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Service And Billing
Posted by Mv8167 on 11/30/2008
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- A letter sent to Charter Communication

Dear Charter,

I don't think that this really reaches the CEO of Charter but here goes.

I am totally disgusted with my cable service and especially how I have been screwed from day one. Sorry for using the word screwed but there is no better word for it. My story begins.

I have been using Charter for many years. I've been told on many occasions not to switch to Charter as those around me suggested that they all had a lousy experience joining Charter. I never had any major problems with my service, so I figured why not. After a year of deliberation I decided to go full till, all three services (telephone, cable and internet).

I logged online at charter.com and signed up to get my $150 gift certificate. I selected the $99 but the online service would not accept my address as being a valid address. I was already a charter customer with basic extended service so why was my address coming back as in-valid. I called into Charter to report my sign up issues at charter.com. I was told that I could be help in person to complete my order.

I ordered the $99 service plus an additional $5 for the DVR recorder. After all of the added features and fees to get my 3 services going I thought my bill before taxes was $105 plus taxes. I asked over and over for clarification as I wanted to be 100% clear and have no confusion in what my monthly will would be.

Our installation was scheduled between 12 pm and 4:30 pm. At 6:30 pm with no notice the tech finally arrives. When the Charter installation came, they forgot the HD DVR that I was talked into ordering. The tech had no batteries for the remote and no pamphlets on the internet, phone or cable services. He did not even have a ac power cable for the cable modem so he just reused my old SBC DSL power cord. It was a joke. The tech seemed nice but he had brought nothing with him. I was told another tech would have to come out to replace the cable box. Three days later, I had to take of work again but I thought everything was final.

On Oct 28 I received a bill to my credit card for $169.42. Wow, but this included the cable and internet fees and installation charges. For 3 services the charges seemed to add up.

Two plus weeks later I called in because I had a few concerns 1) was my bill correct, 2) do I have HD channels as mine seemed very blurry, 3) when do I get my $150 gift certificate?

1) First, my bill was only for 2 of my 3 services. The telephone bill had not been added yet
2) They reset my HD box from the office. - (Still today the image on all my HD channels is blurry. Just compare my Cable HD to my areal HD Antenna. My aerial HD antenna's picture is way clearer the the HD picture provided by Charter. My HD cable picture is terrible. To get a tech to come look at the picture will cost me $$$. Si I am stuck with a lousy picture)
3) I was not entitled to the $150 gift certificate because I ordered by phone. - (I was never told that by ordering by phone I would not get my gift certificate. I would not have ordered the 3 pack of services. To make up for the deception of not getting my $150 gift certificate, the Charter representative gave me a $10 bundle package for 1 year free.)

Today I saw my auto bill for another charge on 11/28 for $297. You have to be kidding me. There must be a mistake. I already paid $169 on 10/28. Over $450 to change to Charter's 3-bundle. I must be crazy, something must be wrong.

I called into 1-888-charter today (11/30/08) and was told my bill was correct. How could my telephone bill be $297? I already paid for all the installation and fees for my cable and internet. This is outrageous. The first Charter representative I talked with had no clue how to explain why I had a $297 charge. The second representative (manager, Nicki spoke so quietly I could barely understand her. From her I learned that the free $10 service I was given when I called into ask about my gift card was not free at all. After that nothing ids clear. Nicki removed my $10 "free" service and my $105 service is now $139.

How $139 goes into $450 there is no answer
How I paid $169 for cable and internet and I still owe $297 for telephone is a mystery to me?
Why I did not get my $150 gift certificate? When they knew I could not order online?
Why was I given free $10 upgrade to only have to pay for it?

I really thought Charter was wanting to become a first class company. C'mon. $50 plus to change to $104 service. This disgusts me. I have been a long term satisfied customer. To play games like this is very sad.

