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Chase's Management Are a Greedy Bunch of Clowns That Refuse to Run a Respectable Business
Posted by Wary-consumer on 07/05/2005
I think Chase could have prevented serious damage to their consumer relations by not engaging in unwarranted greedy predatory lending practices. If they wanted to raise rates after the merger/ acquisition for house cleaning, that is their prerogative, but be fair about notification. Instead, Chase quietly notified good standing customers of rate hikes to 29.74% APR by mailing a small print ‘Changes to Your Card Member Agreement’ brochure disguised in a junk mail promotion look alike envelope. And at the same time Chase bombarded these same customers with 3 or 4 different junk mailings in the same style envelope that Bank One is changing to Chase- which did not inform of the rate hike. This would be the only one notification the customers get before the opt out date had expired. Chase had predatory deiced to make this opt out date be before the rate hike would go into effect, instead of after. The majority of high-temperatured complaints state knowing nothing about the rate hike until they got their statement and it was too late and NOTHING could be done since they did not opt out in time. A fairer way to handle this would have been extending the opt out time listed on the notification to be one or two statements after the new rate takes effect-not before. That way if people don’t examine their statements and APRs they are only asking to be taken advantage of.

Then if the customer wanted to opt out they could close their account and revert back to their old terms. Another credit card company I have does this, and even prints in bold on the top of my statement “PLEASE READ THE CHANGE IN YOUR CARDMEMBER AGREEMENT” The later seems fair and a good faith notification effort to me. I don’t know why Chase can get away without doing it this way and are able to be hush hush then stick it to people…Ha Ha you didn’t get that notice…Now we got you, your gonna pay now!!!

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Posted by ncdamsel on 2005-07-10:
That is exactly what happend to me!!!i was a bank one customer, for several years, then when chase too over my apr went over 29%, i have good credit, Have missed a payment with them or any other cards, or loans, i called them and there attitude sucked, i told them that i was going to transfer my balance to some one else, i guess they didnt believe it, but they believe it now!!!
and had the nerve to send me a letter saying they noticed a large payment to my account, and making some kinda transfer balance offer,,,,,,HA ,
the nerve of those sorry pieces of crap, thay can kiss my ass, due to there stupidy, they lost a good (paying customer) my advice is to others they have tried to screw is dump them like a hot potatoe, and dont fall for any tricks thay have up there,sorry sleves, they are no good!!!
Posted by Loladee on 2005-12-18:
I was with Bank One for a good while(about a year). I only ever had available credit for $1000.00. I paid regular and usually more than the minimum payment. I tried hard to be a good customer. A lot of good it did. About 2 years ago, my internet service caused me to go over the limit, by charging when they shouldn't have, my service was free at that point in time. The internet service returned the money, but Bank One refused to remove overlimit fees and late charges. They began to pile up. I continued paying for awhile, until I saw my money was only feeding these fees. They began demanding huge paynebts I could by no means pay. I begged them to straighten it out. They refused, so I stopped paying. Then they turned it over to a firm called Mann-Bracken, and all hell broke loose. They have harrassed me, and tormented me every way they can(numerous calls, anytime day or night, rude screaming reps, threats). They have even called my neighbors to leave a phone number, which I did not appreciate. They claim I owe $3,000.00! I am a disabled senior on a small, fixed income. They have tried to get me to sign papers for arbitration, I refuse to. All this stress has had an enormous adverse impact on my already poor health. It has kept my nerves torn up, and I don't know how it will end....But, I am totally fed up with Bank One and Mann-Bracken.
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Chase Ratings In Precipitous Decline
Posted by Raphaell on 06/10/2005
The following rating was posted at 'http://www.writingshop.ws/html/bank_ratings.html' on May 25, 2005 (see the complete ratings page at that site). This is a pretty conservative site and not usually given to exaggeration, so their final sentence warning in this rating is BIG. Not only is JP Morgan Chase experiencing what may be its worst earnings quarter (April-June 2005) in history, but its rating as a consumer credit lender is plunging into the toilet. Are we surprised?

