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Great service when it works, bad customer service and useless people.
Posted by on
TOWN AND COUNTRY, MISSOURI -- I'd like to preface this by saying that I've never had an issue with Charter billing practices or their service. It's their customer service department I have issues with. I am also not saying this to get free service.

I've tried resolving this on the phone, but all I get is apology after apology with clever wording each time to not accept responsibility.

Tuesday, October 31st I called Charter and spoke to 'Chris' about setting up new service at my new home.

I told him that I could take "This Friday" off (9/3/2010) of work to be there for the tech. The agreed upon time was between 1pm & 3pm. The order was for 2 HD DVRs and charter service with HBO, MAX, Showtime & TMC.

Done and done.


Friday September 3rd comes & at 3:17PM no Charter tech.

I call and "Brian" (if I recall) tells me that "no, the appointment is for Friday September 10th." This is incorrect. I tell her.

She apologizes and tells me that the only thing she can do to reschedule is to set the appointment for 9/22/10.

I ask to speak with a supervisor & I'm put on hold for a bit. She comes back & tells me that she's trying to get a supervisor. Apologies again.

She tells me that she'll have a supervisor call me "soon"

4:45 (approximately) and still no call. I call again. This time I get Yolanda & I tell her that I've been waiting for a call back from a Supervisor and she somehow manages to get one for me.

Apology after apology. But still, nothing is done for this. I'm told that it's a "miss-communication" This is no miss-communication. I know what was said between myself and Chris. I know what "This Friday" means. I have notes that I relayed from Chris as to exactly was expected of me.

She even talks to "dispatch" but I already know that there's nothing that can or will be done.

On top of all this, I had to give up a vacation day for this. So I could be at my home to bring the TV out of storage, set up on the entertainment center. I am never going to get that vacation time back and it was a huge waste of my day.

Again, I realize that I'm a drop in the bucket, But at $109.99 a month, this is over $1,300 per year. This is not a minor investment. Except for my mortgage, this is the single highest bill I'll have for this house.

I mentioned to the person I was talking to that I should at the very least have a month of free service. I had a similar issue with Verizon a few months ago and this is what I got for my trouble. I was told "That's against Charters policy"

"Then why am I even talking to you?"

Really? Is the time and effort on the part of your customers so insignificant that you're unwilling to sacrifice a little for customer retention?

I work as a customer service representative for a medium sized technical company. My company SERVICES companies like Charter. If I said or did this to them, we'd lose the contract, no questions asked. I am not allowed to give my customers this kind of run around service. If someone asks for a supervisor, they are not made to wait like this. We're certainly not going to insult their intelligence by "apologizing for their inconvenience".

In my area there is one other television provider. At this point I am still weighing my options.

I've been told that FiOS is coming into the area within a few years and that is an option as well.

Fast forward to today.

I got an automated message that a Charter tech was going to be at my home tomorrow between 1 & 3 "and to have $109.99 ready for the technician.


This was NEVER mentioned to me at any point by anyone.

When I called just a short time ago to confirm this, I was told by another "Brian" that "We apologize for the miss-communication"

This is not miss-communication issue. It was never mentioned to me that this was required.

A quick search on Google tells me that this isn't an isolated situation. I hope this counts as the first months fee. If not, I'm going to cancel.

I never want to hear an empty apology again.
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User Replies:
Alain on 09/10/2010:
I'd just go ahead and cancel now.
Ursan on 09/10/2010:

I would, but in my area there is only one terrestrial TV provider. I do have DirecTV but I'm not a fan of contracts. I feel that if Comcast and Charter competed for the same area, things would be very different.
Ursan on 09/10/2010:

I just got a message from Jeremy from "Umatter2Charter" Let's see how things work out.
Ursan on 09/21/2010:
In working with Jeremy, he claims to have refunded the cost of the years rental of the DVR, that remains to be seen. Lately I've had further issues with Charter telling me that I can swap out the DVRs I was given and get the ones I was originally offered by the customer rep when I first order Charter service. I was told to bring by (2) DVRs down to the local Charter office only to be told that the Moxi DVR wasn't available to me. Even though the second rep I spoke with told me "they have them in stock at your location, just bring them down and they'll swap them out for you" When I got there, I was only offered an obligatory apology and that was it.

