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Chase Visa's despicable service
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I have had a Chase Manhattan Visa card since 1992 and have always paid my bills on time.

In the last three years, the bank's service has been atrocious. In 2004, the bank made so many mistakes that I literally lost $590. I spent TWO MONTHS complaining before I reached someone in the corporate office who rectified my financial complaint although NONE of the NUMEROUS people who screwed up and were rude were ever dealt with to my knowledge.

I got my $590 back and the phone number of the corporate office which kindly said I could phone them whenever I had a problem. In recent days, I have TRIED to phone them, but got DOZENS of busy signals.

The impetus behind my latest phone calls was Chase charging me a late fee after it made numerous goofs over several days online and COINCIDENTALLY accepted my payment at 3:10 CST, 10 minutes late because of Chase's own incompetence. This would seem to be a no-brainer but an executive in Elgin, I'll., essentially said "tough s____" and kept the $39.

Here is my letter to the person who got me back my $590 two years ago, but whom I cannot reach.

First of all, I want to thank you for resolving the problems that I wrote to you about in the spring of 2005 and that you resolved by issuing me a credit for $590.27.

I certainly hope Chase has taken action to ensure that the problems which led to Chase making one mistake after another that cost me $590.27 have been alleviated. Unfortunately, I see little evidence of that from my own personal experience.

On June 24, 2005, you sent me a letter which ended “If you have additional questions pertaining to this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me at our toll-free number, 888-227-0608, extension 52745.” I have tried to contact you at this number at least 30 times over the past few days. It is always busy.

I reached Chase’s office at the same address by phoning 813-584-4160 three times, but the people there are incredibly rude and REFUSED to transfer me to your direct line. This is an ONGOING problem with Chase. Your employees are special.

In any case, I have three concerns that I would like to address. Failure to solve them all will jeopardize my relationship with your company. I am clearly in the right on all three matters, but have been incredibly patient in dealing with Chase’s failure to resolve them.

Continued failure by Chase will result in a complaint to the state attorney general’s office as well as notification to the public about your HORRID BUSINESS PRACTICES (if you Google my name, you will learn that I am, among other things, a business writer for several publications).

Here are the three concerns:

I have NOT received a refund check for the past THREE YEARS. When I inquired about this two months ago, I was informed that my account was cancelled Jan. 13, 2005, and was reopened a few days later. I NEVER cancelled my account.

As I reported to you back in 2005, I was treated rudely by your representatives on the phone. One screamed at me “you’re a deadbeat” and made all sorts of threats against me. A few days later, I received a letter saying Chase had cancelled my account. A few days after, I received a letter saying my account had been reopened.

This was obviously a PLOY by your representative to STEAL money out of my pocket by removing me from the benefits of Chase’s programs. Like I said, I NEVER cancelled my account. There is NO PROOF that I cancelled my account.

The COMPELLING evidence is that I did NOT cancel my account since I received a letter stating I was once again a Chase customer before I could complain about not being one. The restoration letter was written BEFORE I learned I was, for two days, not a customer.

Chase owes me a LOT OF MONEY. Why should I have to suffer financially because of the insolence and incompetence of YOUR employees?

If I had known about what Chase did, I would have phoned you the day I received your June 24, 2005, letter. Instead, Chase deliberately does NOT tell me that I have been removed from the Chasebuilder program. How much money do you gain from people who never inquire?

I phoned you on Feb. 28 after I spent hours trying to pay my bill online. The system rejected my VALID password and kept on sending me new access codes. Eventually, the system approved my attempt to pay via the SAME, VALID PASSWORD it kept on rejecting.

The approval came just after 4 pm EST. Coincidence? This is clearly DELIBERATE because the same exact thing occurred in November. It turns out, apparently, that I will NOT be assessed a late fee for February.

Here is what happened in November. I don’t receive bills in the mail (for reasons that have never been explained) so I logged on on Nov. 22 thinking I was going to pay my bill THREE DAYS EARLY because previously payments were due on the 25th. I learned after accessing my account that the payment was due on the 22nd. It was NOON.