* Chase - (C-) (Recently Downgraded from B- to C-) Here is a case where a recent merger has really has a big negative impact. This was one of the best bank we worked with prior to October of 2004, and the one that received the fewest customer complaints, but a recent merger with the very worst rated bank on our list (Bank One) has had a strong negative effect on Chase’s rating. Put simply, we are hearing that customers have recently received one of those classic fine print notices indicating “changes to your account.” And, surprise, the changes are coming in the form of big interest rate hikes. One consumer forwarded web links showing the growing unrest and complaint, and frankly, we were shocked at what we saw happening with a bank that we once held in such high regard.  Another customer recently saw a punishing 16 point rate hike on a large outstanding balance that has been consistently paid on time. Chase even refused to lower the rate to the federally mandated 6% level when the husband in this family was called to active duty in our armed forces in 2003. So much for supporting our troops in the field...and they have the temerity to print American flags on their plastic! Chase retains some positive attributes in that they will grant you a generous credit line and they don’t bombard you with promotional offers. But because of the arbitrary rate hikes, even for customers who have paid on time each and every month, Chase is in a precipitous decline. I cannot imagine that this bank is so resource poor that they need to rob American families with unwarranted interest rate hikes in the 7 to 15 point range! The merger with Bank One has generated more customer complaints than any other bank on our list on our “watch” list in recent months. If this keeps up Chase will be a solid D rated bank on our next review, and one to avoid at all costs.
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Posted by moops on 2005-06-12:
Thanks for the info Raphaell. Chase SUCKS!
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Home Modification a Joke
Posted by Distressed Buckeye on 03/13/2010
I, like many others have been going back and forth with this bank. I started this whole process in Nov. 09. Not as long as some, but same story. I initially received one letter saying I did not send them something (which I did), so I went ahead and sent it again, called back, they said they received it. I waited a few weeks, called again (Dec. 28th), was told my case was closed that very day! They said I was missing paperwork (again)-she said if I faxed it they could reopen my case, so I did, called back again in 48 hours to make sure they received it, yes they received it, it's "complete" and in underwriting. Everytime I call they say call back in a few weeks to check the status, so I called again, was told it was closed on Dec. 28th, I said yes it was and was also reopened that same day and was supposed to be in underwriting, she couldn't see that so I asked for someone else, this lady told me she didn't know why she told me that, yes it's open and being reviewed, she'll contact the gentleman who is handling it, make sure everything is in order and call me back-never got a call. I call several more times-everything seems ok-"under review". I think ok, we're getting somewhere now! Nope-I call again, DENIED (Mar. 8)No phone calls, no letters-just read an article (allAmericanpatriots.com) where Chase said they have increased attempts to contact customers to complete paperwork-call 36 times, reach out by mail 15 times and make at least 2 home visits! I received one letter the whole time after my initial application, and I've been closed and denied and told over and over I am missing paperwork! NO CONTACT! So again I resent things and was told to call back to make sure they received it, of course this time I had to resend current bank statements, paystubs and everything else...I did this, called, was told, yes, but why am I not showing rental income? Ummm, because I don't own a rental! I have given them several documents which I explained to them what they meant-I haven't owned that home in years and they have all the proof in front of them! I was then told ok, it's "complete" & under review AGAIN. I stewed for a few days and thought, this is a government program, there has to be somewhere to complain or get help so I hit the net and found the MHA Help line 888-995-HOPE, a gentleman actually 3-wayed a call to Chase and they were a little more helpful and straightforward...said it's taking 4-9 months and sometimes 12 to get an answer after I've been told constantly 60 days. I said ok, except I've been closed and denied in a lot less than that a few times for "missing paperwork" and never received anything telling me that, she said well we TRY to send everyone a letter. No way! If I wasn't constantly calling these people and being proactive, I'd have no clue. People----keep calling!!! Who knows what will happen now? The MHA Help guy said to call them if I start getting the runaround again, which I will I'm sure. The more I read on the net, the more I believe Chase doesn't want to help people, I've even heard from people at work where the same thing with the paperwork is happening to them and then they get denied etc. It's a mighty big coincidence!!!
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They Are Thieves! Complain to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency Now!
Posted by Leanie2 on 05/25/2005
Here's what they did to us. This is the letter (less our personal information) that I am sending. Please send your complaint to:

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Customer Assistance Group
1301 McKinney Street, Suite 3450
Houston, Texas 77010-9050

Re: Consumer Complaint Form – against Chase Manhattan Bank USA, NA

To whom it may concern,

To make this as short as possible, here is our “story”.

