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Unforgiving, Cold-Hearted
By -

I made an innocent error on my payment one month. Minimum payment was $287, but I made a mistake and sent in $133, which was the available credit. Not sure why I picked up the wrong amount off of the statement. However, I discovered the payment on my own and sent in the difference of $154 just 12 days later. This was about a week before they sent me a statement showing the delinquency, for which they assessed a $39 penalty. Frankly, $39 penalty for paying $154 12 days late works out to over 700% APR, but I didn't say anything, and this isn't the cause for my writing this complaint.

Today, I got a letter from Chase stating that they are raising the interest rate on my card from 14% to 26.99% because of a late payment. I called Chase and explained that I've never been late before, that I made a small error and corrected it promptly, and that it is unfair, unreasonable and unethical to raise the interest rate by 13% on my $13,000 balance because of this technicality.

The lady at Chase stated that "The Bank" is not giving in and that they do not forgive any payment errors. Basically, they are cold-blooded, hard liners, gestapo with no heart, and do not forgive the least little mistake of their customers. However, when they make a mistake on my account, I know I'll never get any compensation out of them. By jacking the interest rate from 14% to 26.99%, they intend to charge me approximately $150 per month additional interest on my $13,000 balance. How can my being 12 days late with a $154 payment justify paying $150 more per month in interest? Now this bank is absolutely crooked.

The one out I found and accepted is provided by law - not the result of Chase's sympathy. (They have absolutely no sympathy.) By law, they had to give me the option to "close the account", whereby the 14% interest rate remains intact, I continue to make minimum payments, however I can no longer purchase anything with the card. Oops, I did not read the letter correctly. They were raising my interest rate to Prime + 26.99%, not simply 26.99%. That is without a doubt grossly usurious and criminal. Why isn't the government protecting innocent people like me?

Fraud Alert - Stolen Info - Chase Bank Credit Card Through Amazon

Today one of the department stores where I have my credit card called me that someone called them inquiring about my credit limit on the card. That person knew all my personal information like social security, date of birth, address, etc... I had started to think how that happened as I never press any links I get in the email and my computer is constantly scanned for viruses. Then I remembered 2 weeks ago I made a purchase on and applied online for Chase Bank credit card.

I believe and 99 percent sure that my personal information was compromised either at or Chase Bank. I am leaning more towards Chase Bank because as being a merchant also I had someone previously from foreign country trying to give me a bunch of stolen credit cards that were issued on Chase Bank. I believe there might be a leak somewhere at Chase Bank. By the way contacting Chase Bank about the issue is like contacting a brick wall.

Late Fee Can't Be Waived, Don't Apply Amazon Chase Credit Card
By -

Your late fees can't be waived no matter how soon you catch up on paying your balance. I called customer service about waiving my late fee. I was transferred three times, each time a representative asked me my name and security information and the reason I am calling. They all said they will see if there is any thing they can do and put me on hold for a long time. The call lasted about fifteen minutes and the last representative told me Chase couldn't reverse the late fee unless it is the bank's fault.

I suspect the first two customer service representative know that they can't waive the late fee and that would make me unhappy so they transfer me to other customer representatives. As soon as I get the 2,500 points I am definitely going to cancel this or any Chase credit cards. I end up having $28 late fees this year. The $25 reward card from 2,500 points can't cover this cost.

Discover and Citibank cards has much better deals. I used Discover for groceries purchases during their 5% reward months and other purchases in other months and earned over $80 rewards dollars this year. Reward dollars earn up very easily with Discover.

Bad Customer Service for Chase Amazon Card
By -

It was the worst customer I have ever experienced with a credit card company. My card expire date was in January, however I didn't receive my replacement card in April. I contacted the customer service, and the representative explained for no reason why they didn't send out the new card. The lady just argued with me: it happens, computer error, human error, who knows. It's part of our life. "We send you a new card, and you can get it in two days."

I think the whole service department needs to switch to a more customer-centric attitude instead of lender's attitude, because they missed the fundamentals of current customer services. The representative is either lack of training or follows the fall-behind company culture. With customer service like this, I cannot try any Chase new credit card promotion, even through I got several mails in each month. And more importantly, I have not received my new card after five days.

