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Charter Communications
12405 Powerscourt Drive
St. Louis, MO 63131
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Charter has the worst customer service in the history of the world
By -

MICHIGAN -- I have been a charter customer for 2-1/2 years. It started with the phone being disconnected. 3 days after I started my service. They turned it back on 3 days later. And "accidentally" disconnected it again the next week. And again, took 3 days to turn it back on. It lasted another week before they did it again - all of this before I had even received a bill. When I called the 3rd time the operator said "I'm sorry Ma'am, but you don't sound like a Nathan to me" then asked for the security code from my bill to access my account. I told them I had not received a bill yet - they told me that it was mailed that day and that once I received it I could call back to complain that they had turned off my phone. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told he didn't have one - apparently the President answers the phones at Charter. Then he hung up on me. I called back and was again "disconnected". I should have cancelled the service then. Instead I tried to add internet 2 months later. They sent a technician who couldn't figure out how to install it. Then they charged me for a technician visit. And for a month of internet service. When I called to complain, they scheduled another installation. Same problem, still no internet, still got billed for it. They managed to bill me for $75 in service calls and $150 for service to not give me internet service. When my introductory rates expired my bill skyrocketed - which I expected. So I called to downgrade some services, I really only had the 5 MB internet and movie channels because they were free for the year. They explained that if I cancel or downgrade ANY service they would charge me more. I called 8 times before a representative actually agreed to downgrade my service (at this point I had paid another 2 months for service I didn't want). My 9th call I told them I wanted to cancel the service. They explained that they have a "retention" department for that - instead of fixing the problem, they create a new department. The retention department guy (Henry) was very helpful. He downgraded my service, told me that my new bill would be for $124 instead of $190, and apologized for the inconvenience. I returned an extra cable box myself at his suggestion to save a $37 service call to come and get it. I was so happy. Until I got my next bill. For more than $200. Because I got charged for all the movie channels that I cancelled. And the $37 service charge that didn't happen. And a $20 "downgrade" fee. They explained to me that if they don't charge these fees, they won't be able to charge me as much money. Again, I asked for a supervisor, again there isn't one. Then they hung up. I tried live chat, they cancel the session. I finally got a supervisor at Live Chat and requested the contact info for the corporate offices - she gave me a number that goes to a switchboard that requires an extension to get through to anyone. She says she doesn't know the extension. She says to leave a message in the general mailbox and someone will call me back. I ask her for her contact information, in case I have problems getting someone to call me back - she tells me she doesn't know HER OWN contact information either. I asked her, since it took 9 calls to downgrade my service, how many calls it takes to cancel service. "It's hard to estimate how many calls it could take to cancel service.".

Charter Communication has the worst customer service department in the history of the world. They are rude, unprofessional, they lie, they delay, they hang up, and no one speaks English. The customer service reps don't seem to know ANYTHING about their customers or their service. Their supervisors don't seem to know anything about their staff, which is OK since they also don't care. And it is almost impossible to reach anyone outside of their customer service grid of incompetence and lies. I will continue to call the corporate number every day, over and over, and dial random extension numbers until someone answers the phone. Even after I cancel the service.

Requirements to Sign Terms and Conditions
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Rating: 3/51

ST CHARLES, MISSOURI -- After having Charter service (internet, phone, and TV) for 1 month, I started getting a pop up on my internet that I needed to read and agree to Charter terms and conditions. To avoid viruses, I don't open pop-ups. After having their service for a month, I didn't feel that this would be legitimate, so I contacted their customer service. She told me it was legit and I needed to open and accept it. I explained to her that to avoid the aggravation and expense of viruses, I don't open pop-ups, that they could email or mail their terms and conditions to me and I would be happy to sign. She told me I could also access it on my account through their website.

It was sent to me by email, with nowhere to accept so I went to my account and had nowhere to accept. I called back and was switched to tech support. She wanted to remotely access my computer to verify that it was their pop up by opening it. I asked her if they would cover the expense of removing a virus if it wasn't theirs and she said no. I really don't need to let her experiment on my computer at my expense.