In June of 2003, we transferred balances to new Chase Bank credit cards because they offered 0% finances charges for a fixed period, and then a FIXED rate of 6.99% on one account and 11.99% on the other, that was my
understanding. I decided to take advantage of this offer, EVEN THOUGH I HAD GOOD RATES on the cards I was transferring from, since after I reviewed everything, I decided that it would be a good decision financially.

Even though it’s not anyone’s business, we have a lot of debt due to being self employed for 5 years, having to replace 25 years of Snap On Tools purchases, due to being robbed, and then finally, finding out 4 years ago that our only child has a rare, genetic, degenerative, neuromuscular disease, that is killing him. With the debt that we have, we continue to go to work each day, plug along on the bills, and NATURALLY try to find ways to pay bills off faster. That is why we accepted Chase’s offer.

Everything was good, until August 2004 on both accounts. Since then to current, one account, #XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX, has gone from 6.99% to 29.99%. The other account, #XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX, has gone from 11.99% to 17.74%. This rate is not just for new purchases, it is being charged to everything, from day one, including the original balance transfers and any cash advances.

Their “EXCUSE” for doing this is because we have a lot of debt. Well guess what?, we had a lot of debt when the offered us their cards. Our current credit scores are in the high 600’s and low 700’s. We are not having any trouble getting qualified for another mortgage.

My desired resolution is to have the interest rates put back to the 6.99% and 11.99% from the time they started raising them in August 2004, AND be credited back for the difference. We are considering “disputing their
charges”, meaning any more monthly payments made to them until this issue is settled. Their own agreement states that the consumer has a right to not pay for charges in dispute until the dispute is settled. WE HAVE A DISPUTE WITH THESE CHARGES!


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Posted by raphaell on 2005-05-26:
I believe the 'disputed charges' in your Cardmember Agreement may only apply to disputes over items purchased. For your own safety, check this item in your Cardmember Agreement very carefully. Chase, as you know, is ruthless, and they will be even more merciless if you miss a minimum payment. Chase NEVER gives consumers the benefit of the doubt, and a misinterpretation could work against you. And ... good for you, filing a complaint! My prayers are with you.
Posted by VASH on 2005-05-26:
Anyone have a lawyer? I don't have the time to mess with them.
Posted by Leanie2 on 2005-05-29:
I know, the "disputed charges" are for purchases, but being as upset as I am, I thought maybe if I twist my words around, do some mumbo jumbo bull talk like they do, I could justify their charges as being a "purchase". It's a forced purchase, since it's not what I agreed to when I accepted their offer, but hey, they get away with it, so should I.
Posted by Leanie2 on 2005-06-14:
Do the letter! Chase bank called me last week (already) and they are putting the interest rates back and crediting me the overcharges.
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Lawyer Contact Info: Chase Class Action (updated: 6/13/05)
Posted by Raphaell on 05/16/2005
For those of you watching this site for further information on the national class action suit against Chase. It is being finalized now; thank you to all who have sent your stories to Mr. Braun. Mr. Braun expects to file the text of the finalized complaint on an independent Internet site when complete. Keep watching 'my3cents' for further updates.


I have just received an affirmative reply from lawyer Michael Braun, who is representing the California class action suit against Chase. He has authorized me to share his contact information on this site. I have received his okay that I may “represent that we [Braun Law Group] have a class action pending against Chase on behalf of affected California account holders, and we are continuing the investigation with an eye to expand the action on behalf of a nationwide class.” More detailed information on the national ramifications should be forthcoming by the end of this week, so keep watching the ‘my3cents’ site.

Here’s the contact information:

Michael Braun
Braun Law Group, P.C.
12400 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 920
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(p) 310-442-7755 (f)310-442-7756
email: mdb@braunlawgroup.com

Mr. Braun says “although email is the most efficient way to reach me, and has the quickest response time, you may also share the main line in case people choose to call (310) 442-7755.”

I have found Mr. Braun to be very receptive and responsive, and I hope all of you who are craving a class action will share with him your accounts of how you have been maltreated by Chase.

