreed. Common sense dictates a cash payment on a cable bill should be accepted without ID. By chance does Charter charge a fee for late payments?
Obsfucation on 02/15/2013:
If one is paying with cash, it logically follows that you'd want a receipt. It is likely the information printed on the receipt that requires that it only be given to the account holder. I would think that the account number alone would be enough to require this.

And why shouldn't you show an ID to vote?
Archie on 03/29/2013:
By the same token, why would a stranger go to Charter and pay my bill. It just doesn't make any sense. If you do not have to show an ID to vote, you shouldn't have to show an ID to pay a damn bill. I was told it was a requirement of the FCC that Charter requires an ID for payment.
Jack Benbrook on 07/13/2013:
I will not show picture ID when paying my Charter Cable bill,I wait for the office to close and drop payment in the night box or mail the payment,no ID required,so why the harassment when paying at the office?So when they say that its a requirement of the FCC that you show picture ID is a lie.
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Dishonest Company
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SPENCER, WISCONSIN -- I would like to know how many Charter customers had contracts that Charter has fail to keep. I had their TV, Phone and Internet service. They raised my rates after the first year of a two year agreement. I called and complained and the Lady I talked to hooked me up with another two year deal at a better rate. When I talked to her I was very clear about this agreement and that it was for two years with no rate increases.

After the first year my rates went up again and I call for an explanation. I was told and I quote I know what your problem is your contract year is up and the prices increased, I have had a lot of calls on this. I was not happy but the people I talked to told me that is my agreement and we have it on file. I have asked twice for a copy of the contract agreement and they have failed to send me one after telling me it will be in the mail. I cancelled my services and was told I would see a service tech to disconnect my service on Jan 8th it is known January 12Th and I am still waiting for a call when he will be here to disconnect my service.

I was told by Charter he would call that day between 8 and 5 when he will be here, I was going to give them back there equipment but the refuse to pick it up and are billing me for it. One of the most dishonest companies I have dealt with and would not recommend them to anyone.
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carol on 11/17/2013:
I've just hooked up with charter. I signed a contract for 89.97, for a year. I asked for the silver package for 20.00 more. all else was supposed to be free. so when I went to pay the bill, I told them all service were supposed to be free. we had a brief discussion on it, and she took my copies in the back room to make copies, when she brought them back, in the back room, she had written on the my copy, which is a carbon, chg for 2 boxes and dvr. I told her that wasn't there when she went to make the copies,and of course she denied that she altered the contract, but she did. the writing is different, its of course not in carbon. what she did was illegal. I'm talking to a lawyer Monday, and also calling our state attorney generals office. I about blew a fuse.
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Lying Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OAKWOOD, GEORGIA -- I called into Charter to make arrangements to pay my monthly payment on Dec 7, 2012 and talked to a young man Kassim Badge # NIN. I was told I would gt calls from Charter about my account but not to worry as long as I paid my balance by my arrangement date of Dec 7,2012 then my services would not be interrupted. Well, Well today is Dec 1, 2012 and I get up to find I have no services for phone, cable or internet. thinking there is an issues with service. oh no Charter has decided to disconnect my service because they have decided that until they run my to get my payment. while this is not what I was told last month. but ALL of the sudden it is OK to go back on an agreement you (CHARTER) made with a customer and cut off services. and my services will stay disconnected until I pay them. well I am not sure I am going to pay them now or ever if they can change the rules why can't I? If they can lie and be dirty about how and what they say and do why can't I. I can go to another service provider and get the same degree of service I had with them and might still get lied to but between the government and CHARTER along with a few other big named business I AM FED UP... I PAY YOUR SALARIES< I KEEP your doors OPEN AND I FED YOUR FAMILIES AND PAY YOUR BILLS same as we all do each others it is a vicious cycle that is forever stepping on the little dog and I am sick of it. If you have CHARTER and are UNHAPPY with their lies and how they do business let them know. If enough of us do this they will have to start treating us with some respect and have to start earning their money for services provided..... Also I have spoke with supervisor named Mike Badge # nx3 AND A SO CALLED MANAGER named Kenneth badge # HAH. One more thing Charter get ENGLISH SPEAKING CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS..... final note to add just called back to make sure my card pre-authorization was removed from account and got a great representative named Kathy # YLQ. she has been great and fixed all the issues I had this morning and explained a new system they are using but because my arrainment was made last month they have to honor it. so she restored all my services. I went ahead and paid my bill.