If I was told when their service was installed to expect this and it was done in a timely manner, I would not question this. After a month, I have to say, this is very poor business practice. Sad to say, there are mean people in this world that look for ways to spread viruses and apparently this is common knowledge that Charter does this. They are leaving an open door for someone to latch on to this and I will not be the recipient. They tell me there is no other way for me to accept their terms and conditions. What kind of business is this?

Charter Refusing To Run Line even if we EAT COST...Terrible.
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COLUMBIA, TENNESSEE -- I live in Thompsons Station TN. We are about 10 minutes from Spring Hill and 20 minutes from Franklin TN. You guys (Charter) service my area. We built our new home and moved in November 2012. Half the street has AT&T and half the street has Charter. Our dilemma is that our house is 1425 ft from the road. However my Mother-in-Law'¬ôs house is at the end of our driveway and has Charter. We have been round and round with the customer service lines, had technicians out and even went as far to go to the Columbia TN local office to speak with someone and you guys still deem our address unserviceable.

The problem is the line is too far from your guys' standard 250ft for you to install it, which was fine. My husband volunteered to put the line in himself, as he installed our electric and water line so you guys could install the internet. They refused. OK he then said he would pay you guys to install the line, they told him they don't do that anymore. They used to pay half the cost and the customer would pay the other half but now you guys won't even consider putting the line in and letting us pay for it??? Not understanding.

The problem with this is my job wants me to work from home. However they will only go through a secure line so I can't use satellite or my current Verizon Wireless router. I could understand this if we lived on the side of a mountain and had to use cups to make telephone calls but that is not the case. We are not in that rural of an area. There is a subdivision that backs up to the right of our house and someone has Wi-Fi b/c it dings on my phone every day. So why is it that we offer to pay and or install the line but you guys just refuse to help at all. My mother-in-law lives at the end of my driveway and has your cable and wireless internet. I just need some help on the matter.

30-day Guarantee Lies - Customer Service & Installation
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ROSWELL, GEORGIA -- Had a wonderful year of trouble free internet with Charter. I was on a 2-yr contract for $34.99. I got a sales call that I could save money by signing up for cable service and canceling my DirecTV. I figured it was risk-free due to the 30-day guarantee. Big mistake.

After a week, I got fed up with the low-quality menus and lackluster cable service and cancelled the TV service. At this point I was informed I would not be able to have my previous internet rate and would be stuck at $54.99. After complaining, I was able to at least get it for the current promotional rate of $39.99.

When they came out to disconnect the TV service my internet stopped working. Called and, of course, they wanted to send a tech out. I balked at having to stay home from work again because obviously they screwed up something at the street and not in my home. I also made a request to speak to customer service to complain. This is when I found out I had still been charged for a month of TV. I apparently had to ask to get the 30-day free that was advertised.

I complained about my internet being out and not getting the previous rate. So I asked for her to give me the previous rate or a month's credit to make up for it. She came back and said, "I can't do any of that, but I was able to get you a credit for the TV service". Very nice of you to give me what was advertised. She said she would escalate the request and I'd hear back the next day. One week later I've heard nothing.

I was also told I was being charged $29.99 for the service change and there was nothing she could do about that. I checked the website for the rules on the "30-day guarantee" and nowhere does it say I would not be A. charged this fee or B. not refunded the fee when I cancelled.

To top it off when I stayed home AGAIN to babysit their technician he informs me the previous installer was a lazy sack and just disconnected me entirely. Charter sucks. Incompetent techs, lying salesmen, and customer service reps that only care about Charter.