* * * * * * * * * *

Response to LegalCollector below: I hope Mr. Braun and his law firm get so filthy rich on this lawsuit that they are able to defend consumer rights for the next 100 years. If someone doesn't stop Chase now, all credit lenders will follow their lead. What would I expect from such a lawsuit? Justice and satisfaction.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Response to 'got screwed by Chase' below: There are many Internet sites with current complaints posted against the Chase insanity. The main ones are 'www.badcreditcards.com,' 'www.ripoffreport.com,' and the AARP discussion boards. I and others are posting lawyer contact information there. A good site for overall Chase information is the Inner City Press/JP Morgan Chase Watch site ('google' this) --- this site branches out into abuses by Chase in mortgage lending (currently under investigation by the Florida Attorney General), Chase's support of payday lenders (i.e., loan sharks), Chase's involvement in running the Trade Bank of Iraq, Chase's ties with Enron and World-Com and the multi-billion dollar suits against Chase, and the list goes on and on.
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Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-05-17:
Sweet, he'll get rich....you'll get...nothing.
Posted by janicel on 2005-05-19:
Thank you so much!! You have been a great help and I want to let you know that your posts are greatly appreciated. I am in CA and will be watching for more news. (And I don't know what's wrong with these other people posting negative comments, they must be bored or something. Obviously we can not all sue a such large corp. individually, I don't know what 'legal collector' would expect to accomplish without a lawyer!)
Posted by got screwed by chase on 2005-05-23:
I too want to thank you for all the information you have provided - I was lucky to stumble over this web site in an effort to see if anyone else was getting hit by these monsters. Is there any other web site we can go to in the event we can alert others? I only ask because as I said, I pretty much stumbled on to this site. I am going to send an email to Mr. Braun today in hopes that this can be stopped.
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Chase Credit Card--Universal Default--Should be Stopped!
Posted by Palapakini on 01/31/2005
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I hate Chase Manhattan Bank since they have merged with Bank One. Their business practices were always questionable in many regards. Chase now employs a deplorable practice where they claim the right to increase an interest rate, without notice, based on a failure to pay "any creditor." I had great credit and a FICO score of 740 until middle of last year. I was a victim of identity theft and this was shown on all of my credit reports. Even then, my credit will all of my creditors were great and I never missed a payment on my car, other credit cards and my house payment. However, Chase Manhatten pulled up my credit report in August of 2004 and saw some erroneous information. Instead of caling me and asking me about some strange information that appeared on credit report, they automatically raised my APR on one of my loans that was supposed to be 3.99 % until June of 2005 and another one at 12.99% for the life of the loan. They raised my interest rate to a variable rate of 29.24%. In September 2004, I received a letter from Chase Bank that they merged with Bank One and that they were raising everyone's interest rate that had a relationship with Bank One to 29%. I've never had a banking relationship with Bank One! I called customer service and they were unreasonable as well as rude. As a result, I paid off my accounts with them and one month later, I get a bill for $68.00 claiming it was an interest charge for that month. I don't know about that, but I do know when you pay off an account with any other finance company, they give you a payoff amount until that day you pay it off. With Chase, they charge you interest for the entire month, though you paid if off at the beginning of that month. This is illegal, and according several laws they have violated, I, myself and others need to put a stop to this. I know that this has happened to others as I've been reading on the internet.

I was contacted by an attorney doing a class action lawsuit on Chase Manhattan. If you feel like you've been wronged by Chase Manhattan Bank in the same way or something similar, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss. I am trying to find others who Chase Manhattan Bank has "screwed" over, because they're a big corporation and they feel like they can. Chase now employs a deplorable practice where they claim the right to increase an interest rate, without notice, based on a failure to pay "any creditor." This practice, known as "universal default" is most unfair and should be stopped in its infancy. A rate increase can and often does occur simply because of confusion with names, such as a negative report against you as a result of someone with a similar name.
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Posted by Georgie on 2005-04-01:
Me too! I am furios with them. Long story...
Posted by FedUpWCC on 2005-04-08:
I have had almost exactly the same thing happen to me. Let me know of any proceedings in this lawsuit. This is completely unfair, I have never been late on a payment to them or anyone else and to have my rate increased like that is outrageous.
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Posted by E on 07/30/2004