When I emailed Jeremy at umatter2charter about this, I was ignored (since 9/17/2010) I got his attention on the UM2C Facebook page, but once I gave him my account information, I've so far been ignored. I'll wait & see tonight if I get a response. I'm again losing faith. I will say I seriously want to eat my words and get what I was ultimately promised.
Ursan on 09/21/2010:
By the way, in my original review, "Tuesday, October 31st I called Charter and spoke to 'Chris' about setting up new service at my new home. " That "October 31st" should be August 31st.
Ursan on 10/04/2010:
My letter to Charter, specifically the "umatter2charter" group.

Thank you very much for your patients in helping me. I also encourage you to send this message to others within your organization.

Based on my experiences with Charter & the frustration overall, we've decided to cancel our account effective immediately.

The issues we've had were:

- Misrepresenting the install date (was supposed to be 9/3/10, not 9/10/10)
- Failing to inform me of the install fee of $109.99 in cash.
- Misrepresenting the availability of "room to room" DVR functionality.
- Misrepresenting the "new and improved" menu system of the DVR.
- Misrepresenting the availability of the Moxi DVR and telling me that it was in stock and available when it clearly was not.
- Unwillingness of Charter employees to compromise on my needs as a consumer. Offering only apologies.
- Frustrating attitudes of Charter employees who don't seem to have adequate training or experience to accurately answer questions.

Overall, the umatter2charter group is an excellent idea, however I'd guess that the vast majority of Charter's clients are even aware of that groups existence. No mention of said group was ever offered to me and I only discovered them when researching the internet and discovering the "umatter2charter" email quite by accident. I want to stress that my experience with umatter2charter has been favorable, however, in the end they were only able to confirm what other Charter agents should have been able tell me.

The first agent that I spoke with at Charter, "Chris" in my opinion, used salesperson tactics to convince me that Charter was the better choice. He basically told me what I wanted to hear. It was only after it was too late that I realized that I was misled.

I don't expect Charter to learn anything from this nor do I expect Charter to change their business practices. It's unfortunate that in several parts of the country there is NO alternative to Charter for TV or internet. That's a shame as without competition, there is no incentive to improve your product or your service.

In case you're wondering, I switched to DirecTV offered in conjunction with Verizon. They answered all my questions accurately, they arrived on time on the day they agreed upon. Verizon understands that I have a choice for phone service and it really shows in their customer service. Not like the 1970's where there was only one phone service and you got what they offered and nothing more because they were a monopoly. In this area Charter is a monopoly and that just isn't right.

Lastly, I will be contacting my local BBB and state and federal representatives about this. I acknowledge that I am only one voice among many, however eventually someone will listen and realize that perhaps this region of Massachusetts should allow other cable services to offer an alternative to Charter.

We will be returning our gently used equipment this week to our local Charter office.
Bundled-Victim on 01/16/2011:
Be careful, very careful when switching out boxes. I ended up with 5.00 a month extra on my bill for the last six months because of a box switch. When another member of the household asked why our bill went from about 145 to 180 she was told all those box charges were for HD service and boxes combined and she couldn't make head nor tails of all of this so now, because they have a statement on their website and probably in the billing somewhere about having to bring these mistakes to their attention within 30 days, we lost about $30.00! Keep all of your receipts and make sure the serials match too.
Bundled-Victim on 01/16/2011:
You are better off. Look at online options for entertainment if you don't want to risk DirecTV. I am getting Netflix and signing up for some others to try them in case I have problems with DirecTV. I've never had them before and hope they won't be or can't possibly be worse than Charter but they are all risky. However, the Missouri Attorney General's office does or did have a suit against DirecTV for misleading practices. You can go to the AG website for more information. This may keep them in line for a while at least.
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We all know Charter is horrible - How do we change it and what's our alternative
Posted by on
ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- If you're here, it's because you know how horrible Charter is. I'm not telling anyone anything new and that's a major part of the problem.

I've had Charter's "services" for about one month now and it's bad. I walked into this knowingly. From onsite service technicians who are not knowledgeable in too many areas to telephone "assistance" that's beyond stupid, Charter is horrible.

Some of you may get an email from their service department offering help when you post a complaint on different forums. They're not helpful because once they've helped you once, you can forget about continued assistance from them.

Their cable service is awful. When I change channels through their box, my TV screen drops momentarily to the "blue screen" then picks up the broadcast. I lose service an average of two times a week for hours. On Demand disappeared last weekend completely and I'm paying for it.