Three hours later, my attempt to pay online finally worked. It was 3:10 p.m CST. Then, I noticed that the verification said the payment was being credited on the 23rd. Knowing Chase as I do, I phoned IMMEDIATELY and e-mailed Chase IMMEDIATELY.

With ethical companies, this would be a NO-BRAINER. But this is Chase. Yes, I received a late fee. So I wrote to your Executive Office in Elgin with PROOF.

Would executives actually PENALIZE me for being 10 minutes late with a payment that was “late” because of Chase’s own incompetence? Would Chase penalize me for being in the wrong time zone? Would Chase penalize me because it moved up the due date without informing me?

What stupid questions. The answer is YES because Chase is the MOST UNETHICAL COMPANY THAT I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!!

In early, 2006, I tried and failed to log onto my Juno online services account on numerous occasions. I phoned Juno. The company informed me that I had to establish a new account in order to communicate with them my problems with the first account.

I established the second account. After a few days of trying to fix the problems with the first account, I CANCELLED it. That was 13 MONTHS AGO. I have NEVER accessed that account since then, have repeatedly asked Juno to stop billing me for two accounts when I am only using one, and I informed Chase Visa about this situation last April.

What has Chase done? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. In its most recent letter, Chase said it did not know about my problem. Well, it does now!!! So guess what Chase did after giving me the excuse that it never received my earlier letters. In writing, Chase told me it has and will DO NOTHING.

Does a professional company act this way? NOOOO!!!! But Chase is the MOST UNETHICAL AND UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY THAT I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!!!!

My patience is wearing thin. I would appreciate it if Chase would act professionally and rectify ITS MISTAKES. Thank you.
Ever Dance with the Devil in the Pale Moon Light
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Rating: 5/51
ANYTOWN USA -- Do you ever wake up in the morning thinking I should post a positive Chase review on the internet? Probably not if you're a moral person on the fast track to heaven living a life of good values and concern for your fellow man. Well my friends that's not me and indeed I'm writing a glowing Chase review.

In Nov 2011 Chase said they'd pay me to get a Chase Freedom Visa card. An offer from Chase how can I lose. So I took the bait.

$150 cash back when you spend $500 in your first 3 months from account open.
$15,000 initial credit limit
0% APR on purchases and transfers for 15 months
12.99% APR after 15 months
5% cash back on up to $1,500 spent in bonus categories each quarter
1% cash back on all other purchases
No Annual Fee
Standard Signature Visa perks

Cash back received Nov 2011 Thur Jan 2013: $1023.65
Average monthly Float: $8,353.12
Finance Charges: 0

Online Banking: B+
Customer Service: A+
Ease of Cash Back Redemption: A+
Overall Satisfaction: A+

Jan 2012: Received $100 to open a Chase Checking Account

Mar 2012: Cordinated my Trip to Germany with Chase. They provided me documentation and worked with a rental car company which allowed me to avoid mandatory rental car insurance. A savings of about 300 bucks. The Chase Rep cordinated with Chase security so that my Chase Freedom card worked in Europe without a hiccup.

I could not be happier with my Chase experience which is surprising given that Chase is a soulless mega corporate bank hellbent on enslaving mankind to international bankers. I got to admit though Chase taught me a little bit about myself. Indeed I will dance with the devil if price is right and eh sadly that price really isn't that much. Moving on... I have to commend the Chase CSRs. Always pleasant, knowledgeable, helpful and they speak the English good.

My plan back in Nov 2011 was the same plan I always have for any come on offers from a credit card issuer. Exploit the heck out of the freebies and then dump the card after the introductory offers so that in a year or so I will be considered a bribe-worthy NEW customer again. Not this time. I'm keeping my Chase Freedom card. Yeah, I was that impressed.