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Posted by PeskyKittyButt on 2004-07-30:
I have BoA & I'm not so impressed with them. However, I understand you're having a hard time with Chase bank, but it sounds like a mix-up. Are the insufficient fees being deleted? I'm sure they'll clear things up.
Posted by Bababooey on 2004-07-30:
Hallelujah!!! I couldn't agree with you more!!! Chase is the pits!!! They used to be a good bank, but after they merged with JPMorgan, their service just seemed to go down the toilet. Bank of Ameica has it's problems, but at least they are trying to improve... Chase's attitude towards it's customers is "Don't like our service? F*ck You"!!!
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Chase Bank Should Have Returned Check Instead of Paying Check
Posted by Pop_u_r619 on 08/14/2013
UNION CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I had always declined overdraft protection so I was surprised to see my checking account with two overdraft fees for a check nearly 7K that was cashed. The check was never intended to be cashed.

I had an agreement with a home improvement business that my nearly 10K contract would all be paid by my American Express credit card. My 30% initial payment was paid by American Express. The 70% final payment was to be paid after the closing date statement of my American Express and then I would receive in exchange the check back when I paid with my American Express credit card. However, the day after I signed the check I cancelled my contract with the business so the check was supposed to be returned to me within 10 business days following receipt of the cancellation notice. Instead the sales project consultant deposited the check with no services rendered.

I am now out of nearly 10K. I am angry that the funds that I had reserved to pay my bills are in the hands of a business that I will now have to sue. This would never have happened if Chase Bank had returned the check instead of paying the check.

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Posted by Nohandle on 2013-08-14:
Did you call Chase and stop payment on the check when you cancelled your contract with the home improvement business? Thanks for informing us so others will know not to give ANY business a check and ask them to hold it for any reason. Some will cash it before the dust settles in the parking lot.
Posted by Susan on 2013-08-14:
How was Chase Bank supposed to know that you canceled the contract and the check wasn't supposed to be cashed? Did you place a stop payment on it? Sounds like your complaint is against the home improvement company for depositing the check when the contract was cancelled.
Posted by CU on 2013-08-15:
It's a little unclear OT. It sounds like there may have been enough to cover the big check, but it caused overdrafts on other checks. OP says the check was for $7k, but is now out $10k. NH is right, in any case the check should have been stopped.
Posted by Wiggums on 2013-08-18:
You have an issue with the contractor, not the bank!
Posted by oldtnvol on 2013-09-20:
I agree with the first commenter. The first thing you should have done is call the bank and put a stop payment action on the check. Also if you have something in writing about the company not cashing your check, then you might have a legal avenue to get your money back.
Posted by Midge on 2013-09-20:
Any time you have home improvements done, the rule of thumb is 1/3, 1/3 and 1/3 in payments -- 1/3 down before the work starts so they can purchase the materials. Then when they are halfway done, the other 1/3 is paid, and then the last day the final 1/3 is paid. I don't know any business who will hold a check until the job is completed and then hand it back to you, hoping your charge will go through to pay for everything. Most companies will cash your deposit (check) immediately so they are not stuck with paying for the materials for your job. The company is not going to have a crew working at your house for days/weeks and then hope that your check is good. Why didn't you just put the deposit on your charge card? Why write a check, hope and pray they held it, and then expect to get it back, so you can put it on a charge card in the end, which may not go through. The bank didn't do anything wrong unless you actually filled out a stop payment on the check and they still paid it. Did you put a stop payment on the check? How were they supposed to know you didn't want it cashed -- you wrote it out and signed it? Whether you had overdraft protection or not, the check still would have been cashed because you wrote it and signed it. You just wouldn't have gotten overdraft fees. Sorry, but it sounds like your in the wrong here. Don't write a check that you don't want cashed. You could have saved yourself a lot of heartache by putting the deposit on your charge card or putting a stop payment on the check. The company does owe you the money back minus any goods they purchased to do your job. It sounds like the home improvement company got burned in the past by people who didn't pay, and the minute they got your check, they deposited it to see if the funds were there. They have to pay workers, have families to feed, and don't want to be stuck with goods they can't use again. Read your contract -- you did sign a contract, right?
Posted by NS on 2013-09-20:
The bank should have bounced the check if you did not have the funds in your account and you refused overdraft protection, but apparently they decided (on their own) to accept it and charge you for the overdraft. The bank is in the wrong and I think you can challenge their payment of this check and challenge the AmEX payment as well, if no services were provided for the payment.
Posted by Brian on 2013-09-20:
You people are missing the point. She did not have overdraft protection, which is basically a loan, for insufficient funds. The Bank should not have cashed the check if funds were not available to cash it. However, certain Banks, chase included, often change their rules requiring the depositor to re-state their wishes for overdraft protection with opt-in as the default. Then they conveniently do not tell the depositor of the change. Bad Bank.
Posted by Bubba on 2013-09-20:
Agree with the above. You have an issue with the contractor, not the bank, unless you put a stop pay on that check. As much as I hate banks, it did it's job properly.
Posted by small claims court mediator on 2013-09-20:
Your contract with the home improvement company makes absolutely no sense. No legitimate company does business like that. Did you check the company out before doing business with them? Furthermore, you chose not to have overdraft protection, so the bank had a right to cash the check. It was your responsibility to get a stop payment order to prevent them from doing that. You may be able to file a claim against the home improvement company. Contact your state consumer fraud agency and the Better Business Bureau to see what they say. I don't know what the limit is in your state for filing a case in small claims court, but that would be the cheapest way to try to get some of your money back. I don't believe you have a legitimate claim against the bank. I understand that you are angry, but please remember that if you take this to court, you need to appear calm and have ALL the facts with you in writing. If you don't have written proof of what they said, then you probably won't win. The county I live in requires small claims court cases to be heard by a mediator. We listen to both sides and try to get the parties to compromise. If they can't come to an agreement, then the case goes to court, but it could be months before you get a court date. If you don't have written evidence to back up what you say, the judge will decide for the other party, so there is a risk of losing out completely. It will cost more to go to court and if you lose, you have to pay the court costs for the other party. Do some research to see if you can get some free legal advice. State consumer agencies may have a list of places you could contact.
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Chase closing former WAMU credit cards
Posted by JPR2 on 07/19/2009
WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- On Saturday, July 11th, I charged $371 (of a $2000 limit) to 1 of 3 Chase credit cards. (There had never been a late payment or overlimit issue with any of the three cards.) This particular card had had a zero balance and was previously owned by WAMU. On July 18th, the card was declined for an online transaction for $89.95. I called Chase, the representative stated she could not understand why the card was declined since I had entered the card information correctly online, so she transferred me to a supervisor, Carlita. Carlita was quite rude, said the account was closed, would not explain what that meant, eventually said Chase closed the account, refused to tell me why, said a letter went out on the 14th of July, said they have every right to close an account since they are a bank, said she would not connect me with her supervisor since my account was closed, ie I wasn't a customer. I subsequently called Chase on July 18th regarding the other two accounts. As I suspected, of the other 2 cards, 1 was closed and 1 remained open. The cards from the previous WAMU accounts were closed. The reason given over the phone was a credit report.