Thank You for NOT Outsourcing Customer Service to India
By -

I had to call both Amazon and Chase today due to a suspicious transaction on my credit card. When I called Amazon I reached India. When I called Chase I reached someone here in the U.S. THANK YOU, Chase, for not outsourcing customer service to India. The cultural difference in customer service standards between India and the U.S. makes any call between the two extremely frustrating. Chase's customer service representative was extremely helpful, and it was a joy to speak with someone who truly speaks the same language. In fact, any company who has NOT outsourced customer service would probably gain customers just be advertising that fact.

Stringent Late Fee Policy
By -

I am a fervent Quicken user and maintain all my accounts on-line so when I noticed a new transaction from Chase for a late fee it took me by surprise. I use my Chase cards only as a back-up if AmEx is not accepted so I carry minimal charges which I pay in full each month. This month I never rec'd a bill for my Sony card and called immediately after finding the late fee. To my surprise they would not take back the late fee saying that since the bill they said was sent was not returned that they had no recourse but to bill me the late fee.

Based on this $29 charge I have closed all accounts: credit cards, savings, or checking even closely related to Chase Bank. I will add'ly not purchase Sony or Amazon Products and services again as part of my experience with Chase. If you are having similar experiences with Chase, do not limit your venom to them alone especially if they are putting someone else's branding on their card. Go after the companies using their services as well, since it was that company that established your relationship with them to begin with.

Late Fees
By -

SACRAMENTO -- As always I paid my Chase credit card on the first business day of the month. However, in April Chase changed my due date without my knowledge to April 1st. April 1st was a Sunday so I paid my credit card bill on April 2nd online. Chase charged me a $39.00 late fee because I didn't paid on Sunday, the first of April. Setting aside the fact that my due date was changed without my permission, the fact is I paid on the first business day of the month and was still charged a late fee. Even the IRS doesn't do that. If you recall April 15th was a Sunday and our tax returns weren't due until the next day, Monday, April 16th.

Stay away from Chase credit cards, they are in the business of gouging their customers. Try a credit union. That's what I did. I got a $2000 higher credit limit and an interest rate 7% less than Chase. Dump Chase, they don't deserve your business.

Chase Amazon Visa Customer Service Falsely Claims "24 Hour Cardmember Service"
By -

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- The back of my Chase Amazon Visa Customer Service falsely claims "24 hour cardmember service." Imagine my surprise when I call on 9/4/09 at 8pm to report a stolen card and the offices are closed. A recording says office hours are 8am-8pm. I count that as 12 hours friends!? Such a horrible card and bank.

Similar Experience to Others
By -

I set up my due date on my card (with an agent there) to align with when we get paid. They changed the due date and when my payment came in they charged me $39 late fee plus $15 finance charge. When I called, they wouldn't refund a cent until I talked to a manager (and I had to call back because the first time they sent me to a voicemail for a manager and it was full). Finally she agreed to pay back the $39, but not the finance charge. The first agent did say she'd changed my due date back.

So then I set up a payment from their own website so I'd be assured of being on time and it was still considered late (they didn't honor the changed due date either). I used the presaved bank account info from their site which turned out to be my closed bank account from 1 1/2 years ago (my fault, I didn't notice). So they charged me $39 for being 'late' and $39 for the returned payment. I doubt I see either of them back and I don't look forward to hearing from them. So that's $135 in charges which wouldn't have occurred if they didn't change my due date.

They are really difficult to work with. Had the same problems when my bank account was with them. I'd deposited $800 in CASH with a teller and the online "available balance" said $800+ when I checked it that night. Then a check came through, which was backdated and they bounced it. Charged me $39 and would not take it off. Very greedy company.

By -

My Chase credit card account was switched to paperless statements and statements were then sent to a non-existent email address. I never signed up for paperless statements and when I pointed that out to numerous reps, there was never any effort made to research the problem and find out what went wrong. I was told it was my fault - I had signed up and even though I never received a statement, I was still somehow liable. I tried to find out where the statements had been sent but was told they could only "verify" an email address and could not tell me what it was. I gave them an address and they said "that's it!"

Wrong - there was absolutely no correspondence from Chase to that email account. The company waited six months before contacting me about non-payment of a bill. By the time the company contacted me, the total amount due was $277.87 (for approximately $100 in charges). I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and it has been filed under "Chase/ Credit Card, PO Box 15298, Wilmington, DE 19850." If this has happened to you, please file a similar report with the BBB.

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