If you're looking for a good solid Visa card I say give Chase a chance. You'll be glad you did.
How Hard Will They Really Try To Scam Someone?
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I've been a Chase customer for 22 years. It's been a long road, mostly downhill unfortunately.

I've closed my accounts with Chase twice when they went years without offering competitive products. The first time my branch manager was apologetic that they had nothing competitive to offer me. The second time I left, however, the branch manager spent his time explaining why I should be charged fees even though I'd already tried closing the accounts and the balances had been zero. 45 minutes later he gave in and reversed the fees, but I knew things really had changed for the worse.

In the mean time I'd gotten an offer for a no fee credit card with a 3.99% interest rate on balance transfers "for the life of the balance" and a 2% minimum payment. I transferred a home-improvement and grad school student loan over to this card and paid a balance transfer fee to do this. I've been happily paying this balance on time ever since.

Last week I received a threatening letter telling me Chase was going to increase my monthly payment to 250% of what it had been unless I agreed to let them charge me 7.99% interest instead of the 3.99%. I Googled and found out that Chase spokespeople were referring to me (as a type of customer) publicly as a "deadbeat". Apparently a customer who accepts their offer and pays what's due on time every month is a deadbeat!

This week I realized on the due date that although I’d just been notified, this increase applied to THIS month! I had already paid my "regular" amount due, but not the 250%, so I called Chase to pay the remaining 150%. I called at 4:30 New York time. They told me that after 4pm the payment was late, even though it was still business hours in New York, where Chase is located, and branches were still open. They charged me a $39 late fee!

Be careful.

The reason I'm a "deadbeat" is because the card I signed up for was a scam, but I didn't fall victim to it. "Deadbeat" to Chase means I'm not someone they were stealing from. Fraud is theft, and selling someone something one way when you know it really will work a different way is fraud. Since I read the fine print and I understood what I was agreeing to, I wasn't scammed, so I'm a deadbeat.

The scam is this: they call and offer a great balance transfer so you can move your debt to a great rate on a card that offers purchase rewards. What they don't tell you, but the fine print does, is that if you have any purchase balance you cannot pay it until you’ve paid off all lower-interest balances. By getting you to move other debt over, your former installment loans now need to be paid-in-full before you can touch the purchase balance, which is being charged 18% interest. They collect extortion-rate interest on the purchase balance while you scramble to find another loan to pay off the whole thing and get you out of the mess. Truth is, most cards do exactly the same thing with balance transfer offers.

The difference with Chase is they're trying to have their cake and eat it, too. The deal had to be done legally and had to offer something that seemed useful. So people who read the fine print understood that they couldn't make purchases, etc. without getting into immediate trouble. Most companies would take it on the chin -- you rob some people blind but to keep it all legal you give others what you said you would. But not Chase: having scammed most of the people, in desperation they now want to screw the rest of them.

Online some are saying "people running credit card debts aren't being financially responsible.” Let me clarify: Chase told people to move student loans, car loans, small-business loans, and home-improvement loans over to these low-interest accounts. These are NOT "credit card balances" that customers are carrying. Most were never revolving credit purchases to begin with. Most people would not say that financing a car, a kitchen, or an education is irresponsible. Responsible people figure out what they can afford to pay monthly and live within that.

Chase, by threatening to increase this monthly payment to 250% of what it was, is not punishing people who have broken their agreement -- they've already been kicked off the plan. It's not punishing people who abuse credit cards -- they've already been caught by the hidden fraud in this deal. No, Chase is trying to cause pain to those people who have held up their end of the deal because the one aspect of the original deal that made it legal they do not want to be tied to any longer.

The laughable thing is that the spokespeople claim most customers paid off their balances within 2 years. Of course they did -- those are all the people that got scammed by Chase and had to frantically find some other loan to get them out of the 18% hell Chase put them into by promising a 4% rate.
Pathetic in every way
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WASHINGTON -- Chase Card is brutally pathetic. Easy statement to make and here is the proof.