I hope you will respond in kind and explain to me my situation clearly. Otherwise you can keep your services

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Posted by woodsk1 on 2008-11-30:
Might want to change to complaint-- Also, be sure to send a copy of your complaint to your local city administrator
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-30:
and while you are at it, run it through a spell and grammar check. Anything less than perfect is not taken seriously. One more thing, the expression is 'full tilt'.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-11-30:
Seems as if you were as unprepared as charter was.
"I thought", remember what thought did...
little boy "thought he had to poot and shat all up and down his legs"...one of my mama's favorites...lol
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Never Use Charter Communications!
Posted by Cranapple on 03/11/2008

I called to have basic cable and internet hooked up. The first appointment was on a Saturday 10-12. We were sitting at home, the phone rings and I didn't get to it before it hung up. I called RIGHT back and spoke with a rep who said she would make sure the tech knew we were home waiting. Well.... no one ever showed up. I called back and they said that no one could come back to my home because I didn't answer the phone and they had other jobs to do!

SO... I was mad, but I made another appt. No Sat. appts were available so my husband took off during the week. The tech comes, hooks up everything but doesn't check the cable inside to see if it worked. It didn't, so I called back again, and was told I would have to wait another 6 days for an appointment and it would have to be during the week. The rep said she would be sure to put the visit as an "in home visit" so the tech would come inside. SO.. hubby takes off work again, sits at home. No one called or knocked on the door during the appt time. I called and the rep said the tech showed he had come to our house. HE NEVER CALLED ANYONE NOR DID HE KNOCK ON OUR DOOR OR COME INSIDE!! I was furious and told them that he needed to get back out to our home immediately. Needless to say, the tech couldn't be reached and no one came. My husband called to file a complaint with the manager so the rep filled out a form and said someone would call us within 24-48 hours... yeah right, no one has called to this day over 2 weeks later). I made 1 more appt just because my husband would be at home one day last week waiting on Lowes to come to our house, so I made the appointment during that time. The rep again said that she would tell the tech to call and come inside.

Hubby was at home, no call, no visit from Charter!! I called back and immediately asked to speak with a supervisor ( who also don't know their heads from their rear ends) and was told that the tech had come at 2:00 PM (1 hour before scheduled) and he put the job as done!!!!! OH MY GOSH, IF I WEREN'T A CHRISTIAN WOMAN, I WOULD SAID SOME VERY UGLY THINGS! I told them this was unacceptable and that if the tech was not back at my home by 5:00 PM I was doing business elsewhere. The supervisor I spoke with had the nerve to tell me that because dispatch had other jobs to do, they MAY OR MAY NOT be able to come back out.

Needless to say, I immediately cancelled my service and as soon as I did, another supervisor called me and told me that the problem with the cable was that our main wire needed to be replaced!!! What the crap! So after all that and all the people I had talked to, it was that easy to tell me what was wrong. The tech didn't tell me, the other 20 reps I talked to didn't tell me, the 5 supervisors I talked to couldn't tell me. I have paid for an entire month of service I have not had!

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Having to Show Photo ID Just to Pay Cable Bill.
Posted by Donna123f on 02/15/2013
RUSSELLVILLE, ALABAMA -- Yesterday, I went to pay my cable bill (at my local Charter Communications' office), in person, with CASH; and the person at the counter insisted I show him my photo ID!! Keep in mind, I made NO inquiries into my account, nor did I try to make any changes to my account. I only wanted to pay my bill and leave. When I asked why I had to do this, the clerk fed me some bull about identity theft and FCC rules. I was sooooo mad!!

I also found this to be very disturbing and made sure to call main headquarters and complain. I can understand if a person inquires about an account (the balance, etc), but, otherwise, the clerk at the counter needs to just take a person's money and give them a receipt. Who gives a crap who is actually paying the dang bill, as long as it's paid!!!! Their job is not to question WHO is PAYING!!

So...now my question is....What if I send a relative or a trusted friend to pay my bill, how will they be hassled? What about the elderly, who depend on others to go pay their bills, how will those people be treated? I don't think the people at the cable company desk should ask for ID, unless or UNTIL you actually ask for account information. Enough with this!!

If people can't wake the heck up and see that we are now in a Big Brother state, this should be some kind of hint. All I know is I want it to STOP!!
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Posted by leet60 on 2013-02-15:
While the requirement seems untenable, I expect it has to do with privacy policies regarding the account. The representative has to access your account to process the payment and may be restricted due to personal information on the account to only doing so for the actual account holder or authorized user.

I don't have Charter so am only speculating on this.
Posted by Churro on 2013-02-15:
Oh great now the wingers have another line of logic. "You got to show your ID to pay your Charter cable bill why shouldn't you show it to vote".