Their internet service is intermittent at best. We cannot connect to the internet several times a week and usually lose service for continuous hours on end. We went to a local pet supply store recently and THEY couldn't charge a purchase because THEIR Charter internet service was down. I was called by my husband and told to quickly check email (yesterday) because service was back and we knew it would go down quickly and it did.

The phone ... I'm lucky that I was only dropped once as I was placing an order. I have a cellphone and traced down the salesrep through Verizon Wireless because VZW doesn't drop calls.

Service - It's reprehensible. A woman had me change my television connection despite their software requirements and she was dead wrong. The foreign helpdesk told me to do a number of incorrect things to get my internet service back AFTER I told him what the problem was. His English was atrocious and he was stupid.

Charter employees do not communicate among departments. You may get several different answers depending on whom you talk to. They correct each other, too.

I've also heard reliable horror stories from local people that back up everything I've seen from people on the web.

Verizon FiOS is not in my area yet or I would sign up for it.

I heard friends say Charter is rated poorly in a recent Consumer Reports (CR). I confirmed confirmed this and see it's the worst of all service providers in all areas mentioned.

What can we do ... drop it for what ... satellite - maybe. FiOS ... they're not everywhere yet.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/03/2010:
My Father had Charter for a year or so.He hated the service.He has that Verizon Fios now and raves about it...Not sure if it is available in your area though
disgustedwithdell on 02/03/2010:
Hi, thanks but I called FIOS before getting Charter and it isn't here yet (I'm in north Asheville). FIOS had its share of problems when they first started up but now I hear nothing but high praise about them. Charter has no excuse for its slipshod work throughout the ill-begotten company.
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Charter destroys local Company, Bankruptcy feared. Charter claims protection under “Tariff”
Posted by on
At the beginning of the second week of November, just about the same time the new phone book came out, I, the owner of a local “home-based” Carpet and Rug cleaning company started getting phone calls from customers wanting prices for cleaning everything from suede jackets to complete suits. Repeatedly, I informed the many callers that we did not provide the services they were requesting. For over a week the calls kept coming in for laundry service but none for carpet cleaning, one woman even came to my place of residence to drop off her garments for cleaning. After more calls came in, I opened the new 2010 AT&T Real Yellow Pages phone book and was shocked to find that I was not listed where I had been for the last six years. However, after turning to the “cleaners” section, I found my company information. Completely confused and upset, I contacted Charter Business, my business phone provider, to sort out the problem. This would prove to be the worst nightmare any “home-based” business owner or any phone customer could be faced with. For days I would contact Charter and spend valuable time on hold and/or repeatedly having to explain and re-explain the problem and the effect(s) the problem “WOULD HAVE” on my company’s income (a loss of hundreds of dollars a day) to people that could not help me, to include being passed around from one representative to another (“THE CORPORATE RUN-AROUND”). Finally, I started recording the treatment I was receiving from Charter Business and Charter Residential “Service Representatives”. To make a long story short, AT&T proved Charter to be at fault and Charter told me to shop around for advertising for the year and e-mail the price to Charter so a form of credit could be arranged for me to advertise for the year. So did, in the end, Charter changed their minds and told me they would not and could not be held liable for “Any” damages to my business because they have a Tariff that states the following.

(This is what is printed on page one, please note that it says “residential”)
This tariff contains the description, regulations and rates for the furnishing of services and facilities for local and long distance telecommunications services provided by Charter Fiberlink-Tennessee, LLC to residential customers within the State of Tennessee.

3.1.4 Directory Errors and Omissions
The Telephone Company’s liability for damages due to errors or omissions in directory listings will be limited to a credit of one month’s basic service
7. Business Services
7.1. Rules and Regulations
The regulations specified herein are in addition to the rules contained throughout this Tariff and other tariffs of the Telephone Company. Failure on the part of customers to observe these rules and regulations of the Telephone Company automatically gives the Telephone Company the right to cancel the contract and discontinue the furnishing of service.

this was my “sole source” of advertising and it had worked and served me well for over six years and that a business practice of this type is what allows me to keep my prices competitively low. Now I am unsure of what I will do now with advertising prices so expensive. I have contacted the Tennessee Regulatory Authority and their stance is that they have never had to deal with this type of situation and they themselves don’t even know why that disclaimer is in their Tariff, as Tariffs deal with pricing protection.

