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Charter Triple Play - Bait & Switch - Don't fall for it!
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Rating: 1/51

GAINESVILLE, GEORGIA -- The Charter Triple Play was eye-catching. So since we were getting married, we thought we'd drop her current provider & make a “fresh start”… Boy, was that a mistake. I called Charter September 3rd to sign up for the Triple Play ($29.99 for TV, internet & home phone). (I still do not know why we needed a home phone, as we have cells & have not had a landline in years, but they said that was a part of the package, so we bit.) We had it installed October 2, as we were getting married, honeymooning, etc & did not want it till 10/2. I was quoted $107.94 for the first 12 months (the first month was to be $137.93 for installation, etc.).

I received my first bill October 9th in the amount of $301.41!!! I called immediately & asked what the heck was going on. After getting nowhere, even after talking with the supervisor Matt, I told them I wanted to cancel my services & pay up what I have used. I returned the equipment the next day, October 11th.

They have been sending me bills for $71.00 & I asked what that was for, they said that was for the telephone connection that was in place! I told them that I'd told them I wanted it discontinued when I called previously about cable & internet. They said I did not specifically say I wanted to disconnect the telephone, therefore the continuing charge! (We did not even need/want a phone line from the start, they said it was part of the ‘bundle'). In the meantime, Charter has sent my account to a collections agency to collect $68.40.

I am posting this to let all know that they are a scam & to beware of their schemes. I have since switched to AT&T, & while I believe their services to be high, I can afford $106 A month for internet & cable a little better that the bait & switch Charter pulled on me & yes, I am going to pay the $68.40, but I wanted to post this first & I will also be sending them a hard copy of this in the payment!

Promises Not Kept
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Rating: 2/51

PORAGE, MICHIGAN -- First, let me say everyone I talked to was nice and tried to be helpful except Bonnie. After switching from AT&T due to their rate hiking, I went with Charter and they promised to lock in my price for 2 years. The first 6 months took me literally 10 phone calls (Liam, Jason, Sheri, Felicia, Jamaal, Linda, Theresa, Brook, Andi, and Sonya) to correct my billing. Apparently, their system is complicated and non-user friendly for billing and corrections. On top of that, their modem regularly (2-3 times each week) disrupted my WiFi service to where I had to reset the modem, reset the router, and restart my computer every time.

Their tech specialists who I spoke with and came to my house twice could not offer any solutions until their company received their new modems with better technology. So I was just waiting a few more months until I was going to call again to have that done. Then they audited my account to find that they were not billing me a monthly charge to use their (crappy old school) modem. Of course you weren't! Didn't you read the notes on the account? This is part of what you promised. Apparently, they were not supposed to and would not take the charge off my account.

After reading to them my notes of all the issues I have had in the past 10 months, no one offered any real help or solutions (Chris and Bonnie) until I called (Guy) to cancel because I decided to go back to AT&T. If they would have offered to credit me enough to purchase my own modem in the first place, I would not have changed back. But I am glad I did because now I pay less for the next 12 months and get a $200 Visa gift card. Charter is not worth all the hassle.

Charter Rep still working after he attacks my dog??
By -

MARYVILLE, ILLINOIS -- Let me start by saying that I hate Charter! I haven't had their service in 2 years. A representative came out to my neighbor's house to shut their service off. The representative was parked behind my home in our back alley. My small 15 pound dog was in the backyard. She was barking at him. I don't know what happened to this guy, but he is at the edge of my yard (even though he is supposed to be next door) but he starts kicking and stomping on my dog!! He said he was afraid of the dog. She had just giving birth the day before.

I went out there to get him to stop having his baby fit. I asked him his name and he wouldn't tell me at first. Finally I asked for his name again, and he takes his badge off and throws it at me and starts screaming at me calling me crazy, and that I need to get back into my house. I called Charter to report him. They told me the tech is employed from a sub-contractor and that I would have to call them.

First of all, Charter employs them, but you have to try to fix the problem yourself?? I called and made an "official complaint" with Charter and the contracted Co. They said someone would be getting back to me really soon. That they can't believe he assaulted my dog the way he did. Three days later I'm riding through town and who do I see? The same tech in the same van working.