Again, I was told a letter went out on July 14th. The card originally issued by Chase remains open. (Apparently my credit report only affected the former WAMU accounts and not the Chase issued card!)I do not believe Chase has acted in good faith:they have given no notice of closure to these accounts, which have always been in good standing. There is a change of terms notice on their web site effective Aug.1st relating to account closures. Chase is harming people's credit scores by closing accounts without cause. From what I've seen on other sites, many folks are being affected, often finding their accounts closed when on vacation and trying to use their cards, etc.
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Posted by ctwetty on 2009-08-30:
I agree CHASE is not an honest company we had a WAMU card with a 10,000 limit and only a 500.00 balance last week we got notice from CHASE that the limit on the card was being lowered to 3500.00 due to the fact this was a new account we have had that account with WAMU for 4 years-when you try to talk to them the just say thats our decission
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My Chase Debit Card Nightmare - Unbelievably Awful Customer Service
Posted by Stunned1 on 10/05/2008
I tried to buy a plane ticket online for $280 at Orbitz.com, but I received an error message because I had entered the wrong security code. I entered the correct security code and clicked "purchase" -- this time, the charge was declined. I had plenty of money in the bank to cover the cost of the ticket, so I called Chase to find out what was happening.

Chase explained that I had a $400/day expenditure limit on my debit card (which, by the way, I was not told about until AFTER I had opened my account) and that I had already spent $280 that day (therefore, my attempt to buy a ticket for $280 was being declined because it put me over my daily limit).