The recordings of my conversations with Charter representatives and the treatment I have received is nothing less than a primer-cap in a very big bomb of “GOIN POSTAL”.

In short, because of a piece of paper written by a billion dollar industry, you to can be ruined with no course of action except eat it and smile.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 01/14/2010:
'nuther brain fart on my end
If Charter can get away with destroying a local mom & pop business and walk away unscathed because of a piece of paper saying “We can not be held liable for our actions.” Then I’m writing one right now that says I can not be held liable for anything I may do wrong in life, to include but not limited to, failure to pay taxes, crippling someone, or calling them a hateful or hurtful name (what the heck, Harry got away with it). If the Tennessee Regulatory Authority doesn’t help this gentleman, then they are just another worthless entity sucking up Tax Payer money. That is if that’s where they get their funding.
Anonymous on 01/14/2010:
Charter does not print the yellow pages, so I am not sure how you can blame them. Further, you are a HOME based business, so that could have caused conflict if you are using the HOME address listed for your business.

More, exactly HOW are you listed in the book? Under cleaners, that would make sense. WHY would anyone looking under CLEANERS confuse a CARPET cleaner with a CLOTHES cleaner?

You may have been in the same spot for 6 years, you aren't anymore. Things change. Every year when it comes time to update our listing (the roofing company) we get a phone call with a faxed copy of the ad to approve. Did you do so?
Ponie on 01/14/2010:
'...faxed copy of the ad to approve.' Same with me, LadyScot, with the exception of the phone call. I get three copies: one for AT&T; one for the publishing company; one for me. I have to initial as 'approved' on the two I return. One year, in my haste I didn't realize the last digit of the address was incorrect. But it worked out OK because there was no such street number and the post office could figure out who the mail belonged to by my company name.
I think the poster received the proofs but just tossed them. The Yellow Pages is advertising for which we pay good $$. I've never heard of an advertising company just printing what they want without consulting the client.
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Worst Cable & Internet Service Provider Ever
Posted by on
GREATER WORCESTER AREA, MASSACHUSETTS -- Charter Communications is a monopolistic blood sucking business operator. They have not received ONE good review from actual customer. You can make out that good reviews are phony once you read through them. they all are stereotype opinions. I has to opt for charter for internet & cable since there is no other service provider in my town. Here are some red flags from day one:

* I called to sign up and asked if they had any good offers for new customers. The CS chuckled and said I don't have a choice, you can sign up or be left out.

* OK so I signed up for $110 for 3 Mbps internet & cable with 10 HD channels and all basic channel.Not a good deal by my standards for new customers! Not a single promotion added. This was their base price

* Installation day, the guys is late. He comes at his own sweet time and slaps me with a $ 50 install fee. Hmmmmm.

* Internet speed is slow. I call CS. She tells me my neighborhood is hogging the line, I will have to suffer. Makes me wonder maybe DSL would be cheaper, if I have to live with low speed anyway

* Cable box reboots EVERY time I power on the box. CS tells me 'duh,just don't power off the box'.The box heats up beyond belief if kept on overnight. I ask for a new cable box. CS says no, cannot do that until it goes dead.

* One lucky day the cable box dies finally, I ask for replacement. CS says go to your nearest location and get it replaced else wait for 2 weeks for the next appointment.

* End of first year, I call to cancel service since I am fed up. CS threatens me for 45 minutes that if I cancel they will not let me sign up again for the next 6 months and I will be left in the dark with dish

* I chicken out and stick to them and end up paying $130 now with lower # of channels.

* Same abuse, bad service, unprofessional attitude, internet downtime, cable downtime continue for a year

* Beware about their CS. If you have called to change anything on your service, please call several times to confirm, because they never make changes even when they say they did

* I have heard blenders run, babies cry, vehicles backing up, crunching & munching sounds while the CS is trying to talk to me. I am not sure where they operate from but I am sure they are definitely not trained professionals.

* I finally decided to stop charter this year. Dish is not offering me anything great, but at least I do not pay for being kicked around and abused by CS.