No one from Charter EVER called back or the contracted company! Charter is a horrible rip- off of a company who employs abusive techs. ** is the tech. working in Granite City, IL. Be very careful dealing with this guy. I think he is very dangerous. Since Charter will not warn you about their abusive techs, I will!

Resolution Update 04/12/2011:

I was told not to discuss untill the investigation is resolved.

Should Call It the Charter Bungle
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ST LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I finally decided to join the 21st century and get high-speed internet service. Since my prior internet provider did not have high-speed internet service in my area, I decided to go with my cable TV provider, Charter Communications. After all, they had made a major campaign in recent years about how they have improved their service.

When I called, Charter, of course pushed their Charter Bundle-providing internet, phone and TV service for a supposedly discounted price. Figuring that, although my phone service was adequate, this would simplify my life and maybe save a little money, I agreed.

The first surprise was that Charter required two visits, one for the internet/TV service and one for the phone. I should have cancelled at that time, but didn't. The first appointment was for between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM on Saturday. The service representative didn't arrive until about 6:00, but eventually got everything done.

The second Saturday (today), Charter was supposed to arrive between 10:00 AM and 12:00 noon. Of course, the representative was late again. The first surprise was that they had to connect a phone jack to an internet cable. As many of these are on opposite sides of a doorway or opposite sides of a room where people could trip on the wire, it took a while to find a relatively unused room to make the connection.

After a long search, the installer found the telephone box in my basement, then informed me that my alarm system would have to be disconnected. It would require a third visit, this time from ADT, to reconnect the alarm. This would also result in an additional service charge from ADT. Enough was enough. I told the Charter Rep that I didn't want anything to do with Charter's phone service. It won't take much to convince me to dump these bozos from my TV and internet services.

The Charter Bungle wasted two Saturdays. Their reps showed up late both times, and the phone installation would have required major rewiring and deactivation of my alarm system, things of which I had not been previously informed. Dealing with Charter was a big mistake. Their service continues to be unacceptably poor. Stay away from them.

We All Know Charter Is Horrible - How Do We Change It and What's Our Alternative?
By -

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- If you're here, it's because you know how horrible Charter is. I'm not telling anyone anything new and that's a major part of the problem. I've had Charter's "services" for about one month now and it's bad. I walked into this knowingly. From on-site service technicians who are not knowledgeable in too many areas to telephone "assistance" that's beyond stupid, Charter is horrible.

Some of you may get an email from their service department offering help when you post a complaint on different forums. They're not helpful because once they've helped you once, you can forget about continued assistance from them.

Their cable service is awful. When I change channels through their box, my TV screen drops momentarily to the "blue screen" then picks up the broadcast. I lose service an average of two times a week for hours. On Demand disappeared last weekend completely and I'm paying for it.

Their internet service is intermittent at best. We cannot connect to the internet several times a week and usually lose service for continuous hours on end. We went to a local pet supply store recently and THEY couldn't charge a purchase because THEIR Charter internet service was down. I was called by my husband and told to quickly check email (yesterday) because service was back and we knew it would go down quickly and it did.

The phone...I'm lucky that I was only dropped once as I was placing an order. I have a cellphone and traced down the sales rep through Verizon Wireless because VZW doesn't drop calls. Service - It's reprehensible. A woman had me change my television connection despite their software requirements and she was dead wrong. The foreign help desk told me to do a number of incorrect things to get my internet service back AFTER I told him what the problem was. His English was atrocious and he was stupid.

Charter employees do not communicate among departments. You may get several different answers depending on whom you talk to. They correct each other, too. I've also heard reliable horror stories from local people that back up everything I've seen from people on the web. Verizon FiOS is not in my area yet or I would sign up for it.

I heard friends say Charter is rated poorly in a recent Consumer Reports (CR). I confirmed confirmed this and see it's the worst of all service providers in all areas mentioned. What can we do...drop it for what...satellite - maybe. FiOS...they're not everywhere yet.

30-day Guarantee Lies - Customer Service & Installation
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Rating: 1/51

ROSWELL, GEORGIA -- Had a wonderful year of trouble free internet with Charter. I was on a 2-yr contract for $34.99. I got a sales call that I could save money by signing up for cable service and canceling my DirecTV. I figured it was risk-free due to the 30-day guarantee. Big mistake.