I explained to Chase that I had NOT spent $280, but rather that I had TRIED to purchase a ticket for $280, and that I first received an error message and then received a decline message. They insisted that my account had been charged $280 by Orbitz, despite my assurances that I had no plane ticket to show for the alleged $280 charge.

Chase then told me what I had to do to fix the problem: call Orbitz and have them fax to Chase a confirmation that Orbitz had in fact NOT charged me $280. After that, I was assured that the charge would be removed from my account and that I'd be free to buy my ticket.

I called Orbitz and they called Chase to inform them that I had not purchased and ticket and that Orbitz had not charged my account. But that wasn't good enough - Chase insisted on a fax, so Orbitz sent it. 6 hours later, the credit appeared on my Chase account, and I went back to Orbitz to buy a ticket. As I'm sure you've guessed by now, no dice -- Declined Again!

I called Chase again, and asked why the charge was being declined. The customer service representative told me that everything was fine with my account, so that if the charge for the ticket was being declined, the problem must be with Orbitz's "machine". I refused to accept that answer (a readily transparent attempt to simply get rid of me) and after the Chase representative realized that excuse wasn't going to work, she told me that, actually, the reason the charge was being declined was that I had already spent $280 that day.

I directed her attention to the $280 credit and explained the entire situation (repeatedly) to the Chase customer service person, but she simply kept insisting that I had already been charged $280 from Orbitz that day and so my attempt to purchase another ticket was being declined because it put me over my daily spending limit. This, despite the fact that I had spent the time to contact Orbitz and have them send Chase the requested fax, which Chase had previously assured me would take care of the problem.

Long story short, after spending over an hour on the phone (most of the time on hold, waiting to speak with a supervisor) Chase simply refused to solve the problem, which was clearly on their end. In the process, Chase customer service persistently made assertions that they knew to be untrue, fed me excuse after excuse in an obvious attempt to simply get me off the phone, and in general behaved like a gang of robots who couldn't possibly care less about remedying the problems that Chase had created for me.

Chase Manhattan Customer Service Is Horrible. Absolutely, Undeniably Horrible. I deeply regret switching from Bank of America to Chase, and I advise others to stay away from Chase bank.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-10-05:
"...customer service persistently made assertions that they knew to be untrue, fed me excuse after excuse in an obvious attempt to simply get me off the phone..."

I worked at Chase and that's what we were told, "Just tell them anything to get them off the phone and get onto the next call"...That's why I quit.

Thanks for your review...I always tell people get as far away from anything with the "Chase" name on it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-05:
As with any bank, it doesn't matter if you withdraw $280 then deposit $280 minutes (or in your case hours later) the $280 still goes against your $400 max daily withdraw limit.
If you are going to use you debit/check card online, having that spending limit is a good thing. With the lack of security for customers numbers that most sites and banks have, your account could easily be wiped clean by any thief.
If you find the need to spend more you should upgrade your account.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-10-06:
Why did you use a debit card rather than a credit card? I agree with Robf. Those limits were put there for your protection. Using a credit card would have prevented this problem.

DB, I've had a Chase (credit) card for years with no problems, plus I make money each time I use it. I think your last statement should read: 'anything with debit card on it.' IMHO, I think debit cards create more problems than credit cards and except for my friendly Dollar Tree store, can be used anywhre.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-10-06:
I use my card as a debit 90% of the time. It's actually a debit card from my checking account but can be used as a debit or credit.

Good to hear you haven't had any problems with your Chase card...but being that I worked there, I stand by my statement and I don't recommend Chase to anyone but my enemies...all two of them...LOL!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-06:
Really, DB? I don't have a Chase card but I've been bombarded with offers from them for quite awhile. It seems like ignoring their offers just creates more. I guess I'll definitely never open one of those envelopes now.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-10-06:
I just got an offer in the mail on Saturday, I Shredded the entire offer in the unopened envelope it came in.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2008-10-06:
I have not heard of a single credit union closing or about to be closed. Can't say the same about those big safe banks can we. Credit union management are real people who makes decisions based on real life situations and are not motivated by external pressures from the stock markets or greedy CEO overlords.
Posted by yoke on 2008-10-06:
MY CU just opened up another branch!
Posted by lobo65 on 2008-10-06:
Digital Commando is right. Credit Unions are the way to go. I have a gold card with USAA that has a 5% interest rate. Of course my credit is impeccable though.
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