Agreed. Common sense dictates a cash payment on a cable bill should be accepted without ID. By chance does Charter charge a fee for late payments?
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-02-15:
If one is paying with cash, it logically follows that you'd want a receipt. It is likely the information printed on the receipt that requires that it only be given to the account holder. I would think that the account number alone would be enough to require this.

And why shouldn't you show an ID to vote?
Posted by Archie on 2013-03-29:
By the same token, why would a stranger go to Charter and pay my bill. It just doesn't make any sense. If you do not have to show an ID to vote, you shouldn't have to show an ID to pay a damn bill. I was told it was a requirement of the FCC that Charter requires an ID for payment.
Posted by Jack Benbrook on 2013-07-13:
I will not show picture ID when paying my charter cable bill,I wait for the office to close and drop payment in the night box or mail the payment,no ID required,so why the harassment when paying at the office?So when they say that its a requirement of the FCC that you show picture ID is a lie.
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Billing for "adult" movies
Posted by Lpendery on 09/19/2010
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I just noticed that I had received a bill from Charter communications which inlcuded 153.84 for pay per view adult movies. Since there are only my wife, my 12 year old daughter and myslef at home this should be easy to correct. After considerable time on the phone with their "customer service" department, I was told that they could credit me for three of the movies, but not all of them. I explained that many of these date and times that no one was at my home. The supervisor who was very impolite and difficult to understand told me that they had been ordered with my remote control and that there was nothing that she would or could do. I explained again that if there was no one in my home, how did they get ordered? She was not interested in finding out what the problem was, just in getting me to pay the illegal charges. I am going to the local Charter Communications office tomorrow to see if I can find someone who actually knows something about business.

I know that there is a problem, my interest is finding out how these charges are being billed to my account. Unfortunately, the customer service representative and the supervisor on duty were not interested in finding out what the problem was, jut it gettig me to pay the illegal charges. I asked if I should report this to the local police but was told that would make no difference, that I was responsible for paying for anyting charged from my remote, even if there was no one home to use it.
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2010-09-19:
Also, could a neighbor living close by have ordered these movies, and his remote somehow set off your box?
Posted by rockfishing on 2010-09-20:
It's going to be tough to prove your case. You should block those channels.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-09-20:
yeah it will be tough to prove

i would, in the meantime, discuss it with your wife and make those channels password protected.

and if the movies were ordered when the daughter was home alone, you may want to have a word with her.
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-09-20:
Since the OP says that no one was home at the times that the movies were ordered, my money is on a neighbor's remote setting off the box. I agree that with a 12 year old in the house (no matter how well-behaved) these channels should be password protected.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-09-20:
indeed clutzy. kids are being exposed to sexuality at a much younger age.

plus... if there's friends over the xxx-videos could be used as a means to gain popularity, experiment, or show off.

And sometimes you have to watch out for older kids too. One of the guys I knew who worked computers caught both of his sons surfing porn. The older son was in his early teens (maybe 13 or 14 tops) and the younger son was 9. Both were in trouble but the eldest was in even more trouble because he's the one who showed the sites to his younger brother.

(and in that case the elder son tried to be smart and erase the history but... eh, tracking where people go on line is what his dad did at work so... it wasn't that hard to track it down)
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-09-20:
as for the neighbor's remote... that's a bit iffy in my opinion.

first you'd have to have a neighbor who had the exact same company and same system. and remotes are keyed to your system.

Plus then the infared signal has to get from their remote and travel through solid walls to get to the other tv. Infared is cool but... it doesn't go through walls. It's line-of-sight technology. You can sometimes bounce the signals off of a wall, or your forehead but... it cannot go *through* a wall.

the only way it could be the neighbors in my opinion is if they somehow illegally spliced off of the OP's network. I would recommend looking at the cable box (the one outside) and seeing if there's sign of tampering.

and if that IS what happened, using a password on the services would help prevent that from happening as well. well for the PPV at least.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-21:
Good grief it could simply be a billing error. If the customer states they didn't order the movies then Charter should remove all the charges. It's just that simple.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-21:
Cable companies get these types of calls all day long, just like cell phone companies do. "I didnt order those movies" "I didnt download those games", etc.