In February 2006, I found out that my Visa card had been used and currently had a balance on it. I called Chase Card services on February 15th to find out what was going on. I found out that my ex-wife had gotten into my account. I asked how that was possible, because in July of 2001 I removed her from my account. Chase Rep responded that she was still on the account. The Chase Rep also stated that since I was the primary on this Visa account that an authorized user could not make changes to the account or order credit cards without my consent. I again removed my ex-wife from my account. I closed the account and opened another one.

I got to deal with Chase Fraud, Investigative and Card Services from that point forward.

Starting in June of 2006 I started receiving collection calls. One caller told me that the account was still being investigated for fraud and then asked me for payment. I asked this caller if the matter is being investigated why would they be asking for money? I would get called up to 5 times a day and on weekends.

I received an e-mail from my ex-wife in July asking me why I closed the account and reopened a new one. In her email she stated that Chase told her these details. So in review Chase gave out my personal credit information to someone not even on my account.

Chase after their investigation concluded it was a civil matter between me and my ex-wife. I told them no it is a matter of Chase violating my rights as a Visa Card holder and also a violation of consumer protection laws.

I have asked Chase in writing for copies of my account records, policies and procedures for authorization use and many other details regarding my account and they have responded that the information is privileged.

Chase has reported my as a collection now. They have reported me as living in a City I have never lived in because that they sent credit cards to my ex-wife.

Chase lied to me directly. Chase is now withholding information simply because they know they violated laws and protections. Chase card services is incompetent. The one rep I dealt within their corporate office is unworthy of any title. In fact, I would not hire this person to operate a pooper scooper.

Here is the hardest fact to realize for me. Chase Card services knows that they screwed up and they know that they are not going to get paid. Since they are not going to get paid and they know it, why do they penalize an innocent party. It would make more sense to seek payment or assist in efforts that would lead to payment, but instead they are more focused on not receiving payment and creating emotional distress.

I would not use Chase card services for all the reasons stated above, because this company is not interested in servicing the customer. They have a different agenda.
Chase Manhattan Bank - A Pack Of Loan Sharks And Liars.
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Chase Manhattan Bank. They say they want to be your neighborhood bank. You see the new branches popping up everywhere. The TV is saturated with Chase commercials about how they're there to 'help you'. They're you're friendly neighborhood bank. Right? If you think that, read how they treat a customer in good standing for 20 years,

I've been a Chase Manhattan Bank customer for 20 years, carrying a Chase Visa in my wallet since 1990. About 7 years ago, a few small disasters (including treatment for a pet) hit us in a row and we racked up a $12,000 tab on the Chase Visa card. At the time the interest rate was under 10% so it wasn't the end of the world. A year or so into paying off this debt, the post office delivered one of my checks late (21 days from the time I mailed it till the time it was delivered, so says Chase). My interest rate went to 29.25% and has stayed that way for years now despite never having another late payment made EVER.

Last month (June 2010) I FINALLY paid off the card IN FULL. I didn't negotiate anything I just paid it. We now owe Chase $0. Zip. Nada. I never complained once, I signed that filthy 55 page agreement (I didn't have a microscope handy to read it) and I'm a man of my word no matter how much I object to being taken by a loan shark.

Now, a month after paying the bill in full, I contacted Chase to see if they would now reduce the interest rate back down to something reasonable. Not a chance in hell. Nothing I can do, no one else to talk to, company policy, that's the way it is. Boy, great way to do business eh? A customer of 20 years pays a 12k debt off without a single complaint, calls to ask for a interest rate reduction on any future purchases. How do they treat that customer? By pissing down his back.

So, I've paid my debt. I won't contact the Better Business Bureau or make any additional complaints to anyone. I don't have the time and I don't really care as I am done with Chase. No, what I want to do here is WARN ANYONE AND EVERYONE who is considering banking with Chase. DON'T DO IT! If they don't give a damn about a customer of 20 years in good standing who DID RIGHT BY THEM, you think they are going to care about you? If your answer was yes well then you deserve Chase. If however your answer is no, I have done my job here.