After a week, I got fed up with the low-quality menus and lackluster cable service and cancelled the TV service. At this point I was informed I would not be able to have my previous internet rate and would be stuck at $54.99. After complaining, I was able to at least get it for the current promotional rate of $39.99.

When they came out to disconnect the TV service my internet stopped working. Called and, of course, they wanted to send a tech out. I balked at having to stay home from work again because obviously they screwed up something at the street and not in my home. I also made a request to speak to customer service to complain. This is when I found out I had still been charged for a month of TV. I apparently had to ask to get the 30-day free that was advertised.

I complained about my internet being out and not getting the previous rate. So I asked for her to give me the previous rate or a month's credit to make up for it. She came back and said, "I can't do any of that, but I was able to get you a credit for the TV service". Very nice of you to give me what was advertised. She said she would escalate the request and I'd hear back the next day. One week later I've heard nothing.

I was also told I was being charged $29.99 for the service change and there was nothing she could do about that. I checked the website for the rules on the "30-day guarantee" and nowhere does it say I would not be charged this fee or not refunded the fee when I cancelled.

To top it off when I stayed home AGAIN to babysit their technician he informs me the previous installer was a lazy sack and just disconnected me entirely. Charter sucks. Incompetent techs, lying salesmen, and customer service reps that only care about Charter.

Lying Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

OAKWOOD, GEORGIA -- I called into Charter to make arrangements to pay my monthly payment on Dec 7, 2012 and talked to a young man, Kassim, Badge # **. I was told I would get calls from Charter about my account but not to worry as long as I paid my balance by my arrangement date of Dec 7, 2012 then my services would not be interrupted.

Well, today is Dec 1, 2012 and I get up to find I have no services for phone, cable, or internet thinking there is an issues with service. Oh no. Charter has decided to disconnect my service because they have decided that until they run my to get my payment. Well, this is not what I was told last month but ALL of the sudden it is OK to go back on an agreement you (CHARTER) made with a customer and cut off services. And my services will stay disconnected until I pay them. Well I am not sure I am going to pay them now or ever if they can change the rules, why can't I? If they can lie and be dirty about how and what they say and do, why can't I.

I can go to another service provider and get the same degree of service I had with them and might still get lied to but between the government and CHARTER, along with a few other big named business, I AM FED UP... I PAY YOUR SALARIES. I KEEP your doors OPEN AND I FED YOUR FAMILIES AND PAY YOUR BILLS. Same as we all do each others'. It is a vicious cycle that is forever stepping on the little dog and I am sick of it. If you have CHARTER and are UNHAPPY with their lies and how they do business, let them know. If enough of us do this, they will have to start treating us with some respect and have to start earning their money for services provided...

Also, I have spoke with supervisor named Mike, Badge #** AND A SO CALLED MANAGER named Kenneth, badge # **. One more thing, Charter get ENGLISH SPEAKING CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS... Final note to add, just called back to make sure my card pre-authorization was removed from account and got a great representative named Kathy # **. She has been great and fixed all the issues I had this morning and explained a new system they are using but because my arrangement was made last month, they have to honor it. So she restored all my services. I went ahead and paid my bill.

Customer Service?? Non-Existent!!
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Rating: 1/51

PO BOX 742615, OHIO -- We have had Charter now since December 2011; in June, halfway through our 12-month contract they decided to remove the majority of our channel lineup. NO notice was given. We just turned on the TV one evening to find that we were missing most of our channels so we called service for repair thinking that would fix the problem. Not. We were told that those channels were moved to an upgraded package and we could have them back, if we upgraded our package. We were paying around $89 per month for a triple play, phone, internet and TV. Now they wanted $129 per month for the same services we had.

We promptly said "No thanks." This meant that they were upping our phone and internet pricing immediately if we discontinued the TV package, so we told them we only wanted the Internet portion. Sounds easy enough you'd think but since July we have been repeatedly billed for the phone service, which we disconnected at the end of June. EVERY month we get a bill that still includes the phone portion and my husband has to call and go over the whole scenario again with them, and they say that they have made the corrections, but the next month's bill there is the phone portion billed again, plus late charges!