Sorry, technology is pretty good these days. I am willing to bet SOMEONE in that home pushed the buttons on the remote that ordered those movies. Either a family member, a contractor, SOMEONE.

Password protect the channels. or just have them blocked.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-21:
If cable companies get these types of calls all day long wouldn't that indicate there's a serious problem with the cable companies on demand billing system? Where there's smoke there's usually fire.

Holy smokes who among you wouldn't be a bit peeved if you got billed for a movie on a day nobody was at your house? Oh I'm sure though you'd passively pay it snug in the knowledge that the cable companies hear this complaint every day all day long. Incredible.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-21:
Stew, having managed in the wireless industry for six years, I know how the technology works. Can a mistake be made? ABSOLUTELY.

A mistake that results in over $150 worth of porn? Highly doubtful.

Someone in that home ordered those movies.

Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-21:
Raven, You absolutely do not have enough information to make that claim or dispute the OP's claims. Like I said I'm sure you'd be as caviler if you were charged for $150 worth of movie you didn't order snug in your knowledge on how the 'technology works'.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-09-21:
Stewie, you are absolutely correct. I cant make that claim.

Let my correct myself by saying based on my past experience, it is my opinion that someone in that home ordered those movies.
Posted by This guy on 2014-03-09:
I think you should ask your wife. A buddy of mine caught his wife watching a some interracial porn with like 3 or 4 black guys putting it to some little white girl. And I won't say what she was doing. Then 2 weeks later found out she was having an affair with.... You guessed it a black guy she worked with.
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Billing Issues at Charter Communications
Posted by Bibleman3 on 12/15/2009
I tried wireless internet service from Charter Communications as I already had their cable service. The first tech told me I had to purchase my own USB Modem and I did. I had to call to get help on making it connect to the wireless service. The second techs told me that I did not need my own USB device as they provide it. He finally got connected to the internet wireless service. Had issues as it would not remain connected. Third set of techs messed with it and got it to work but still would be a pain to connect. I decided to terminate my service. I called Charter and told them I wanted to cancel my internet service. I was told I could not do it over the phone. I had to physically return the equipment to the local store. I was presented with a bill for $124 or so and I paid it, even though the clerk could not generate an itemized bill. I thought I was finished. Next month Internet service is still on my bill. I call customer service for a nice long chat. Finally they said they would adjust the bill and send me a new one. They did not send a new bill till the next month. Now there is two months of internet service on the bill. This time they demanded a payment of $17453 (best I can recall, for past services - which include internet. The customer service person told me I had to call and cancel the service after I had returned the equipment. The clerk at neither the local office nor any other person told me I had to call after I had returned the service. Anyone have any ideas how I can fight this bill?
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Tired of the runaround
Posted by Btroubled on 10/25/2009
I had just ordered a home phone service from them and four days later I received the bill. it was doubled what I was quoted. I called them they had said I had no such phone conversion. I told them I had them on speaker phone the whole time which three other people were listening to. They had said this is how much the bill is thats all they can do. I called friends of mine they said they had the same problem with them. I don't understand how they can get away with it. Everybody I guess pays it because there is no other service to get telephone internet and cable in one bill. we need to take it to the better business bureau or something.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-25:
If you were lied to by Charter then the convenience factor of having all three services on one bill should be thrown out the window. Having a bundle would not supercede the fact that I was lied to. So tell us, why are you really staying with Charter? Are they the ONLY phone service in your area?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-25:
If your first bill was nearly double, you must have signed up at the start or close to the start of the billing cycle. You ALWAYS pay the first month in advance and the prorated charge for the current billing cycle which includes days you will use.

EXAMPLE: Today is October 25. Your service BEFORE taxes and surcharges is $45/month. Without tax, your first bill is $75. The billing cycle started October 10, and runs to November 9. You are billed full month of November 10-December 9 in advance $45), then billed the prorated charge for the time you WILL use in October: October 25-November 9 $20. Then there are say $10 in FCC, surcharges, and state and local taxes.