I think it is time BBB took action to fix the obnoxious attitude and low standard service that Charter offers.I am still waiting for some to drag them to the consumer court.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/30/2008:
I don't know how they stay in business
Anonymous on 09/30/2008:
I was told Comcrap, DirecTV and DISH are the worst? Think we have some competition here.
squeekie on 10/01/2009:
yeah they suck, and internet service is so iffy.
old fart on 10/01/2009:
Just to keep things on an even keel, my TV service is fine, My phone works perfectly and my internet connection is extremely fast,
I have had excellent repair service and have no reason to complain..

It's obviously a regional thing...
Ginamaria110 on 12/23/2013:
Dish network is terrible!!! Don't do it!!!!!' They rip you off way more than any other companies. It's sick how they get a way with this
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Held Hostage by Charter Communications
Posted by on
NEWTOWN, CALIFORNIA -- Charter Communications offers the only cable television network in Newtown Ct. May of this year I had trouble with my connection. I experienced interrupted services and problems with on demand on a regular basis. I contacted the company. Unfortunately, before you are able speak with a live person to schedule an appointment, you have to spend in excess of 1/2 hour receiving instruction from an automated service.

Finally I was able to get a scheduled appointment to check the problem. The first tech. checked all the wiring in the house but could not locate a problem, the second tried to rewire the cable inside the house. HE SPENT OVER 6 HOURS AT MY HOME AND ACTUALLY MISTAKENLY DRILLED HOLES I'M MY HARD WOOD FLOOR APPROXIMATELY 50 FEET FROM WHERE THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN DRILLED. IT WAS IN IN ANOTHER ROOM. After this I received promises from the area manager that expert techs would get on the problem and resolve it asap. They did not follow up and I had yet another tech. come to my home. He discovered that it was my underground cable and he would get someone out right away to lay new cable. He rigged a temporary fix, which is exposed on the outside of the house so I could at least get television service.

After several complaints they told me no one was schedule and they had had problems and delays with their contractors. In Sept. they rescheduled a new contractor who visited the house, measure the cable line and put in a couple of red flags. He told me he would be out to install the cable in a couple of weeks. Needless to say he never came. I called again this week to find out what happened, only to be told THEY ARE NOW ON THEIR WINTER HIATUS AND POLICY DICTATES THAT THEY WILL NOT DO ANY INSTALLATIONS UNTIL THE SPRING AND THEY ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE IN IN BY JUNE 1ST OF 2008. (In the meantime they keep contacting me to switch my phone service to them, ha,ha,ha.)

BIG PROBLEM NUMBER 2: Because limited service is better than no service I am forced to make the full payment and then contact them after the fact to request a credit because I am not able to use the services. In other words, they are forcing me to pay in advance for services I don't have.




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User Replies:
KBay4u on 12/11/2007:
To help with your problem you can contact the corporate office in St. Louis 1-314-965-0555. I hope maybe this will help and good luck. Sorry to here of your problems. Go get em.
swake457 on 12/31/2007:
Salem1 - I live in Newtown CT too and have Charter. Overall their product and services are *very* poor at best. I haven't gone through a nightmare like you have, but have had numerous run-ins with customer service. They charge more than the other area providers, but their offering lags far, far behind. Especially in HD and broadband offerings. It's been nearly FIVE YEARS and they STILL don't offer the ABC-HD channel. No doubt it's a political mashup between two CEO's that don't like each other at this point I'm sure. Now that AT&T has been official approved by the state to offer video service I'll switch as soon as its available - cheaper and more offerings! I hear customer service is much better compared to Charter.