That's all, thanks for reading and Chase Manhattan Bank - BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS.

- Jeffrey Donovan
Chase Visa card nightmare of all nightmares
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I live in Ohio and purchased a radiator from Bob King, of Discount Radiator World, in California using my Chase Visa card just in case something happened for $3342.60. SOMETHING DID HAPPEN. I never received my radiator. I filed a dispute on the 58th day and Chase denied my dispute because they didn't get a letter from the merchant. I have talked to 5 supervisors at the dispute dept. All are illiterate, rude, like the previous stated, like robots. THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER! They first sent me a postcard congradulating me on my credit that should be posted to my account but never was. Then I received a denial because the representative told me they couldn, t contact the guilty party, Bob King of Discount Radiator World, and get their money I wouldn, t get mine. I received a letter that had very poor grammar. As I read the letter, it made sense, the people I was dealing with couldn, t even write a proper letter. When I called the dispute dept. and explained what happened they told me it would be fixed within 24 hours. I called after 2 days, not seeing a credit, and then they said they needed a letter explaining what happened. I then called again to confirm they got my fax and they said it now takes 7 to 10 days to process. I called after 10 days to find out yes I should see the credit, but never did. They promised they would take care of it. When I call the credit card customer service number and get prompted to the disputes, it states a credit was credited to my account on the 22nd of February but that never happened either. Now today I call them and they say it was denied because they have tried everything possible within the laws and can't seem to find a why to rule in my favor and asked if I was satisfied. Of course, I'm not satisfied! I was screwed out of $3342.50 by Bob KIng of Discount Radiator World and not backed by Chase Visa after using their card. They were so rude to me it was unbelievable! I had 4 supervisors tell me they would credit my account and then their supervisors would deny it. I was being played as a pawn between these individuals. It was a game of power between employees at work at my expense! DON'T EVER DEAL WITH CHASE! They will find a loophole not to pay out on anything! I was told by a supervisor, I promise you will get your money!, You called within your 60 days. I feel so sorry for you! They said obviously we didn't have enough information at hand and now I see what happened, we will take care of it. It is all B. S. The one employee told me the supervisors play a power trip with them and the customers get caught up in their game. STAY AWAY!
Chase Credit Card Customer Since 1995
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On my January 2009 Chase Credit Card Statement I observed that my minimum payment amount was increased from $85.00 to $235.00 per month even though I have been paying $250.00 per month.

My account also had a Service Charge/Finance Charge of $10.00 even though I have never been late for any payment and had this account for over 5 years.

I learned that Chase was increasing Service Charges from zero to $10.00 per month or increasing interest rates to 7.99% if a customer had less than a 7.99% interest rate. The $10.00 Service Fee would be billed each month regardless of the balance including a zero balance.

I paid my balance of over $4700.00 off with Chase Card Services and closed my account. It seems that Chase Card Services only wants sub-prime borrowers ...those people that can't afford to protect themselves from such criminal activity as I can.

Yet, at the same time, even those people that have paid higher interest rates are having their rates increased even more! This tells me that Chase, and probably many other banks, are attempting to create a huge amount of reserve in their banks for something that they expect in the future.

Banks, Credit Card Companies and Financial Institutions need to be regulated now ...not a year from now. Also, it is my opinion that what these CEO's and Upper Level Managers need to be investigated for criminal activities by all forms and levels of government agencies.

A limit should be placed on what these CEO's and Upper Level Managers earn and they should be prohibited from purchasing stock in the corporation that they are employed with due to an obvious conflict of interest.

Additionally, people such as Madoff should be tried, and if found guilty, given a sentence of life in a real prison.

The American Public is not a group of consumer cows (as the CEO's and Upper Level Management seem to believe). We are individuals with rights ...equal to them no less or no more.