That is how your first bill always runs: phone, cable, internet, cell phone etc..
Posted by Umatter2Charter on 2009-11-09:
Good Afternoon, My name is George and I'm a social media representative for Charter. You are indeed billed one month in advance so you're first bill is more than your normal rate. Please contact me at umatter2charter@chartercom.com if you have any additional questions.
Posted by tatt n mami on 2009-12-04:
Wow someone from Charter up here... but my first bill for phone service didn't have that. The only problem I've had other than Charter is more expensive that ComCast too bad I don't live in ComCast Zone is that every time I set up on-line bill pay over and over again.. its ignored.
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Charter has the worst customer service in the history of the world
Posted by Rjakob46 on 06/12/2009
MICHIGAN -- I have been a charter customer for 2-1/2 years. It started with the phone being disconnected. 3 days after I started my service. They turned it back on 3 days later. And "accidentally" disconnected it again the next week. And again, took 3 days to turn it back on. It lasted another week before they did it again - all of this before I had even received a bill. When I called the 3rd time the operator said "I'm sorry Ma'am, but you don't sound like a Nathan to me" then asked for the security code from my bill to access my account. I told them I had not received a bill yet - they told me that it was mailed that day and that once I received it I could call back to complain that they had turned off my phone. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told he didn't have one - apparently the President answers the phones at Charter. Then he hung up on me. I called back and was again "disconnected". I should have cancelled the service then. Instead I tried to add internet 2 months later. They sent a technician who couldn't figure out how to install it. Then they charged me for a technician visit. And for a month of internet service. When I called to complain, they scheduled another installation. Same problem, still no internet, still got billed for it. They managed to bill me for $75 in service calls and $150 for service to not give me internet service. When my introductory rates expired my bill skyrocketed - which I expected. So I called to downgrade some services, I really only had the 5 MB internet and movie channels because they were free for the year. They explained that if I cancel or downgrade ANY service they would charge me more. I called 8 times before a representative actually agreed to downgrade my service (at this point I had paid another 2 months for service I didn't want). My 9th call I told them I wanted to cancel the service. They explained that they have a "retention" department for that - instead of fixing the problem, they create a new department. The retention department guy (Henry) was very helpful. He downgraded my service, told me that my new bill would be for $124 instead of $190, and apologized for the inconvenience. I returned an extra cable box myself at his suggestion to save a $37 service call to come and get it. I was so happy. Until I got my next bill. For more than $200. Because I got charged for all the movie channels that I cancelled. And the $37 service charge that didn't happen. And a $20 "downgrade" fee. They explained to me that if they don't charge these fees, they won't be able to charge me as much money. Again, I asked for a supervisor, again there isn't one. Then they hung up. I tried live chat, they cancel the session. I finally got a supervisor at Live Chat and requested the contact info for the corporate offices - she gave me a number that goes to a switchboard that requires an extension to get through to anyone. She says she doesn't know the extension. She says to leave a message in the general mailbox and someone will call me back. I ask her for her contact information, in case I have problems getting someone to call me back - she tells me she doesn't know HER OWN contact information either. I asked her, since it took 9 calls to downgrade my service, how many calls it takes to cancel service. "It's hard to estimate how many calls it could take to cancel service.".

Charter Communication has the worst customer service department in the history of the world. They are rude, unprofessional, they lie, they delay, they hang up, and no one speaks English. The customer service reps don't seem to know ANYTHING about their customers or their service. Their supervisors don't seem to know anything about their staff, which is OK since they also don't care. And it is almost impossible to reach anyone outside of their customer service grid of incompetence and lies. I will continue to call the corporate number every day, over and over, and dial random extension numbers until someone answers the phone. Even after I cancel the service.
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Posted by Umatter2Charter on 2009-06-21:
I am sorry you are having so many issues with Charter. My name is George, and I am a Communications Specialist with Charter Communications. We would definitely like to resolve any issues you are having.

Please e-mail us at Umatter2Charter@chartercom.com. Thanks, George.
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Worst I have ever had!
Posted by Jimharkerprint on 04/03/2014
MINOCQUA, WISCONSIN -- Worst service ever. Gave my credit card multiple times to pay for service and sent to collections for them not running card. Paid them and got sent to collections 3 months later.

This is the worst company to work with. The people are robots and read from a script and no one does anything to help you in the company.