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Customer Service?? Non-Existent!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PO BOX 742615, OHIO -- We have had Charter now since December 2011; in June, half way through our 12 month contract they decided to remove the majority of our channel line up, NO notice was given, we just turned on the TV one evening to find that we were missing most of our channels so we called service for repair thinking that would fix the problem. Not. We were told that those channels were moved to an upgraded package and we could have them back, if we upgraded our package. We were paying around $89 per month for a triple play, phone, internet and TV, now they wanted $129 per month for the same services we had. We promptly said no thanks, this meant that they were upping our phone and internet pricing immediately if we discontinued the TV package, so we told them we only wanted the Internet portion. Sounds easy enough you'd think but since July we have been repeatedly billed for the phone service, which we disconnected at the end of June. EVERY month we get a bill that still includes the phone portion and my husband has to call and go over the whole scenario again with them, and they say that they have made the corrections, but the next month's bill there is the phone portion billed again, plus late charges! Twice they have sent us a pending disconnection notice if we did not pay the bill entirely, meaning the portion that is for a phone service that we don't have and today the same notice came in again! We want to change providers but where we live there are few Cable companies that service our particular neighborhood. Today I had to pay the entire bill to avoid disconnection, only because we changed over to internet TV. I'm going to lodge a complaint with the BBB in our area.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/06/2012:
The BBB may or may not help. A large company like Charter may be a dues-paying member, and if so that *lessens* your chance of getting a positive result.

There should be some regulatory agency you can file a complaint with. Sounds like a real nightmare.
Umatter2Chrtr on 10/08/2012:
Good afternoon,

My name is Jeremy Daniels, and I am a Senior Social Media Specialist with Charter. I can certainly understand the importance of ensuring you are correctly billed for the services you have. I would love the opportunity to help you with your bill and the phone charges you referenced. Can you send me an email at with some account information? I can also take a look into the missing channels as well when you reply. When you contact us, make sure to put “My3Cents – nates-sweetpea – CharterJeremy” in the subject line so I know it is for me.

You can find more information on our team at:


Jeremy Daniels
Senior Social Media Specialist – Charter
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Promises Not Kept
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
PORAGE, MICHIGAN -- First let me say everyone I talked to was nice and tried to be helpful except Bonnie. After switching from AT&T due to their rate hiking, I went with Charter and they promised to lock in my price for 2 years. The first 6 months took me literally 10 phone calls(Liam, Jason, Sheri, Felicia, Jamaal, Linda, Theresa, Brook, Andi, and Sonya) to correct my billing. Apparently their system is complicated and non-user friendly for billing and corrections. On top of that, their modem regularly(2-3 times each week) disrupted my WiFi service to where I had to reset the modem, reset the router, and restart my computer every time.

Their tech specialists who I spoke with and came to my house twice could not offer any solutions until their company received their new modems with better technology. So I was just waiting a few more months until I was going to call again to have that done. Then they audited my account to find that they were not billing me a monthly charge to use their (crappy old school)modem. Of course you weren't! Didn't you read the notes on the account? This is part of what you promised. Apparently, they were not supposed to and would not take the charge off my account. After reading to them my notes of all the issues I have had in the past 10 months, no one offered any real help or solutions(Chris and Bonnie) until I called(Guy) to cancel because I decided to go back to ATT. If they would have offered to credit me enough to purchase my own modem in the first place, I would not have changed back. But I am glad I did because mow I pay less for the next 12 months and get a $200 Visa gift card. ---Charter is not worth all the hassle---
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