We the American Public expect these criminals to be brought to justice and for them all to be removed from office once and for all.
Chase Visa Incompetence Costs Its Customers
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Like others complaining about Chase Visa, I too pay my balance regularly. I use the card for everyday expenses to take advantage of the perks. Nonetheless, my wife and I spend modestly. However, over the past year we have found how inept and incompetent their customer service, if you want to call it that, is.

I needed assistance with an overcharge dispute of over $1500. I contacted Chase immediately in November 2007 and was advised to dispute the charges and was sent the proper paperwork. Four months later I contacted them to check on any progress and was told that it looked as if I were at fault. The Customer Service representative recommended I challenge the charges again, my information was updated and the paperwork sent again. I resubmitted in April 2008 and seven months later received a letter stating that my case was closed because I couldn't be reached for additional information. What? Once again, we pay our balance every month and my info was on the paperwork.

I spoke to yet another person, this time in the dispute department. He said I waited too long to dispute the charges and, even with my file "on the computer in front of him," he had no record that I had submitted my paperwork 11 months prior. When asked why I hadn't been contacted for the necessary information he said that there was an attempt made by phone. One attempt. I sent him the original submission from 2007, by now for the third time. Two weeks later, just in time for Christmas, we were notified that he spoke to a person at the company that overcharged me and their billing person found no error in billing. Apparently, they'll take anyone's word over their customer's.

Needless to say, my wife and I spent several hours not only dealing with the company that overcharged us, but with Chase who we assumed was taking care of their customers. Instead we lose, while they let the dispute languish.

Oh well, at least it wasn't identity theft. I just with they'd stop sending us credit card offers for our business.
Chase Visa - Misleading Information - New Accounts Services
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- BE AWARE--you cannot stop a balance transfer after the account has been opened. Chase employees tell you that you can simply make a phone call to stop the transfer, but this is not true. Upon calling the number they provide one is notified that the "transfer has already occurred" and that there is nothing that Chase can do to stop it!

Below is part of my complaint letter to Chase Bank USA, N.A. which I sent copies to the Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission:

1). Employees should not misguide new account holders by stating that balance transfers can be stopped once an account has been activated and the cardholder’s request is made! This statement is NOT TRUE and the multiple requests I made to stop the balance transfer were incessantly denied. I was extremely frustrated by this process and the misinformation that was given not only once, but in the four phone calls I made to correct this problem and resolve my concern. The distribution of such false information should be of concern to Chase Bank USA, N.A. because it contributes poorly to the reputation and integrity of the company, and because it reaffirms company contradictions between the product and services promised and its actual provided practices!

2) Second, employees should not mislead account holders by stating that the opening of a second account on the same day will cancel the request to open the first account and thus stop any balance transfer requests from occurring. This suggestion was not only RIDICULOUS and HIGHLY MISLEADING, but has resulted in my having opened not only one but two credit cards on the same day! This practice is manipulative and unethical, and while it certainly benefits Chase Bank USA, N.A., it distills confidence in the reputation and integrity of the company. Such company practices need to be corrected immediately!

I would appreciate a reply informing me of how Chase Bank USA, N.A., will better attend to the care of their customers and how the company will address the discrepancies between services promised and the lack of follow through in its practices. A huge integrity issue is at hand.
Credit card customer service incompetent
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Chase clerks refused to approve a charge I was trying to make. My card expired November 30, 2010. I called in October to confirm that Chase would send a replacement in time for me to use.

I needed to buy a product December 2 but Chase had not provided the new card. Although a clerk acknowledged that I had way more credit available than I had used, no one would approve the credit.

The clerk assured me that "5 minutes ago" someone at Chase had dropped my new card in the mail. I received it 7 days later.

A recorded message also confirmed that my new card had been activated.

I answered the trick questions for identification to talk to a clerk but received no help. And my line got "cut off" when I asked to speak to a manager. It's not like I had ever not paid a bill. It's not like I had not used the account since 2007.

And it's not like I am going to be using this again.

Customer service does not exist.
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