You might consider attending the Cable Advisory Board meetings that are held several times per year at the Charter office here in town and voice your opinion there. This is a state-mandated meeting between Charter and the public. You can ask questions, complain, or just listen in. Also you can complain to the state DPUC directly, filing a formal complaint with them.
cranapple on 03/11/2008:
I feel your pain! How this company stays in business is beyond me! Probably because they are doing so many others the same way they are doing me and you! Charging for services you aren't getting!
Mike on 11/05/2013:
This is the same thing I went through two years ago with them, and starting to go through again. I had to call weekly to get payment adjustments for six months, and it only stopped because I moved, canceling the service. I just googled "held hostage by charter" and there are SO MANY having the same issue. I'd like to see some kind of class action lawsuit against Charter.
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Do Not Go To This Facility
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
COVINA, CALIFORNIA -- DO NOT GO TO THIS FACILITY FOR DETOX. We brought our daughter here to be treated for detox so she could enter a different residential facility. Come to find out, they put her in the psych ward (mind you she was just entering for detox due to a drug and alcohol addition and she had just two days prior been evaluated at Hoag hospital and they found there was no way that she could be held or treated for physiological issues, she needed to be sent to a rehab facility - and to enter rehab you need detox first). Not one other person in the unit they put her in had any type of drug or alcohol problem). When we went to meet with them for family counseling, the councilor had no idea that she had any addiction problems and thought she was being treated for trying to kill herself. To make matters worse, the doctor that was seeing her everyday put her on mood stabilizer pills and in addition had written orders to give her Benzos and prescription sleeping pills - Benzos where her drug addiction that she was to be detox from. Everyone at the hospital immediately backtracked and found a way for her to be released immediately to me once they realized what they had done. They are very unprofessional and have made a very huge mistake that they will be paying for. I guess since we are private pay insurance they just wanted our money. My daughter repeatedly told them what she was there for and not one person in the facility looked into it. I have to take the next step in making sure this does not happen to someone else. I will do everything I can to shut this place down.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 06/11/2014:
It appears a complaint with your state's medical board and department of health services may be in order.
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Charter Sucks
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
RENO, NEVADA -- I get my Social Security benefit on the 3rd of the month, I went to the store and got a money order to pay my bill and put it in the mailbox the same day. It would have been picked up no later than the 4th. The bill was sent to Los Angeles, CA from Reno, NV and they claim it took 9 days to get there, which they claim made it late and charged me a late fee of $7.95. I find it hard to believe it took 9 days for the payment to get to Charter, I believe this is a scam to get more money out of people. I have called them twice to try to get it taken off since 9 days is very unbelievable, and its Christmas time so of course there is more mail in the system. Regardless I still do not believe it took 9 days to get to California from Nevada. I bundle my cable, internet, and telephone with them and pay $110 a month so now since they are being so stupid, I am going to get my service from either Direct TV or AT & T and they can lose my $110 a month. Serves them right for being so arrogant.
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Charter Cable - Billing Payments
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEWPORT, OREGON -- Charter Cable are the most greedy company I have ever dealt with. For the two - years I have been in my condo I have paid my bill every month. I am a widowed lady in a wheelchair. My bill runs about $46.00 month. I had a small check that was returned one time from my bank. I resent the amount to cover with a money order which they claim they never got. First shut off, called got connected with another payment. Then this month, December I paid $50.00. With about a $43.00 balance, they shut me off again!!! Right before Christmas, real nice of them! They are a company worth millions! And they can't survive without my 43 dollars!!! MERRY XMAS!!! To you, CHEAP CHARTER CABLE!!!
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User Replies:
universal on 12/25/2013:
my apology if your service was interrupted and I would feel the same way too. I just want to be fair here. first, charter is running a business. actually charter is very consedirate giving customer enough cushion days to settle, yes, to settle only the past due amount to avoid interruption. the $43 you are talking about might been due for 47 days. imagine that. let's be more knowledgble to our current service, bill cycle, printing date as well as the due date. those things might help you understand the situation.
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Complaints of Numerous Calls
Posted by on
Rating: 3/51
SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI -- As a sales agent, I get frustrated when I call on existing and prospective customers who complain they've received several calls per day, "I spoke to someone last week and said I was not interested, ..." etc. and suspect some previous agents are improperly dispositioning the calls as "answering machines", etc. rather than "Refused - Not Interested" which takes just a few seconds to do. Ultimately, some of them request their numbers be removed from the calling lists. Does someone at Charter have someone to audit the agents' calls to ensure all the Refused results are recorded as such, and NOT as "answering machines", "dead air", etc.??? I believe Charter customers believe far better treatment than this.
Resolution Update 05/23/2014:
Very few such complaints received over the last 6+ months.
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Cable Box Reliability
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ST LOUIS, MISSOURI -- Their cable boxes break every 3 months so you have to either pay $40 and take a day off work for them to send somebody out to fix their equipment or spend an hour standing in line at one of their stores to trade it in for a different box. I've had their service for a year and a half and every few months I'm back in line for a "new" box.

Also, their customer service is terrible. I transferred service from one address to another, they told me to keep my equipment to set up at the new address but then charged me over $400 because my equipment was not returned from the original address. It took 4 phone calls to correct plus the several calls I got asking why I had cancelled my service at the original address.
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