Twice they have sent us a pending disconnection notice if we did not pay the bill entirely, meaning the portion that is for a phone service that we don't have and today the same notice came in again! We want to change providers but where we live there are few Cable companies that service our particular neighborhood. Today I had to pay the entire bill to avoid disconnection, only because we changed over to internet TV. I'm going to lodge a complaint with the BBB in our area.

Constantly Calling My Phone Trying to Advertise and Also Not Following Through With Price Quotes
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Rating: 1/51

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I just moved to my apartment at the end of March. Unfortunately, I could not get Direct TV or any other cable/internet service in the area. I was quoted a price of $89.99 for both cable and internet. The customer service representative said she would call me back the next day about my installation. No call whatsoever nor did she follow through on the price quote. I get my first bill and they charged me over $110. I called customer service and they didn't know what I was talking about when I told them that I was quoted $89.99 and of course there were no records of me calling.

I finally got that fixed and meanwhile, I have been getting telemarketing calls from Charter several times a day every day since I've activated my service! This is ridiculous. I called Charter Customer Service yesterday afternoon to have them take me off the calling list and they had the nerve to tell me that there was no way to contact their telemarketing department. And then hung up on me. I've been in customer service for 13 years. You're going to tell me that there is no communication between the 2 departments and pretty much I would just have to deal with it?

I got yet another call today and I picked up and told the representative to take me off the mailing list. He just kept talking and trying to sell me more services and had the audacity to ask me how long I've been a customer. If you know that I'm a customer, you should know how long I've been a customer. And then he told me that I was paying a certain amount per month and I told him I was not and he proceeded to argue with me about how much I was paying.

After I told him for the 3rd time that I wanted to be taken off the calling list he said, "just kept talking" so I hung up. I'm ready to cancel the service because I have never been harassed this much by a company that I'm paying for service from. Horrible customer service!

Not Willing to Hook Me Up, Even if I Run the Cable!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSE SPRINGS, MISSOURI -- About 1 yr ago (May 2011), we bought a house. My options for TV were Satellite or Charter Cable, and for Internet, my option was Charter Cable or AT&T DSL. The previous owner had Dish and AT&T. I was used to Uverse speed, so I went with a package from Charter. Called them and all went smooth. The install tech showed right on time (yeah). After a few minutes, he told us that he had to contact his office to see what he can do to get us hooked up. He was concerned that we did not have a cable run to the house that he could find and the house was just over 400 ft from the road (where the service poles were).

I told the installer that I will buy 500 ft of cable and bury it myself, that was not a problem. After a few phone calls by the installer, he said that Charter cannot make runs over 300 ft and apologized then left. I called the 800 number and tried to get some explanation, but all I got was, "the install group says that we can't guarantee a quality signal over 300 ft, therefore we will not be able to offer you service." I was not happy with that answer, but let it go since I had other stuff to do. I went ahead and got Dish and AT&T DSL.

Fast forward, January/February 2012. I called Charter again, to see if I could get some different answers. I explained my previous situation, and they made an appt for a tech to come and do a site survey. Good, I thought, I can speak to a technical person that can give me the real story. During the site survey, the tech said that the signal would be okay for that distance. But Charter will not pay to run the single line service to my house because they (charter) would have to run the cable under the road to get to my house.

He said that I could go to my local office and see if their installers would be willing to run the cable or let me run it down to the road for them to hook up. I didn't like that answer either. Especially since their cable actually crosses over my road at my neighbors driveway, just 10ft from my driveway. Why can't they just hook me up at the access point, run the cable back to the other pole and cross the road and I'll take it from there? I would love for a customer service escalations or Operations executive to call me and explain why they are unwilling to provide service, to a very captive customer that has no other real options for high speed internet and reliable TV service.

Company Response 4/6/2012:

Good morning Randy,

Thanks for taking the time to post your question. We definitely appreciate the feedback. My name is George Vick, and I'm a Senior Social Media Specialist with Charter. The information that you have been provided is correct. Due to signal losses, we normally consider any home located over 300 feet from a service tap as unserviceable. Providing service to your home would most likely require plant expansion and we typically do not do this for a single home due to the costs involved. If you would like us to follow up on the survey and work with you to provide next steps, please send me an email at, Attn CharterGeorge. Please also include My3cents- randymaynard35 in the subject as well so I can keep a look out for it.

Thanks and I look forward to assisting you!

George Vick
Senior Social Media Specialist

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