Having to Show Photo ID Just to Pay Cable Bill.
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RUSSELLVILLE, ALABAMA -- Yesterday, I went to pay my cable bill (at my local Charter Communications' office) in person, with CASH; and the person at the counter insisted I show him my photo ID!! Keep in mind, I made NO inquiries into my account, nor did I try to make any changes to my account. I only wanted to pay my bill and leave. When I asked why I had to do this, the clerk fed me some bull about identity theft and FCC rules. I was sooooo mad!! I also found this to be very disturbing and made sure to call main headquarters and complain.

I can understand if a person inquires about an account (the balance, etc), but otherwise, the clerk at the counter needs to just take a person's money and give them a receipt. Who gives a crap who is actually paying the dang bill as long as it's paid!!!! Their job is not to question who is PAYING!! my question is.... What if I send a relative or a trusted friend to pay my bill, how will they be hassled? What about the elderly, who depend on others to go pay their bills, how will those people be treated?

I don't think the people at the cable company desk should ask for ID, unless or UNTIL you actually ask for account information. Enough with this!! If people can't wake the heck up and see that we are now in a Big Brother state, this should be some kind of hint. All I know is I want it to STOP!!

Dishonest Company
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Rating: 1/51

SPENCER, WISCONSIN -- I would like to know how many Charter customers had contracts that Charter has fail to keep. I had their TV, Phone and Internet service. They raised my rates after the first year of a two year agreement. I called and complained and the Lady I talked to hooked me up with another two year deal at a better rate. When I talked to her I was very clear about this agreement and that it was for two years with no rate increases.

After the first year my rates went up again and I call for an explanation. I was told and I quote "I know what your problem is. Your contract year is up and the prices increased," I have had a lot of calls on this. I was not happy but the people I talked to told me that is my agreement and we have it on file. I have asked twice for a copy of the contract agreement and they have failed to send me one after telling me it will be in the mail.

I cancelled my services and was told I would see a service tech to disconnect my service on Jan 8th it is known January 12th and I am still waiting for a call when he will be here to disconnect my service. I was told by Charter he would call that day between 8 and 5 when he will be here, I was going to give them back their equipment but the refuse to pick it up and are billing me for it. One of the most dishonest companies I have dealt with and would not recommend them to anyone.

Lying Customer Service
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OAKWOOD, GEORGIA -- I called into Charter to make arrangements to pay my monthly payment on Dec 7, 2012 and talked to a young man, Kassim, Badge # **. I was told I would get calls from Charter about my account but not to worry as long as I paid my balance by my arrangement date of Dec 7,2012 then my services would not be interrupted.

Well, today is Dec 1, 2012 and I get up to find I have no services for phone, cable, or internet thinking there is an issues with service. Oh no. Charter has decided to disconnect my service because they have decided that until they run my to get my payment. Well, this is not what I was told last month but ALL of the sudden it is OK to go back on an agreement you (CHARTER) made with a customer and cut off services. And my services will stay disconnected until I pay them. Well I am not sure I am going to pay them now or ever if they can change the rules, why can't I? If they can lie and be dirty about how and what they say and do, why can't I.

I can go to another service provider and get the same degree of service I had with them and might still get lied to but between the government and CHARTER, along with a few other big named business, I AM FED UP... I PAY YOUR SALARIES. I KEEP your doors OPEN AND I FED YOUR FAMILIES AND PAY YOUR BILLS. Same as we all do each others'. It is a vicious cycle that is forever stepping on the little dog and I am sick of it. If you have CHARTER and are UNHAPPY with their lies and how they do business, let them know. If enough of us do this, they will have to start treating us with some respect and have to start earning their money for services provided...

Also, I have spoke with supervisor named Mike, Badge #** AND A SO CALLED MANAGER named Kenneth, badge #**. One more thing, Charter get ENGLISH SPEAKING CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS... Final note to add, just called back to make sure my card pre-authorization was removed from account and got a great representative named Kathy # **. She has been great and fixed all the issues I had this morning and explained a new system they are using but because my arrangement was made last month, they have to honor it. So she restored all my services. I went ahead and paid my bill.