As an FYI, this is only the second complaint I have ever taken the time to go online and write about.
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Bad customer service and unethical business practices
Posted by Dianaclifford7 on 03/30/2014
MISSOULA, MONTANTA -- For the most part - these folks don't care if you're unhappy. Their internet is slow too often, and I've had nothing but problems with them (since becoming Charter - even though they state nothing has changed but the name - it changed for me).

The installer put cords through a main walk area, which my son tripped over twice (we have photos but what's the point - they don't care). We are keeping them here until our new ISP installs so we can have a witness - and will be getting statements from as many people as we can over the next few days - dust around them and all so can prove how screwed up this cord thing has been and continues to be). I tripped over it once and pulled the cord right out of the back of my TV (and the whole cable connection so TV is broken). I luckily only fell down and nothing landed on me - just a broken TV. The cord was suspended through the air by about ½" (pulled taught by the installer). My son ruined another TV when helping me move some furniture (at least he didn't trip this time). I have these two broken TV's in the exact condition they were when we accidentally tripped over the cable cord. If someone were to see where this thing was they would be amazed (literally in the middle of the room suspended through the air enough that if not careful this could happen. I'm surprised we didn't trip over it more often. We never got this resolved - eventually had to get an extension wire (which they threw at us and made us do - we couldn't due to the enormity of the splits so had to wait for them to come back). They basically extended it but only enough so the cord would now touch the ground (is still running in the middle of the living room walkway).

They also ruined my computer by putting their software into it twice (yes twice). Once and awhile I get this box that says, "cannot install or upgrade software due to affinigy" or something to that extent - which is digido. Their response - "we don't know why it does this to macbooks and there is nothing we can do." So - why then would they install it 'twice"? Because they didn't believe me when I told them it had been installed before and were too incompetent to search for proof it had been before recklessly reinstalling it. My computer cost 1500.00 and has not worked the same since.

To reward me for 101/2 months of hell - they raise my monthly service by $38.00 per month. Because they never once cared to take care of any of the problems I had due to their negligence and at my expense I have needed to report to the BBB & consumer affairs. I'll likely end up in court. I honestly had let it all go - still have these issues but was trying to be kind and not be a pain to them. Having raised my prices without warning (and taking it out of my account), was the breaking point. I have 2-broken televisions, which need cable connections installed back into (not a difficult process but I won't stop until they take care of this expense), a computer that needs to be sent to a technician (at one point they told me to bring it in to get the software off - at "my" expense when they couldn't do it), and unauthorized amounts coming out of my account.

They have cost me a great deal of time, stress, and money (and just don't care). I strongly recommend any company other than this for your internet and cable services. Their internet may be advertised as fast - and it is "when it works". More often than not I have freezes and delays - major slow downs and needs to reboot (on any devise), and have to turn to my cell phone's internet service for a working connection. Their triple play package - good if you will only want their service on a temp basis. After that you will work your way from the 99.99 to 189.00 - the longer you stay the more you pay. I had been talked into this even though I had been a consumer for about 7 years prior to that. The idea was "you will pay a little less and get a phone out of the deal" I took the offer but was never told that I would pay in a big way down the road. I've asked them to pull the recording from that call (I had called about us tripping over the wire a second time and a second TV being broken), when they sold me this package. I thought existing customers didn't get this deal but evidently because I was paying a decent price they figured they needed to hook me for something (I have no idea why they did this).

A sad ending to a company I would have preferred to stay with for life simply to have some continuity- was even willing to bypass the difficulties to stay with them but they pushed things too far.
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Posted by Amandasukkel on 02/06/2014
I was billed for services I did not use. And when I called customer service they couldn't/wouldn't remove the charges. I even spoke to a manager, and she tried to explain there was nothing they could do about the charges. I'm very disappointed about the customer/Charter service!
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Posted by nikalseyn on 2014-02-07:
I think you misunderstand the nature of cable tv. The whole point is that most people use less than half of the services they are billed for. Think of it as like ObamaCare. Everyone who works for a living subsidizes those who do not work and/or get a subsidy. You pay, they play. Your best bet is to cancel the cable tv and go to streaming via a Roku box, etc. You can save $70 to >$100 per month by doing so and watch all the movies, tv shows, etc. that you could ever wish to watch. Check it out. Simple to do and the best thing we ever did. Keep Charter internet, tho. Very good and reliable.
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