Customer Service?? Non-Existent!!
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Rating: 1/51

PO BOX 742615, OHIO -- We have had Charter now since December 2011; in June, half way through our 12-month contract they decided to remove the majority of our channel lineup. NO notice was given. We just turned on the TV one evening to find that we were missing most of our channels so we called service for repair thinking that would fix the problem. Not. We were told that those channels were moved to an upgraded package and we could have them back, if we upgraded our package. We were paying around $89 per month for a triple play, phone, internet and TV. Now they wanted $129 per month for the same services we had.

We promptly said "No thanks." This meant that they were upping our phone and internet pricing immediately if we discontinued the TV package, so we told them we only wanted the Internet portion. Sounds easy enough you'd think but since July we have been repeatedly billed for the phone service, which we disconnected at the end of June. EVERY month we get a bill that still includes the phone portion and my husband has to call and go over the whole scenario again with them, and they say that they have made the corrections, but the next month's bill there is the phone portion billed again, plus late charges!

Twice they have sent us a pending disconnection notice if we did not pay the bill entirely, meaning the portion that is for a phone service that we don't have and today the same notice came in again! We want to change providers but where we live there are few Cable companies that service our particular neighborhood. Today I had to pay the entire bill to avoid disconnection, only because we changed over to internet TV. I'm going to lodge a complaint with the BBB in our area.

Charter will solicit you up to 30 days after you requested being put on the "no call list"
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WEST BEND, WISCONSIN -- Charter has called me five times a day for 7 days to get me to upgrade. I called the customer service number and asked to be removed. No more than an hour later I received another phone call from Charter regarding upgrading my service. I instructed the lady to stop calling and she began shouting. I called customer service again and asked for a manager. When the manager got on the phone she said it could take 30 days to get off the list. I have 15 calls in four days! Then I was told it's not someone from Charter but they call and state it's "Charter communication". I told the manager I disagree that it's not someone from Charter to which she replied, "And you have that right?"

I am a paying customer being harassed because I'm a paying customer. I was informed by management that Charter "has the right to solicit its customers even though I'm clearly being harassed". Don't get Charter anything unless you want swarms of emails, letters, and phone calls selling their services even if you don't want them to. I stressed how upset it made me feel to have my privacy invaded to which I was told, "It isn't a big deal". Charter has had thousands of complaints sent to BBB. If you want to be bullied into cable contracts, Charter knows best how to treat a customer like trash.

Resolution Update 09/12/2012:

They finally stopped calling

Charter Rep still working after he attacks my dog??
By -

MARYVILLE, ILLINOIS -- Let me start by saying that I hate Charter! I haven't had their service in 2 years. A representative came out to my neighbors house to shut their service off. The representative was parked behind my home in our back alley. My small 15 pound dog was in the back yard. She was barking at him. I don't know what happened to this guy, but he is at the edge of my yard (even tho he is supposed to be next door) But he starts kicking and stomping on my dog!! He said he was afraid of the dog. She had just giving birth the day before. I went out there to get him to stop having his baby fit, I asked him his name and he wouldn't tell me at first. Finally I asked for his name again, and he takes his badge off and throws it at me and starts screaming at me calling me crazy, and that I need to get back into my house. I called Charter to report him, they told me the tech is employed from a sub-contractor and that I would have to call them. First of all, Charter employs them, but you have to try to fix the problem yourself?? I called and made an "official complaint" with Charter and the contracted Co. They said someone would be getting back to me really soon. That they can't believe he assulted my dog the way he did. Three days later I'm riding through town and who do I see? The same tech in the same van working. No one from Charter EVER called back or the contracted company! Charter is a horrible rip- off of a company who employs abusive techs. [snip] is the tech. working in Granite City, IL.

Be very careful dealing with this guy, I think he is very dangerous. Since Charter will not warn you about their abusive techs, I will!

Resolution Update 04/12/2011:

I was told not to discuss untill the investigation is resolved.

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